PhD students

243 records
Lastname Firstname Social University E‑Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
ABDUR Rashid UNIL E‑Mail Genetic basis of hereditary visual impairment in the patients from Pakistan. Dr. Muhammad Ansar 2028
ADEYINKA Dotun UNIFR E‑Mail Cell cycle and cell fate Dr Boris Egger
Prof. Dr. Simon Sprecher
AGIUS Thomas UNIL E‑Mail Nutritional and pharmacological strategies to limit Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury. Jean-Marc Corpataux
Alban Longchamp
AHMED Shaista UNIFR E‑Mail Cardiology Dr. GIRAUD Marie-Noelle
AJAMI Fawzi UNIL E‑Mail Mechanism of zygotic specification and development Aleksandar Vjestica
AKSIANIUK Valeryia UNIBE E‑Mail Investigating the heterochromatin model of C. elegans aging using ChromID proximity labeling Prof. Dr. Peter Meister 2026
ALLAHIB Nancy UNIGE E‑Mail Structural biology of RNA modification machinery Ramesh Pillai
AMBRODJI Alisa UNIBE E‑Mail Characterising candidate regulatory genetic variants for the susceptibility to fluoropyrimidine-toxicity in cancer patients Carlo R. Largiadèr, Pharmacogenomics, Institute of Clinical Chemistry at University of Bern
AMINANMU Maolaaiasha UNIGE E‑Mail machine learning, learning with side information Prof. Stéphane Marchand-Maillet
Prof. Alexandros Kalousis
ANCHIERI Lucas UNIL E‑Mail Inferring evolutionary parameters from time-serial data Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas
ANNAN Ahrmad UNIL E‑Mail Epigenetic and transcriptional programs underlying cancer cell plasticity Giovanni Ciriello 2027
ARAOYINBO Ayokunle UNIL E‑Mail Mechanisms of zygotic specification in fission yeast Professor Aleksandar Vjestica
Professor Christian Fankhauser
ARPA Enes Salih UNIL E‑Mail Investigating the role of nonsense-mediated mRNA decay in hepatocellular carcinoma David Gatfield
ARSOVIC Aleksandar UNIGE E‑Mail Molecular mechanisms responsible for adipose tissue browning Prof. Mirko Trajkovski
BALAVOINE Eline UNIGE E‑Mail Identification of environment-dependent determinants of neuronal identity Denis Jabaudon
BANGALORE MUKUNDA Ganesh Chinmai UNIFR E‑Mail Learning and memory in Drosophila Dr Simon G Sprecher
BAO Mengjing UNIBE E‑Mail Function of tyrosination of α-tubulin in regulating microtubule dynamics, and development of the ovary, the embryo and the nervous system of Drosophila. Beat Suter
BATIUK Alina UNIGE E‑Mail Post-transcriptional regulation of tubulin quantity Prof. Ivana Gasic 2025
BEDENDI Giada UNIGE E‑Mail Bioelectrochemical approach for characterisation of Nitrogenase-like Enzyme Dark-Operative Protochlorophyllide Reductase (DPOR) Dr. Ross Dean Milton 2024
BENTAHAR Iman UNIL E‑Mail The evolution of SNARE proteins Prof. Fasshauer
BÉRARD Melvin UNIL E‑Mail Cell-Cell fusion signaling in fission yeast Pr. Sophie Martin
BERNET Martin UNIFR E‑Mail Neurobiology and reproductive behavior of Drosophila melanogaster Anne V. Philipsborn 2026
BEYELER Michael UNIL E‑Mail Computational Biology, GWAS, deep learning
BLÖMEKE-EIBEN Aischa UNIGE E‑Mail Residency and functionality of self reactive CD8 Trm cells within the CNS Pr. Doron Merkler
BORBORA Asfa Sabrin UNIL E‑Mail Integration of neurons into olfactory circuits Prof. Richard Benton 2026
BOTOS Marius UNIBE E‑Mail Computational biology Nadia Mercader
Panagiotis Chouvardas
BOUZIRI Sami UNIL E‑Mail Understanding the mechanisms of phosphate cycle regulation in Laccaria Bicolor Prof. Yves Poirier 2026
BOZZI Davide UNIL E‑Mail Ancient metagenomics Ana-Sapfo Malaspinas
BRANCIC TRICKOVIC Andela UNIL E‑Mail Regulation of homeodomain transcription factors by small peptides Aleksandar Vjestica, CIG, UNIL
BRANDULAS CAMMARATA Alessandro UNIL E‑Mail Bioinformatics of expression variability Marc Robinson-Rechavi
