PhD students

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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
ABRAHAM Leen Nanchira UNINE E-Mail Genome wide dissection of effector gene regulation Daniel Croll 2022
ALILA Okinyi UNIBE E-Mail Killifish ecology Professor Ole Seehausen
ALMEIDA RODRIGUES Marisa UNIFR E-Mail The physiological and metabolic basis of the fecundity/longevity trade-off in Drosophila Thomas Flatt
AMANN Marine UNINE E-Mail The effect of ecology on brain development and cognition in the cleaner fish Labroides dimidiatus Prof. Redouan Bshary
AMARAL Maria João UNIFR E-Mail Molecular basis of adaptive phenotypic convergence in tropical Stone Oaks (Lithocarpus: Fagaceae) Christian Lexer
Charles Cannon
ANÇAY Laurie UNIL E-Mail Influence of preen gland secretions on the microbial fauna on barn owl’s feathers Prof. Alexandre Roulin
Dr. Luis Martín San José García
ANGIOLANI Francesca UNIBE E-Mail Reproductive ecology of tropical glass frogs Eva Ringler
ANTUNES Diogo UNIBE E-Mail Epigenetic transmission of early-environment effects across generations
ARNOLD Isabelle UNIBE E-Mail Biodiversity restoration of montane and subalpine hay meadows. PD Dr. Jean-Yves Humbert et Prof. Rafaël Arlettaz 2027
AUGUGLIARO Claudio UNIL E-Mail Status and Conservation of snow leopard in NW Mongolia: threats, potential population size and potential distribution Philippe Christe
Fridolin Zimmermann
AYALA Julio UNIBE E-Mail Pending Claudia Bank 2027
BATES Olivia UNIL E-Mail Invasive ant behaviour with changing climate Cleo Bertelsmeier 2024
BECK Caleb UNIL E-Mail Evolution of Salmonids Dr. Claus Wedekind
BELLI Alessandro UNINE E-Mail Oxidative stress and the trade-off between resistance and tolerance to parasites
BERINGER Marc UNIBE E-Mail Genome evolution following whole genome duplication events in the Biscutella laevigata (Brassicacea) species complex Prof. Dr. Christian Parisod 2022
BERNET Martin UNIFR E-Mail Neurobiology and reproductive behavior of Drosophila melanogaster Anne V. Philipsborn 2026
BERTOLINO Francesca UNIGE E-Mail Center for life in the Universe: Evolutionary Biology Bastiaan Ibelings
BOLIS Léa UNINE E-Mail Sustainable production of oilseed rape in Switzerland Prof. Sergio Rasmann
Dr. Ivan Hiltpold
BOLLIGER Ralph UNIBE E-Mail Spatial and temporal vegetations variation in forest and grassland Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer
Dr. Daniel Prati
BONIN Leonore UNINE E-Mail General intelligence in cleaner wrasse Prof. Redouan Bshary
BONNAMOUR Aymeric UNIL E-Mail Impact of globalization on the spread of alien species and infectious diseases Prof. Cleo Bertelsmeier
BOSNJAKOVIC Maja UNIBE E-Mail Population structure of freshwater fish species in dendritic river networks Ole Seehausen
Jakob Brodersen
BROCARD Sarah UNINE E-Mail Event cognition, a comparative study Klaus Zuberbühler
BRUN Loïc UNIL E-Mail From the individuals to the system: understanding knowledge movements Erica van de Waal 2025
BRUNI Estelle UNINE E-Mail Biodiversity and biogeography of testate amoebae (Amoebozoa: Arcellinida and Rhizaria: Euglyphida) on continents and oceanic islands Prof. Edward Mitchell
Dr. Guillaume Lentendu
31 juillet 2024
BUCAO Christabel floi UNIL E-Mail Evolution of expression variability Marc Robinson-Rechavi 2024
BÜHLER Roman UNIL E-Mail Carry-over effects of wintering habitat quality on fitness of barn owls Dr. Bettina Almasi, Swiss Ornithological Institute
Prof. Dr. Alexandre Roulin
CADUFF Madleina UNIFR E-Mail Developing methods to make conservation biology more efficient Daniel Wegmann
