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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
ALBELDA BERENGUER Magdalena UNINE E-Mail Development and evaluation of a biotechnological protocol for the conservation of archaeological waterlogged wood Prof. Edith Joseph
Prof. Pilar Junier
ALBINI Monica UNINE E-Mail Use of biopatinas as protection of copper alloys artworks Pilar Junier
Edith Joseph
ANCHIMIUK Anna UNIL E-Mail DNA organization, dynamics and repair Stephan Gruber
ANCHISI Stéphanie UNIGE E-Mail Molecular basis of RIG-I activation Dominique GARCIN
ANDRES BARRAO Cristina UNIGE - Characterization of acetic acid bacteria and study of the molecular strategies involved in the resistance to acetic acid during oxidative fermentation Dr. Francois Barja
Prof. Teresa Fitzpatrick
ARUANNO Marion UNIL E-Mail Study of Aspergillus fumigatus mecanisms of resistance to Azoles and Echinocandins Dominique Sanglard
ASGARI Fatemeh UNIL E-Mail The role of PTX3 in sepsis.
AYMOZ Delphine UNIL E-Mail Study of the cross talk and regulation of the MAP kinase network using a real time transcription reporter at the single cell level Serge Pelet
BALESTRA Aurélia UNIGE E-Mail Calcium signalling in malaria parasites
BASTIDA RUIZ Daniel UNIGE E-Mail Role of GRP78 in trophoblastic cell fusion.
BAYRAMOVA Firuza UNIL E-Mail Cell division mechanism and regulation of the Chlamydia-related pathogen Waddlia chondrophila Gilbert Greub
BEAUME Marie UNIGE - Detection and characterization of small RNAs in Staphylococcus aureus Dr. Patrice FRANCOIS
Prof. Jacques SCHRENZEL
BELLAMECHE Fares UNINE E-Mail Induced resistance in wheat Dr. Brigitte Mauch-Mani, University of Neuchâtel
Dr. Fabio Mascher, Agroscope Changins.
BEN JEDDOU Fatma UNIGE E-Mail Dendrimer and bicyclic antimicrobial peptides against multidrug resistant Gram-negative bacteria
BERGOTTINI Veronica UNINE E-Mail Evaluation of plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPR) associated to Ilex paraguariensis. Pilar Junier.
Betty Benrey
BERTHET Mélissa UNINE - Alarm system of the black-fronted titi monkey K. Zuberbühler
BILLAULT-CHAUMARTIN Ingrid UNIL E-Mail Capping Protein Insulates Arp2/3-Assembled Actin Patches from Formins
BLANDENIER Quentin UNINE E-Mail Biogeography and macroecology of testate amoeba following a metagenomics approach Enrique Lara
Edward Mitchell
BOCK Florian UNIL E-Mail SMC Biochemistry Dr. Stephan Gruber
BRAVO Daniel UNINE - Assessing the diversity and metabolism of oxalotrophic bacteria Pilar Junier
BREJNDAL Kamilla ankær UNIGE - Microbiology Patrick Viollier 2023
BROCHET Silvia UNIL E-Mail The honey bee gut microbiota Philipp Engel
BUECHE Matthieu UNINE E-Mail Spore-forming bacteria as an indicator of pollution in sediments of Lake Geneva Pilar Junier
BURRI Dominique Julien UNIL E-Mail Characterization of arenaviruses glycoproteins processing by the cellular protease SKI-1/S1P Prof. Stefan Kunz
BUTTAZZONI Elena UNIGE - --- P. Linder
BUVELOT Hélène UNIGE E-Mail The role pf phagocyte NADPH oxidase in the defense against S. aureus Krause
CALO Nicolas UNIGE - --- François BARJA Patrick LINDER
CHAI Tiancong UNIL - Molecular microbiology Justine Collier