Frederic Bastian
BRIVIO Sarah UNIGE E‑Mail Haematopoietic stem cells development 2027
BRUNNER Maxime UNIL E‑Mail Single cell in cancer adenomas Federico Santoni
BRUNNER Melanie UNIFR E‑Mail Autophagy regulators Prof. Jörn Dengjel 2026
BUGNON Marine UNIL E‑Mail Development of molecular modeling tools to study molecular interactions Prof. Vincent Zoete
Dre. Ute F. Röhrig
BURRI Elisa UNIGE E‑Mail Regulation of integrin-dependent adhesions by the kindlin-talin interplay Pr. Wehrle-Haller
BUSZTA Daria UNIL E‑Mail "Understanding mechanisms of response and relapse to immunotherapy using single-cell multi-omics analyses" Prof. Raphael Gottardo and Dr. Krisztian Homicsko
CALIA Emanuele UNIFR E‑Mail Molecular mechanisms of memory and forgetting in Drosophila Melanogaster Prof. Simon Sprecher
CALIGARIS Marco UNIFR E‑Mail Phosphoproteomic responses of AMPK/Snf1 pinpoint multilayered interactions with the TORC1 signalling pathway Prof. Caludio De Virgilio 2025
CAMPLI Giulia UNIL E‑Mail Domain: arthropods genomics Prof. Robert Waterhouse
CARRARA Alessia UNIL E‑Mail Biomarkers of pathogenicity in clinical microbiology Prof. Gilbert Greub
Dr. Claire Bertelli
CAVINATO Théo UNIL E‑Mail Reconstruction of ancient DNA using genealogies Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas
CEVALLOS BRENES Maria caterina UNIL E‑Mail Unmasking the genetic underpinnings of variable expressivity in complex traits through common and rare variants integration Alexandre Reymond 2027/2028
CHAMMARTIN Nylsa UNIGE E‑Mail Bioinformatics Prof. Ioannis Xenarios
Prof. Caroline Tapparel
CHEN Carmen UNIL E‑Mail Microbiota and host response in Salmonella Typhimurium infection (MISTIC) Benoit Guery
CHIESI Davide UNIL E‑Mail Exploring BET inhibitor-mediated modulation of cancer relevant gene signatures in glioblastoma Monika Hegi 2025
CITHERLET Tom UNIL E‑Mail Cardiovascular benefits of intermittent hypoxic conditioning in healthy elderly subjects Pr. Grégoire Millet 2026
COPPE Benedetta UNIBE E‑Mail Epigenetic inheritance of cardiac regenerative capacity Nadia Mercader Huber
CORNET Camille UNINE E‑Mail Comparative genomics in Erebia butterflies Kay Lucek 2026
COUZENS Alex UNIGE E‑Mail Causative mutations and genetic modifiers of blood clot dysfunction Pr Marguerite Neerman Arbez 2025
CRIBIOLI Elisabetta UNIL E‑Mail Exploring Immunometabolic Gene-Engineering Strategies to Enhance T cell Activity Against Solid Tumors Prof George Coukos
Dr Melita Irving
CUENU Geraldine UNIGE E‑Mail Comparative study of Pacinian corpuscles across mammals Daniel Huber 2024
CULEBRAS Lucas UNIFR E‑Mail The domains are: Genetic, Epidemiology, Immunology & Bioinformatics Pr. Dr. Julien Vaucher [email protected]
2027-2028 (Still not determined)
DALGA Delal UNIGE E‑Mail Role of PCK1 in CKD deSeigneux Sophie 2026
DALL'ANGELO Michela UNIL E‑Mail Structural and functional evolution of C2 domain in proteins Dirk Fasshauer
DALL'OLIO Luca UNIGE E‑Mail Metastasis of Colon cancer Professor Ariel Ruiz i Altaba 2025
DE AZEVEDO CORREA Fernanda UNIL E‑Mail Genetic of Congenital Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism Prof. Dr. Nelly Pitteloud 2024
DE CONING Elindi UNIL E‑Mail The role of the microbiota along the gut-brain axis in Alzheimer's disease Claire Bertelli Lombardo
DELFINO Elena UNIGE E‑Mail The role of RNA modifications in gene expression control Prof. Ramesh PILLAI
DMITRIEV Arsenii UNIL E‑Mail Study of transcription factors in zebrafish Nadine Vastenhouw
DOHNALKOVA Michaela UNIGE E‑Mail mRNA cap modifications Ramesh Pillai
DONG Yixing UNIL E‑Mail Normalization techniques and cell-cell communication with spatial transcriptomics Raphael Gottardo 2026