CALISTI Robin UNINE E-Mail Greenhouse gas fluxes in peatlands & testate amoebae Pr. Edward Mitchell
CAMARGO DOS SANTOS Bruno UNIBE E-Mail Does sibling number matter? Effects on later-life behavior and life-history decisions and their molecular and physiological basis Barbara Taborsky
CAMPLI Giulia UNIL E-Mail Domain: arthropods genomics Prof. Robert Waterhouse
CANDELOTTO Laura UNIBE E-Mail Comparison of traditional and novel behavioural observation methods in poultry and rabbits Dr. Michael J. Toscano
Dr. Yamenah Gómez
CARDENAS Cody UNIGE E-Mail Phylogenomics and macroevolution of Calosoma beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Carabinae) Dr. Emmanuel Toussaint (Musume d'Historie Naturalle Geneve)
Dr. Evgeny Zdobnov (UniGe Faculty de Medecine)
CARRASQUER PUYAL Ines Carmen UNIGE E-Mail New prospects for insects’ diversity monitoring: assessment of the insect decline during the 20th century and development of a new multi-locus marker Nadir Alvarez
Jérémy Gauthier
CASTEX Clara UNIL E-Mail Transmission of parasites in bats Philippe Christe
Jérôme Goudet
CERVERA Céline UNIGE E-Mail L'habitat médiéval de Djoutoubaya (Sénégal oriental) au temps des grands empires ouest-africains Dre Anne Mayor
Prof. Eric Huysecom
CHEN Kai-hsiu UNIL E-Mail Sex allocation with a trade-off among growth, defence, and reproduction John Pannell 2022
CISSÉ EPSE NIAMBÉLÉ Khadidiatou UNINE E-Mail Self-treatment using nectar of infected mosquito Anopheles gambiae with Plasmodium falciparum in Tiassalé (Southern Côte d’Ivoire) Jacob Koella
Koudou Benjamin
CLAVIJO Diego UNIL E-Mail Applied Microbiology Prof. Ian Sanders
COINUS Samantha UNIFR E-Mail Mechanisms of niche adaptation along gradients of biodiversity and of environmental change Modeling in niche theory Louis-Félix Bersier
Rudolf Rohr
4 years
COMTE Valentin UNINE E-Mail La viticulture neuchâteloise face au changement climatique Martine Rebetez 2021-2022
COOPER Rebecca UNIFR E-Mail Implimenting models in computational palaeobiology to study the links between intraspecific population dynamics and macroevolutionary diversification rates Daniele Silvestro
CORNET Camille UNINE E-Mail Comparative genomics in Erebia butterflies Kay Lucek 2026
COUDENE Marie UNINE E-Mail Urban soils and ecosystem services in cities: assessing the potential for water and heat regulation. Prof. Dr. Claire Le Bayon
Prof. Dr. Géraldine Bullinger, Prof. Dr. Philip Brunner
CRUZ CORELLA Joaquim UNIL E-Mail Linking arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) genetics with plant response Ian Sanders
CRUZ DÁVALOS Diana Ivette UNIL E-Mail Genomic analyses of the peopling of America Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas
Alexandre Reymond
DAMOUR Geraldine UNIGE E-Mail New DNA markers for the analysis of challenging DNA mixtures and for individual ancestry inference in forensic investigations Silke Grabherr
Diana Hall
January 2024
DANIEL Caroline UNIBE E-Mail Plant coexistence mechanisms, impact of resources and enemies Eric Allan January 2024
DANO Arnaud UNINE E-Mail Phylogeny, taxonomy and phylogeography of testa amoebae Pr. Edward MITCHELL
DE LAMARRE Matthieu UNIL E-Mail The evolution of supercoloniality in wood ants Michel Chapuisat
DE MATTOS FARINA Bruna UNIFR E-Mail Secondary aquatic adaptations in tetrapods Daniele Silvestro 2024
DELARUE Coralie UNIBE E-Mail Migration and adaptive radiation of Arctic charr (Salvinus Alpinus) from Southern Greenland Ole Seehausen
Jakob Brodersen
DJAHOUI Edgard UNIFR E-Mail Theoretical Ecology PD. Dr. Rudolf P. Rohr 2023
