PhD students

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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
ABBOUD Ernest UNIGE E-Mail I am working on the metabolism of the phylum of Apicomplexa Dominique Soldati-Favre
Joachim Kloehn
ABDELRAHMAN Ola UNIFR E-Mail Actinomycetes and their metabolites as fungicide alternatives Prof. Laure Weisskopf
ALMEIDA Mauro UNIFR E-Mail Deciphering nanoparticle endocytosis to improve therapeutic strategies Prof. Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser
Prof. Alke Petri-Fink
ANAND Abhishek UNIFR E-Mail Molecular mechanisms underlying the inhibition of Phytophthora infestans by Pseudomonas strains Prof. Laure Weisskopf, Department of BIology, University of Fribourg 2021/2022
ANTAR Hammam UNIL E-Mail Cell biology of the soil bacterium bacillus subtilis with a major focus on factors involved in chromosome maintenance and segregation Dr. Stephan Gruber
ANTOINE Torchiat UNIFR E-Mail Regulation of PER proteins phosphorylation and their interaction Pr. Urs Albrecht 2026
ASLAM Ibtisam UNIGE E-Mail Accelerated Cardiac and Renal MRI Pr. Jean-Paul VALLEE
AUBRY Christèle UNIL E-Mail Application of nanomotion to investigate antibiotics tolerance in Escherichia coli strains and viability of Chlamydiales bacteria Gilbert Greub
AVENDANO VEGA Roberto UNIL E-Mail Engineering bacterial self-organizing living materials Prof. Yolanda Schaerli
Prof. Stephan Gruber
AYADI Imen UNIGE E-Mail intracellular killing in phagocytic cells Pr Cosson
BARBIER Içvara UNIL E-Mail Gene regulatory network for pattern regulation Pr. Yolanda Schaerli
BATSCH Maxime UNIL E-Mail Investigating microbial interactions and community assembly in soil communities using picoliter droplets cultivation Jan Roelof van der Meer
BENIGNO Valentina UNIL E-Mail Environmental cues controlling integrative and conjugative element transfer Jan Roelof van der Meer
BERCHTOLD Lena UNIGE E-Mail Développement d'outils diagnostiques et pronostiques en insuffisance rénale chronique et chez les greffés rénaux Pre Sophie de Seigneux
Pr Pierre-Yves Martin
BERWEILER Vincent UNIGE E-Mail The relationship between early gut colonization and development of adipose tissue browning Mirko Trajkovski 2023
BOMPADRE Olimpia UNIGE E-Mail Epigenetic engineering in development
BONI Emanuele UNIL E-Mail Synthetic gene regulatory networks for spatio-temporal pattern formation Yolanda Schaerli
BONINI Fabien UNIGE E-Mail Cryogel-assisted cell therapy for brain tissue reconstruction BRASCHLER THOMAS
BRANDT Ludivine UNIL E-Mail Dynamics of HIV latency and reactivation at population and single-cell level Angela Ciuffi
BREGNARD Danaé UNINE E-Mail Endobacteria in fungi Pr. Pilar Junier
BUFFI Matteo UNINE E-Mail Electrical signalling in filamentous fungi / Recovery of precious metals from sewage sludge Pilar Junier
Saskia Bindshelder
BURNIER Jessica UNIL E-Mail Identification of virulence factors and cell cycle proteins in Staphylococcus aureus Jan-Willem Veening 2026
CASINI Laurent UNIL E-Mail Epigenetic cell-cycle regulator study in Caulobacter crescentus DrSc. Justine Collier MER1
CAUSEVIC Senka UNIL E-Mail Exploring microbial community engineering from the perspective of bioaugmentation. Jan Roelof van der Meer
CHEN Carmen UNIL E-Mail Microbiota and host response in Salmonella Typhimurium infection (MISTIC) Benoit Guery
CHIU Yen-chi UNIL E-Mail Ultrastructural analysis of host interactions and infection dynamics of Zika virus
CHOI Yangji UNIL E-Mail Metagenomics analysis of microbiota in COVID-19 patients
CHOUNG Mi Sun (Ruth) UNIL E-Mail Development of antisense oligonucleotide-based gene therapy for the treatment of Cohen syndrome retinal dystrophy Prof Thomas Wolfensberger and Dr Muhammad Ansar 2025
COLAKOGLU Melis UNIGE E-Mail The effect of microbiota on obesity Prof.Mirko Trajkovski 2023
CONVERS Anthony UNIL E-Mail Environmental cues controlling ICEclc activation and transfer Jan Van der Meer 2026
CRÉZÉ Margaux UNIL E-Mail Dynamic of the gut microbiota early in life in the context of infant and maternal malnutrition Prof. Pascale Vonaesch
CUVILLIER Luana UNINE E-Mail Biocleaning of heritage metallic objects Edith Joseph