DONGRE Shivali UNIL E‑Mail Study of Maternal to zygotic transition using zebrafish embryos Prof. Nadine Vastenhouw 2025
DORIA Elena UNIGE E‑Mail CAMSAP1 binding protein at the spindle microtubules minus ends regulates the plus ends dynamic Patrick Meraldi 2024
DUKANOVIC Nina UNIL E‑Mail Role of Acot11 in sleep regulation Paul Franken 2024
DUMONT Roxane UNIGE E‑Mail Multidimensional evaluation of the COVID19 pandemic on adolescents Prof. Idris Guessous
Prof. Silvia Stringhini
DUMOULIN Ludovic UNIGE E‑Mail Analyse theorique de la dynamique du cortex d'actine Prof. Karsten Kruse 2023
DURUZ Jules UNIFR E‑Mail Evolution of brain and nervous system development Simon Sprecher
EPURAN Dan-adrian UNIFR E‑Mail Are the Benefits of Bright Light Therapy Dependent on the Activity of the SCN? Urs Albrecht
Dr Jorn Dengjel (University of Fribourg) Dr David Gatfield (University of Lausanne)
ESPINOZA Felipe UNIGE E‑Mail Microglial HIF-2 role in hypoxia-mediated glioblastoma immunosuppression Paul R Walker 2024
FAVRE Sébastien UNIFR E‑Mail Identification and Characterization of Novel Dedicated Chaperones of Ribosomal Proteins Dr. Dieter Kressler
Prof. Jörn Dengjel
FENDER Inken UNIBE E‑Mail Computational Biology Ass. Prof. Dr. Thomas Lemmin
FERON Romain UNIL E‑Mail Investigating the relationship between sequence conservation and function using multispecies whole genome alignments Robert Waterhouse
FERREIRA Clothilde UNIGE E‑Mail neuro developement Pr Ivan Rodriguez
Dr Sabine Fievre
FEUILLET Anaïs UNIGE E‑Mail Étude de la survie de Metschnikowia pulcherrima Robbie Loewith
Florian Freimoser
FLINOIS Arielle UNIGE E‑Mail Cell-cell junctions Sandra Citi
FLORES HORGUE Luis UNIGE E‑Mail Olfactory perception in mammals. Ivan Rodriguez
FURLAN Fandilla-Marie UNIGE E‑Mail Olfaction Ivan Rodriguez 2025
GAGNEUX Jérôme UNIGE E‑Mail Functional analysis of KNL-2 Florian Steiner 2027
GARCIA Méline UNIL E‑Mail Host-specificity in the honeybee gut microbiota Pr Philip Engel 2027
GAUDICHAU Emelyne UNIL E‑Mail Insect sex determination and differentiation
GEORGANTAS Costa UNIL E‑Mail Predictive Modelling of HFpEF Data for Clinically Actionable Insights Jonas Richiardi
GHEORGHE Ioana UNIBE E‑Mail Mechanisms of organ size homeostasis in C. elegans Prof. Dr. Benjamin Towbin
GIANOLIO Stefania UNIBE E‑Mail Immobilized enzyme systems in flow biocatalysis Francesca Paradisi
GIL FRAGA Daniel UNIGE E‑Mail Domain: Analysing the impact of fibrinogen variants Pr. Marguerite Neerman Arbez
Privat docent Richard Fish
GIOTTONINI Axel UNIBE E‑Mail Identifying and generating thermophilicity in sequences Dr. Thomas Lemmin
GLAD Hanna UNINE E‑Mail Omics of Zymoseptoria tritici Dr. Daniel Croll 2024?
GRAFF Juliette UNIFR E‑Mail Biochemistry - Characterisation of FIT2 function in lipid droplet biogenesis Roger Schneiter 2025
GRBAVAC Dora UNIL E‑Mail Zygotic genome activation in zebrafish Prof. Dr. Nadine Vastenhouw
To be determined
GRONE Jonathan UNIBE E‑Mail Modeling of Spectropolarimetric Signals of Potential Icy Moon Microbes Prof. Dr. Brice-Olivier Demory 2026
GUILLEN ANGEL Maria UNIL E‑Mail Molecular mechanisms underlying pseudouridine function in monogenic diseases Jean-Yves Roignant
GUPTA Barkha UNIFR E‑Mail Lipid metabolism Roger Schneiter
GUPTA Shitij UNIBE E‑Mail Spatiotemporal study of RNA structure in transcript stability during plant adaptation to elevated temperatures Dr. Rodrigo S. Reis
GUT Jannik Adrian UNIBE E‑Mail Sola scriptura Thomas Max Lemmin
HAJDU Karina UNIL E‑Mail Metabolic basis of T cell exhaustion Ping-Chih Ho
HALTER Christian UNIL E‑Mail Single-cell composition of the tumor immune microenvironment Raphael Gottardo
Santiago Carmona
HEIM Sara UNIL E‑Mail Metabolomics/Transcriptomics of clownfish mucus NICOLAS SALAMIN 2024?
