PhD students

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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
ABDELRAHMAN Ola UNIFR E-Mail Actinomycetes and their metabolites as fungicide alternatives Prof. Laure Weisskopf July 2024
AESCHLIMANN Léa UNIL E-Mail The role of the gut microbiota in the vulnerability to alcohol use disorders Dr. Benjamin Boutrel 2024
ALMEIDA Mauro UNIFR E-Mail Deciphering nanoparticle endocytosis to improve therapeutic strategies Prof. Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser
Prof. Alke Petri-Fink
ANTAR Hammam UNIL E-Mail Cell biology of the soil bacterium bacillus subtilis with a major focus on factors involved in chromosome maintenance and segregation Dr. Stephan Gruber
AUBRY Christèle UNIL E-Mail Application of nanomotion to investigate antibiotics tolerance in Escherichia coli strains and viability of Chlamydiales bacteria Gilbert Greub
AVENDANO VEGA Roberto UNIL E-Mail Engineering bacterial self-organizing living materials Prof. Yolanda Schaerli
Prof. Stephan Gruber
AYADI Imen UNIGE E-Mail intracellular killing in phagocytic cells Pr Cosson
BATSCH Maxime UNIL E-Mail Investigating microbial interactions and community assembly in soil communities using picoliter droplets cultivation Jan Roelof van der Meer
BENIGNO Valentina UNIL E-Mail Environmental cues controlling integrative and conjugative element transfer Jan Roelof van der Meer
BERCHTOLD Lena UNIGE E-Mail Développement d'outils diagnostiques et pronostiques en insuffisance rénale chronique et chez les greffés rénaux Pre Sophie de Seigneux
Pr Pierre-Yves Martin
BERWEILER Vincent UNIGE E-Mail The relationship between early gut colonization and development of adipose tissue browning Mirko Trajkovski 2023
BOMPADRE Olimpia UNIGE E-Mail Epigenetic engineering in development
BONI Emanuele UNIL E-Mail Synthetic gene regulatory networks for spatio-temporal pattern formation Yolanda Schaerli
BOURBON Alixia UNIGE E-Mail Glucosidases as effectors of intracellular killing of bacteria in Dictyostelium discoideum Pr. Pierre COSSON
BOVAY Baptiste UNINE E-Mail Climate change effects on plant-insect interactions Sergio Rasmann
BRANDENBURG Lisa UNIBE E-Mail Exploring microbial homochirality as a potential biosignature in extraterrestrial environments Prof. Dr. Brice-Olivier Demory
Prof. Dr. Pilar Junier
BRANDT Ludivine UNIL E-Mail Dynamics of HIV latency and reactivation at population and single-cell level Angela Ciuffi
BREGNARD Danaé UNINE E-Mail Endobacteria in fungi Pr. Pilar Junier
BUFFI Matteo UNINE E-Mail Electrical signalling in filamentous fungi / Recovery of precious metals from sewage sludge Pilar Junier
Saskia Bindshelder
BURNIER Jessica UNIL E-Mail Identification of virulence factors and cell cycle proteins in Staphylococcus aureus Jan-Willem Veening 2026
CADENA CANALS Jasmine UNIGE E-Mail Plant-microbe interactions: Flavescence doréee and Vitis vinifera Roman ULM
Olivier Schumpp (Agroscope Changins)
CAUSEVIC Senka UNIL E-Mail Exploring microbial community engineering from the perspective of bioaugmentation. Jan Roelof van der Meer
CHARLON Julia UNIGE E-Mail Role of miRNAs in regulating platelet reactivity Pr. Pierre Fontana
Pr. Jean-Luc Reny
CHEN Carmen UNIL E-Mail Microbiota and host response in Salmonella Typhimurium infection (MISTIC) Benoit Guery
CHIU Yen-chi UNIL E-Mail Ultrastructural analysis of host interactions and infection dynamics of Zika virus
CHOI Yangji UNIL E-Mail Metagenomics analysis of microbiota in COVID-19 patients
CHOUNG Mi Sun (Ruth) UNIL E-Mail Gene Therapy Approaches for Retinal Degeneration in Cohen Syndrome Prof Thomas Wolfensberger
Dr Muhammad Ansar
CONVERS Anthony UNIL E-Mail Environmental cues controlling ICEclc activation and transfer Jan Van der Meer 2026