CHERNI Ala Eddine UNIGE E-Mail Probing the diversity of nitrogen-fixing micro-symbionts of fenugreek and chickpea in soil of north Tunisia Xavier Perret
CHONOVA Teofana UNIGE E-Mail Effects of mercury on phytoplankton
CLULOW James UNIL E-Mail Jan Roelof van der Meer
COMENSOLI Lucrezia UNINE - Use of Biopatinas as protection of iron artworks Junier Pilar
Joseph Edith
CORDEIRO FILIPE Ines UNIGE E-Mail The influence of microbiota on viral infections Prof. Caroline Tapparel
CORONADO-MARTINEZ Edith UNIL E-Mail Degradation of dibenzofuran by Sphingomonas wittichii RW1 under environmental stresses Jan van der Meer
COSTAFROLAZ Jordan UNIGE E-Mail Interplay between beta-lactam antibiotics and the polarity of Caulobacter crescentus Professor Patrick Viollier. MIMOL department in CMU. Geneva
COURRIER Alexis UNIGE E-Mail Characterization of MDA5 functions upon Mononegavirales infections prof. Dominique GARCIN
CRISTINELLI Sara UNIL E-Mail Exploration of the Epitranscriptomic landscape of HIV infected cells Dre Angela Ciuffi
DA PALMA Joel UNIL E-Mail Targeting envelope glycoprotein processing as a novel strategy to combat human pathogenic arenaviruses Prof. Stefan Kunz
Dr. Antonella Pasquatto
DANZA Francesco UNIGE - Mauro Tonolla
DE IACO Alberto UNIGE - ---
DE RIDDER David UNIGE E-Mail Spatial epidemiology
DELABY Marie UNIGE E-Mail Control of cell cycle transcription in Caulobacter crescentus Pr Patrick Viollier
Pr François Karch
DELARZE Eric UNIL E-Mail Identification of mediators of antifungal tolerance in C. albicans Dominique Sanglard
DEMARCO Benjamin UNIL - Mechanism and function of Gasdermin-induced inflammatory cell death Petr Broz
DI MARTINO Rita UNIL E-Mail Disentangling the interactions within a four-species bacterial community Dr. Sara Mitri
Prof. Jan Willem Veening
DIJKHOFF Irini Magdelina UNIFR E-Mail The impact of diesel and gasoline exhaust on the cutaneous and biomechanical responses of the human skin. Prof. Dr. Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser
Dr. Barbara Drasler
DOGGA Sunil Kumar UNIGE E-Mail Role of Palmitoyl Acyl Transferases (PATs) in the lytic cycle of Toxoplasma gondii Prof. Dominique Soldati-Favre
DOS SANTOS PACHECO Nicolas UNIGE E-Mail Molecular mechanisms that control the actomyosin system in Toxoplasma gondii Dominique SOLDATI-FAVRE
DREIER Matthias UNINE E-Mail Quantitative characterization of the microbiota in raw milk cheese by high-throughput qPCR. Pilar Junier
DUBATH Céline UNIL E-Mail Change of intestinal microbiota induced by psychotropic drugs and influence on metabolic parameters Chin Eap
DUBEY Manupriyam UNIL - Design and systems biology of functional microbial landscape Prof. Jan Roelof Van der Meer
DUBOIS David UNIGE E-Mail Characterisation of key players in microneme exocytosis in the Apicomplexa Prof. Dominique Soldati-Favre 2020
EICH Katharina UNIL E-Mail --- Prof. Justine Collier
EMERY Olivier UNIL E-Mail Interactions between the gut gammaproteobacterium Frischella perrara and its host the honey bee (Apis mellifera) Philipp Engel
FERNANDEZ FERNANDEZ Carmen UNIL - Regulation of the Caulobacter crescentus cell cycle by DnaA-related proteins. Justine Collier
Philippe Moreillon
FILIPPIDOU Sevasti UNINE E-Mail Diversity and Metabolism of Endospore-forming Bacteria in Geothermal Sites Prof. Pilar Junier
