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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
AELLEN Mélisande UNINE E-Mail Cognition in cleaner fish: Labroides sp Redouan Bshary
ALCALA Nicolas UNIL E-Mail Evolution of metapopulation structure under local adaptation Séverine Vuilleumier
Jérôme Goudet
ÁLVAREZ-OCAÑA Raquel UNIL E-Mail Evolution of Olfactory Pathways in Drosophilids Richard Benton 19.01.2023
ALVES Isabel UNIBE E-Mail Inferring the human settlement of Africa under a geographic and ecologically explicit framework Professor Laurent Excoffier
AMINI TEHRANI Nasrin UNIL E-Mail Modeling Essential Biodiversity Variables 4 years
AMOSSE Joël UNINE E-Mail Bioindication in Urban Soils Jean-Michel GOBAT
ANAYA-ROJAS Jaime Mauricio UNIBE - Interactive effects of environmental change and host-parasite co-evolution on the ecological speciation of sticklebacks Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen
Dr. Blake Matthews
ANDREY Aline UNIBE E-Mail Grassland management: designing tomorrow’s farmland for biodiversity Raphaël Arlettaz
ANDRIEU Julie UNINE E-Mail Context-specific vocal communication in the White-handed gibbons Klaus Zuberbühler 2021
ANDRIOLLO Tommy UNIGE E-Mail Molecular ecology and conservation of the alpine long-eared bat (Plecotus macrobullaris) Jean Mariaux ([email protected])
Manuel Ruedi ([email protected])
ANGELERI Romain UNIBE E-Mail Communities of saproxylic beetles associated with the White-backed Woodpecker (Dendrocopos leucotos) in temperate forests of central Europe Raphaël Arlettaz
Thibault Lachat
ANTONIAZZA Sylvain UNIL E-Mail The genetic architecture of a color polymorphism along a continental cline Jérôme Goudet
ANWAR Ijaz UNIL - Consanguinity and its impact on forensic evaluation of traces. Prof. Franco Taroni 12.09.2022
APOTHÉLOZ-PERRET-GENTIL Laure UNIGE E-Mail reverse taxonomy approach to identify freshwater foraminifera Pr Jan Pawlowski
ASCARRUNZ Eduardo UNIFR E-Mail The phylogeny of extant and past geoemydids (Testudines) Walter Joyce
ASSE Daphné UNIL E-Mail Understand and predict the response of mountain forest to climate change. Contributions of a citizen science program. Antoine Guisan & Christophe Randin
AUGUSTINUS Benno UNIFR E-Mail Assessing non-target risks of candidates for the biological control of ragweed in Europ Heinz Müller-Schärer
Urs Schaffner
AVRIL Amaury UNIL E-Mail Ecological genomics of social polymorphism in ants Michel Chapuisat
BABIN Aurélie UNIL E-Mail Evolution of learning and memory in Drosophila melanogaster Tad Kawecki
BACON Steven UNIFR E-Mail Invasion Biology - Pathways of Alien Insect Invasions in Europe Dr. Sven Bacher
Dr. Alex Aebi
BAILEY Christyn UNIBE E-Mail The effects of temperature on Proliferative Kidney Disease in salmonids Helmut Segner
Thomas Wahli
BAKHTIARI Moe UNINE E-Mail Ecology and evolution of aboveground-belowground multitrophic interactions mediated by plants. Prof. Dr. Sergio Rasmann
BALZARINI Valentina UNIBE E-Mail Prof. Michael Taborsky
Dr. Joachim Frommen
BARBOSA Renata UNINE E-Mail Causes and consequences of social behavior variation: implications for the evolution of cooperative behavior in a marine environment Redouan Bshary
BARRAS Arnaud UNIBE E-Mail Assessing the response of mountain birds to environmental change: conservation ecology of the Alpine Ring Ouzel (Turdus torquatus alpestris) Prof. Dr. Raphaël Arlettaz 2021
BARREAUX Antoine UNINE E-Mail Studies on the evolutionary interactions between malaria and their mosquito vectors regarding developmental temperature and insecticide resistance Pr. Jacob Koella
BARRENECHEA ANGELES Ines UNIGE E-Mail Environmental genomics applied to marine biodiversity (past and present). Prof. Daniel Ariztegui
Prof. Jan Pawlowski
BASSO Alessandra UNIBE - Interactions of parasite and predator-induced maternal effects in the Great tit (Parus major) Heinz Richner
BELLAH Hadjer UNINE E-Mail The role of co-infection in the trajectory of plant disease. Dr. Daniel Croll 31.10.2022
BESSERT-NETTELBECK Mathilde UNIBE E-Mail Neuroendocrine basis of early social experience Dr. Barbara Taborsky
BETTO-COLLIARD Caroline UNIL E-Mail Evolution of non-recombining chromosomes: insights from Hyla and Bufo Nicloas Perrin
BEYSARD Mathias UNIBE E-Mail Genomics and mechanisms of reproductive isolation in Microtus voles G. Heckel
BEZIERS Paul UNIL E-Mail behavioral endocrinology Prof. Alexandre Roulin
BIEDERMANN Peter UNIBE E-Mail Inter- and intra-specific cooperation in Ambrosia beetles Michael Taborsky
BIENERT Friederike UNIL E-Mail Genetic structure of cannabis sativa from population genomics to forensic application Luca Fumagalli
BINAGHI Marta UNIBE E-Mail Understanding genetic and phenotypic diversity in the speciation of Petunia: evolution of quantitative and qualitative traits Prof. Dr. Cris Kuhlemeier 13 December 2021
BIZE Pierre UNIL E-Mail
BLASER Olivier UNIL E-Mail Population genetics of sex specific markers in tree frogs Nicolas Perrin
BLUM Juliet UNIBE E-Mail Markus Fischer
BONO Axelle UNIL E-Mail social learning rules and their adaptive functions in wild vervet monkeys
BONT Zoe UNIBE E-Mail Latex secondary metabolites as determinants of root-herbivore foraging in nature Matthias Erb
BORGEAUD Christèle UNINE E-Mail Strategic social behaviour in wild vervet monkeys Redouan Bshary
BORNAND Christophe UNIBE - Applied biogeography and population biology of endangered plant species in Switzerland Markus Fischer
BOSCO Laura UNIBE E-Mail Effects of vineyard management and fragmentation on Woodlarks and their invertebrate prey. Prof. Dr. Raphael Arlettaz
Dr. Alain Jacot
BOSSHARD Lars UNIBE E-Mail Investigation of the impact of range expansion on functional genomic diversity Laurent Excoffier
Martin Ackermann
BOUALIT Laurent UNIL E-Mail Impact of pesticides and antibiotics on amphibians' populations Nathalie Chèvre
BOUQUET Yaelle UNINE E-Mail Audience effect in wild olive baboons
BRAND Nayuta UNIL E-Mail Social evolution in sweat bees Michel Chapuisat
BRAUNSCHWEIG Raphaël UNIL E-Mail The determinants of social organisation in ants Prof. Laurent Keller
BREGNARD Cindy UNINE E-Mail Host-specificity of Lyme disease pathogens Maarten Voordouw 2021
BREINER Frank UNIL E-Mail Revision of the Red List of fern and vascular plants - evaluation and application of statistical methods. Antoine Guisan
Ariel Bergamini, Michael Nobis
BRESADOLA Luisa UNIFR E-Mail Coupling genomics with experiments to study divergence-with-gene-flow in trees Prof. Christian Lexer