CORSET Margaux UNINE E-Mail Effect of light on the growth of cyanobacteria and toxine production Pilar Junier
Diego Gonzalez
CRÉZÉ Margaux UNIL E-Mail Dynamic of the gut microbiota early in life in the context of infant and maternal malnutrition Prof. Pascale Vonaesch
Stephan Von Reuss
DAVERI Andrea UNIL E-Mail The conjugative machinery of the ICEclc element of P. nackmussii B13 Jan Roelof van der Meer 2023
DE VILLIERS DE LA NOUE Hugues UNIL E-Mail SUPPLY: SUperfast Photonic detection of bacterioPhage Lysis Dr. Gregory Resch 2027
DEBAS Meron UNIFR E-Mail Self-assembled nanostructures
DELFINO Alexandre UNIL E-Mail New diagnostic methods for urogenital infections Prof. Gilbert Greub 2026
DEMARIA Francesca UNINE E-Mail Bioremediation of micropollutants applied to wastewater plan Philippe Corvini
Pilar Junier
DÉNÉRÉAZ Julien UNIL E-Mail Genetic interactions in Streptococcus pneumoniae Jan-Willem Veening 2024
DOS SANTOS Andrea Raquel UNIL E-Mail Controlling species embedded within a small microbial community Prof. Sara Mitri 2024
EBERHARDT Lukas wilhelm UNIL E-Mail Culturing and functional characterization of divergent gut communities from different bee species Philipp Engel
EWANY Jaspher UNINE E-Mail Soil–legacy effects of entomopathogenic nematodes and their symbionts on plant performance and resistance Ted Turlings
Ricardo Machado
FAIVRE Anna UNIGE E-Mail Role of tubular cell metabolism in chronic kidney disease progression
FRUND Mélissa UNIL E-Mail Cell division in Acinetobacter species. (provisional) Coralie Fumeaux
Coralie Fumeaux
GANGA Emma UNIGE E-Mail Signalling mechanisms of malaria parasites Pr Mathieu Brochet 2025
GARCIA Méline UNIL E-Mail Host-specificity in the honeybee gut microbiota Pr Philip Engel 2027
GESLAIN Sandra UNIGE E-Mail RNA decay in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Pr. Martina Valentini 2026
GHAZISOLTANI Giti UNIL E-Mail Regulation of developmental cycle in Chlamydia and Waddlia Gilbert Greub
GOSSELIN Ophélie UNIL E-Mail How does the SMC motor work? Identifying different states and how it binds to DNA Prof. Stephan Gruber
Prof. Markus Seeger
HACKMANN Amke UNIGE E-Mail Characterization and localization of the Plasmodium berghei ookinete conoid Mathieu Brochet 2027
HAMEED Owais UNIFR E-Mail Design of antimicrobial lipid-protein complexes: From purification to delivery of cytotoxic peptides granulysin and granzyme B Prof. Michael Walch
Prof. Stefan Salentinig
HEIMAN Clara Margot UNIL E-Mail Towards building microbial consortia for pest control: exploring adaptation to insect hosts and intraspecific diversity of pathogenicity and competition traits in insecticidal pseudomonads Dr. Christoph Keel
HOUMEL Maya UNIL E-Mail How are telomeres protected from cellular nucleases in bacteria ? Prof. Dr. Stephan Gruber 2025
IGNOTO Benjamin UNINE E-Mail Environmental economics Prof. Bruno Lanz
JANDRASITS Damian UNIBE E-Mail Establishment of the CRISPR-CAS system for rapid diagnostics and the development of antiviral strategies Michael Hothorn
Mauro Tonolla
JERJEN Livia UNIFR E-Mail Understanding and enhancing expression of biocontrol traits in plant-associated bacteria Prof. Laure Weisskopf
KIZIL Burak UNIGE E-Mail The Effect of Nervous System on Tumor Growth 2024
KOZUSNIK Thomas UNIL E-Mail Investigation the the mecanisms and regulations of the formation of aberrant bodies in Chlamydia trachomatis and Waddlia chondrophila Prof. Gilbert Greub
KRIACH Amane UNIGE E-Mail Sciences biomédicales - Transcriptional regulators of development in free living and obligate intra-cellular alpha-proteobacteria Patrick Viollier
Gael Panis
KÜHNEL Ronja marie UNIGE E-Mail Calcium signalling during Plasmodium gametogenesis Mathieu Brochet
LABOUREAU Mazzarine UNINE E-Mail Metabolomic Emmanuel Defossez
