Activities in StarOmics are divided in three basic categories:

  1. Scientific knowledge (K): scientific seminar series, workshops for improvement of scientific knowledge, topic groups, national and international congresses.
  2. Methodological improvement (M): workshops and courses on specific methods, scientific exchanges to learn new methods.
  3. Acquisition and reinforcement of skills(S): courses/workshops for reinforcement of expertise (scientific writing, scientific presentation, developing a grant proposal,..).

Activities are primarily for PhD students belonging to StarOmics. If there are places available, master students, PhD students, postdocs and academics can attend for free but traveling/accommodation expenses cannot be reimbursed.

Cat. Title Location Map [d] Speakers Dates Places
K BEFRI Genomics Day 2019 Bern

To be announced

1546297200 Spring 2019 0 / 80
K Systems Biology of the Brain Fribourg map

To be determined: 6 leading international speakers 6-8 Swiss speakers 2 junior researchers (postdoctoral fellows)

1546297200 To be announced 0 / 50
K Lausanne Genomics Days 2019 University of Lausanne, Génopode, Auditorium C map

Confirmed speakers:

Stefan Ameres, IMBA in Vienna
Youssef Belkhadir, GMI in Vienna
Laura Florez, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
Elvire Gouze, Institut de Biologie Valrose
Malik Harmit, Fred Hutchinson
Ute Kraemer, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Richard Neher, Biozentrum Basel
Patrik Nosil, CNRS Montpellier
Katie Peichel, UNIBE
Anita Rauch, University of Zurich
Anja Spang, NIOZ, the Netherlands
Quitterie Venot, Institut Necker Enfants Malades, Paris

1549494000 7-8 February 2019 61 / 200 registration
Filmmaking for Scientists (Part II) Neuchâtel

Dr. Samer Angelone, M.A. Film Studies

1551740400 5-6 March 2019 2 / 2
CRISPR Cas9 Neuchâtel

Prof. Anil Wipat, Newcastle University;
Dr. Valeria Verrone, Newcastle University;
One speaker from Switzerland, to be announced

1552345200 12-14 March 2019 0 / 15 joint
S Video-Journalism for Scientists at Vision du Réel (Festival International de Cinéma Nyon) Neuchâtel (4 + 15 April) & Nyon (6 April)

Dr Samer Angelone, M.A. Film Studies

1554328800 4th, 6th and 15th April 2019 0 / 10 joint
Mass spectrometry-based proteomics: Identification, quantification and characterization of protein post-translational modifications University of Lausanne, room will be announced later

Dr Manfredo Quadroni, UNIL
Dr Patrice Waridel, UNIL

1554847200 10-11 April 2019 1 / 25 registration
K / M Students’ Annual Retreat 2019 Crêt-Bérard (VD) map

To be announced

1557352800 9-10 May 2019 0 / 20 registration
Live Long Read Sequencing and Data Analysis Fribourg

3 Swiss speakers to be announced

1557871200 15-17 May 2019 0 / 15 registration
M Advanced Statistics and Programming With R University of Lausanne, Room TBA

Dr Frédéric Schütz, UNIL & SIB

1558303200 20-23 May 2019, 4 days 1 / 6
Organic Programming: Functional Programming Beyond Scripting (an Effective and Practical Approach) University of Geneva

Dr Jose Manuel Nunes, University of Geneva

1559340000 Summer 2019, 5 days 0 / 3 registration
K Gene Regulation Workshop 2019 University of Lausanne, Génopode, Aud. C map

6 speakers to be announced

1567375200 2 September 2019 0 / 120 registration
S Data Management Plan University of Lausanne, Amphipole 321 map

Dr. Vassilios Ioannidis, Vital-IT Competence Center & SIB Technology, SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Dr. Cécile Lebrand, Open Science advocate and information specialist, Bibliothèque Universitaire de Médecine, CHUV

1547679600 17 January 2019 31 / 30