Scientific board

Mission of the scientific board

The scientific board meets twice annually and defines the overall goals of the program and the specific overreaching activities including seminar series, workshops, symposia, and retreats. The scientific board also assigns the individual activities to different centers.   

Members of the scientific board

Lastname Firstname University
CROLL Daniel UNINE director Representative of the University of Neuchâtel (proxy)
FUMEAUX Coralie UNIL representative for CHUV
TONOLLA Mauro UNIGE representative for UNIGE & SUPSI
BROCHET Mathieu UNIGE representative for UNIGE
VIOLLIER Patrick UNIGE representative for UNIGE
SCHAERLI Yolanda UNIL representative for UNIL
GENTY Emilie UNINE coordinator
WEISSKOPF Laure UNIFR representative for UNIFR and vice-director
JUNIER Pilar UNINE Representative for UNINE and former director
BREGNARD Danaé UNINE student representative for UNINE
CHEN Carmen UNIL student representative for UNIL
GOSSELIN Ophélie UNIL student representative for UNIL
HOUMEL Maya UNIL student representative for UNIL