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An Introduction to R


4-7 June 2019


Jérome Goudet, Prof., UNIL


Jérome Goudet, Prof., UNIL


The course is organized in collaboration with the Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Organismal Biology of Neuchâtel (DP-Biol) and the CUSO doctoral programs StarOmics, Ecology & Evolution and Microbial Sciences.



The open source software R ( has revolutionized the statistical data analysis for most bioscience disciplines. The required time to learn the R software is well invested, since the R environment covers an unmatched spectrum of statistical tools including an efficient programming language for automating timeconsuming analysis routines. Due to its popularity, R is continuously updated and extended with the latest analysis tools that are available in the different research fields. The R environment is completely free and runs on all common operating systems.


This course provides an elementary-level introduction into the R environment covering the following topics:

(1) Command syntax, basic functions, (2) Data import/export and data types,
(3) Using R for data mining and statistical analysis,
(4) Introduction to programming in S,
(5) Graphical display,
(6) Usage of R packages and libraries


The attendees will practice their newly learned skills using exercises on the computer. Participants could also bring their own data sets for a first exploratory round.

 Please bring your laptop to the course with the last version of the R software ( installed!


9:00-12:00 and 13:30-17:00

University of Lausanne
Biophore Amphitheater, Biophore building, quartier UNIL-Sorge

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University of Lausanne


Reimbursements for CUSO MPS students

Train ticket, 2°class, half-fare from your institution to the place of the activity.
NO reimbursement for your meal expenses


Regarding reimbursement of accomodation, please contact the coordinator of the doctoral program BEFORE the beginning of the course. NO reimbursement of accomodation without the agreement in advance of the course of the coordinator of the doctoral program.

Reimbursement form attached with original tickets has to be sent to the MPS coordinator Zoia Debora at University of Lausanne, Department of Molecular Plant Biology, Biophore - quartier UNIL-Sorge, 1015 Lausanne.
For any question concerning reimbursement please contact the CUSO MPS coordinator Debora Zoia.


Please register through the CUSO E&E website:


Deadline for registration: 19.05.2019



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