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The Chalk Talk: "Microbial evolution: from mechanisms to populations"


23 November 2023


Prof Jan Roelof van der Meer, UNIL


Kirsten Bos_ Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Cara Magnabosco_ETH Zürich

Médéric Diard_University of Basel

Melanie Blokesch_EPF Lausanne

Gabriel Waksman_University college London

Orsolya Barabas_University of Geneva

Kayla King (by zoom)_University of British Columbia



This workshop aims to learn how to give a convincing chalk talk about your research. After a general short introduction, the students will each present their work in a 3-5 min flash talk. The participants will then receive feedbacks from the different experts on their flash talks.



Ephémère building room 160 University of Lausanne campus Sorge

15:00: Welcome and Introduction to Flash Talks by Jan Roelof van der Meer, Full Professor at UNIL-DMF

15:15: Participants Flash Talks

16:30 Geneeral Discussion and feedbacks from speakers: what did we like? what was less convincing?

17:00 Networking and drinks

17:30 End



University of Lausanne_Ephémère building room 160_ campus Sorge



Each participant is expected to prepare a 3-5 min Flash Talk about their research, as if you would need to summarize it for a potential employer, or a grant agency committee, but without any visual support (you are not allowed to use any slide).

Each participant can request to meet one of the speakers during the networking session and the organizers will arrange the matchmaking.

To request a meeting with one of the speakers, please write to the organizer Jan Roelof van der Meer ([email protected])


Registration: open

Registration fee: Free for CUSO Microbiology PhD members. 

Deadline for registration :15.11.2023




Deadline for registration 15.11.2023
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