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[ANNULÉ] Patenting in Life Sciences & Chemistry


11-12 octobre 2021


Dr. Adela Calvente (LS2 Scientific Officer);

Dr. David Spichiger (SCS Executive Director);

Prof. Heinz Mueller (Clinical Biochemistry, University of Basel & Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, Bern).



Whether you plan an academic research career, a move into the pharmaceutical or biotech industries or a switch to a research support role, there is a high chance that you will be confronted with questions related to intellectual property and patenting. Over the last decades, life sciences have become a productive source of technological innovation, leading to commercial products and new markets. Along with this ongoing development, issues in intellectual property are becoming more and more important for researchers in biosciences.

To help you to prepare for this challenge, we organize a course dedicated to patents and their implementation in the field of life sciences. At the end of this two-day workshop, you will master basic knowledge in intellectual property and will have answers to the following questions:

How does patenting in life sciences affect – my career? – academic research? – the society?

The course consists of a series of lectures (see 'Meeting program') on intellectual property protection and patent law, challenges related to intellectual property in an academic environment and in a spin-off company and ethical considerations. You will also discover new job opportunities in the field of intellectual property management. Importantly, you will have the opportunity to participate in workshops where you can gain hands on experiences in the topics described.


FULL INFORMATION HERE : General Information - Patenting in Life Sciences & Chemistry 2021 -


Monday 11 October 2021 – Tuesday 12 October 2021


Studienzentrum - Hotel Schloss Grenzensee


Reimbursement for CUSO Microbiology students : Train ticket, 2e class, half-fare from your institution to the place of the activity.

Reimbursement form attached with original ticket had to be sent to the CUSO Microbial Sciences coordinator at microbiologie(at)cuso(dot)ch




8 places for CUSO Biology students 

First come, first served 

Deadline for registration: 11 August 2021

PLEASE REGISTER THROUGH THE LS2 WEBPAGE : Registration - Patenting in Life Sciences & Chemistry 2021 -

The course is free for CUSO Biology students.
The course will cost to the CUSO 450 CHF per participant.
For cancellations after 11 August, participants will be charged with 450 CHF of cancellation fee.



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