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Mapping and valuation of Ecosystem services provided by ecosystems in Lamu, Kenya.

Author Cecilia OLIMA
Director of thesis Professor Margaret Awuor Owuor
Co-director of thesis
Summary of thesis

The research will quantify the dependence of human livelihoods on the ecosystem services derived from Lamu ecosystems. The study will account for the changes in different ecosystem services and other related benefits i.e. whether they will increase, decrease or

become more vulnerable under climate change, and the impacts of these changes on local communities including (re)distribution of the benefits across the wider society and vulnerable groups. This will be achieved through mapping of historical and current socio-economic activities associated with key natural resources in Lamu combined with a series of focus group discussions, surveys, interviews and field observations to assess and map the changing interactions between socio-demographic characteristics, climate change and biodiversity. The study will attempt to unpack societal responses to climate change such as shifting values for nature, changing consumption practices, emerging forms of environmental behavior, or changing forms of economic production, and their impacts on biodiversity

Status beginning
Administrative delay for the defence 2026