DJORDJEVIC Jelisaveta UNIL E-Mail Genomics and transcriptomics of the sexual conflict Tanja Schwander
DJOROVIC Aleksa UNIGE E-Mail Quantum Biosensing of Greenhouse gases, and Soft X-ray Transient Absorption Spectroscopy of biomolecules in liquid state (I am currently working on both of these topics) Jean-Pierre Wolf 2024
DO O Isabela UNIL E-Mail The effects of population structure on testing adaptive divergence on metapopulations Jerome Goudet
DOENZ Carmela UNIBE E-Mail Sympatric adaptive radiations in freshwater fish Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen
DÜRST Andrin UNIBE E-Mail Small structures to promote biodiversity in agricultural landscapes Jean-Yves Humbert expected 2026
DUTHÉ Vanessa UNINE E-Mail Investigating black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) ecology towards improved conservation and management practices Sergio Rasmann 2023
ECKEL Raphael UNIFR E-Mail Expanding on "Analysis Tools for Low-coverage and Ancient Samples" (ATLAS) Daniel Wegmann
ERMOLAEVA Elizaveta UNINE E-Mail Variation of testate amoeba functional traits across environmental gradients in Holarctic peatlands Edward Mitchell Université de Neuchâtel, Faculté des sciences, Rue Emile-Argand 11, Neuchâtel 2000, Laboratory of Soil Biodiversity [email protected] 2024-2025
FALLET Patrick UNINE E-Mail A novel strategy to control fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) with entomopathogenic nematodes Ted Turlings
Stefan Toepfer
FARK Sarya UNIL E-Mail Supergenes and hybridisation in socially polymorphic ants Prof. Dr. Michel Chapuisat
Not defined yet
FAYE Ndeye UNIGE E-Mail Selective and demographic mechanisms driving the evolution of HLA genes Prof. Alicia Sanchez-Mazas 2025
FAZAN Laurence UNIFR E-Mail Thousands of years of solitude: past, present and future of relict trees in the Mediterranean – the case of Zelkova abelicea from Crete Gregor Kozlowski
FENN-MOLTU Gyda UNIL E-Mail Impacts of globalization on biological invasions
FERNANDES Margarida UNIFR E-Mail Computational Ecology Daniel Wegmann
FERREIRA Diana UNIL E-Mail MHC evolutionary ecology Luca Fumagalli
FERREIRA Océane UNIBE E-Mail Behavioural and neural mechanisms underlying behavioural flexibility in Division of Labor in a cooperative breeding cichlid: Neolamprologus pulcher Barbara Taborsky
Alex Jordan
FITZGERALD Lucy UNIL E-Mail Genomics of the coloration patterns in clownfishes and damselfishes Nicolas Salamin 2026
FORGIONE Laura UNIBE E-Mail Response of lowland grasslands to active restoration treatments Raphaël Arlettaz
Jean-Yves Humbert
FOTSING Ernest Dadis Bush UNIFR E-Mail INFORM CONSERVATION NATURE IN CENTRAL AFRICA REPUBLIC: case of Chinko National Park Prof Dr Wegmann Lab
FRAGNIÈRE Anne-Laure UNIFR E-Mail Arthropod pest control in vineyards Sven Bacher
Patrik Kehrli, Agroscope
FRAGNIÈRE Yann UNIFR E-Mail Plants at the margin: the present and future role of microrefugia in biodiversity conservation Gregor Kozlowski
FREIBERG Aimée UNIFR E-Mail Novel computational tools to automate biodiversity monitoring with a focus on camera trapping images from the Central African Republic Daniel Wegmann
FRYNS Caroline UNINE E-Mail Surrounding and directed sound on infant vocal development in chimpanzees Klaus Zuberbühler
G. ZEFERINO Tiago UNINE E-Mail Nutritional and sexual preference in Anopheles gambiae Jacob C Koella 2023
GAGLIARDI Fanny UNINE E-Mail The role of temporal isolation through allochrony upon secondary contact in Alpine butterflies. Biodiversity genomics Kay Lucek
GALLOT Quentin UNINE E-Mail Monkey syntax in Taï Forest, Ivory Coast Klaus Zuberbühler
Steven Moran
