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Impromptu Pre-Event: Bacterial cell biology


11th November 2021

Responsable de l'activité

Yolanda Schaerli


Prof. Jan-Willem Veening, UNIL 


Prof. Geraldine Laloux, Institut de Duve, Belgium

Prof. Dirk-Jan Scheffers, University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Prof. Nina van Sorge, University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands


The main aim of this CUSO event is to learn how to present your research in a clear and informative way to a scientific audience outside your own field.

The medium that will be used is the so-called chalk talk. Every participant is expected to present their research in a 5-10 minutes (10 min max!) chalk talk.

Afterwards, the presentations will be discussed and reviewed.

In the second part of this CUSO event, world-leading experts from the Bacterial Cell Biology field (Prof. Geraldine Laloux, Prof. Nina van Sorge and Prof. Dirk-Jan Scheffers) will also give a chalk talk and will discuss what they think was crucial for them to make a career in this field.

 How to give a chalk talk?

How to make a career in Science?

Are the 2 topics connected?


Tentative schedule:

 15:00h Introduction by Jan-Willem Veening

15:10h – 16:30h Student chalk talks (5-10 min about your project)

16:30h – 16:45h Discussion: Which chalktalk did we like and why?

16:45h – 17:15h break (drinks and snack)

17:15h -17:35h Chalktalk Prof. Geraldine Laloux

17:35h -17:55h Chalktalk Prof. Nina van Sorge

17:55h – 18:15h Chalktalk Prof. Dirk-Jan Scheffers

18:15h Drinks and snacks round the table Discussion




Location : University of Lausanne


When : 11 November 2021


Where : Building Genopode B (TBC)


Questions :


Please note, that only the pre-event is a CUSO event and not the Impromptu itself happening on Nov. 12. 


Registration is not open yet.

Registration deadline: 23 October 2021



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