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Whole body regeneration in Botrylloides leachii

Author Lluis MATAS
Director of thesis Dr. Simon Blanchoud
Co-director of thesis Prof. Anna Jazwinska
Summary of thesis Tunicates are a phylum comprising the closest phylogenetic relatives to vertebrates, and they are the only know chordates capable of undergoing whole body regeneration throughout their adult life. As such, the study of these organisms offers a unique evolutionary perspective into chordate processes and on regeneration in particular. Its study could thus unravel novel lines of research towards the reactivation of similar processes in vertebrates. Thus the project I am taking part, aims to promote a novel and unique evolutionary perspective among chordate processes, while answering several of the most fundamental questions about whole body regeneration.
Administrative delay for the defence N/A
URL http://www.unifr.ch/biology/research/blanchoud/