PhD students

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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
Abou Eid Shadi UNIFR E-Mail Kinome Remodelling underlying Autophagy regulation Prof. Joern Dengjel
Aebischer Thierry UNIFR E-Mail Biodiversity in the heterogeneous landscape of the Central African forest-savanna ecotone; Species richness, abundance, standing variation, local adaptation and its importance in nature conservation. Prof. Daniel Wegmann
Aghagolzadeh Parisa UNIBE E-Mail Cellular and molecular mechanisms of thiosulfate-mediated vascular calcification inhibition Dr. Andreas Pasch
Aguilar Bultet Lisandra UNIBE E-Mail Genetic and functional analysis of rhombencephalitis-associated Listeria monocytogenes strains Prof. Dr. Joachim Frey
Dr. Laurent Falquet
Almeida Rodrigues Marisa UNIFR E-Mail The physiological and metabolic basis of the fecundity/longevity trade-off in Drosophila Thomas Flatt
Alocci Davide UNIGE E-Mail Novel glycobioinformatics resources to support systems glycobiology of gastric cancer Frederique Lisacek
Álvarez-Ocaña Raquel UNIL E-Mail Evolution of Olfactory Pathways in Drosophilids Richard Benton
Aminanmu Maolaaiasha UNIGE E-Mail machine learning, learning with side information Prof. Stéphane Marchand-Maillet
Prof. Alexandros Kalousis
Arndt Nick UNIBE E-Mail Functional studies on p20, a yeast 4E-BP. Prof. Dr. Michael Altmann
Aschinger Caroline UNIFR E-Mail The role of some chromatin remodelers. Prof. Fritz Müller
Dr. Chantal Wicky
Awasthi Mishra Nivedita UNIBE E-Mail Finding out the causal variant for the belted phenotype in Cows Prof. Tosso Leeb, Inst of Genetics, University of Bern
Balmer Pierre UNIBE E-Mail Cellular and molecular functions investigation of SUV39H2 and FAM83G in genodermatoses. Prof. Dr. Eliane Jasmine Müller Prof. Dr. Pieternella Roosje
Barceló Catalina UNIL E-Mail Population kinetic modelling of metabolic traits in HIV-infected individuals Chantal Csajka (Director of thesis) Amalio Telenti (Co-Director of thesis)
Bauer Anina UNIBE E-Mail Genetic analysis of genodermatoses Prof. Dr. Tosso Leeb
Bekkar Kawter Amel UNIL E-Mail Development and application of computational methodologies in qualitative modeling Prof. Ioannis Xenarios
Bennesch Marcela UNIGE E-Mail Pathways to tamoxifen resistance in ERα-positive breast cancer Didier Picard
Bernardo Garcia Francisco Javier UNIFR E-Mail Studying cell fate determination and differentiation of Drosophila photoreceptors Simon Sprecher
Berto Melissa UNIGE E-Mail cAMP Signaling Reprograms the Estrogen Receptor α Didier Picard
Biasini Adriano UNIL E-Mail lincRNAs in murine development Prof. Ana Claudia Marques
Marc Rechavi
Bise Thomas UNIFR E-Mail Molecular mechanisms of retina regeneration in adult zebrafish Anna Jazwinska
Bosch Nuria UNIBE E-Mail Discovery of long non-coding RNAs in cancer using CRISPR/Cas9 Rory Johnson
William Keyes
Bosshard Sandra UNIL E-Mail Study of DNA repair and recombination mechanisms in cultured cells Nicolas Mermod
Bresadola Luisa UNIFR E-Mail Coupling genomics with experiments to study divergence-with-gene-flow in trees Prof. Christian Lexer
Brugger Christiane UNIGE E-Mail establishment and maintenance of heterochromatin at centromeres Thomas Schalch, PhD Professeur boursier FNS University of Geneva Department of Molecular Biology, 2045 30, quai Ernest-Ansermet CH-1211, Geneva 4, Switzerland
Brunet Avalos Clarisse UNIFR E-Mail Genetic and Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Photoreceptor Development Prof. Dr. Simon Sprecher
Brunner Magdalena UNIBE E-Mail Canine hair cycle disturbances Prof. Dr. Monika Welle
