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Lay Communication in Microbiology


December 2020


Prof. Gilbert Greub, UNIL


Prof Pilar Junier, UNINE Prof Gilbert Greub, UNIL 2 invited speakers EU/overseas, tba


The ability to communication science to a general public and to engage better with society are major challenges for scientist nowadays. Global initiatives such as the Small World Initiative and Tiny Earth, are examples of initiatives in which microbiology is used as a channel to connect with the general public and to use research as a teaching tool. Thanks to these initiatives, a network of scientist and instructors is now focused on spreading the information on the topic of antibiotic resistance, engaging with the public and working on crowdsourcing for the discovery of new antibiotics from soil. Finding other ways of engaging the public and to increase literacy in the field of microbiology are essential for the future. The aim of this 2-day activity is to give PhD students the opportunity to learn from the experience of scientists working on lay communication in microbiology. In this 2-day activity, two international and two local scientists engaged in Lay communication will present their experience and discuss with the students in order to create a blue print applicable to Switzerland.


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Deadline for registration 30.11.2020
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