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Electron Microscopy Facility Practical Course


Printemps 2020


Dre Irina Kolotueva, UNIL M. Jean Daraspe, UNIL M. Antonio Muccolo, UNIL M. Damien De Bellis, UNIL 2-3 Invited speakers


Mornings: lectures Afternoon: hands-on demonstrations Goals: To discover which EM techniques that are available at the EMF could forward your research; To identify how molecules can be localized in cells or tissues.; To learn the basics of EM image acquisition, analysis and reconstruction; To understand basic SEM and TEM operating principles; To gain exposure to various methods of preparing biological samples for EM together with the advantages and disadvantages related to each of these methods. Topics covered: TEM, transmission electron microscopy; TEM sample preparation: chemical and high-pressure freezing procedures; SEM, scanning electron microscopy; SEM sample preparation; Volume EM: TEM- tomography, Focused Ion Beam-SEM, Array Tomography; Ultramicrotomy, resin sections; Cryo-ultramicrotomy, the Tokuyasu technique; Image processing, volume reconstruction, and modelling. Les frais d’inscription couvrent l’utilisation des microscopes (les plateformes sont à payement) et du matériel pour préparer les échantillons. Les repas communs de midi pour les étudiants (15 CHF par participant pour un total de 75 CHF) sont aussi compris. Il n’y a pas de rémunération pour les speakers invités





Deadline for registration 01.03.2020
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