BRIEFER FREYMOND Sabrina UNINE E-Mail Characterizing stereotypies in horses Klaus Zueberbuehler, Redouan Bshary
BRUNO Pamela UNINE E-Mail Biological control of the western corn root worm Diabrotica virgifera virgifera. Coevolution of the there trophic levels. Ted Turlings
BRUTSCH Timothée UNIL E-Mail Social immunity in ants Michel Chapuisat
BURI Aline UNIL E-Mail Modelisation of edaphic factors and their integration as predictors into plant distribution models. Antoine Guisan
BURI Pierrick UNIBE E-Mail Grassland management: designing tomorrow’s farmland for biodiversity. New mowing regimes for extensively managed grassland Raphaël Arlettaz 2013
BURLI Sarah UNIBE - Ex-situ cultivation and reintroduction of rare and endangered species Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer
Dr. Andrea Ensslin
CAGGÌA Veronica UNIBE E-Mail Arsenic, benzoxazinoids and herbicides: chemical soil-plant feedbacks in multi-trophic health Prof. Dr. Matthias Erb
Prof. Dr. Klaus Schläppi
CAPPELLI Seraina Lisa UNIBE - Foliar fungal pathogens in the context of nitrogen fertilization in grassland ecosystems Prof. Dr. Eric Allan
CARLEVARO Joana UNIBE E-Mail Classification and functional prediction of long noncoding RNAs
CASEYS Céline UNIFR E-Mail Ecological and evolutionary genomics of a species boundary in European Populus Christian Lexer 13 décembre 2013
CAVOTO Elisa UNIL E-Mail Evolution of sex chromosomes Nicolas Perrin
CAZE Ana UNIBE E-Mail Characterization of AN2 gene in Calibrachoa species
CHABAANE Yosra UNINE - Impact of domestication on the resistance of chili pepper against herbivores and their interaction with natural enemies Dr. Betty Benrey
CHIRIBOGA Xavier UNINE E-Mail Entomopathogenic nematodes associated with Swiss agricultural soils: improving soil health by integrating soil and chemical ecology approaches Dr. Ted Turlings
Dra. Raquel Campos
CHOI Jin UNIBE - Behavioural analysis of working dogs Prof. Dr. Michael Taborsky
Prof. Dr. Byeong Chun Lee
CHRISTE Camille UNIFR E-Mail Lexer Christian
CHROBOCK Thomas UNIBE E-Mail Experimental plant introduction: disentangling the roles of propagule pressure, soil disturbance and life-history traits Markus Fischer
CLARK Emiliy UNIL E-Mail Host-parasite interactions in Coregonus palaea embryos Claus Wedekind
COLLIN Héléne UNIL E-Mail Local adaptation on fishes (minnows, phoxinus phoxinus) Luca Fumagalli
COPPOLA Carla UNINE - Function of RMR proteins in intracellular trafficking in plants Prof. Neuhaus Jean-Marc
COSSARD Guillaume UNIL E-Mail Evolutionnary genetics of the sexual system transition in the polyploid complex M.annua and related species John Pannell
COUDRAIN Valérie UNIBE - Effects of landscape fragmentation on trophic interactions and related ecosystem services Martin Entling
Felix Herzog
COZZAROLO Camille-Sophie UNIL E-Mail Host-parasite interactions between great tits, malaria parasites and mosquitoes. Prof. Philippe Christe 2021
CRUZ DÁVALOS Diana Ivette UNIL E-Mail Genomic analyses of the peopling of America Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas
Alexandre Reymond
CUNY Maximilien UNINE E-Mail Enemy mediated apparent competition between insects that attack maize and beans. Betty Benrey
DAUPHIN Benjamin UNINE E-Mail Evolution of moonwort ferns (Botrychium, Ophioglossaceae) on local to global scales Dr. Jason Grant
DE CARVALHO GARBIN Rafaella UNIFR E-Mail Evolution of the shell of geoemydid turtles Walter G. Joyce
DE GUTTRY Christian UNIL E-Mail The influences of maternal effect and inbreeding on phenotypic variation in Alpine whitefish Claus Wedekind 2021
DE LA HARPE Marylaure UNIFR E-Mail Testing constraints and limits of radiation using population genomics Prof. Christian Lexer
DE MASI Davide UNIBE E-Mail Grassland Biodiveristy Conservation Raphael Arlettaz
DE-KAYNE Rishi UNIBE E-Mail Speciation Genomics of the Swiss Alpine Whitefish Radiation Ole Seehausen
Philine Feulner
DELGADO MANZANEDO RUBEN UNIBE E-Mail Local adaptation and biodiversity of european dominant trees Markus Fischer
Eric Allan
DELHAYE Jessica UNIL E-Mail avian malaria and oxidative stress philippe christe
DERMOND Philip UNIBE E-Mail Lake trout migration in Lake Lucerne and Tributaries Prof. Ole Seehausen
Dr. Jakob Brodersen, EAWAG
DESHPANDE Adwait UNINE - Social learning and flexibility in wild vervet monkeys Dr. Klaus Zuberbühler 2021
DI Da UNIGE E-Mail Human genetic evolution in East Asia Alicia Sanchez-Mazas
DIDIER Anais UNIFR E-Mail Evolutionary genetics of sexual reproduction in Daphnia Christoph Haag
DIETZ Mélanie UNIBE E-Mail Behavioural and hormonal correlates of cooperation in Norway rats, R. norvegicus Michael Taborsky
DOENZ Carmela UNIBE E-Mail Sympatric adaptive radiations in freshwater fish Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen
DOLIVO Vassilissa UNIBE - Proximate mechanisms of cooperation in Norway rats Professor Michael Taborsky
DONGRE Pooja UNIL - Social integration of dispersing wild male vervet monkeys Erica van de Waal 2022
DOS SANTOS Miguel UNIL E-Mail Human cooperation in reputation games Claus Wedekind
DRIDI Slimane UNIL E-Mail Evolution of individual and social learning of strategic behaviours. Laurent Lehmann
DROH Germain UNIL E-Mail Study arbuscular mycorrizal fungi (AMF) associated with Theobroma cacao L. in Cote d’Ivoire Ian Sanders
DUBUIS Anne UNIL E-Mail The fate of futur plant communities: testing assembly rules in predictive models of species distribution Antoine Guisan
DUCOTTERD Charlotte UNIL E-Mail Ecology of the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis) Jean-François Rubin
DUCOURET Pauline UNIL E-Mail Sibling negociation (interaction and communication) in Barn owl (Tyto alba) Alexandre Roulin
DUCRET Valérie UNIL E-Mail Integrative approach to study the role of the melanocortin system in barn owl Pr. Alexandre Roulin
DUFRESNES Christophe UNIL E-Mail Sex-chromosome evolution and speciation in European tree frogs Prof. Nicolas Perrin
DUHIN Audrey UNINE E-Mail Primitive plants: plentiful but neglected resources for herbivores? Ted Turlings
Gregory Roeder
DURAND Jonas UNINE E-Mail Evolution of pathogen's diversity in a vector-borne disease Maarten Voordouw Thèse passée en avril 2016 (voir mail du 12.4.2016 de Christiane Bobillier)
DURMAZ Mukaddes Esra UNIL E-Mail Population Genomic Basis of Evolutionary Change in Drosophila Aging and Life History Thomas Flatt