FOSSOU Kouakou Romain UNIGE E-Mail Identification and testing of indigenous elite rhizobial strains to improve Cajanus cajan yields in Ivory Coast. Dr. Xavier Perret
FUMEAUX Coralie UNIGE E-Mail Identification and analysis of new transcriptional regulators in Caulobacter development Patrick Viollier
GALLEGO Irene UNIGE E-Mail The role of cell size as a key functional trait to understand phytoplankton co-existence
GALLO Daniela UNIL E-Mail Cdc42 regulation in fission yeast Professor Sophie Martin
GDANIEC Bartosz Gerard UNIGE - Metabolomic, biochemical and genetic exploration of antimicrobial properties of Pseudomonas aeruginosa supernatants Prof. Christian van Delden
Dr. Thilo Köhler
GONÇALVES CABECINHAS Ana Rita UNIL E-Mail Interactions between arenaviruses and antigen presenting cells and evaluation of a novel nanoparticles based vaccine platform against arenaviruses Stefan Kunz
Melody Swartz
GONZALEZ Diego UNIL E-Mail --- Prof. Justine Collier
GUAN Ziyu UNIGE E-Mail Using the algae to improve the fresh water quality
GUERREIRO Amanda UNIGE E-Mail What is the role of MAPs in mitosis? Patrick Meraldi 2021
GUIDI Valeria UNIGE E-Mail --- Mauro Tonolla
Xavier Perret
HAAS Dieter UNIL E-Mail ---
HAFNER Nicolas UNIGE E-Mail Synthetic Reactivation of Epigenetically Silenced Genes in Disease
HAMMOUDI Pierre-Mehdi UNIGE E-Mail Role of an aspartyl protease in maturation and trafficking of secreted proteins in Toxoplasma gondii Key words: Parasitology, Microbiology Dr. Dominique Soldati-Favre
Dr. Luis Lopez-Molina
2017 (started in September 2013)
HASHMI Isha UNINE E-Mail Screening of PGPR endospore forming bacteria and interaction with soil fungi: role for plant growth. Prof. Pilar Junier
Dr. Saskia Bindschelder
HEILIG Rosalie UNIL E-Mail Inflammasome formation and cell death Prof. Petr Broz
HUMBERT Marion UNIGE - Regulation of peripheral T cell responses by modulating unconventional MHCII-mediated antigen presenting cell functions Pr. Stéphanie Hugues
HUMMEL Daniel UNIGE E-Mail The role of SH3 domains in yeast endocytosis Marko Kaksonen
IFRID Estelle UNIGE E-Mail Inhibitors of Klebsiella pneumoniae virulence Pierre Cosson
ILGAZ Ilke UNIGE E-Mail Immunoregulation
IMPERIALI Nicola UNIL E-Mail "Sustaining and improving soil health with plant-beneficial bacteria" Dr. MER Christoph Keel
JACOT Damien UNIGE E-Mail --- Prof. Dominique Soldati-Favre
JAGER Nienke UNIL - Single cell analysis of filamentation in budding yeast S. Pelet 2023
KALLERT Sandra UNIGE E-Mail --- Prof. Daniel Pinschewer
KESNEROVA Lucie UNIL E-Mail Honey bee gut microbiota Philipp Engel
KOENIG Isabelle UNINE - Impact of a stress on the Eukaryots network in soil Prof Edward Mitchell
Dr Claire le Bayon
KOKKORIS Kyriakos UNIL E-Mail ---
KOOLI Wafa M. UNINE E-Mail Development and evaluation of bacteriological method for the stabilization of archaeological iron Pr Pilar JUNIER
KOPELYANSKIY Dmitry UNIL - Innate immune response to LRV1-bearing Leishmania gyuanensis parasites Prof. Nicolas Fasel 2020
KRAEMER Julia UNIL E-Mail Structure of the farmer’s nasal microbiota: Impact of working in close contact with farm animals Anne Oppliger Markus Hilty
