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Targeting envelope glycoprotein processing as a novel strategy to combat human pathogenic arenaviruses

Author Joel DA PALMA
Director of thesis Prof. Stefan Kunz
Co-director of thesis Dr. Antonella Pasquatto
Summary of thesis

Arenaviruses are pathogens endemic in African and South American countries, causing severe hemorrhagic fevers in

humans associated with high mortality. Considering the current lack of licensed vaccines and limited therapeutic

options, arenaviruses are among the most dangerous tropical pathogens. The development of effective anti-arenaviral

drugs is thus of high priority. A critical step in the arenavirus life cycle is the biosynthesis of the envelope glycoprotein

responsible for viral attachment and entry. The cellular proprotein convertase site-1 protease (S1P) is essential for the

maturation of the viral glycoprotein. Targeting S1P-mediated glycoprotein processing is proved to be a promising

strategy for the development of novel anti-arenaviral drugs.

Status middle
Administrative delay for the defence
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