ECKARD Sonja UNIFR - Investigations on synergistic effects between entomopathogenic fungi and other biological control agents for improvement of biological wireworm control Sven Bacher
Giselher Grabenweger, Agroscope Zürich
EMARESI Guillaume UNIL E-Mail The adaptative function of melanin-based colour traits: a role for melanocortins Alexandre Roulin
ENSSLIN Andreas UNIBE E-Mail Plant diversity and performance at Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Markus Fischer
EYER Michael UNIL - Optimisation of social behaviour in honeybees (Apis mellifera) Vincent Dietemann
FABIAN Yvonne UNIFR E-Mail Biodiversity of insects in agroecosystems: A multitrophic approach to metacommunities Louis-Felix Bersier
FALLON Brittany UNINE E-Mail Courtship Communication of Free-ranging Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes). Dr. Klaus Zuberbuehler
Dr. Richard Byrne
FASEL Nicolas UNIBE E-Mail Evolutionary Reproductive Strategies of Males Short-Tailed Fruit Bat (Carollia perspicillata: Phyllostomidae) Prof. Heinz Richner
FAUSER Aline UNIBE E-Mail Effects of pesticides and parasites on bumblebees (Bombus terrestris) PD Dr. rer. nat. Peter Neumann 2014
FELLER Anna Fiona UNIBE E-Mail On the genetic architecture of an adaptive radiation Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen
Prof. Dr. Catherine L. Peichel
FERNANDES Rui UNIL E-Mail New challenges in predicting distributions of plant communities Dr. Antoine Guisan
FERNÁNDEZ Leonardo UNINE E-Mail Macro- and Micro-evolution, Macroecology and Biogeography of eukaryotic microorganisms Edward Mitchell
Enrique Lara
FIGUEREDO PINTO Susana UNIL E-Mail Coevolution between the propiomelanocortin gene and the five melanocortin receptors Alexandre Roulin
FINCI Iris UNIL E-Mail The evolution of untranslated regions of mRNA Prof. Henrik Kaessmann
FISCHER Barbara UNIBE E-Mail Phenotypic plasticity in life history strategies in changing environments Barbara Taborsky
FISCHER Stefan UNIBE E-Mail The effects of early social experience on social behaviour in Neolamprologus pulcher PD Dr. Barbara Taborsky
FITZE Patrick S. UNIL E-Mail
FONTCUBERTA Amaranta UNIL E-Mail Ecological genomics and behavior associated with social polymorphism in the ant Formica selysi Michel Chapuisat
FORMENTI Ludovico UNINE E-Mail Local adaptation in plant-soil microbes interactions along an elevation gradient, and their effect on plant resistance Prof. Sergio Rasmann
FOURNIER Bertrand UNINE E-Mail Above- and below-ground aspects of floodplain restoration: from biodiversity to ecosystem functions Edward Mitchell
FRACASSETTI Marco UNINE E-Mail A NGS aprroch to study population genetics of Arabidopsis lyrata in North America
FRANIC Iva UNIBE E-Mail Monitoring sentinel trees for identifying harmful alien pests before they arrive to new area – improvement of sampling design Prof Dr Eric Allan University of Bern/Institute of Plant Sciences [email protected] +41 31 631 49 92
Dr Eschen, Rene (Cabi) Dr Kenis, Marc (Cabi) Dr Prospero, Simone (WSL)
FREI David UNIBE E-Mail Evolutionary Genomics Ole Seehausen
Philine Feulner
FUMAGALLI Erica UNIL - Cumulative cultural dynamics and demography: a co-evolutionary approach Laurent Lehmann
GAIGHER Arnaud UNIL E-Mail MHC diversity and phylogeography inference in the barn owl Luca Fumagalli
GALIMBERTI Marco UNIFR E-Mail Computational population genetics Daniel Wegmann
GALVEZ Dumas UNIL E-Mail Social evolution and collective defenses against parasites in ants Michel Chapuisat
GANSER Dominik UNIBE E-Mail Pollination in agricultural landscapes
GAREL Rudy UNIL E-Mail Study of genetic and behavioural assumptions that may lead to male colour-morph cycling due to male-male competition in the common lizard (Lacerta vivipara) Patrick Stefan Fitze
GARETA GARCIA Miguel UNINE E-Mail Social behaviour of vervet monkeys Professor Redouan Bshary
GARNIER Lucie UNIGE E-Mail Systematics, species delimitation and conservation in a Madagascar endemic genus of Sapotaceae. Mikael Hothorn
Yamama Naciri
GARSCHALL Kathrin UNIL E-Mail Population Genomic Basis of Evolutionary Change in Drosophila Aging and Life History Thomas Flatt
GEBRESELASSIE Fitsum Abadi UNIBE E-Mail Regulation of local bird populations: deeper insights from integrated population models Michael Schaub
GENNÉ VIZCARDO Dolores UNINE - Competition between strains of the Lyme disease pathogen in the tick vector. Maarten Voordouw
GENZONI Eléonore UNIL E-Mail Polyphenism in Pogonomyrmex ants: molecular mechanisms underlying caste determination and maternal effects on worker size Prof. Laurent Keller
Prof. Tanja Schwander
GHARIB Walid UNIL E-Mail Selection in animal genomes
GINGINS Simon UNINE E-Mail Adaptations to a cleaning life: a comparative approach Redouan Bshary
GIROD Pierre UNINE E-Mail Ecology of an Asian pest in Europe: Drosophila suzukii. Mortality factors, chemical ecology and molecular identification of natural enemies Turlings Ted (Uni Neuchâtel)
Aebi A. (Uni Neuchâtel) , Kenis M. (CABI Delémont) and Haye T. (CABI Delémont)
GOBBIN Tiziana UNIBE E-Mail The role of parasites in host speciation: testing for parasite-mediated divergent selection at different stages of speciation in cichlid fish. Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen 05.2021
GOEURY Thomas UNIGE E-Mail In silico analysis of HLA gene Pr. Alicia Sanchez-Mazas
GOMEZ Andrea UNINE E-Mail Immunogenetics in wild rodents Maarten Voordouw
GONTHIER Jérémy UNIBE E-Mail Prospective evaluation of parasitoids against the tomato leafminner, Tuta absoluta Joerg Romeis
Jana Collatz
GOUY Alexandre UNIBE E-Mail Detection of selection in gene networks Prof. Laurent Excoffier
GRANDI Luca UNINE E-Mail Communication among cotton plants
GRENDELMEIER Alexander UNIBE E-Mail Raphael Arlettaz
Gilberto Pasinelli
GROENEWOUD Frank UNIBE E-Mail Environmental effects on sociality in cooperatively breeding species Prof. Dr. Michael Taborksy
Prof. Dr. Jan Komdeur
GROSSAR Daniela UNIL - Characterization of intrinsic resistance of Apis mellifera colonies against the European Foulbrood in Switzerland. Application for breeding protocols. Michel Chapuisat
Vincent Dietemann (PD at UNIL, ALP), Jean-Daniel Charrière (ALP), Laurent Gauthier (ALP)
GROSSEN Christine UNIL E-Mail Evolution of the Y chromosome Nicolas Perrin
GUAN Ziyu UNIGE E-Mail Using the algae to improve the fresh water quality
GUEUNING Morgan UNINE E-Mail Evaluation of metabarcoding to assess biodiversity of wild bees
GUICHARD Matthieu UNIBE E-Mail New phenotypes for maintaining local honey bee populations Dr. Benjamin Gantenbein