Bruzzone Maria UNIGE E-Mail David Shore
Bürki Sibylle UNIBE E-Mail Detection of virulence factors of Mycoplasma bovis by transposon mutagenesis and cytotoxicity assays Prof. Dr. Joachim Frey
Prof. Dr. Laurent Falquet
Burton Kathryn UNIL E-Mail Nutrigenomic strategy for identifying food components after ingestion of milk products in humans and their impact on heath parameters Professer François Pralong
Dr Nathalie Vionnet
Bustamante Eduardo Mariana UNIBE E-Mail Role of estrogen receptor on tumor progression in human breast cancer Prof. Rolf Jaggi
Caputo Tiziana UNIL E-Mail Linking obesity, metabolic disorders and inflammation via metabolomics and epigenetics . Béatrice Desvergne
Federica Gilardi
Carlevaro Joana UNIBE E-Mail Classification and functional prediction of long non-coding RNA Rory Johnson (Department for Clinical Research (DKF), University of Bern, Bern)
Roderic Guigó (Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG), Barcelona)
Castelo-Szekely Violeta UNIL E-Mail Post-transcriptional regulation of circadian rhythms. David Gatfield
Castro Javier UNIGE E-Mail Study of gene regulation in the Bithorax Complex François Karch Robert K. Maeda
Cerato Luca UNIGE E-Mail Chemical and genetic tools to study nucleosome dynamics in S. cerevisiae Pr. David Shore
Chavan Rohit UNIFR E-Mail Per2 and Food en-trainable oscillators Prof. Urs Albrechrt Unit of Biochemistry Department of Biology universite de fribourg
Chavarria Heidy UNIFR E-Mail Topology of the phosphatidylserine synthase (CHO1) from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Andreas Conzelmann
Chong Chloe UNIL E-Mail Immunopeptidomics Prof. George Coukos
Dr. Michal Bassani-Sternberg
Cinesi Cinzia UNIL E-Mail Alleviation of pathogenic phenotype of myotonic dystrophy type 1 Vincent Dion
Cisarova Katarina UNIL E-Mail Bioinformatical analysis of human diseases Carlo Rivolta
Cismaru Anca Liliana UNIBE E-Mail Dr.Ursula Amstutz
Costa Neves Ferreira da Silva Maria UNIL E-Mail microRNA-dependent role of long non-coding RNAs in mouse embryonic stem cells Ana Marques
Cribioli Elisabetta UNIL E-Mail Exploring Immunometabolic Gene-Engineering Strategies to Enhance T cell Activity Against Solid Tumors Prof George Coukos
Dr Melita Irving
Cuny Maximilien UNINE E-Mail Enemy mediated apparent competition between insects that attack maize and beans. Betty Benrey
de Andres Lucia UNIFR E-Mail Modelling Neural Circuit Sensorimotor Transformations in Drosophila larvae Professor Simon Sprecher
Professor Walter Senn and Professor Christian Mazza
De Nittis Pasquelena UNIL E-Mail Genetics of intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder Prof. Alexandre Reymond
Delacrétaz Aurélie UNIL E-Mail Life sciences: Influence of psychotropic drugs on the development of metabolic syndrome Chin Eap
Delaney Kamila UNIGE E-Mail Identity and function of the variant histone H3.3 in C. elegans. Florian Steiner
Di Meglio Ilaria UNIGE E-Mail Biochemistry/Biophysics Title: Alginate capsule formation to investigate the coupling between physical constraints within a tissue with the growth and proliferation of an epithelial monolayer Dr. Aurelien Roux
Duman Mert UNIFR E-Mail Control of Oligodendrocyte Plasticity by Histone Demethylases After Spinal Cord Injury Prof. Claire Jacob
Duruz Jules UNIFR E-Mail Evolution of brain and nervous system development Simon Sprecher
Echchiki Amina UNIL E-Mail The relation between expression patterns and function in animals Marc Robinson-Rechavi
El Adnani Prince Raja UNIL E-Mail The role of Gas6 and Protein S in coagulation and inflammation Prof. Tatiana Petrova