GARCIA JIMENEZ Alberto UNIL E-Mail Evolutionary Ecology of clownfishes Nicolas Salamin 2024
GARCÍA RUIZ Irene UNIBE E-Mail Evolution of cooperation based on relatedness, negotiation and trading in a cooperative cichlid fish Michael Taborsky
GARRIDO PRIEGO Marina UNIBE E-Mail Different parental strategies shape space use, communication, and cognition in tropical frogs. Dr. Eva Ringler
GAUDICHAU Emelyne UNIL E-Mail Insect sex determination and differentiation
GERCHEN Jörn Frederik UNIL E-Mail Evolution of sex determination in plants John Pannell
GERPE Christopher UNIBE E-Mail Depopulation of end of lay hens Prof. Dr. Hanno Würbel
Dr. Michael J. Toscano
GHAFFOULI Abir UNINE E-Mail Measurement and modeling of CO2 and CH4 fluxes at the surface of peatlands Pr.Mitchell Edward 2024-2025
GHALI Karim UNIL E-Mail Evolution of asexuality and maintenance of sexual reproductive mode in Thrips (Thysanoptera) Prof. Tanja Schwander
GRANELL RUIZ Maria UNINE E-Mail Acts of assistance and the physiology of social bonds Redouan Bshary
GRÜNIG Sandra UNIFR E-Mail Ecological genomics Christian Parisod
GUADAGNO Angelo UNIBE E-Mail Costs of developing complex brains and their cognitive benefits in a cichlid fish Barbara Taborsky
Zegni Triki
GUAN Hang UNIBE E-Mail Plant and microbiome-dependent effects on arsenic speciation in soil-plant system
GUENAT Julie UNIL E-Mail Investigation of species ecology using environmental DNA Luca Fumagalli 2024
HABLÜTZEL Loraine UNIBE E-Mail How ecological interactions shape evolutionary trajectories Claudia Bank
HÄNER Nina UNINE E-Mail Intraspecific trait variation and interaction between biogeographically distinct populations of Trissolcus japonicus (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) and its implications for biological control of Halyomorpha halys (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) Ted Turlings
Sergio Rassman (UniNE) Tim Haye (CABI)
HAUSER Gilles UNIBE E-Mail Protection of high-alpine alluvial habitats released by melting glaciers as a consequence of global warming Prof. Dr. Raphaël Arlettaz
Dr. Alejandra Morán Ordóñez
HEINTZ Anne-Caroline UNIL E-Mail Impacts of artificial light at night (ALAN) on a nocturnal bird of prey, the barn owl Alexandre Roulin
Bettina Almasi Pierre Bize
HUMAIR Lauréline UNINE E-Mail Biological control of parrot’s feather, Myriophyllum aquaticum in temperate biomes Pr. Sergio Rasmann
Dr. Philiip Weyl
INNIGER Hannah UNIBE E-Mail Fitness and diversity in populations of four common and four rare congeneric alpine plant species Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer
Dr. Daniel Prati
ISAIA Julie UNIL E-Mail Evolution of Host-parasite Interactions Philippe Christe
JECHA Kristine UNIL E-Mail Genomic consequences of hybridization in insects Tanja Schwander
KAY Tomas UNIL E-Mail Using a systems-level approach to probe the molecular basis of social behavior in ants Professor Laurent Keller
KHAN Sheharyar ahmed UNIBE E-Mail Climate change impact on multi trophic interactions
KHELIDJ Nora UNIL E-Mail Effect of glacier retreat on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. Gianalberto Losapio
Antoine Guisan
KING Leighton UNIBE E-Mail Evolution and ecosystem dynamics in Lake Victoria, East Africa Ole Seehausen
Blake Matthews
KJELSBERG Nadline UNIBE E-Mail Conservation biology Markus Fischer
KLAFTENBERGER Tristan UNIL E-Mail The ecology and evolution of color in ants. Cleo Bertelsmeier
Sébastien Ollier
between 2024-2026
KLÖTZLI Julie UNIFR E-Mail Integrated management of Rumex obtusifolius Prof. Dr. Heinz Müller-Schärer
Prof. Andreas Lüscher, Dr. Urs Schaffner