Sergio Rasmann
LAIGLE Alice UNINE E-Mail Deciphering the dynamics of 3D genome organization in Zymoseptoria tritici and its impact on gene expression during wheat infection Prof. Daniel Croll
LAURENT Guylian UNINE E-Mail Microbial biomining of critical raw materials from geothermal brines Dr Saskia Bindschedler
Prof. Pilar Junier
LE BISSONNAIS Sandra UNINE E-Mail Interactions between mosquitoes and their associated mocrobiota Jacob Koella
LEITNER Nina UNIGE E-Mail Identification and characterization of host dependency factors and host restriction factors of influenza A virus Mirco Schmolke
LEONI Sara UNIGE E-Mail Epidemiology of downy mildew Prof. Jérôme Kasparian
Dr Pierre-Henri Dubuis
LOHBERGER Andrea UNINE E-Mail --- Prof. Pilar Junier
LOUVET Marine UNIL E-Mail Adaptive stress mechanisms in relevant pathogenic fungi Frédéric Lamoth 2025
LYKOSKOUFIS Nikolaos UNIGE E-Mail Identifying non-coding mutations in cancer Emmanouil Dermitzakis 2024
MAMTA Mamta UNIGE E-Mail Elucidating the role of Pan1 protein during clathrin- mediated endocytosis in budding yeast Prof Marko Kaksonen
MARTIN Sandra UNIL E-Mail Epigenetics in Agrobacterium tumefaciens Justine Collier
MARTYSIUK Ustina UNIBE E-Mail Microbiology PD Dr. Markus Hilty 2027
MATHEZ Grégory UNIL E-Mail Innovative approaches to broad spectrum antivirals Angela Ciuffi
Valeria Cagno
MCHUGH Sarah UNIL E-Mail Causes and consequences of early life malnutrition in later life Pascale Vonaesch
Jan-Willem Veening
MERSINOGLU Beril UNIL E-Mail Characterization of novel candidate factors impacting HIV life cycle Prof. Angela Ciuffi 2024
MIGUEL TRABAJO Tania UNIL E-Mail Studying pairwise bacterial species interactions to predict the composition and dynamics of synthetic soil microbial communities. Jan Roelof van der Meer 2024
MIHAJLOVIC Ljiljana UNIL E-Mail Evolution of duplicated genes Prof. Yolanda Schaerli DMF, UNIL
Prof. Jan Roelof van der Meer DMF, UNIL
MOHIT Mohit UNIGE E-Mail iPSC-derived retinal pigment epithelial cells co-cultured with retinae ensure neuroretinal cell preservation with retained synaptic connectivity enabling electroretinal recording Prof. Dr. Gabriele Thumann
Prof. Dr. Orsolya Barabas
MONACHON Mathilde UNINE E-Mail Analyses and characterization of the treatment - Artificial degradation of wood samples to study biological treatment to extract iron and sulfur from waterlogged wood Edith Joseph
NDIAYE Mam malick sy UNIL E-Mail Phage-bacteria interactions in animal-associated microbial communities Philipp Engel
PANDEY Shashank UNIL E-Mail Single-cell studies of filamenting cells in S. cerevisiae to observe the dynamics of switch from vegetative to filamentous growth Dr. Serge Pelet
PARK Jung hun UNIL E-Mail Optogenetics to study synthetic gene circuits producing spatiotemporal patterns (provisional) Yolanda Schaerli 2027
PASSARETTI Arianna UNINE E-Mail Chemistry Edith Joseph
Stephan von Reuss
PICHON Vivien UNIFR E-Mail Research of a probiotic cure to potato late blight. Laure Weisskopf
Laurent Falquet (unifr) brice Dupuis (Agroscope)
PIGNON Estelle UNIL E-Mail Spatial pattern formation in microbial communities
PUCCETTI Guido UNINE E-Mail Space-temporal azole resistance of a major plant pathogen in Europe Daniel Croll 2023
RAWAT Deepti UNIGE E-Mail Mechanisms of Enterococcus faecalis intracellular persistence and replication during infection Kimberly KLINE
REYES-AVILA Sarai UNINE E-Mail Detection of GMOs Daniel Croll
RIHA Melvin UNIGE E-Mail Flagellins glycosylation Patrick Viollier
Silvia Ardissone
RIVERA Camilo Armando UNINE E-Mail evolutionary entomology
ROBATEL Steve UNIBE E-Mail Highly multiplexed, spatially resolved immunophenotyping of pancreatic cancer for biomarker discovery and identification of therapeutic targets.