Pr Angelillo-Scherrer Anne
Ferreira Anne-Maud UNIL E-Mail The personal genome Alexandre Reymond
Frédéric Schütz
Flück Rébecca UNIGE E-Mail Assessing metal bioavailability through transcriptome response in aquatic primary producers Dr. Claudia Cosio
Prof. Vera Slaveykova
Fonseca Costa Sara UNIFR E-Mail Modeling feedback loops of the mammalian circadian oscillator - Adjustment of the mouse liver transcriptome to the photoperiod Dr. Jürgen A. Ripperger and Prof. Dr. Daniel Wegmann
Formenti Ludovico UNINE E-Mail Local adaptation in plant-soil microbes interactions along an elevation gradient, and their effect on plant resistance Prof. Sergio Rasmann
Garcia Carolina UNIBE E-Mail Mitochondrial respiration and cardiovascular development, repair and regeneration. Prof. Nadia Mercader Huber
Prof. Jose Antonio Enriquez Dominguez
Gmel Annik Imogen UNIBE E-Mail Optimising phenotypes to improve selection criteria in the Franches-Montagnes horse population Prof. Dr. Tosso Leeb
Dr. Markus Neuditschko
Gonzalez Liliane UNIL E-Mail Identification of the epigenetic determinants of malignancy in pediatric tumors Prof. Nicolo Riggi
Gruhl Franziska UNIL E-Mail Evolution of circular RNAs Henrik Kaessmann
Gusyatiner Olga UNIL E-Mail Molecular mechanisms and behaviour in glioma. Prof Monika Hegi
Dr Mauro Delorenzi
Hallal Mahmoud UNIBE E-Mail Characterization of oncogenic signalling pathways in high-risk myelodysplastic syndromes and secondary acute myeloid leukaemia Dr. med. Nicolas Bonadies
Dr. Rémy Bruggmann Prof. Dr. phil. nat. Allam Ramanjaneyulu
Hashemi Gheinani Ali UNIBE E-Mail The role of microRNAs in organ remodelling in lower urinary tract dysfunction PD Dr. Katia Monastyrskaya
Hébert Audrey UNIL E-Mail Regulation of MCT2 in cultured cortical neurons. Luc Pellerin
Humberg Tim-Henning UNIFR E-Mail In search of light processing and behavior in Drosophila larvae Prof. Dr. Simon Sprecher
IPPOLITO DOMENICA UNIFR E-Mail Analysis of the controlled subcellular localization of CMK-1 in C. elegans nociceptor neurons, upon thermal habituation Dominique Glauser
Iyer Pavithra UNIL E-Mail Cell and gene therapy for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy using transposable vectors and mesioangioblasts Professor Nicolas Mermod
Jan Maxime UNIL E-Mail New Variant Calling Pipeline Ioannis Xenarios
JI Honglei UNIL E-Mail Role of CDK7 in adipose tissue metabolism Lluis Fajas
Kaldun Jenifer UNIFR E-Mail Mechanism of Learning and Forgetting Prof. Dr. Simon Sprecher
Kaur Jatinder UNIGE E-Mail Modulation of transcription through changes in histone modifications Dr. Françoise Stutz
KHALIFEH Dany UNIL E-Mail SNARE proteins
Kieffer Nicolas UNIFR E-Mail Emergence of antibiotic resistance Professor Patrice Nordmann
Dr Laurent Poirel
Kieser Silas UNIGE E-Mail Microbiota analysis in the context of browning Mirko Trajkovski
Evgeny Zdobnov
Koch Michel UNIBE E-Mail Virus discovery in small ruminants with non-suppurative encephalitis Prof. Dr. Torsten Seuberlich
Dr. Rémy Bruggmann
Komljenovic Andrea UNIL E-Mail Aging SystemsX Marc Robinson-Rechavi
Kraft Matthias UNIBE E-Mail Investigation of the immunology and genetics of equine recurrent airway obstruction and defence against nematodes using NGS. Dr. Vidya Jagannathan
Prof. Dr. Vinzenz Gerber
Kusmider Beata UNIGE E-Mail TORC2 structural studies Robbie Joseph LOEWITH, PhD
LACOH Claudia-Marvine UNIGE E-Mail Effects on anesthetics on the developing brain Dr Vutskits
Lacruz Lidia UNIL E-Mail Prevision of facial morphology within the context of Forensic DNA Phenotyping Dr. Vincent Castella