KOMPOSCH Armin UNIBE E-Mail Plant-soil interactions in European forests Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer
KROPF Alida UNINE E-Mail Eco-epidemiology of Malaria
KUNZ Florin UNIL E-Mail Wolves in an alpine cultural landscape Dr. Philippe Christe
Dr. Nina Gerber Dr. Fridolin Zimmermann
KÜNZI Yvonne UNIBE E-Mail How does change in functional composition due to land-use intensification affect temperate grasslands stability under increasingly severe droughts? Markus Fischer
Andreas Stampfli
LAPLANCHE Diane UNINE E-Mail Exploring the chemical ecology of gastropod/insect/plant interactions. Prof Ted Turlings
LE BISSONNAIS Sandra UNINE E-Mail Interactions between mosquitoes and their associated mocrobiota Jacob Koella
LE FAOU Ehouarn UNIL E-Mail Plant Evolutionary Biology John Pannell
LE FLOCH Auriane UNINE E-Mail Syntax in Sooty mangabeys Klaus Zuberbühler
Steven Moran
LEPORI Vasco UNIFR E-Mail Effects of eco-evolutionary dynamics on species coexistence, network architecture, and ecosystem function Dr. Rudolf Rohr 2023
LEWIS Elliot UNIBE E-Mail Adaptive Radiation in Greenland Arctic Charr populations Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen
Dr. Jakob Brodersen
LEWIS Natalie UNIL E-Mail MHC social signaling via olfaction and the impacts of fisheries on grayling fish Professor Claus Wedekind
LI Huiru UNIFR E-Mail Invasive risk assessment of alien plants in China Sven Bacher
LIAO Aijuan UNIL E-Mail The role of Pathogen in Sexual Selection of Drosophila Tadeusz Kawecki
LITTO Maria UNIFR E-Mail Demographic history and recent selection in novel environments: an innovative approach to assess benefits and risks of a potential biological control agent Heinz Müller-Schärer
LOPEZ Itzel UNIBE E-Mail Effects of global change in belowground food webs Dr. Madhav Thakur 2026
LUTGEN Dave UNIBE E-Mail Genomics of hybridization, speciation and phenotypic evolution in Wheatears Prof. Catherine Peichel
Dr. Reto Burri Prof. Holger Schielzeth
LÜTHI Martina UNIBE E-Mail Reconstitution of pollinator-mediated speciation in Petunia Prof. Dr. Cris Kuhlemeier 2022
MANNALL Tosca UNIBE E-Mail The direct and indirect effects of nitrogen enrichment on grassland consumer communities Prof. Dr. Eric Allan 2023
MARCONI Leonardo UNIGE E-Mail Neurogenetics Ivan Rodriguez
Alan Carleton
MARTIN Caroline UNIL E-Mail Spatial modelling for biodiversity conservation Prof. Antoine Guisan
MARTÍNEZ DE LEÓN Gerard UNIBE E-Mail Recovery of soil invertebrate communities after extreme heat events Prof. Dr. Madhav P. Thakur
Prof. Dr. Catherine Peichel
MAS CARRIÓ Eduard UNIL E-Mail Conservation Genetics Luca Fumagalli
MATTHYS Shaquille UNIBE E-Mail Dealing with uncertainty and conflicting objectives in the control of invasive species Dr. Stefano Canessa
Prof. Dr. Raphaël Arlettaz
MAUSHE Dorothy UNIBE E-Mail How entomopathogenic nematode Heterorhabditis bacteriophora adapt to benzoxazinoids in western corn rootworm (Diabrotica virgifera virgifera) 2024
MAZEPA Glib UNIL E-Mail Evolution of hybridogenesis in the Pelophylax water frogs Nicolas Perrin 2022
MEURVILLE Marie-Pierre UNIFR E-Mail Evolution of Social Fluids Adria LeBoeuf
MIANI Alessandro UNINE E-Mail Psychology
MICHE Sébastien UNIGE E-Mail Phylogenomics of plants and nitrogen-fixing microsymbionts for regional biodiversity assessment in Switzerland Prof. Roman Ulm
Dr. Mathieu Perret
2024 or 2025