Dr. Benjamin Dainat, Dr. Tosso Leeb, Dr. Markus Neuditschko
HAAG Christoph UNIFR E-Mail
HAHN Min Anselm UNIFR E-Mail Population Ecology of Centaura maculosa Heinz Müller-Schärer
HALLER Simone UNIBE E-Mail Chances and risks of genetically modified plants, risk assessment for non-target, benefical, species PD Dr. Romeis Jörg
HAMLEY Jon UNINE E-Mail The role of space and stage structure in virulence evolution Prof. Jacob Koella 2016
HAUSER Gaël UNINE E-Mail Effects of sublethal concentrations of pesticides on mosquito vectorial capacity prof. Jacob Koella
HEESEN Raphaela UNINE E-Mail Coordinating joint action in bonobos and chimpanzees Klaus Zuberbühler
Adrian Bangerter
HERNANDEZ Julie UNINE E-Mail Impact of agro-ecological measures on honeybee colonies (A. Mellifera) Alexandre Aebi
Vincent Dietemann
HERNÁNDEZ ESTRADA Mónica G. UNINE E-Mail Neurophysiological and behavioral aspects of the mosquito Aedes aegypti in the taste perception to ATP as phagostimulant and its effect on different taste qualities. Prof. Patrick Guerin
Prof. Jacob Koella
HERNANDEZ-CUMPLIDO Johnattan UNINE E-Mail Do plant-mediated indirect interactions among herbivores affect parasitoid performance? Betty Benrey
HILKE Lukas UNIBE - Alternative reproductive tactics in a snail breeding cichlid Lamprologus callipterus Prof. Dr. M. Taborsky
HINE Kathryn Elizabeth UNIL E-Mail Telomere dynamics in the Alpine swift (Apus melba) Pierre Bize
HINTZE Sara UNIBE E-Mail Emotions in horses: Identifying and validating behavioural indicators of horses' emotional valence Prof. Dr. Hanno Würbel
Dr. Iris Bachmann
HOFER Tamara UNIBE E-Mail Impact of Range Expansions and Natural Selection on Human Genomic Diversity Laurent Excoffier
HONECK Erica UNIGE E-Mail Mapping Green Infrastructure: integrating biodiversity, connectivity and ecosystem services into landscape planning decisions in the Geneva region Anthony Lehmann 2020
HOT Chloé E-Mail
HUBER Jacqueline UNINE E-Mail Oxidative Stress in Avian Semen: Causes and Consequences for Male Reproductive Strategies Fabrice Helfenstein Institut of biology Rue Emile-Argand 11 CH-2000 Neuchâtel Suisse
HUDSON Alan UNIBE E-Mail Genetics of adaptive radiation in central alpine Coregonids Ole Seehausen
HUYNH Stella UNINE E-Mail Comparative phylogeography of wild wheat and their inhabiting transposable elements Dr. François Felber
Pr. Jacob Koella
JACCARD Charlyne UNINE - Squash domestication and consequences on plant-instect interactions Betty Benrey
JACQUET Maxime UNINE E-Mail Effects of acquired immunity on systemic and co-feeding transmissions of the Lyme disease agent, Borrelia afzelii Pr Maarten Voordouw
JAFFUEL Geoffrey UNINE E-Mail Chemical ecology Ted Turlings
JARDIM DE QUEIROZ Luiz UNIGE E-Mail Historical factors, environmental heterogeneity and genomic changes as drivers of fish diversification in the Neotropics Juan I. Montoya-Burgos
Denis Duboule
JARON Kamil UNIL E-Mail evolutionary biology Marc Robinson-Rechavi
JOSI Dario UNIBE E-Mail Investigating alternative avenues in the evolution of cooperative breeding using inter- and intraspecific approaches Dr. Joachim G. Frommen
Prof. Dr. Michael Taborsky
JOYE Patrick UNIL E-Mail Sexual selection, female mating choice and resistance to pathogen Tadeusz Kawecki
JUNGWIRTH Arne UNIBE E-Mail Sociality of second order in Neolamprologus pulcher Michael Taborsky
JUNKER Julian UNIBE E-Mail From biogeochemistry to the ecological genomics of pelagic fish stocks - a study across 4 trophic levels Ole Seehausen
Catherine E. Wagner Bernhard Wehrli
KAISER Deborah UNIFR - Biological control of pollen beetle with the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana Prof. tit., Dr. Sven Bacher
Dr. Giselher Grabenweger
KAMBA MEBOUROU Emmanuel UNINE E-Mail Development of effective visual targets for controlling tsetse flies in the Central Africa Republic Patrick Guerin, PhD
KANITZ Ricardo UNIL E-Mail Modeling of demography and selection in the human peopling of the world Jérôme Goudet
KASPER-VÖLKL Claudia UNIBE E-Mail The genetics of cooperation in Neolamprologus pulcher Barbara Taborsky
Matthias Kölliker, Universität Basel Nadia Aubin-Hort, Université de Laval, Quebec
KEMPEL Anne UNIBE E-Mail Experimental plant introduction: disentangling the roles of propagule pressure, soil disturbance and life-history traits Markus Fischer
KENYON Sarah UNINE E-Mail Horismenus population structure as explained by host, plant and symbiotic relationships Betty Benrey
KESER Lidewij UNIBE E-Mail Determinants of the invasiveness of clonal plants Markus Fischer
KLEINSPEHN Clemens UNIBE E-Mail plant population dynamics in the face of a biodiversity gradient 2021
KLOPFSTEIN Seraina UNIBE E-Mail Revision, phylogeny and tyloid evolution in Diplazontinae (Khnevmonidae) Wolfgang Nentwig
KOMLJENOVIC Andrea UNIL E-Mail Aging SystemsX Marc Robinson-Rechavi
KOMPOSCH Armin UNIBE E-Mail Plant-soil interactions in European forests Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer 02.2023
KORN Rachel UNIFR E-Mail Structure and dynamics of communities in natural microcosms under global change Louis-Félix Bersier
KOSTIKOVA Anna UNIL E-Mail Evolutionary niche dynamics of invasive species Nicolas Salamin
Dr. Peter Pearman
KOTRSCHAL Alexander UNIBE E-Mail The influence of past and present ecology on reproductive strategies and life-history trade-offs Michael Taborsky
KRAUSE Sandra UNIBE E-Mail Arthropod interactions on cherry trees in space and time PD Dr. Martin Schmidt- Entling
KUMSCHICK Sabrina UNIBE E-Mail Invasive pattern of alien species in Europe Wolfgang Nentwig
LA LOGGIA Océane UNIBE E-Mail The influence of the social environment on social competence and social cognition. Barbara Taborsky 2023
LABOUCHE Anne-Marie UNIL E-Mail Coupled Reproductive ecologies in a plant - seed predator system Giorgina Bernasconi
LALUBIN Fabrice UNIL E-Mail The role of the vectors in the epidemiology of avian malaria Philippe Christe
Olivier Glaizot
LAMON Noémie UNINE E-Mail leaf technology and culture in chimpanzees of the Budongo forest, Uganda Klaus Zuberbühler
LANGELOH Laura UNIBE E-Mail Influence of habitat fragmentation on fish genetic population strucure Ole Seehausen
LANGENEGGER Nicolas UNIBE E-Mail Functional and phylogenetic importance of enzymes in spider venom Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nentwig
LAROSE Chloé UNIL E-Mail Evolution of reproduction - evolution of parthenogenesis - Processes underlying the transition from sexual reproduction to asexuality Tanja Schwander