Laloum David UNIL E-Mail Bioinformatics research, Lausanne Evolution of circadian rhythms Prof Marc Robinson-Rechavi
Langenegger Nicolas UNIBE E-Mail Functional and phylogenetic importance of enzymes in spider venom Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nentwig
Lia Andrei-Stefan UNIFR E-Mail Combining optogenetic and transcriptomic approaches to dissect thermal nociceptor habituation in C. elegans Prof. Dominique A. Glauser
Liechti Nicole UNIBE E-Mail Genome based analysis of the human pathogenic amoeba N. fowleri and its non- pathogenic relative N. lovaniensis Rémy Bruggmann
Matthias Wittwer
Liu Jialin UNIL E-Mail Detecting positive selection of genes which expressed during the late development Marc Robinson-Rechavi
Mange François UNIL E-Mail Role of Maf1 in liver metabolism Nouria Hernandez
Marques Filipe UNIFR E-Mail Develop a "forward optogenetic" pipeline to generalize the screening of neuro-modulators Dominique Glauser
Martini Tomaz UNIFR E-Mail Astroclock and mood Urs Albrecht
Mazepa Glib UNIL E-Mail Evolution of hybridogenesis in the Pelophylax water frogs Nicolas Perrin
Mendel Mateusz UNIGE E-Mail Molecular mechanisms of small RNA-guided DNA methylation in the mammalian germline
Michaud Olivier UNIL E-Mail Phenotyping of Arabidopsis using a laser-scanning approach. Plant phenotyping, plant organ modeling. Pr Ioannis Xenarios
Pr Christian Fankhauser
Mika Kaan UNIL E-Mail Identification of regulatory factors involved in the singular expression of members of an olfactory receptor gene cluster Richard Benton
Mikhaleva Anna UNIL E-Mail brain functioning, intellectual disability, 16p11.2 locus Alexandre Reymond
Binnaz Yalcin
Mishra Abhishek Kumar UNIFR E-Mail Specification and Development of the Drosophila larval vision system Prof. Simon Sprecher
Moreno Torres Marta UNIFR E-Mail Coordination of growth and cell division by nutrient signaling pathways in yeast Claudio de Virgilio
Moser Michel UNIBE E-Mail Next generation sequencing approach to unravel floral differences in the genus Petunia Prof. Dr. Cris Kuhlmeier
Dr. Rémy Bruggmann
Mottin Luc UNIGE E-Mail BioInformatics Pr. Bastien Chopard Pr. Patrick Ruch
Mumbauer Simone UNIL E-Mail Dynamics of Hippo signalling Fisun Hamaratoglu
Neagu Maier Georgiana Larisa UNIFR E-Mail Taste coding in Drosophila larvae Simon G. Sprecher
Niewola-Staszkowska Karolina UNIGE E-Mail Dr. Robbie Loewith
Pillonel Trestan UNIL E-Mail Bacterial genomics and metagenomics of medical importance Gilbert Greub
Polidori Taisia UNIBE E-Mail CRISPR/Cas9-based knockout screening for long non-coding RNA in lung cancer Rory Johnson
Carlo Carolis
Pulido Quetglas Carlos UNIBE E-Mail Bioinformatic design and analysis of CRISPR experiments Dr. Rory Johnson
Dr. Marc-David Ruepp
Quinodoz Mathieu UNIL E-Mail Doctorat ès Sciences de la vie Dr. Carlo Rivolta
Ramsauer Sophie UNIBE E-Mail Characterization of equine Papillomavirus Type 2 in vitro and in vivo Supervisor: Dr. Kurt Tobler Co-advisor: Prof. Claude Favrot Mentor: Prof. Adrian Hehl
Rodriguez Crespo David UNIFR E-Mail Germ line gene regulation by chromatin remodelling during meiosis in Caenorhabditis elegant Dr. Chantal Wicky
Roelli Patrick UNIL E-Mail Immunology Prof. Dietmar Zehn (le prof. a déménagé à Munich, mais Patrick reste immatriculé à Lausanne)
Dr. Mauro Delorenzi
Ruiz Buendia Gustavo UNIL E-Mail Nuclear organization of expanded trinucleotide repeats Vincent Dion
Ioannis Xenarios
Ruzzante Livio UNIL E-Mail Characterising gene evolutionary-functional correspondences for an enhanced resolution of gene function. Robert Waterhouse