MILGALTER Ron UNIBE E-Mail The Space Use and Flight Behavior of Adult Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) in the Swiss Alps: Applied Implications for Mitigating Airspace Conflicts with Future Wind Energy Developments Prof. Dr. Raphael Arlettaz Head of the Division Conservation Biology Erlachstrasse 9a, room 225, second floor 3012 Bern Phone: +41 31 631 31 61 Email: [email protected] Website: 2021
MOHR Tecla UNIL E-Mail Comparing captive and wild vervet monkeys’ social cognition, bringing touchscreen technology to the field Erica van De Waal
MONOD Vinciane UNINE E-Mail Grapevine trunk disease Daniel Croll 2023
MONTOYA-SANCHEZ Vannesa UNINE E-Mail Up-scaling biodiversity and structural complexity in lowland rainforest transformation systems Prof Delphine Clara Zemp
MOOSMANN Marvin UNIBE E-Mail Eco-evolutionary dynamics in aquatic ecosystems Ole Seehausen
Blake Matthews
MORELON Stéphanie UNINE E-Mail Arable plants, evolution and ecology
MULLER Arthur UNINE E-Mail Regulatory role of Photorhabdus bioluminescence in belowground multi-trophic interactions Ricardo Machado 2023
MUTURI Michael UNIBE E-Mail Population genetics of small hive beetle in Kenya Professor Peter Neumann
Dr. Alexis Beaurepaire
NARAYANAN Shrinath UNIL E-Mail Role of adaptation in fat bodies in experimentally evolved Drosophila populations Tadeusz Kawecki 2024/25
NELLISSEN Larissa UNINE E-Mail vocal communication of western lowland gorillas Prof. Dr. Klaus Zuberbuehler
Dr. Shelly Masi
NGABA WAYE TAROUM Caleb UNINE E-Mail "Dynamics of woody flora and its influence on the distribution of sub-Saharan antelopes in the Ouadi Rimé-Ouadi Achim Fauna Reserve" (Chad). ZEMP Clara, Professeure Assistant 2026
NGOEPE Nare UNIBE E-Mail The evolutionary diversification of cichlid fish reconstructed from fossils and ancient DNA Prof Ole Seehausen
Dr Moritz Muschick
NGUYEN Mai thu UNIL E-Mail A study of gender strategies in plants: when and how can males, females, and hermaphrodites coexist? Prof. John Pannell
NUOTCLÀ Jon Andreja UNIBE E-Mail Conditional decisions to stay or disperse in fungus tending ambrosia beetles Prof. Dr. Michael Taborsky 2022
NWE Thu Zar UNIBE E-Mail Disentangling the mechanisms by which global change affects soil communities and their functioning Prof. Dr. Eric Allan
OGI Vera UNIBE E-Mail Genomics of plant toxin resistance in entomopathogenic nematodes Matthias Erb
Christian Parisod
OLIMA Cecilia UNIBE E-Mail Mapping and valuation of Ecosystem services provided by ecosystems in Lamu, Kenya. Professor Margaret Awuor Owuor 2026
ONYIRIAGWU Magnus UNINE E-Mail Tropical forest ecology and restoration Professor Dr. Clara Zemp 2027
ORINE Dimitri UNINE E-Mail Effect of eco-climatic adaptation of tomato and microbes on resistance-induction. Prof. Dr. Sergio Rasmann
PALEJOWSKI Hugo UNIL E-Mail Ecology and Evolution of Swiss Salmonids Dr Claus Wedekind
PALONEN Aura UNIBE E-Mail Evolution of mating and reproduction underlying invasions of a beetle pest Prof Dr Peter Neumann 2025
PANZETTI Cecilia UNINE E-Mail Detection of cereal seed- and soil-borne diseases Daniel Croll
Karen E. Sullam
PAWLAK Paulina UNIBE E-Mail Fish welfare
PEIGNIER Mélissa UNIBE E-Mail The interplay between animal personality and sexual selection in poison frogs Dr Eva Ringler 2022
PEROCHON Eddie UNIL E-Mail The role of environmental factors in shaping the variation and plasticity of social organization in ant species Cleo Bertelsmeier
PERRET Angélique UNIGE E-Mail Deciphering the role of membrane composition during Mycobacterium marinum infection in Dictyostelium discoideum Thierry Soldati 2025
PERROUD Giulia UNIL E-Mail Quantitative Biology Claus Wedekind 2024
PESSINA Letizia UNINE E-Mail Life history of the Cleaner Wrasse Labroides dimidiatus Prof. Redouan Bshary 2025