LASUT Liana UNIBE E-Mail Barcoding Methods in Spiders Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nentwig
PD Dr. Christian Kropf
LAURENT Sacha UNIL E-Mail Modeling genomes and the origin of species Marc Robinson-Rechavi
Nicolas Salamin
LAVANCHY Guillaume UNIL - Unusual reproductive modes in Bacillus stick insect Prof. Tanja Schwander
Prof. Laurent Keller
LEHTO HÜRLIMANN Mikko UNIL E-Mail The role of uncoupling proteins in explaining the life-history trade-offs Pierre Bize
LEJZEROWICZ Franck UNIGE E-Mail The deep sea sediment molecular repository: metagenetic study of past, recent and present micro-eukaryotic communities by ultra-deep sequencing of RNA, DNA and ancient DNA. Jan Pawlowski 2015
LENGRONNE Thibault UNIL E-Mail Social dynamics in tropical wasps Laurent Keller
LEÓN Julián UNINE E-Mail Social learning in Sooty mangabeys (Cercocebus Atys) vocal communication Klaus Zuberbuehler
LESSARD-THERRIEN Malie UNIBE E-Mail Grassland management project - Subalpine module Dr. Raphael Arlettaz
Dr. Jean-Yves Humbert
LEXER Christian UNIFR E-Mail
LIBBRECHT Romain UNIL E-Mail Caste determination in ants Laurent Keller
LIEGEOIS Maud UNIL E-Mail Parthenogenesis in Mayflies Tanja Schwander
Michel Sartori
LINDERS Theo UNIBE E-Mail The effects of woody invasive alien plants on biodiversity and ecosystem services in Eastern Africa Dr. Eric Allan
Dr. Urs Schaffner Dr. Rene Eschen both from CABI
LINDFELD Andreas UNIBE E-Mail Effects of GM wheat cultivation on the decomposition of GM biomass by soil arthropods and annelids Wolfgang Nentwig
LINDTKE Dorothea UNIFR E-Mail The genetics of reproductive isolation and trait differences in European Populus Christian Lexer
LINK Vivian UNIFR E-Mail Novel statistical algorithms to infer biologically relevant parameters from data obtained with high throughput instruments. Daniel Wegmann
LISCHER Heidi UNIBE E-Mail Finding genes under adaptive or balancing selection in the common vole (Microtus arvalis) Gerald Heckel
LITSIOS Glenn UNIL E-Mail Evolution of the ecological niche in the African Restionaceae Nicolas Salamin
LIU Jialin UNIL E-Mail Detecting positive selection of genes which expressed during the late development Marc Robinson-Rechavi
LIU Yang UNIBE E-Mail Genetic analysis of migration in two avian influenza vectors: Tufted Duck (Aythya fuligula) and Common Pochard (Aythya ferina) Laurent Excoffier
Gerald Heckel, Irene Keller
LIU Yuanzhen UNIBE E-Mail Evolutionary genomics of an invasive species small hive beetle, Aethina tumida Peter Neumann
Jay Evans
LIU Zuyao UNIBE E-Mail Comparative analyses of genome assemblies reveals insights in adaptation and speciation in sticklebacks Catherine Peichel 2022
LOHR Jennifer UNIFR E-Mail Evolutionary genetic consequences of small versus large population size in Daphnia Christoph Haag
LOISEAU Oriane UNIL E-Mail Plant diversification in the Neotropics Nicolas Salamin
LUCEK Kay UNIBE E-Mail Adaptation and ecology of the three spined sticklebach - a recently invasive species in switzerland Ole Seehausen
LUNDSGAARD-HANSEN Bänz UNIBE E-Mail Adaptive radiation of whitefish within the alpine region Ole Seehausen
MACHADO Ana Paula UNIL E-Mail Population genomics of island colonisation in the barn owl (Tyto alba) Prof. Alexandre Roulin Prof. Jérôme Goudet
MALUENDA Elodie UNINE E-Mail The effect of the microbial community on the fitness of Ixodes ricinus ticks and the transmission of the Lyme disease pathogen, Borrelia. Maarten Voordouw
MARCARI Veronica UNINE - Using metabolomics to explain the host suitability of the specialist gall-forming weevil Ceutorhynchus cardariae Prof. Theodoor Turlings
MARCELINO Ana UNIFR - Population genomics in daphnia magna Christoph Haag
Dieter Ebert
MARCIONETTI Anna UNIL E-Mail Adaptive Radiation and genomic changes across evolutionary scales Nicolas Salamin 2021
MARLE Pierre UNIGE E-Mail Title provisional "The role of hydrological connectivity in shaping the relationship between physico-chemistry, ecotoxicology and biological diversity in a large river floodplain" Emmanuel Castella
MARONDE Lea UNIBE E-Mail Effects of maternally derived antioxidants Prof.Heinz Richner
MARQUES David Alexander UNIBE E-Mail Population Genomics of Adaptive Radiation Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen
Prof. Dr. Laurent Excoffier
MARQUES DA CUNHA Lucas UNIL E-Mail Management-induced evolution in fish Claus Wedekind
MARRI Viviana UNIBE - Relationship between dietary antioxidants, plumage coloration and oxidative stress in nestlings of great tit Heinz Richner
MARTIGNIER Thomas UNIL E-Mail evolution of sexual systems in plants Professor John Pannell
MARTIN Charlotte UNINE E-Mail Are healthy cereals safe cereals ? Brigitte Mauch Manu (UNINE)
Fabio Mascher (AGROSCOPE)
MATEUS GONZALEZ Ivan UNIL E-Mail --- Ian Sanders
MATTEODO Magalì UNIL E-Mail Evolution de la végétation sous l'influence des changements climatiques et recherche de marqueurs des changements dans l'humus du sol Eric Verrecchia
Pascal Vittoz
MAUCH Brigitte UNINE E-Mail
MCGREGOR Sean UNIL E-Mail Ant social organisation. Prof. Laurent Keller
MCINTYRE Lauren UNIBE - Migration ecology of trout in Lake Lucerne Jakob Brodersen
Ole Seehausen
MEIER Joana UNIBE E-Mail Population Genomics of Adaptive Radiation Ole Seehausen
Laurent Excoffier
MELÉNDEZ CAL Y MAYOR José Francisco UNIGE - Sympatric ecological speciation in freshwater fish. Juan I. Montoya Burgos
MENIRI Magali UNINE E-Mail Impact of oxidative stress on male reproductive tactics in the Seba's Short Tailed bats (Carollia Perspicillata) Prof. Dr. Fabrice Helfenstein
MERCIER Stéphanie UNINE E-Mail Audience Effect in Wild Vervet Monkeys (Chlorocebus pygerythrus aethiops) Klaus Zuberbühler
Erica van de Waal
MERSCH Danielle UNIL E-Mail Circadian rhythms in ants Laurent Keller
MIANI Alessandro UNINE E-Mail Psychology Prof. Adrian Bangerter? 2023
MILLON Pierre UNIL E-Mail Population genomics of evolutionary response to nutritional stress in Drosophila Tadeusz Kawecki
Ioannis Xenarios
MOLNAR Barbara UNINE E-Mail Social behavior, environmental stress and intestinal parasites in wolf (Canis lupus) Bruno Betschart
MOSER Florian UNIBE E-Mail Investigating ecological and genetic constraints to speciation Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen 2018
MOSSION Vinciane UNINE - Systematic and taxonomy of the Lunaria species complex (Botrychium, Ophioglossaceae) Dr Jason Grant 2021?