RODRIGUEZ ROZO Daniel UNIL E-Mail Aberrant bodies: characterizing the mechanisms underlying the persistence of chlamydiae Gilbert Greub 2027
ROH Noémie UNIL E-Mail Identifying Host Factors Involved in Hepatitis E Virus Replication
SAJEEVAN Aiswarya UNIGE E-Mail Role of Cdc42 in fission yeast cell-cell fusion Prof. Sophie Martin 2028
SALAZAR Afra UNIL E-Mail Individuality and selection of bacterial communities Sara Mitri
SARKAR Lona UNIGE E-Mail Characterization of Not condensates Prof. Martine Collart
SEWGOOLAM Bevika UNIL E-Mail Antibiotic stress signatures in Streptococcus pneumoniae Prof Jan-Willem Veening 2024
SHERYLINE Loison UNIGE E-Mail Reduction and Replacement of animal models for antiviral testing using 3D human respiratory epithelia Dr Caroline Tapparel-Vu
Dr Sophie Clément-Lebourbe
SKAKOV Ivan UNINE E-Mail Evolution of selfish elements in fungal mitochondrial genomes Daniel Croll 2026
SPERANZA Sandro UNINE E-Mail Investigating toxicity of Cyanobacteria
THOMAS Valentine UNIL E-Mail Spatio-temporal analysis of the actin fusion focus of Schizosaccharomyces pombe by centroid localization microscopy Sophie Martin 2026 (?)
TINGUELY Camille UNINE E-Mail Horizontal gene transfer in environmental bacteria Diego Gonzalez
Pilar Junier
TORCHIAT Antoine UNIFR E-Mail Regulation of PER proteins phosphorylation and their interaction Pr. Urs Albrecht 2026
TRAN Bettina UNIFR E-Mail Interaction of antimicrobial polycationic polymer with bacteria and viruses in aqueous systems towards advanced antimicrobial material Stefan Salentinig
VÖGELI Camille UNINE E-Mail Relationship between greenhouse gas fluxes in peatlands and testate amoeba communities Edward Mitchell
WILLIAMS Nathalia UNIGE E-Mail Identification and Characterization of novel host cell surface proteins involved in SARS-CoV-2 entry. Prof. Mirco SCHMOLKE 2024
YE Shu UNIGE E-Mail Dynamics of bradyzoite cysts dissemination during chronic infection by Toxoplasma gondii
YERSIN Simon UNIL E-Mail Characterization of children gut microbiota by 16S rRNA sequencing and metagenomic, and assembly of a small intestin bacterial synthetic community
YESODHA SUBRAMANIAN Bibin UNIFR E-Mail Extracellular vesicles in the regulation of host-pathogen interactions during malaria pathogenesis. Pierre-Yves Mantel 2023
ZEIN EL DINE Hiba UNIGE E-Mail Role of proteases in Dictyostelium discoideum phagosomes Pierre Cosson 2027
ZHIOUA Sami UNINE E-Mail Predicting and preventing the development of toxin-producing benthic cyanobacteria Prof. Pilar Junier 2026