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Introductory Biostatistics for Biologists


14-15 March 2024


Debora Zoia, CUSO MPS coordinator
Corinne Dentan, CUSO StarOmics coordinator
Emilie Genty, CUSO Microbiology coordinator


Romain-Daniel Gosselin, Dr., CHUV


The objective of this workshop is to highlight the systematic and universal nature of the vast majority of statistical flaws and their solutions. The course aims to explain the importance of biostatistics for science reproducibility/reliability and teach good practices.


The lectures are tailored to biologists and concentrating on logic thinking behind biostatistics. Particular emphasis is placed on experimental design, analysis and presentation. The sessions include lectures and a workshop where attendees can apply their newfound skills in critically analysing the statistics in published articles.

Biostatistics: A short (and digestible) introduction to biostatistics; Statistical inference: good understanding of p-values and NHST; Statistical design: power, independence of variables, randomization
Analysis: Selection of statistical tests; Parametric vs. non-parametric tests; Regression and correlation; Multiple comparisons: ANOVA and beyond; Introduction to linear models; Repeated measures; The problems of p-values.
Data presentation and visualization: Graphical display; Error-bars, scatter plots and box plots, violin plots: the dos and don'ts; Which information to disclose?
Hand on workshop & 'consulting' session: Critical analysis of biostatistics of illustrative examples or published articles.

The last afternoon is largely dedicated to common discussion on biostatistical questions and problematics related to students' research projects. Questions will be sent to the teacher some weeks before the course through a form.


Schedule: 9h00 - 17h00


University of Lausanne, Room 319 Amphipôle




This course is organized in collaboration with the CUSO doctoral programs in Microbial Sciences and StarOmics.


Reimbursements for CUSO Students:
Train ticket, 2°class, half-fare from your institution to the place of the activity.

Reimbursement of your travel tickets can be asked online through your MyCUSO. 
See HERE for the procedure.


CUSO MPD Students: for any question concerning reimbursement please contact the CUSO MPS coordinator Debora Zoia
Other CUSO Students: please contact the coordinator of your Program.




Deadline for registration: 01.03.2024

15 places available for CUSO students (5 for each participating program)


For cancellations after the Deadline of registration or no show: 50 CHF administrative fees




Deadline for registration 01.03.2024
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