HINTERNDORFER Kerstin UNIGE E‑Mail Expansion microscopy for the study of plasma membrane homeostasis maintenance and TOR signaling Robbie Joseph LOEWITH
HU Xin UNIGE E‑Mail Biogenesis of germline small RNAs and role in transposon siliencing Prof. Ramesh Pillai
HUA Jingmin UNIBE E‑Mail RNA structure in plant adaptation Dr. Rodrigo Siqueira Reis
IGELBÜSCHER Carla Marie UNIL E‑Mail Role of lipid droplets (LDs) during mouse and human brain development
ISMA Jovan UNIL E‑Mail Androgen receptor as target of translational significance in CAFs Gian Paolo Dotto
Christian Simon
IVANOVA Daria UNIGE E‑Mail Microcephaly, cellular division and genomic stability Dr. Patrick Meraldi 2025
JABOYEDOFF Manon UNIL E‑Mail Mario Gehri
JANDRASITS Damian UNIBE E‑Mail Establishment of the CRISPR-CAS system for rapid diagnostics and the development of antiviral strategies Michael Hothorn
Mauro Tonolla
JECHA Kristine UNIL E‑Mail Genomic consequences of hybridization in insects Tanja Schwander
JEJINA Aleksandra UNIBE E‑Mail Investigating the function of BicDR in Drosophila melanogaster Beat Suter
JIMÉNEZ GARCÍA Carlos UNIFR E‑Mail Role of the autophagy-lysosomal pathway under physiological and pathological conditions Patricia Boya 2025 or 2026
JOHN Malina UNIGE E‑Mail Microtubule homeostasis as a funtion of tubulin quantity Ivana Gasic
KAFLE Tanuj 'tane' UNIL E‑Mail The evolution of temperature preference in drosophilids. Roman Arguello
KASHANI Elham UNIBE E‑Mail Role of PP2A phosphatases and miR-19b in DNA damage response and temozolomide resistance of GBM tumours Prof. Dr. Erik Vassella
KERN Charlotte UNIBE E‑Mail The pharmacology of ivermectin Dr Felix Hammann 2023
KHADKA Jenisha UNIL E‑Mail Molecular basis of gene regulation specificity Prof. Dr. Maria Cristina Gambetta
KIENER Sarah UNIBE E‑Mail Genetic analysis of animal genodermatoses Prof. Tosso Leeb
KIESWORO Kevin UNIL E‑Mail The aging of the mammalian vasculature Florent Allagnat
Alban Longchamp
KIRSCH Maria Gabriela UNIBE E‑Mail WoundOMICs Maria Balmer
Dominik Meinel
KLEIN Calvin UNIBE E‑Mail Developing an analysis workflow for non-discrete protein complexes in Cryo-ET Ass. Prof. Dr. Thomas Lemmin
KNÜSEL Leona UNIL E‑Mail Molecular mediation of environmental risk factors in cognitive decline, statistical genetics Dr. Zoltan Kutalik 2026 (probably)
KOMAROV Nikita UNIFR E‑Mail Sensory biology of model organisms Prof. Dr. Simon Sprecher
KONOPKA Leonie UNIGE E‑Mail Investigation of the role of the fibrinogen A-alpha E isoform in haemostasis Marguerite Neerman-Arbez
Richard J. Fish
KRASNYKOV Kyrylo UNIGE E‑Mail Single-cell genomics, NGS and bioinformatics Ramesh Pillai 2025
LAGO SOLIS Blanca UNIGE E‑Mail Non-cell-autonomous circadian regulation of brain function in Drosophila Emi Nagoshi 2024
LAIGLE Alice UNINE E‑Mail Deciphering the dynamics of 3D genome organization in Zymoseptoria tritici and its impact on gene expression during wheat infection Prof. Daniel Croll
LANDALUCE ITURRIRIA Esther UNIL E‑Mail Macronutrition and signaling regulated rna splicing in adipose tissue Dr. Isabel López-Mejía 2025-2026
LAZARIDI Symela UNIBE E‑Mail Computational Biology Thomas Lemmin
LE CAOUS Laetitia UNIBE E‑Mail Host adaptation of an attenuated live vaccine in a mouse model Siegfried Hapfelmeier 24
LEMBKE Carla UNIBE E‑Mail Molecular and epigentic basis of heart regeneration Nadia Mercader Huber
LEYTENS Alexandre UNIFR E‑Mail Characterization of selective macroautophagy using proteomics Prof. Jörn Dengjel 2025