KRISHNAN Aarti UNIGE E-Mail Metabolic Networks governing Toxoplasma gondii Persistence and Transmission Prof. Dominique Soldati-Favre 2020
LAFFITE Amandine UNIGE E-Mail Impact of hospital and urban effluents on the dissemination of micro-pollutant in aquatic systems Dr. John Poté
Prof. Vera Slaveykova
LAMAS HERRERA Iker UNIL E-Mail Study of Cdc42 feedback regulation in the fission yeast by optogenetics Sophie G. Martin
LARA Enrique UNINE E-Mail ---
LASCANO Josefina UNIGE E-Mail Investigation of the role of the seven mouse TRIM5 orthologues in innate immunity and as retroviral restriction factors Jeremy Luban 2014
LE GUENNEC Maeva UNIGE E-Mail Biology - Image Processing Pr Paul Guichard
Dr. Virgnie Hamel
LE ROUX-BOURDIEU Morgan UNIGE E-Mail Cellular Biology & Mitosis
LEE Xiaoyun UNIL - The Pseudomonas aeruginosa antimetabolite L-2-amino-4-methoxy-trans-3-butenoic acid (AMB) Dr Cornelia Reimmann
LI Jizhou UNIL E-Mail Study of drug resistance in Candida auris
LIENARD Juliz UNIL E-Mail Estrella lausannensis and amoeba-resisting microorganisms: human exposure and potential pathogenicity Gilbert Greub (IMUL
Yves Lévi (Paris XI, France)
LÓPEZ JIMÉNEZ Ana Teresa UNIGE E-Mail Single cell imaging to unravel the dynamics od the infection and the role of discoidin proteins during infection Prof. Thierry Soldati
LOSA Geremia UNINE E-Mail Metal biorecovery from industrial waste through bacterial-fungal interactions Pilar Junier
Saskia Binschedler
LUBAN Jeremy UNIGE E-Mail I am a director or thesis projects.
LUCZKOWSKA Karolina UNIGE E-Mail Glutamate dehydrogenase and the hyperammonemia in HI/HA syndrome: Study on the contribution by the liver thesis director: Pierre Maechler 2020/2021
LÜDIN Samuel UNIGE E-Mail “High-throughput Proteomics of Candidatus "Thiodictyon synthrophicum" strain Cad16T” PD Dr. Mauro Tonolla
Prof. Michel Goldschmidt-Clermont
LUNGHI Matteo UNIGE E-Mail Biology of chronic toxoplasmosis Dominique Soldati-Favre 2021
LURASCHI Amanda UNIL E-Mail Whole genome and sex-related transcriptomics of the pathogeni fungus Pneumocystis jirovecii within human lungs Philippe Hauser
MAAG Daniel UNINE - Benzoxazinoids at the metabolic interface between plants and insects Jean-Luc Wolfender, UniGe
Ted Turlings, UniNe
MAFFENBEIER Vitali UNIL E-Mail Biosensor applications for the european BRAAVOO project on oceanic polution Prof. Jan van der Meer
MAGALHÃES Bárbara UNIL E-Mail Evaluation of Next Generation Sequencing for the epidemiological investigation of nosocomial pathogens Dominique Blanc
MAIOLO Elena UNIL E-Mail --- Olivier Borens
Andrej Trampuz
MALA Peter UNIL E-Mail
MARA Terry UNIL - Monitoring MAPK activity during the mating process in S. pombe Serge PELET Sophie MARTIN
MARLE Pierre UNIGE E-Mail Title provisional "The role of hydrological connectivity in shaping the relationship between physico-chemistry, ecotoxicology and biological diversity in a large river floodplain" Emmanuel Castella
MARTÍ Adrià UNIGE E-Mail Cancer Immunology Prof. Walter Reith
MARTINS Daniel UNIGE E-Mail KidO: A bifunctional regulator of Caulobacter Crescentus development. Patrick Viollier
MAYOR Jennifer UNIL E-Mail Novel therapeutic strategies against highly pathogenic emerging viruses Prof. Stefan Kunz Dr. Olivier Engler 2021
