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Astrobiology: Development of Tools for Assessing the Presence of Microbial Life Outside Planet Earth




Dr Saskia Bindschedler, UNINE Dr Brice-Olivier Demory, UNIBE


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The possibility of finding life beyond the Earth has always fascinated humans. Novel developments on planetary exploration are starting to create the conditions for the assessment of the presence of life in Earth's near vicinity. However, the search for life elsewhere requires a deep understanding of life on Earth, and the nature of the environments that support it. In addition, this must be complemented by an understanding of planetary system and stellar interactions and processes. Therefore, the topic is intrinsically interdisciplinary and requires the combined skills and knowledge of multiple disciplines. The goal of this 2-day course is to provide the principles of such interdisciplinary knowledge first by lectures on: - Diversity of microbial habitats akin to extraterrestrial environments, as well as the diversity of their inhabitants. - Discovering potentially habitable exoplanets - Characterising exoplanet atmospheric composition and dynamics In addition, a practical session will be devoted to training in methods for detecting life remotely in the solar system and beyond


University of Neuchâtel



Deadline for registration 01.01.2023
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