MOSTACCI KRYUCHKOVA Nadezda UNIL E-Mail Prof. Marc Robinson-Rechavi Soutenance 04.11.2016
MOUROCQ Emeline UNIBE E-Mail The shift from family living to cooperative breeding in birds Pr Michael Griesser
MÜLLER Esther UNIBE E-Mail Biocontrol of Cirsium arvense and basic studies on the orientation of herbivorous beetles for a better understanding of biocontrol agents Wolfgang Nentwig
MULOT Matthieu UNINE E-Mail Effects of global warming and drought on the carbon sequestration and biodiversity of Sphagnum peatlands Edward Mitchell
NÄF Jan UNIBE E-Mail Division of labour in cooperatively breeding fish Michael Taborsky
NDIRIBE Charlotte UNIL E-Mail The role of phylogeny in the spatial distributions and assembly of mountain plant communities Antoine Guisan
Nicolas Salamin
NEPOUX Virginie UNIL E-Mail Evolutionary genetics of learning in Drosophila Tad Kawecki
NIPITWATTANAPHON Mingkwan UNIL E-Mail Evolutionary genomic analysis of metamorphosis in ants Laurent Keller
NUSBAUMER David UNIL E-Mail Genetic correlation between life history traits in two salmonid species. Claus Wedekind
NUSSLÉ Sébastien UNIL E-Mail Fishery-induced selection on alpine whitefish Claus Wedekind
ODDIE Melissa UNIBE - Natural survivability of the European honey bee (Apis mellifera) in the face of the ectoparasite Varroa destructor Prof. Peter Neumann
OGGENFUSS Ursula UNINE E-Mail Population dynamics of transposable elements in a fungal plant pathogen Professor Daniel Croll 29 mars 2022
OUESSOU IDRISSOU Franck UNIBE E-Mail Enhanced diagnosis and control of Small hive beetle (Aethina tumida) Prof. Peter Neumann
PACCARD Antoine UNINE E-Mail The genetic of quantitative traits in A. lyrata Dr. Yvonne Willi
PALEJOWSKI Hugo UNIL E-Mail Ecology and Evolution of Swiss Salmonids Dr Claus Wedekind 2022
PAPACH Anna UNIBE E-Mail "General biology of an invasive beetle species, Aethina tumida (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae): cuticular hydrocarbons, multiple mating, sex ratio and starvation resistance” Prof. Dr. Peter Neumann
PARAIN Elodie UNIFR E-Mail Dynamics and evolution of food-webs in a carnivorous plant : Sarracenia purpurea. Louis-Felix Bersier
PAREJO Melanie UNIBE E-Mail Honeybee population genetics Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peter Neumann
Dr. Laurent Gauthier, Swiss Bee Research Center, Agroscope Dr. Markus Neuditschko, Animal breeding, Agroscope
PAREPA Madalin UNIBE - Mechanism of interference between invasive knotweeds and their native competitors Markus Fischer
Oliver Bossdorf
PEDROTTA Tiziana UNIBE E-Mail “Paleo-environmental and modeling insights into Mediterranean fire-vegetation interactions in response to Holocene climate and use change” Prof. Dr. Willy Tinner
PELLISSIER Loïc UNIL E-Mail Modelling present and future distribution of plants and their pollinators in an alpine landscape Antoine Guisan
PEÑA SUÁREZ Jorge Alejandro UNIL E-Mail --- Prof. Henri Volken
PEÑA VENEGAS RICARDO UNIL - Yield analysis of cassava inoculated with Rhizophagus irregularis under humid tropical conditions Ian Sanders
PETITPIERRE Blaise UNIL E-Mail Environmental niche of invasive species Antoine Guisan
PFARRER Beat UNIBE E-Mail Museum specimens under scrutiny – new insights in the phylogeny of continental molluscs
PICHON Noemie UNIBE E-Mail Biodiversity and plants ecology. Disentangling the mechanisms by which global change affects ecosystem function. Eric Allan
PILLET Loïc UNIGE E-Mail Species concept in Foraminifera, molecular vs morphological variability, biogeography and endosymbiosis in Genus Elphidium Jan Wojciech PAWLOWSKI
PINTO Ana UNINE E-Mail Applying game theory and cognition to cleaning mutualism Redouan Bshary
PINTO Eric UNIL E-Mail Antoine Guisan
PLÜSS Therese UNIFR E-Mail Enhancement of Pest Risk Analysis Techniques Sven Bacher
PODLAS Katarzyna UNIBE E-Mail Evolutionary Ecology Prof.Dr. Heinz Richner
POMPINI Manuel UNIL E-Mail Environmental sex reversal: conditions, prevalence and population consequences in several model fish species Claus Wedekind
PRADERVAND Jean-Nicolas UNIL E-Mail Assessing the use of very high resolution data to predict species distribution in a mountain environment. Antoine Guisan
PREUKSCHAS Juliane UNIBE - Invasibility of swiss grassland Markus Fischer
PRICE Robert UNIL E-Mail Communication, learning and decision-making in bees. Dr Christoph Grüter
QUIÑONES Andrés UNIBE - The evolution of sociality Michael Taborsky
Ido Pen
RANDRIARISOA Aina michaëla UNIGE E-Mail Generic circumscription, species delimitation and conservation in a related group of Ocean Indian Sapotaceae Michelle PRICE
Laurent GAUTIER et Yamama NACIRI
RÉCAPET Charlotte UNIL E-Mail Syndrome physiologique de dispersion et conséquences sur les stratégies d’histoire de vie : approches empiriques dans une population fragmentée de passereaux migrateurs Dr Pierre Bize
Dr Blandine Doligez
REHBERGER Kristina UNIBE E-Mail Assessment of immunotoxicity in fish with focus on receptor-mediated effects Prof. Dr. Helmut Segner
REN Guangpeng UNIL E-Mail Phylogeography, phylogeny and speciation of Primula Nicolas Salamin
RENNER Marion UNIBE E-Mail Plant diversity and performance in relation to climate and land use on Mt. Kilimanjaro: communities, species, populations, ecological genetics Markus Fischer 2020
RETEL Cas UNIBE E-Mail Genomics of rapid adaptation in host-virus coevolution Prof. dr. Ole Seehausen
Dr. Philine Feulner
RICCIO Maria-Eugenia UNIGE E-Mail Genetic structure of Vietnamese populations Alicia Sanchez-Mazas
RIEBLI Thomas UNIBE E-Mail Reciprocity in cooperatively breeding cichlids Michael Taborsky
RIEDER Jessica UNIBE E-Mail Developing field-ready diagnostics tools, coupled with eDNA methods, to gain a better understanding of pathogenic transmission and outbreaks in both nature and fish farms. In addition to understanding the recolonization and spatio-temporal patterns of microorganisms in recirculating aquaculture farms. Prof. Dr. Claudia Bank
Prof. Dr. Irene Adrian-Kalchhauser
RIEDER Nastassja UNIBE E-Mail Reciprocal cooperation mechanism and social competence of domestic dogs Prof. Dr. Michael Taborsky
Prof. Dr. Hanno Würbel
RINCON Cristian UNIL E-Mail Environmental impact of AMF introduction on tropical crops Ian Sanders
RIO Jeremy UNIGE E-Mail Reconstruction de l’évolution génétique européenne à l’aide de simulations informatiques de données moléculaires hétérochroniques Mathias Currat
RION Vanessa UNINE E-Mail Evolutionary dynamics of marshes and wet zones of the Swiss and French Haut-Jura on a temporal scale of few decades Jean-Michel Gobat
RODRIGUES Nicolas UNIL E-Mail Population genetics of sex-linked markers in the common frog, Rana temporaria Nicolas Perrin
ROGER Aurélien UNIL E-Mail Influence of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi relatedness on associated species ecology Ian Sanders
ROJAS MORA Luis Alfonso UNINE E-Mail Consequences of oxidative stress and social status on avian sperm competition and antioxidant resource allocation Fabrice Helnfenstein 2015
ROSSINELLI Silvia UNIFR E-Mail Macroecology of biological invasions Dr. Sven Bacher
RUCHE Mathilde UNIGE E-Mail A comparative study of anatomy and micro-morphology of moss peristome among the Dicranales, in order to potentially resolve deep-rooted taxonomic problems within this group. Michelle J. Price
Fred W. Stauffer
RUPPLI Charlène UNIL E-Mail The acoustic cues involved in the sib-sib negotiating vocal behaviour (individual and kin recognition, significance) Alexandre Roulin
RUSCONI Olivia UNINE E-Mail From fundamental questions to practical conservation actions: a study of pollination system, population genetic and mycorrhizal association in Cypripedium calceolus (Orchidaceae) Edward Mitchell
Sergio Rasmann
RUTTEN Gemma UNIBE - Plant diversity and performance in relation to Climate and Land use on Mount Kilimanjaro: communities, species, populations and genetics. Markus Fischer
RUZZANTE Livio UNIL E-Mail Evolutionary-Functional Genomics for an Enhanced Resolution of Arthropod Gene Function Robert Waterhouse 03.02.2023
SAIGI MORGUI Nuria UNIL E-Mail pharmacogenetics Prof Chin B. Eap
SAINI Jaspreet Singh UNIGE E-Mail Investigation into virus-bacterium interactions in Lake Cadagno, Switzerland Prof. Christel Hassler, Prof. Evgeny Zdobnov
Prof. Melissa Duhaime, University of Michigan
December, 2021
SAMARITANI Emanuela UNINE E-Mail Spatio- temporal variability and restoration effects on below-ground biodiversity and soil ecosystem functions at the Thur floodplain. Edward Mitchell
SANDAU Nadine UNIFR E-Mail Plant-insect interactions in a tritrophic agroecosystem Louis-Félix Bersier
SANGUET Arthur UNIGE E-Mail Assessing and implementing Green Infrastructures in "Grand Genève" Anthony Lehmann
Nicolas Wyler Pascal Martin Michelle Price
SAVARY Romain UNIL E-Mail Population genetics and genomics of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Prof. Ian Sanders
SAXENHOFER Moritz UNIBE E-Mail Population Genetics PD Dr. Gerald Heckel
SCHÄFER Deborah UNIBE E-Mail Stability and Resilience of plant communities Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer Dr. Daniel Prati
SCHLAEPFER Guillaume UNIGE - Modeling in biology Prof. Dr. Marcel Weber
SCHLÄPPI Daniel UNIBE E-Mail Pathogen transmission from Honeybees to ants and interactive effects with chronic pesticide exposure. Prof. Dr. Peter Neumann [email protected] 2020
SCHMIDT Lisanna UNIBE E-Mail Microevolution in hybridizing C.flava species aggregate.