MCCALLIN Shawna UNIL E-Mail The Rational Evaluation of Phage Therapy Philippe Moreillon
MORALES Marian UNIL E-Mail "Synthetic engineering of microbial communities for bioremediation" Jan van der Meer
MORAZ Marie-Laurence UNIL E-Mail Discovery of novel arenavirus receptors and entry factors Prof. Stefan Kunz 2013
MORITZ Roxane UNIL E-Mail Environmental regulation of integrative and conjugative element (ICE) in Pseudomonas Jan Roelof van der Meer
OECHSLIN Frank UNIL E-Mail S. aureus host adaptation and zoonosis
OECHSLIN Noémie UNIL E-Mail Investigation of the Hepatitis E Virus Life Cycle Prof. Darius Moradpour
PD Dr. Jérôme Gouttenoire
OPPENHEIM Rebecca UNIGE E-Mail --- Dominique Soldati-Favre
ÖZEL DUYGAN Birge UNIL - New biodegradation tests for chemical compounds in low environmental relevant concentrations Jan Roelof van der Meer
PALMIERI Fabio UNINE E-Mail Oxalotrophy as a therapeutic alternative for the control of fungal pathogens Prof. Pilar Junier 2021
PASQUAL Giulia UNIL E-Mail Interaction of human pathogenic arenaviruses with the host cell Stefan Kunz
Amalio Telenti
PASQUATO Antonella UNIL E-Mail
PAUL Christophe UNINE E-Mail Validation of the application of using endospores for paleoecological studies. Professor Pilar Junier
PAUZUOLIS Mindaugas UNIGE E-Mail Immunology
PERIYASAMY Sivalingam UNIGE E-Mail Prevalence and diversity of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase (ESBL) and Carbapenemase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) from Rivers and Lakes under tropical climatic conditions- case of South India
PICCARDI Philippe UNIL E-Mail Evolution of social interactions within a synthetic microbial community Sara Mitri
Jan van der Meer
PRADERVAND Nicolas UNIL - Regulation of horizontal gene transfer of the catabolic island ICEclc Jan Roelof van der Meer
PYNDIAH Nitisha UNIL E-Mail Antiviral activity of primate proteins under adaptive evolution Professor Amalio Telenti
PYTHOUD Christelle UNIL E-Mail Persistent infection of arenaviruses: molecular mechanisms and pathogenesis Prof. Stefan Kunz
RAYKOV Lyudmil UNIGE E-Mail D. dictyostelium intrinsic immunity Thierry Soldati
REGLI Ivo UNIL E-Mail Early sensing of parasites by Toll-like receptor 7 in neutrophils is essential for the control of cutaneous leishmaniasis.
REIMMANN Cornelia UNIL E-Mail ---
REMY Melissa UNIGE E-Mail Antibody control of persistent viral infection D.D.Pinschewer
RIO Laura UNIL E-Mail Rapid, high throughput real‐time single‐cell determination of antimicrobial resistance using a miniaturized “lab‐on‐a‐chip” Thierry Calandra
ROYSTON Léna UNIGE E-Mail Genetic determinants of phenotypic differences between rhinoviruses and enteroviruses Pr Caroline Tapparel
RUPP Sebastian UNIBE E-Mail ldentification of Listeria monocytogenes virulence factors involved in neurovirulence PD Dr. Anna Oevermann
Prof. Joachim Frey
RUSCONI Brigida UNIL E-Mail Role of Nox enzymes in phagocyte response and signaling upon Chlamydiae infection G. Greub 2014
SANSONE andrea UNIGE E-Mail host interactors with PB1-F2 Mirco Schmolke
SCHERLER Aurélie UNIL - Enlarged chlamydial reticulate bodies: triggers and biomedical importance Prof. Gilbert Greub