Stephan Von Reuss
DAVERI Andrea UNIL E-Mail The conjugative machinery of the ICEclc element of P. nackmussii B13 Jan Roelof van der Meer 2023
DE BAKKER Vincent UNIL E-Mail Systems biology approaches to unravel pathogenic bacterial phenotypes Jan-Willem Veening 2024
DEBAS Meron UNIFR E-Mail Self-assembled nanostructures
DELFINO Alexandre UNIL E-Mail New diagnostic methods for urogenital infections Prof. Gilbert Greub 2026
DÉNÉRÉAZ Julien UNIL E-Mail Genetic interactions in Streptococcus pneumoniae Jan-Willem Veening 2024
DI NEZIO Francesco UNIGE E-Mail Bioconvection-mediated microbial ecophysiology in aquatic systems: multi-scale dynamics in the chemocline of meromictic Lake Cadagno Prof. Michael Hothorn
Prof. Dr. Mauro Tonolla
DOS SANTOS Andrea Raquel UNIL E-Mail Controlling species embedded within a small microbial community Prof. Sara Mitri 2024
EL CHAZLI Yassine UNIL E-Mail Microbial interactions in the honey bee gut Pr. Philipp Engel 2022
ESTOPPEY Aislinn UNINE E-Mail Oxalotrophy as a biocontrol strategy Prof. Pilar Junier 2022
EWANY Jaspher UNINE E-Mail Soil–legacy effects of entomopathogenic nematodes and their symbionts on plant performance and resistance Ted Turlings
Ricardo Machado
FAIVRE Anna UNIGE E-Mail Role of tubular cell metabolism in chronic kidney disease progression
FREITAS MONTEIRO Marta UNIGE E-Mail Regulation of innate immune cell function by Fc-gamma receptor engagement Jörg D. Seebach
Gisella Puga Yung,
FRUND Mélissa UNIL E-Mail Cell division in Acinetobacter species. (provisional) Coralie Fumeaux
Coralie Fumeaux
GANGA Emma UNIGE E-Mail Signalling mechanisms of malaria parasites Pr Mathieu Brochet 2025
GERMANIER Fanny UNIFR E-Mail Plant-microbe interactions Prof. Laure Weisskopf
GESLAIN Sandra UNIGE E-Mail RNA decay in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Pr. Martina Valentini 2026
GHAZISOLTANI Giti UNIL E-Mail Regulation of developmental cycle in Chlamydia and Waddlia Gilbert Greub
GOSSELIN Ophélie UNIL E-Mail How does the SMC motor work? Identifying different states and how it binds to DNA Prof. Stephan Gruber
Prof. Markus Seeger
HAMEED Owais UNIFR E-Mail Design of antimicrobial lipid-protein complexes: From purification to delivery of cytotoxic peptides granulysin and granzyme B Prof. Michael Walch
Prof. Stefan Salentinig
HEIMAN Clara Margot UNIL E-Mail Towards building microbial consortia for pest control: exploring adaptation to insect hosts and intraspecific diversity of pathogenicity and competition traits in insecticidal pseudomonads Dr. Christoph Keel
IDRIS Tahir UNIGE E-Mail Differentiation and innate defense of the respiratory epithelium Professeur Marc CHANSON
IGLESIAS Laura UNIGE E-Mail Sp5, a newly identified evolutionarily conserved repressor of Wnt signaling Brigitte Galliot
JACCARD Augustine UNIL E-Mail Mycoviruses _ impact of human activity on fungal and viral communities of crops and forests Dominique Sanglard
Olivier schumpp
JANDRASITS Damian UNIGE E-Mail Establishment of the CRISPR-CAS system for rapid diagnostics and the development of antiviral strategies Michael Hothorn
Mauro Tonolla
JERJEN Livia UNIFR E-Mail Understanding and enhancing expression of biocontrol traits in plant-associated bacteria Prof. Laure Weisskopf
KIZIL Burak UNIGE E-Mail The Effect of Nervous System on Tumor Growth 2024
KOZUSNIK Thomas UNIL E-Mail Investigation the the mecanisms and regulations of the formation of aberrant bodies in Chlamydia trachomatis and Waddlia chondrophila Prof. Gilbert Greub
KRIACH Amane UNIGE E-Mail Sciences biomédicales - Transcriptional regulators of development in free living and obligate intra-cellular alpha-proteobacteria Patrick Viollier
Gael Panis
KÜHNEL Ronja marie UNIGE E-Mail Calcium signalling during Plasmodium gametogenesis Mathieu Brochet
LAIGLE Alice UNINE E-Mail Deciphering the dynamics of 3D genome organization in Zymoseptoria tritici and its impact on gene expression during wheat infection Prof. Daniel Croll
LÄNGST Emmanuel UNIL E-Mail Biochemical pathways in stored red blood cells PD Dr Michel Prudent
Pr Jean-Daniel Tissot