Markus Fischer
SCHMITT Barbara UNIBE E-Mail Experimental manipulations of plant diversity in grasslands Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer
SCHNEIDER David UNINE E-Mail Impact of plant resistance traits on a tritrophic system Phaseolus-Bruchid Beetles-Parasitoids Betty Benrey
SCHNEIDER Judith UNIL E-Mail Molecular assessment of wild vervet monkeys' diet to highlight social factors Dr Luca Fumagalli
Dr Erica van de Waal
SCHOMBURG Andreas UNINE E-Mail ecosystem engineers' contribution to soil structure formation in floodplains
SCHREIER Florian UNINE E-Mail Domain: Evolutionary botany Preliminary thesis title: The enigma of evolutionary interia: testing the hypotheses of variational and selective constraint in the family of the Brassicaceae Yvonne Willi
SCHWEINFURTH Manon UNIBE E-Mail Proximate Mechanisms of Reciprocal Cooperation in Norway Rats Prof. Dr. Michael Taborsky
SCRIBA Madeleine UNIL E-Mail Sleep in birds Prof. Roulin
SÉCHAUD Robin UNIL - Alternative foraging strategies and habitat selection in the colour polymorphic barn owl (Tyto alba)​ Alexandre Roulin 08.07.2021
SEGERS Francisca UNIBE E-Mail Maternal effects in Simochronis pleurospilus Barbara Taborsky
SENERCHIA Natacha UNINE E-Mail Pivotal-differential genome evolution: consequences for hybridization and gene flow in the wheat group. Giorgina Bernasconi
Christian Parisod, François Felber
SERRANO SERRANO Martha Liliana UNIL E-Mail Detecting the mode and tempo of speciation in South-American plant families Nicolas Salamin
SHARDA Sakshi UNIL E-Mail The role of sexual selection in the evolutionary genetics of infection resistance. Tadeusz J. Kawecki
Brian Hollis
SIERRA Roberto UNIGE E-Mail Molecular evolution and ecology of Foraminifera and related protists J. Pawlowski
SILVA Nuno UNIGE E-Mail Human Population Genetics Mathias Currat
SINGER David UNINE E-Mail Is everything everywhere? A metabarcoding approach to protist biogeography Enrique Lara
Edward Mitchell
SINGH Nikhil UNINE E-Mail Genetic basis of host-pathogen interaction Prof. Daniel Croll
SLODOWICZ Daniel UNIBE E-Mail Restoring grassland biodiversity: from degraded, species-poor to integral stable-state ecosystems Raphaël Arlettaz
Jean-Yves Humbert
SOCHER Stéphanie UNIBE E-Mail The influence of functional and genetic diversity in grasslands Markus Fischer
SONG Yi-Gang UNIFR E-Mail Relict trees with multiple refugia: how long-term environmental change affects their phylogeography and disassembly of their communities (model taxon: Pterocarya) Gregor Kozlowski
SPASOJEVIC Tamara UNIBE E-Mail Phylogeny, total-evidence dating, and the impact of parasitoid lifestyle on the diversification of pimpliforme parasitoid wasps (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) Seraina Klopfstein 2018
STAUBER Lea UNINE E-Mail Population genetics and phytopathology of the chestnut blight Cryphonectria parasitica Daniel Croll
Simone Prospero
STEINEGGER Marc UNINE E-Mail Function, mechanisms and ontogeny of collaborative hunting in the yellow saddle goatfish (Parupeneus cyclostomus) Prof Redouan Bshary
STEINER Magdalena UNIFR E-Mail Soil biodiversity and its role in vineyard ecosystems. Sven Bacher
STÖCK Matthias UNIL E-Mail
STRAUB Lars UNIBE E-Mail Pesticides and Mites: The impact of the neonicotinoid thiamethoxam and the ectoparasitic mite Varroa destructor on honey bees Director of Theis: Prof. Dr. Peter Neumann Co-Advisor(s): Dr. Geoff Williams Dr. Vincent Dietemann
STROBL Verena UNIBE E-Mail Interactive effects of different stressors on the reproductive success of solitary bees Prof. Dr. Peter Neumann
STUTZ Sonja UNIFR E-Mail Leucanthemum species in their native and introduced ranges: Polyploidy, plant-herbivore interactions and invasion success Heinz Müller-Schärer
Hariet Hinz, Urs Schaffner CABI
SUCHAN Tomasz UNIL E-Mail Pollination biology and landscape genetics of the obligate Trollius-Chiastocheta pollination mutualism Nadir Alvarez
SUN Yan UNIFR E-Mail Assessing ecosystem impact of and recovery from invasive plants Prof. Dr. Heinz Müller-Schärer
Dr. Urs Schaffner, CABI Europe-Switzerland & Prof. Dr. John L. Maron, University of Montana
SZELECZ Ildikò UNINE E-Mail Impact of cadavers on soil communities and function Prof. Dr. Edward Mitchell
SZENTECZKI Mark UNINE E-Mail Molecular and chemical ecology of the deceptive pollinator Arum maculatum Prof. Nadir Alvarez
Prof. Sergio Rasmann
SZENTIVÁNYI Tamara UNIL E-Mail The ecology of vectors in vector-borne diseases of wildlife species Prof. Philippe Christe
Dr. Olivier Glaizot
TANNER Gina UNIBE E-Mail Interactions between pesticides, Nosema ceranae and viruses in honeybee colonies PD Dr. Peter Neumann, University of Bern, Institute of Ecology and Evolution (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nentwig)
TAYALE Alexandre UNINE - Christian Parisod
THIÉVENT Kevin UNINE E-Mail Behavioural manipulation of mosquitoes by Malaria parasites: ecological and evolutionary aspects and potential impacts on malaria control Jacob C. Koella
THÖNEN Lisa UNIBE E-Mail Functioning of plant microbiomes in multi-trophic health Prof. Dr. Matthias Erb
Dr. Klaus Schläppi
TOMASINI Matteo UNIBE - Thesis in theoretical and computational population genetics with focus on evolutionary rescue and range expansions. Dr. Stephan Peischl
Prof. Laurent Excoffier
TRAIN Clement UNIL E-Mail Inferring hierarchical orthologous groups Christophe dessimoz ?