LI Pumin UNIL E‑Mail regulation genes around FMR1 Giovanni Ciriello
LIEB Guillaume UNIL E‑Mail Dynamic single cell analysis of a MAPK signaling cascade and its impact on transcriptional output Dr. Serge Pelet 2024
LIU Yan UNIL E‑Mail Bioinformatics for cancer biology David Gfeller
LYON Arnaud UNIL E‑Mail Metabolic and immunological determinants of gender-based susceptibility to renal ischemia-reperfusion-injury Prof. Déla Golshayan
Dr. Alban Longchamp
MANAILA Roxana UNIBE E‑Mail The role of sphingosine-1phosphate in chronic kidney disease Prof. Dr. Andrea Huwiler
Prof. Dr. med. Markus Mohaupt
MANGATTU PARAMBIL Ayisha Marwa UNIBE E‑Mail Mechanical forces shaping the developing and regenerating heart Prof. Dr. Nadia Mercader
Dr. Julien Vermont, Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College London
MASE Hikari UNIGE E‑Mail Regulation of the formin Fus1 function and condensation for cell fusion Sophie Martin 01.10.2028
MAYERE Chloé UNIGE E‑Mail Single Cell transcriptomic analysis of gonadal differentiation Serge NEF
MAZEPA Glib UNIL E‑Mail Evolution of hybridogenesis in the Pelophylax water frogs Nicolas Perrin 2024?
MEDINA Jessica UNIL E‑Mail Metabolomics Julijana Ivanisevic
MEURS Romane UNIL E‑Mail Mechanisms of translational regulation in the circadian clock and beyond. Dr. David Gatfield 2024
MOIX Samuel UNIL E‑Mail Telomere epidemiology Zoltán Kutalik
MONARD Céline UNIL E‑Mail Phenotyping Acute Kidney Injury Antoine Schneider 2026
MONTENEGRO-BORBOLLA Elena UNIL E‑Mail Investigating human C. difficile infection Benoît Guery
Gilbert Greub
MOUGINOT Marion UNIL E‑Mail Impact on chromosome conformation on gene regulation Maria Cristina Gambetta
MÜHLEMATTER Christophe UNIFR E‑Mail Diet and antibiotics: Their effect on sleep regulation in infants through interactions with the gut microbiota Salome Kurth
NANCHEN Magali UNIFR E‑Mail Molecular mechanisms regulating germline gene transcription in C. elegans Dr. Chantal Wicky
NASSIRNIA Sedreh UNIL E‑Mail Quality aspects of metagenomics in clinical diagnostics (Implementing new diagnostic method for the lab) Prof. Gilbert Greub / Dr. Claire Berteli Lombardo
NGUYEN Thi Tham UNIL E‑Mail The potential role of HTATIP2 as a tumor suppressor in Gliomablastoma Prof. Monika Hegi
NITA Tiberiu UNIL E‑Mail Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals PD. Dr. Nancy B. Hopf
Prof. Vernez David
NOORBERGEN Ignacio javier UNIFR E‑Mail Nix-mediated mitophagy in retinal homeostasis and pathology Patricia Boya
NOTTER DIAS Matheus UNIBE E‑Mail Phd in Immunology Siegfried Hapflemeier Hektor
NUOFFER Melanie UNIBE E‑Mail Optimizing rTMS stimulation protocols to ameliorate psychomotor slowing in psychosis Prof. Dr. med. Sebastian Walter
Prof. Dr. med. Alkomiet Hasan
NYAMARI NYABOKE Marion UNIL E‑Mail Global bioinformatics study of gene expression variability and splicing Prof. Marc Robinson-Rechavi
Frederic Bastian
OLTRAMARE Christelle UNIL E‑Mail Endocrine disruptors in food: human exposure assessement using exposure and early-effect biomarkers Aurélie Berthet
David Vernez
OTMANI IDRISSI Myriem UNIFR E‑Mail cardiology Marie noelle giraud
OZDEMIR Isa UNIGE E‑Mail Transgenerational chromatin defects in H3.3K27M mutants in C. elegans Florian Steiner 2024
PAILLER-PRADEAU Clara UNIL E‑Mail Identification and characterization of new genes involved in rare developmental disorders Alexandre Reymond
PAJOT Clémentine UNIL E‑Mail Role of EphrinBs in the excitability of POMC neurons and its role in type 2 diabetes etiology. Prof Sophie Croizier