LAUMAY Floriane UNIGE E-Mail Functional analysis of acquired phagic genes involved in the pathogenesis and the virulence of ST398 Staphylococcus aureus strains Patrice François (PhD, PD)
Jacques Schrenzel (MD, Prof)
LE BISSONNAIS Sandra UNINE E-Mail Interactions between mosquitoes and their associated mocrobiota Jacob Koella
LEE Aaron UNIFR E-Mail Influence of mechanical properties on macrophage phagocytic activity Alke Fink
Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser
LEONI Sara UNIGE E-Mail Epidemiology of downy mildew Prof. Jérôme Kasparian
Dr Pierre-Henri Dubuis
LI Xiaoyun UNIL E-Mail target glutamine to reprogram tumor associated macrophages
LINDNER Karina UNIGE E-Mail Targeting the APRIL molecule by antibody-based therapeutic approaches for the treatment of B lymphomas Thomas Matthes
Bertrand Huard
LOCATELLI Manon UNIGE E-Mail Tissue engineering Prof. Krause
Prof. Martinou
LOHBERGER Andrea UNINE E-Mail --- Prof. Pilar Junier
LOPES João UNIGE E-Mail Effects of Imprinting of Influenza A infections in adult microbiota Mirco Schmolke 2023
LORETAN Morgane UNIFR E-Mail Fabrication of Optical Antennas for Sensing and development of a point-of-care device based on smartphone-based fluorescence microscope for diagnostic purpose. Prof. Guillermo Acuna 2023
LYKOSKOUFIS Nikolaos UNIGE E-Mail Identifying non-coding mutations in cancer Emmanouil Dermitzakis 2024
MANDELLI Léa UNIL E-Mail Dynamics of Flavescence dorée in the canton of Vaud: Molecular identification and dissemination of strains, influence of environmental factors and varietal susceptibility Phillipe Reymond
Olivier Schumpp
fin 2024/début 2025
MARTIN Sandra UNIL E-Mail Epigenetics in Agrobacterium tumefaciens Justine Collier
MARTISCHANG Romain UNIGE E-Mail Infection control and prevention Stephan Harbarth
Jacques Schrenzel
MATHEZ Grégory UNIL E-Mail Innovative approaches to broad spectrum antivirals Angela Ciuffi
Valeria Cagno
MCHUGH Sarah UNIL E-Mail Causes and consequences of early life malnutrition in later life Pascale Vonaesch
Jan-Willem Veening
MEIER Caroline UNIL E-Mail Expression and functional analyses of the major surface antigens of the human pathogenic fungus Pneumocystis jirovecii Philippe Hauser
MERSINOGLU Beril UNIL E-Mail Characterization of novel candidate factors impacting HIV life cycle Prof. Angela Ciuffi 2024
MIGUEL TRABAJO Tania UNIL E-Mail Studying pairwise bacterial species interactions to predict the composition and dynamics of synthetic soil microbial communities. Jan Roelof van der Meer 2024
MIHAJLOVIC Ljiljana UNIL E-Mail Evolution of duplicated genes Prof. Yolanda Schaerli DMF, UNIL
Prof. Jan Roelof van der Meer DMF, UNIL
MONACHON Mathilde UNINE E-Mail Analyses and characterization of the treatment - Artificial degradation of wood samples to study biological treatment to extract iron and sulfur from waterlogged wood Edith Joseph
MOTTET Manon UNIGE E-Mail Single-cell dynamics of host pathogen interactions Thierry Soldati
PANDEY Shashank UNIL E-Mail Single-cell studies of filamenting cells in S. cerevisiae to observe the dynamics of switch from vegetative to filamentous growth Dr. Serge Pelet
PANNEAU Guilhem UNIL E-Mail Evolution of cooperation in microbial communities Alma Dal Co 2026
PARK Jung hun UNIL E-Mail Optogenetics to study synthetic gene circuits producing spatiotemporal patterns (provisional) Yolanda Schaerli 2027
PASSARETTI Arianna UNINE E-Mail Chemistry Edith Joseph
Stephan von Reuss
PEREZ FRANCES Marta UNIGE E-Mail Exploring the identity and plasticity potential of the elusive pancreatic polypeptide-producing γ-cells Pedro Luis Herrera
PICHON Vivien UNIFR E-Mail Research of a probiotic cure to potato late blight. Laure Weisskopf
Laurent Falquet (unifr) brice Dupuis (Agroscope)
PIGNON Estelle UNIL E-Mail Spatial pattern formation in microbial communities
PUCCETTI Guido UNINE E-Mail Space-temporal azole resistance of a major plant pathogen in Europe Daniel Croll 2023
RIVERA Camilo Armando UNINE E-Mail evolutionary entomology
ROBATEL Steve UNIBE E-Mail Highly multiplexed, spatially resolved immunophenotyping of pancreatic cancer for biomarker discovery and identification of therapeutic targets.
