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An Introduction to R – 2


15.-16.04. 2021


Patricia Palagi, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics


1 teacher from SIB


Overview R is a complete, flexible and open source system for statistical analysis and graphics, which has become a tool of choice for biologists and biomedical scientists who need to analyse and visualise large amounts of data.

Due to its popularity, R is continuously updated and extended with the latest libraries for data manipulation, modelling and visualisation.

This course will give an introduction to R and Rstudio (an integrated development environment for R) in an interactive manner.

Participants will receive example data sets to practise data manipulation, graphical exploration and statistical hypothesis testing Audience This "First Steps with R" two-day course is addressed to beginners wanting to become familiar with the R syntax, environment, and the most common commands to start using R to explore and interpret their data.

Learning objectives At the end of the course, participants should be comfortable with the R environment and be able to read, understand and write R commands, allowing them to implement and interpret a workflow for their data analysis: interact with the R environment import data, explore it and summarise it explore data with graphs perform simple statistical tests.


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120 CHF participation fee. This fee will be reimbursed to CUSO microbiologie students.


Registration will be possible via this page. If all our 5 places are taken you can try to register via the SIB page. CUSO can fund up to 8 places.

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Deadline for registration 20.03.2021

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