PIOVESAN Asia UNIBE E-Mail Population genetics of wild bees
PISTONE Azzurra UNIBE E-Mail Eco-evolutionary data fusion approaches to predict the evolutionary potential of European and Oriental fir species (Abies spp.) facing climate change Prof Willy Tinner
Dr Katalin Csilléry
POUSSIN Charlotte UNIGE E-Mail Etude de l'impacts des Changements climatiques sur les milieux de montagnes à l'aide de la télédétection Pascal Peduzzi 2021
PRIGENT Iris UNIL E-Mail Evolutionary branching for niche construction traits in heterogeneous populations Charles Mullon 2024
QUINTERO Fredy UNINE E-Mail Audience awareness in Cercocebus atys Klaus Zuberbühler
REY Pierre-louis UNIL E-Mail Évolution d'une cohabitation entre l'homme et son environnement: cas d'étude des alpes vaudoises Antoine Guisan 2024
REYES Maria UNIBE E-Mail Parent offspring conflict in a cooperatively breeding cichlid fish Prof. dr. Barbara Taborsky
Prof. dr. Ton (A.G.G.) Groothuis
REYNA Carlos Stefano UNIFR E-Mail Identifying selection in the presence of gene flow Daniel Wegmann
RODRIGUES NUNES Daniel UNIGE E-Mail A biosystematic revision of the family Cribrariaceae Michelle Price
Juan Carlos Zamora Carlos Lado
RODRIGUEZ FUENTES Juliana UNIBE E-Mail Phenotypic effects of chromosomal inversions in threespine stickleback Prof. Dr. Catherine Peichel
Prof. Dr. Thomas Flatt
ROINEL Emilie UNIBE E-Mail Developing new drought resistant forage mixtures for mountain areas Prof. Dr. Eric Allan
Dr. Pierre Mariotte
SANDERS Shareen UNIBE E-Mail Aspects influencing Grassland recovery after extreme drought Madhav Thakur 2023
SANTILLÁN Soledad UNIL E-Mail Ecology of ectoparasites and vector-borne diseases in bats and birds Christe Philippe
Olivier Glaizot
SARHAN Hanaa UNINE E-Mail Hunting techniques of lionfish in their natural range and as invasive species in the Caribbean. Prof. Redouan Bshary undetermined
SCHALCHER Kim UNIL E-Mail Effect of climate change on breeding barn owl Alexandre Roulin
SCHLÄFLI Patrick UNIBE E-Mail Biostraticraphic dating and reconstruction of vegetation responses to Quaternary climate change in the Swiss North Alpine Foreland
SCHMID Sarah UNIL E-Mail Adaptive radiation in clown fishes Nicolas Salamin 2022
SCHNEIDER Judith UNIL E-Mail Molecular assessment of wild vervet monkeys' diet to highlight social factors Dr Luca Fumagalli
Dr Erica van de Waal
SCHULZ Ilektra UNIFR E-Mail Towards reliable, flexible and reproducible processing of low-depth and ancient sequencing data Daniel Wegmann 2023
SEMERARO Sarah UNINE E-Mail The research project will focus on soil sciences, using a diachronic approach, highlighting an existing database on Swiss soils from different ecosystems. The objective will be to supplement the information in order to model the existing data and to establish a cartography centered on the soil-vegetation-humus forms relationships. Sergio RASMANN
SHERPA Zoé UNIL E-Mail Niche dynamics in invasive species Cleo Bertelsmeier
SHI Jingjing UNIBE E-Mail Understanding the resistance and recovery of soil biota after climate extremes through biotic interactions Prof. Dr. Madhav P. Thakur
Prof. Dr. Pilar Junier
SINGER Liam UNIFR E-Mail Conservation Biology / Bioinformatics Daniel Wegmann
SITHOLE Simangele UNIBE E-Mail Quantifying the vulnerability of marine/coastal ecosystem services due to climate chnage and developing sustainable financing solutions for coastal protection Dr Margaret Awuor Owuor 2026
SKAKOV Ivan UNINE E-Mail Evolution of selfish elements in fungal mitochondrial genomes Daniel Croll 2026
SOLDATI Adrian UNINE E-Mail Vocal learning in wild chimpanzees Prof Klaus Zuberbühler