ROH Noémie UNIL E-Mail Identifying Host Factors Involved in Hepatitis E Virus Replication
RUSIECKA Olga UNIGE E-Mail Panx1 role in ischemia/reperfusion syndrome Brenda Kwak
RUSSO Silvia UNINE E-Mail Analysis and assessment of degradation of polychrome metal artworks Prof. Edith Joseph
Dr. Laura Brambilla
SALAZAR Afra UNIL E-Mail Individuality and selection of bacterial communities Sara Mitri
SAVE Jonathan UNIBE E-Mail Treatment of S. aureus infective endocarditis in a rat model by phage therapy Pr Yok Ai Que
Dr Grégory Resch
SEWGOOLAM Bevika UNIL E-Mail Antibiotic stress signatures in Streptococcus pneumoniae Prof Jan-Willem Veening 2024
SHERYLINE Loison UNIGE E-Mail Reduction and Replacement of animal models for antiviral testing using 3D human respiratory epithelia Dr Caroline Tapparel-Vu
Dr Sophie Clément-Lebourbe
SILVESTRI Ennio UNIGE E-Mail Cellular mechanisms to achieve a symmetric cell division Prof. Patrick Meraldi 2023
SKAKOV Ivan UNINE E-Mail Evolution of selfish elements in fungal mitochondrial genomes Daniel Croll 2026
SOMERVILLE Vincent UNIL E-Mail Compositional and functional characterisation of cheese starter cultures Philipp Engel 2021
SPERANZA Sandro UNINE E-Mail Investigating toxicity of Cyanobacteria
SPIAGGIA Giovanni UNIFR E-Mail Substrate for evaluating cell culture mechanics Alke Fink
Barbara Rothen
TERRETTAZ Céline UNIL E-Mail from January 2014, general field: supression of plant diseases by beneficial soil bacteria (precised thesis topic to be defined) currently: Justine Collier from January 2014: Christoph Keel
THOMAS Valentine UNIL E-Mail Spatio-temporal analysis of the actin fusion focus of Schizosaccharomyces pombe by centroid localization microscopy Sophie Martin 2026 (?)
TINGUELY Camille UNINE E-Mail Horizontal gene transfer in environmental bacteria Diego Gonzalez
Pilar Junier
TOLLANCE Axel UNIGE E-Mail Physiology of muscle stem cells Maud Frieden
TRAN Bettina UNIFR E-Mail Interaction of antimicrobial polycationic polymer with bacteria and viruses in aqueous systems towards advanced antimicrobial material Stefan Salentinig
VUCICEVIC Andrea UNIL E-Mail Transfer competence, a bistable process induced by integrative and conjugative elements in bacteria
Prof. Dr. Jan Roelof van der Meer
WENGER Alexander UNIFR E-Mail Influence of naturally occurring Pediococcus ssp. on the quality of fermented foods Prof. Laure Weisskopf, University Freiburg & Dr. Stefan Irmler, Agroscope, Liebefeld 2022
WILLIAMS Nathalia UNIGE E-Mail Identification and Characterization of novel host cell surface proteins involved in SARS-CoV-2 entry. Prof. Mirco SCHMOLKE 2024
YE Shu UNIGE E-Mail Dynamics of bradyzoite cysts dissemination during chronic infection by Toxoplasma gondii
YERSIN Simon UNIL E-Mail Characterization of children gut microbiota by 16S rRNA sequencing and metagenomic, and assembly of a small intestin bacterial synthetic community
YESODHA SUBRAMANIAN Bibin UNIFR E-Mail Extracellular vesicles in the regulation of host-pathogen interactions during malaria pathogenesis. Pierre-Yves Mantel 2023
ZHIOUA Sami UNINE E-Mail Predicting and preventing the development of toxin-producing benthic cyanobacteria Prof. Pilar Junier 2026
ZHOU Yan UNIGE E-Mail The investigation of Glutamate dehydrogenase metabolic regulation and its online flux model development Pierre Maechler