Prof Nadine Vastenhouw
PALTENGHI Claire UNIL E‑Mail Mapping suppression interactions in human cells through drug-mediated CRISPR-Cas9 screens Jolanda van Leeuwen
PANARIELLO Valeria UNIFR E‑Mail Neuronal control of Reproductive Behavior in Drosophila Melanogaster Anne von Philipsborn
PANFILOVA Diana UNIL E‑Mail The role of lipid droplets in cellular identity
PARASHAR Kanishka UNIL E‑Mail Cytoskeleton and idk Prof Dr Lluis Fajas Coll
PARLAK Gizem Cagla UNIL E‑Mail Inivetigation of regulation of Cry2 by NMD through its 3'UTR [email protected]
PERTZIGER Eugenia UNIL E‑Mail Consumption, metabolomic profiling, and selected health impact of dietary live microorganisms and fermented foods in Switzerland Prof. Murielle Bochud
PD Dr. Guy Vergères, Dr. Kathryn Pimentel
PETEANI Giulia UNIBE E‑Mail Harnessing Deep Learning for the Rational Design of Metalloproteins Ass. Prof. Dr. Thomas Lemmin
Dr. Marco Chino, University of Napoli "Federico II"
PETRETTO Emanuele UNIFR E‑Mail Characterization of nanoparticle-membrane interaction via molecular dynamics simulation
PETZOLD Tim UNIGE E‑Mail Understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling hematopoiesis in zebrafish Pr. Julien BERTRAND
PICHON Vivien UNIFR E‑Mail Research of a probiotic cure to potato late blight. Laure Weisskopf
Laurent Falquet (unifr) brice Dupuis (Agroscope)
PRABHU Janak UNIFR E‑Mail Coarse grained molecular dynamics simulations
PRADHAN Sigma UNIBE E‑Mail Inter-generational control of progeny´s proteome based on parental dietary restriction Prof. Dr. Benjamin Towbin 2025
PRIETO BAÑOS Silvia UNIL E‑Mail Reconstructing ancestral microsyntenies in the tree of life Prof. Christophe Dessimoz
PRIMAVESI Julia UNIL E‑Mail Proteomics and exercise. Prof. Aaron L. Baggish
PSALMON Sacha UNIBE E‑Mail A live-imaging based approach for identifying mechanisms of spatiotemporal growth coordination in C. elegans Prof. Benjamin Towbin
RAPP Vincent UNIBE E‑Mail Functional assessment of the cardiac epigenomic landscape of TBX5, a critical regulator of mammalian heart development and disease Marco Osterwalder
Katja Odening
REBEAUD Jessica UNIL E‑Mail Interaction of myelin-specific Th17 cells with the gut microbiota studying a model of Multiple Sclerosis Caroline Pot 2025
REGAZZI Nicola UNIL E‑Mail Single-cell ATLAS of spinal cord injury in zebrafish, rodents and primates
RENAUD Cedric UNIGE E‑Mail Cellular plasticity of pancreatic cells Pr. Pedro Herrera
Dr. Eva Bru Tari
REVEL Maxime UNIGE E‑Mail Transcriptional interference as a regulation mechanism of the expression of abd-A Emi Nagoshi
Robert Maeda
Oct 31, 2025
REYES-AVILA Sarai UNINE E‑Mail Detection of GMOs Daniel Croll
RICHARD Viviane UNIGE E‑Mail Multidimensional impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children Pr Silvia Stringhini 2024
RIOS OCHOA Brenda UNIL E‑Mail HIGS tool to control gene expression in Rhizophagus irregularis in symbiosis with Dacus carota DEE - Groupe du Prof. Sanders
Dr. Soon-Jae Lee
RODELLA Chiara UNIBE E‑Mail Artificial Intelligence applied for the computational design of proteins Thomas Lemmin 2025
RODER Thomas UNIBE E‑Mail Polyfermenthealth Rémy Bruggmann ([email protected])
Guy Vergères ([email protected]) Andrew J Macpherson ([email protected])
RODRIGUEZ ROZO Daniel UNIL E‑Mail Aberrant bodies: characterizing the mechanisms underlying the persistence of chlamydiae Gilbert Greub 2027
RUFFIEUX Lorraine UNIGE E‑Mail Visceral Fat Browning Prof. Mirko Trajkovski 01.04.2027