Prof Josep Call
SOLDINI Luca UNIL E-Mail Evolutionary genomics of fire ants Laurent Keller
STALDER Dominique sabina UNIBE E-Mail Inter- and intrapopulation variation in life-history, ecological niche space and migration ecology in Swiss lake trout Ole Seehausen
Jakob Brodersen
STEINER Théo UNINE E-Mail Alpine plants ecometabolomics along elevation gradients Sergio Rasmann, Unine 2026
SUDASINGHE Hiranya UNIBE E-Mail Two opposite ways to become tiny: Comparative genomics and phylogenomics of miniature fishes Catherine Peichel
Lukas Rüber
SURER Philippine UNIL E-Mail Investigating wolves ecology and cattle depredations towards new management and conservation practices Philippe Christe
Fridolin Zimmermann
TALBI Marion UNIBE E-Mail Evolution of the recombination landscapes within percomorph (fish). Dr Milan Malinsky
Dr Ole Seehausen
TANG Qindong UNIBE E-Mail Diversification under Pleistocene climate change at different spatio-temporal scales: Genomic and niche modelling approaches to the pale sand martin complex Riparia diluta
TANKINK Josefien UNINE E-Mail Title: Acts of Assistance: Solving the riddle of stable cooperation among non-relatives in nonhuman primates Redouan Bshary
Carel van Schaik Judith Burkart
TARTINI Nicolò UNIBE E-Mail Fobex Madhav Thakur
THOMA Marco UNIBE E-Mail Unravelling pathways of insect migration using stable isotopes and citizen science data
TIÈCHE Elie UNIBE E-Mail Forensic botany/ Fungal metabarcoding Prof. Dr. Gerald Heckel
Dr. ès Sc. Martin Zieger
TIMONER Pablo UNIGE E-Mail Modeling of aquatic macroinvertebrate distribution in Swiss rivers at the reach scale Prof. Anthony Lehmann
TOPALOUDIS Alexandros UNIL E-Mail Genomics and quantitative genetics of a wild barn owl population Jerome Goudet
Alexandre Roulin
TSOUPAS Alexandros UNIGE E-Mail Human Population Paleogenomics Mathias Currat
VATS Amritansh UNIFR E-Mail Social control of larval development and colony development in ants Adria LeBoeuf
VERDON Valentin UNIL E-Mail Spatial Modelling of Alpine Soil Microbiota Antoine Guisan 2025
VIEIRA TEIXEIRA Jéssica UNINE E-Mail Multi-trophic biodiversity and ecosystem multifunctionality in a biodiversity enrichment experiment. Dr. Clara Zemp 2026
VIERTLER Alexandra UNIBE E-Mail Impact of the K-Pg mass extinction on Darwin Wasps (Ichneumonidae) Dr. Seraina Klopfstein
Prof. Dr. Katie Peichel
VÖGELI Camille UNINE E-Mail Relationship between greenhouse gas fluxes in peatlands and testate amoeba communities Edward Mitchell
WANG Xuejing UNIBE E-Mail Genomic divergence of Microtus rodents and affiliated microbial communities Prof. Dr. Gerald Heckel
WIDER Sandrine UNINE E-Mail Multifunctionality of trees in agricultural lands Clara Zemp 2025
WIETLISBACH Xenia UNIFR E-Mail Informing conservation management through the development of automated analysis routines suitable for big data from ecological and genomic surveyes Daniel Wegmann 2025
WRIGHT Fergus UNIL E-Mail Unravelling the interaction between the soil microbiome and mycorrhizal fungi to improve plant productivity Ian Sanders
WU Zhenlong UNIFR E-Mail The Environmental value of “invasive plant” to a given community Prof. Ivo Wallimann-Helmer
Prof. tit. Dr. Sven Bacher
ZANNOU Ayomidé Joseph UNIBE E-Mail Research on interaction of sustainable control methods against Tuta absoluta PD Dr. J. Romeis
Dr. J. Collatz
ZEITLER Leo UNIFR E-Mail Genetic load in expanding populations of selfing and outcrossing populations of Arabis alpina Gilbert, Parisod
ZIMMERMANN Felix UNINE E-Mail Landscape genomics of ectomycorrhizal fungi associated to oaks Daniel Croll 2027