Saigi Morgui Nuria UNIL E-Mail pharmacogenetics Prof Chin B. Eap
Saini Jaspreet Singh UNIGE E-Mail Investigation into virus-bacterium interactions in Lake Cadagno, Switzerland Prof. Christel Hassler
Prof. Evgeny Zdobnov
Sakr Omar UNIGE E-Mail Applications of Layer-by-Layer technology in the fields of delivery of proteins and small molecules Prof. Gerrit Borchard
Salamin Olivier UNIL E-Mail Detection of blood doping with -omics technologies Martial Saugy
Sande Marcos UNIBE E-Mail Role of transcription factors during cardiac regeneration Nadia Mercader
Sanz Morejon Andres UNIBE E-Mail Epigenetic marks involved in zebrafish heart regeneration. DR. NADIA MERCADER HUBER (University of Bern)
DR. CHRISTIAN MOSIMANN (University of Zurich)
Sararols Pauline UNIGE E-Mail Study of sex determination in mammals thanks to Single Cell Sequencing Pr Serge NEF (Unige)
Pr Emmanouil DERMITZAKIS (Unige/SIB)
Saro Gabriella UNIFR E-Mail New imaging tools for real-time monitoring of the C. elegans CaMK-CREB pathway in vivo Dominique Glauser
Saxenhofer Moritz UNIBE E-Mail Population Genetics PD Dr. Gerald Heckel
Senez Harmonie UNIL E-Mail Role of HCF-1 and its THAP harem in the control of cell proliferation Prof. Winship Herr
Shcherba Iaroslav UNIL E-Mail Using p53 as a novel target for breast cancer diagnostics using protein-binding microarray. Nicolas Mermod
Sposito Laura UNIL E-Mail HCF-1 complexes: how are they formed? What is their role? prof. Winship Herr
Suffiotti Madeleine UNIL E-Mail Bioinformatics (throughput immunological data) Giuseppe Pantaleo (Departement of allergy and immunology CHUV)
Mauro Delorenzi (Bioinformatics Core Facility - Génopode - UNIL) Raphael Gottard (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center - Seattle)
Sulc Jonathan UNIL E-Mail Genetic subtypes of obesity Zoltán Kutalik
Bogdan Draganski
Tagini Florian UNIL E-Mail Bacterial genomics of medical importance Professor Gilbert Greub
Taki Fatima UNIL E-Mail Cell death in retinal degenerative diseases Prof. Daniel Schorderet
Tomasoni Mattia UNIL E-Mail GWAS, metabolomics Sven Bergmann
Nicolas Guex
Vachey Gabriel UNIL E-Mail Genome editing for Huntington's disease Prof. Nicole Déglon
Vazquez Patricia UNIGE E-Mail Biochemistry Dr. Bernhard Wehrle-Haller
VEGUNTA Yogesh UNIGE E-Mail Structural Biology of Eukaryotic Kinase Signaling Prof. Robbie Joseph Loewith: Director Dr. Oscar Vadas: Co-director
Vidal López Sara UNIBE E-Mail Use of novel molecular techniques for improvement of abortion diagnostics in ruminants Vincent Perreten
Sabrina Rodriguez Campos
Voisin Norine UNIL E-Mail Genetics of Intellectual Disabilities Alexandre Reymond
Weidenauer Lorenz UNIL E-Mail Qualitative and quantitative characterization of the Hsp90-dependent oncoproteome
Wenda Joanna UNIGE E-Mail Organization of centromeric chromatin in Caenorhabditis elegans Florian Steiner
Widmer Yves UNIFR E-Mail Genetic, molecular and cellular basis of memory stability in Drosophila Prof. Simon Sprecher
Xu Xiaoying UNIL E-Mail Genetic/epigenetic marks in stromal fibroblasts associated with different predisposition to aggressive tumour development between Caucasian and African individuals Gian-Paolo Dotto
Yang Bin UNIL E-Mail Do chromatin modifiers work locally to affect trinucleotide repeat instability. Vincent Dion
Yeganeh Seghalaksari Meghdad UNIL E-Mail RNA polymerase III regulation in embryonic stem cell differentiation Nouria Hernandez
Zazhytska Marianna UNIL E-Mail Structural variations and chromatin organization Alexandre Reymond, Ph.D.