SABATER ROYO Irene UNIGE E‑Mail Molecular and genetic mechanisms of Parkinson's disease Emi Nagoshi
SAHA Sajjita UNIGE E‑Mail Pheromone signaling and Rho GTPase Cdc42 mediated zone dynamics in fission yeast S pombe Prof. Sophie Martin
SANDER Sibilla UNIFR E‑Mail 3D Skin proteomics Prof. Jörn Dengjel
SANZ MOREJON Andres UNIBE E‑Mail Epigenetic marks involved in zebrafish heart regeneration. DR. NADIA MERCADER HUBER (University of Bern)
DR. CHRISTIAN MOSIMANN (University of Zurich)
SAPIA Jennifer UNIFR E‑Mail Molecular dynamics simulations of membrane proteins Stefano Vanni
SARHADI Moein UNIGE E‑Mail Cell-autonomous and non-cell autonomous controls over cortical circuit assembly
SCHÄREN Olivier UNIBE E‑Mail PhD in Immunology: In-vivo study of protective intestinal long-term colonization with microbiota-syntrophic strains of Salmonella typhimurium and Citrobacter rodentium Prof. Dr. Siegfried Hapfelmeier
PD Dr. phil. nat. Philippe Krebs
SCHEER Irina UNIFR E‑Mail Motor adaptation in the cerebellum: the role of climbing fibers Mario Prsa 2024
SCHLICHTA Flávia UNIBE E‑Mail Ms Laurent Excoffier 2024
SCHMIDT Sophia UNIGE E‑Mail Deciphering the molecular principles of separase regulation Andreas Boland
Florian Steiner
SCHWÄMMLE Hanna UNIGE E‑Mail Epigenetics [email protected] 2025
SEMENOVA Anastasiia UNIL E‑Mail Unbiased screening of factors important for gene insulation Maria Cristina Gambetta
Jean-Yves Roignant
SEUBNOOCH Patcharamon UNIBE E‑Mail MSI on Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
SGAMMEGLIA Noemi UNIFR E‑Mail Learning and Forgetting molecular mechanisms in adult Drosophila Simon Sprecher
SHIBATA Keigo UNIGE E‑Mail The roles of PIWI-interacting RNAs in sperm and embryos Prof. Pei-Hsuan Wu
SHVETSOVA Ekaterina UNIBE E‑Mail The role of codon-specific translational defects in protein homeostasis Prof. Sebastian Leidel 2023
SIVA SANKAR Devanarayanan UNIFR E‑Mail Autophagy Prof Joern Dengjel
SKENDO Kristjana UNIGE E‑Mail Studying molecular and cellular mechanisms of human cell division Patrick Meraldi 2026
SMITH William UNIBE E‑Mail Identifying and Characterizing the Protein Composition at H3K9me3 in C. elegans Peter Meister
Tuncay Baubec
SO Younju UNIGE E‑Mail Neuroepigenetic
SOLDINI Luca UNIL E‑Mail Evolutionary genomics of fire ants Laurent Keller
SRIVASTAVA Divyanshu UNIL E‑Mail Selection and adaptation in tumor evolution Giovanni Ciriello
Elisa Oricchio
STALDER Luzia UNINE E‑Mail The functional ecology of plant microbiome interactions between Pseudomonas bacteria and the fungal wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici Daniel Croll
Monika Maurhofer
SUAREZ Paola UNIL E‑Mail ASD biomarkers in early childhood Prof. Nadia Chabane
PhD. Anne Maillard
SUSHAMA GOPINATH Parvathi UNIFR E‑Mail Molecular pathways regulating nociception nd nociceptive plasticity in C. elegans Prof. Dominique Glauser
TARUPIWA Ruramai UNIGE E‑Mail Understanding the epigenetic establishment of CENP-A Pr. Florian Steiner 2026
TEIMURI Shohreh UNIBE E‑Mail cell biology Beat Suter
TETTAMANTI Maria UNIGE E‑Mail Effect of intramembrane tension on TORC1 activity in yeast Robbie Loewith
TONAZZOLLI Arianna UNIL E‑Mail Evolutionary investigation of the rise of C2 domain type 1 Dirk Fasshauer
TRAJANOVIKJ Vladimir UNIFR E‑Mail Drosophila Behavioural Circuit Neuroscience Anne C. Von Philipsborn 2027
TRICKOVIC Matija UNIGE E‑Mail Microbiota and metabolic health Prof. Mirko Trajkovski, UNIGE
Prof. Evgeny Zdobnov, UNIGE
TUOMAALA Joel UNIBE E‑Mail Preferential ribophagy balances a trade-off between starvation survival and starvation recovery in C. elegans Benjamin Towbin