SCHERZ Valentin UNIL E-Mail Individuals discrimination through metagenomic salivary analysis Prof Gilbert Greub, Institut de Microbiologie du CHUV, Rue du Bugnon 48 1011 Lausanne Novembre 2020
SCURCI Ilaria UNIGE E-Mail Study of CCR5 pharmacology and cell biology by using chemokine analogs with potent anti-HIV activity
SHKARINA Kateryna UNIL E-Mail Development of optogenetic toolbox to control inflammasome pathway Prof. Dr. Petr Broz 2020
SIMON Anaële UNINE E-Mail The oxalate-carbonate pathway: understanding the fungal highways in a natural carbon sink ecosystem Prof. Pilar Junier (University of Neuchâtel)
Prof. Eric Verrecchia (University of Lausanne)
SMITH Kirsten UNIGE E-Mail Circadian Immunology
STEIB Emmanuelle UNIGE E-Mail Towards the molecular characterisation of the centrioles Y-shaped linker P.Guichard
STOJANOV Milos UNIL - Horizontal transfer of SCCmec, a genomic island of Staphylococcus aureus Prof. Philippe Moreillon
Dr. Olga Sakwinska
STORELLI Nicola UNIGE E-Mail --- Mauro Tonolla
Xavier Perret
SUBBANNA Sujatha UNIGE E-Mail Role of ribosomes associated chaperones in the interaction between Not5 or Not2 with exosome subunits. Prof. Martine Collart
Prof.Martin Collart
SYNEFIARIDOU Dimitra UNIL - Determining the minimal genome required for pneumococcal virulence Jan-Willem Veening
TAVARES Diogo UNIL E-Mail Changing the specificity of Escherichia coli periplasmic binding protein RbsB from ribose towards 1,3-cyclohexanediol and cyclohexanol Jan Roelof van der Meer
THÉROUDE Charlotte UNIL E-Mail ILCs in sepsis
TORRIANI Giulia UNIL E-Mail Novel therapeutics against emerging viruses Stefan Kunz
TRACHSEL Emilie UNIL - Identification of tolerance factors in Candida albicans Dominique Sanglard
TRAN Thi Lan Huong UNIL E-Mail Porf. D. Moradpour
TSELIGKA Eirini UNIGE E-Mail Microbiology and Molecular Medicine Prof.Caroline Tapparel-Vu
UNAY Jovelyn UNIGE E-Mail Towards a synthetic minimal replicon for symbiotic nitrogen fixation Dr. Xavier Perret
VALENTINI Martina UNIL E-Mail Regulation of nutrient uptake in Pseudomoas aeruginosa PAO1. Prof. assistant Karine Lapouge
Prof. Philippe Moreillon
VAZQUEZ NUNEZ Roberto Jareth UNIL E-Mail Smc Biochemistry Dr. Stephan Gruber
VELOSO Tiago UNIL E-Mail Toward a systems analysis of the early steps of Infective endocarditis pathogenesis Dr. José Entenza
Prof. Philippe Moreillon
VERRIER Julie UNIL E-Mail Interaction of Fusarium spp. and other fungal pathogens in onychomycosis Pr. Michel Monod
VOUGA Manon UNIL E-Mail Simkania, a new pathogen associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes Dr. David Baud Prof. Gilbert Greub
WALSER Dylan UNIGE E-Mail No thesis i am secretary for the doctoral school
WANG Tai UNIGE E-Mail Heat shock protein 90 as target against protozoan parasites Didier Picard
WATKINS Stephan Lloyd UNIBE E-Mail Computational, Cellular and Biochemical analysis of non-haptin Adverse Drug Interactions Dr. Werner J. Pichler, MD Department RIA, Inselspital University of Bern
PD Dr. Torsten Ochsenreiter Department of Cell Biology Universtiy of Bern
ZHANG Xuezhi UNIGE E-Mail The roles of NADPH oxidases (Nox) on Infection & Immunity in an Amoeba Model Thierry Soldati
Karl-Heinz Krause
ZUERCHER Emilie UNIL E-Mail Characterization of Epstein-Barr virus encoded-Latent Membrane Protein 1 Amalio Telenti