TRESCH Simon UNINE E-Mail Soil quality and biodiversity assessment of urban gardens in Zurich (CH). Dr. Claire Le Bayon
Dr. Marco Moretti (WSL) Dr. Andreas Fliessbach (FiBL)
TRIVELLONE Valeria UNINE E-Mail Biodiversity, “eco-quality”, and species conservation of vineyards. The relative importance of management, landscape and connectivity Prof. Edward Mitchell
Marco Moretti
TRUNZ Vincent UNINE E-Mail Pollination by bees: a case study of the leafcutting bees and their hosts
TSCHIRREN Linda UNIBE E-Mail Fish Welfare in Swiss Aquaculture Prof. Dr. Helmut Segner
Dr. Dominik Refardt
TURRINI Tabea UNIBE E-Mail Urban ecology - The role of green space in urban areas for biodiversity and ecosystem functioning Eva Knop
Wolfgang Nentwig
UVA Vera UNIL E-Mail Worldwide phylogeography of the barn owl Prof. Alexandre Roulin
Dr. Luca Fumagalli
VAN DE WAAL Erica UNINE E-Mail Social learning and culture in vervet monkeys Redouan Bshary
VAN DEN BRINK Valentijn UNIL E-Mail Adaptive function of melanin-based colouration in barn owls and tawny owls Alexandre Roulin
VAN DER KOOI Casper UNIL E-Mail Parthenogenesis Prof Tanja Schwander
VAN NOORT Tom UNINE E-Mail Color polymorphism and warning coloration within the Chrysomela genus Oreina Martine Rahier
VAN ROOYEN Juan UNIL E-Mail Investigating host immune response to malaria parasite infestation in the great TIT Parus Major Philippe Christe
VANDENBERGHE Frederik UNIL E-Mail Pharmacogenetics Prof. Chin Eap Vendredi 8 janvier 2016 - 17h00 - à la salle Christian Mueller du Site de Cery, 1008 Prilly
VIERBUCHEN Maddalena UNIBE E-Mail Transgenerational effects of early life environment on social behaviour Professor Doctor Barbara Taborsky
VIEU Julien UNINE - Biogeography and diversification history of the neotropical plant genus Macrocarpaea (Gentianaceae) Felix Kessler
Jason Grant
VINCENT Hugo UNIBE E-Mail Ex-situ conservation and re-introduction of endangered plant species Markus Fischer
Anne Kempel
VOEGELI Beatrice UNIBE E-Mail --- Heinz Richner
VOILLEMOT Marie UNIL E-Mail Evolution of plant mating systems John Pannell
VOLERY Lara UNIFR E-Mail Impacts of alien species Prof. Dr. Sven Bacher
VON KÜRTHY Corinna UNIBE E-Mail Alternative reproductive tactics in a cichlid fish Michael Taborsky
VONLANTHEN Pascal UNIBE E-Mail Ecology and Genetics of Adaptive Radiation in coregonid fishes Ole Seehausen
VUATAZ Laurent UNIL E-Mail Large-scale DNA sequencing in taxonomy and conservation: a case study with the mayfly family Heptageniidae (ephemeroptera) in the Alps and Madagascar Luca Fumagalli
WAGNER Gretchen UNIBE E-Mail --- Dr. Michael Griesser
WALSER Barbara UNIFR E-Mail The genetic basis of inbreeding depression in Daphnia Christoph Haag
WATVE Mukta UNIBE - Significance of Environmental influence during different ontogenetic stages for phenotypics development in a cooperatively breeding fish N.pulcher Barbara Taborsky
WEBER Daniela UNINE E-Mail Risk assessment of biological control for invasive insects in the cases Dryocosmus kuriphilus and Cydalima perspectalis Prof. Ted Turlings
Dr. Alexandre Aebi
WEGMANN Michèle UNIBE - --- Heinz Richner
WEIBEL Denise UNIBE - Longitudinal connectivity: fish distribution patterns in Swiss streams and rivers, effectiveness of block ramps Ole Seehausen
WIERENGA Jakob UNIGE E-Mail Co-evolution of cyanobacteria and chytrid parasites Bastiaan Ibelings 2021
WIKSTRÖM Cecilia UNIBE E-Mail Neuroendocrine bases of the early social experience in Neolamprologus pulcher PD Dr. Barbara Taborsky
WILKINS SCHMID Laetitia UNIL E-Mail Evolutionary genetics of salmonids: host-pathogen interaction and temperature variation Claus Wedekind
Luca Fumagalli
7 November 2014
WITSENBURG Fardo UNIL E-Mail Role of variation in malaria selection Philippe Christe
WOS Guillaume UNINE E-Mail Thesis in Evolutionary Botany. Provisional title "Limits of adaptation at range margins" Dr. Pr. Yvonne Willi. Laboratory of Evolutionary Botany, University of Neuchâtel.
WUBS Matthias UNINE E-Mail Partner control mechanisms in pair-wise cooperative interactions: empirically-informed models Redouan Bshary
Laurent Lehmann
XU Hao UNINE E-Mail the sexual talks of wasps Ted Turlings
XU XUJIAN UNIGE E-Mail On the role of bioactive compounds in the co-evolutionary struggle between toxic cyanobacteria and their chytrid parasites Bastiaan Ibelings 2023
YAMADA Kana UNIL E-Mail Developing and using models of codon evolution in phylogenetics, the coevolution existing between subunits of Rubisco protein in grass family Nicolas Salamin
YAN Zheng UNIL E-Mail Evolution under monogamy feminizes gene expression Laurent Keller
ZAHERI Maryam UNIL E-Mail Developing a phyloinformatic framework for analysing multigene data matrices Nicolas Salamin
ZAHND Sacha UNIL E-Mail Ecological genomics of social polymorphism in ants Michel Chapuisat 2021
ZANDER Axel UNIFR E-Mail food webs of inquiline organisms in the pitchers of Sarracenia Purpurea Prof. Louis-Félix Bersier
ZAUGG Isabelle UNIFR E-Mail The influence of most plant traits and natural enemies on the evolution of most specificity in a tritropmic system Sven Bacher
ZELLER Michael UNINE E-Mail Resource ecology of host-parasite interaction and evolution Jacob Koella
ZEMANOVA Miriam UNIBE E-Mail Molecular and organismic invasion ecology PD Dr. Gerald Heckel
Dr. Eva Knop
ZHANG Yuanye UNIBE E-Mail --- Markus Fisher
Oliver Bossdorf
ZILIO Giacomo UNINE E-Mail Evolutionary epidemiology of interactions between hosts and parasites Jakob Koella
ZINDEL Renate UNINE E-Mail Mites and endosymbionts - towards improved biological control Ted Turlings (Neuchãtel)
Alexandre Aebi
ZINGG Silvia UNIBE E-Mail Assessing the links between farmland biodiversity and agricultural productivity at landscape scale J.-Y. Humbert
R. Arlettaz
ZÖTTL Markus UNIBE - Fitness consequences of personality in N. pulcher Michael Taborsky
CLAY Zanna UNINE E-Mail vocal communication in bonobos Klaus Zuberbuhler
KOUHI DEHKORDI Shima E-Mail Diurnal cycle in kutum (Rutilus frisii kutum) river entry and its relevant ecophysiological factors Dr. Ali Bani
NIRUPA Dendukuri E-Mail ---
RIND Khalid Hussain E-Mail n/a n/a