Practical Informations


1 - Information for PhD students

Easy Guide to Reimbursement


Please note that all information given below follows the official rules established by the CUSO in 1st January 2018 and that a new directive is available (here).

Who is eligible for a refund ?

PhD students registered to one of the CUSO Doctoral Programmes who attended an activity organized by the CUSO.

What can you be reimbursed for ?


• No matter how you travel (train, car,...), you'll always be reimbursed for the equivalent cost of the half-fare train tickets (2nd class) from your University to the place of the activity.

• Bus/Metro tickets to commute from the railway station to the place of the activity are also reimbursed. Taxi fares and parking costs are not reimbursed.


• Night (inc. breakfast): up to 90 CHF per night per person. Only when no accomodation is provided as part of the activity and only for activities of more consecutive days.

Registration Fees

They are not reimbursed.

The amounts of the reimbursement given above should be considered as maxiumum amounts. When possible people should try to reduce these costs, so that the funds granted by CUSO can be used for organizing as many activities as possible.


Do not forget to sign the attendance list every day to certify your participation.

How to get a refund ?

Fill in the reimbursement form and send it to the programme coordinator (see on your right), by post mail, with the originals of your tickets/receipts.  The program coordinator will communicate your reimbursement request to the CUSO accounting office.


2 - Information for Organisers

At the end of an activity, the organisers must send the Attendance List and the Activity Report to the programme coordinator.

If you have any question, please contact the coordinator of the doctoral program (see on your right).