Sebastian Leidel
TÜRKAL Miranda UNIGE E‑Mail Human liver organoids Pierre Meachler
UGOLINI Martino UNIL E‑Mail Transcriptional regulation in Zygotic Genome Activation of Zebrafish
ULRICH Eric UNIL E‑Mail Bacterial community assembly and evolution over spatially structured environments Sara Mitri
URBANSKA Laura UNIBE E‑Mail Genetic characterisation of mutations leading to the development of a rudimentary extra pair of limbs in domestic animals Prof Cord Drogemuller
VALENCIA ALARCÓN Eva Paulina UNIGE E‑Mail Investigating the molecular pathway and potential neuroprotective role of Nato3 in dopaminergic neurons Prof. Emi Nagoshi 2024
VARTANOVA Valeriia UNIGE E‑Mail The crosstalk between brown adipose tissue and islets of Langerhans Prof Pedro Herrera
Dr Daniel Oropeza
VASILJEVIC Stefan UNIBE E‑Mail Genetic architecture of the hoof health trait in Swiss cattle Cord Drögemüller
Joana Jacinto
VON KÄNEL Sofie UNIBE E‑Mail Investigating the neural correlates involved during gesture production in patients with depression Prof. Dr. med. Sebastian Walther 2026
VUARAMBON Dominique UNIBE E‑Mail The role of RNA conformational changes in plant perception to elevated temperatures Prof. Rodrigo Siqueira Reis
WACHALA Karolina UNIBE E‑Mail Evolutionary dynamics of chromosomal inversions and local adaptation Dr. Stephan Peischl
WANG Sisi UNIGE E‑Mail Allogeneic Universal Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) - Invariant Natural Killer T (iNKT) cells Against Acute Myeloid Leukemia Jérôme Tamburini
Federico Simonetta
WANYING Zhang UNIGE E‑Mail Mechanisms that specify target identification by the METTL3 complex. Prof. Ramesh Pillai
WEHRLI Lydia UNIGE E‑Mail The impact of pharmaceutical compounds on sperm fertilizing capacities Prof. Serge Nef
WERTENBROEK Rick UNIL E‑Mail Power Efficient Hardware Acceleration of Genomic Algorithms Prof. Olivier Delaneau
Prof. Yann Thoma Prof. Ioannis Xenarios
WÜTHRICH Tsering UNIBE E‑Mail Molecular characterization of the upper airway microbiome in children with cystic fibrosis: the significance of a changing oropharyngeal microbiota and bacterial strain persistence for disease progression Hilty Markus
To be determined
planned in December 2023
XIE Tian UNIFR E‑Mail Aging Prof. Zhihong Yang 2025
YADAV Deepak UNIL E‑Mail Evolutionary history of the vesicle transport machinery Professor Dirk Fasshauer
YEPES GARCÍA Jeferyd UNIFR E‑Mail Developing High-Throughput Strategies for Efficient Rice Straw Degradation through Metagenomics Data Analysis and Network Reconstruction of Metabolic Pathways by Deep Learning Approaches. Laurent Falquet
YVON Raphaël UNIGE E‑Mail Thesis in renal physiopathology Prof. Eric FERAILLE 2027
ZABIEGALOV Oleksandr UNIL E‑Mail “Derivation of retinal organoids with improved number and structure of Müller glia generated from human and mouse pluripotent stem cells” Domain of stem cell biology, developmental biology, neurobiology. Prof. Yvan Arsenijevic, PhD
Corinne Kostic, PhD, MER
ZIYANI Chaymae UNIL E‑Mail identify specific eqtls using scRNAseq data Pr. Zoltan kutalik 2028-2029
ZOCOLA Elodie UNIGE E‑Mail The role of NOX4 in osteoarthritis Pr Didier Hannouche 2026
ZOUAGHI Yassine UNIL E‑Mail Genetics of Congenital Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism Nelly Pitteloud
Federico Santoni
ZUNJARRAO Sanyami Sunil UNIL E‑Mail Role of chromatin structure in driving gene regulation specificity in Drosophila melanogaster Maria C. Gambetta