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A comparative study of anatomy and micro-morphology of moss peristome among the Dicranales, in order to potentially resolve deep-rooted taxonomic problems within this group.

Author Mathilde RUCHE
Director of thesis Michelle J. Price
Co-director of thesis Fred W. Stauffer
Summary of thesis

The peristome is a sporophytic structure that is quite incompletely understood, but appears to be of a great significance in the systematic classification of Dicranales. By the exploration and study of peristome anatomical and micro-morphological traits I will investigate, the developpement, the architecture and the anatomy and micro-morphology of this peristome using a combination of classical (microscopy, SEM) and modern techniques.

Those studies will be carried out within the CJBG (Conservatoires et Jardins Botaniques de la ville de Genève) Unit of Anatomy and Micromorphology, within the Imagery Unit of the Department of Botany and Plant Biology (Unige) and with local partners institution (MHNG, Unige and others).

Status beginning
Administrative delay for the defence 2023