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GWAS and Beyond


26-27 March 2020

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Prof. Sven Bergmann, UNIL
Prof. Olivier Delaneau, UNIL


Prof. Sven Bergmann, UNIL
Prof. Olivier Delaneau, UNIL
Prof. Jacques Fellay, EPFL
Prof. Zoltán Kutalik, UNIL


We will start with a quick introduction to Genome-wide association studies (GWAS), including data generation (genotyping/sequencing/imputation) and study design. After this we'd focus on more advanced topics, including fine-mapping of GWAS signals, Mendelian randomisation, GWAS with molecular traits, such as gene expression, epigenetics and metabolomics data, the mapping of association signal onto genes or pathways, and how association signal at different levels can be integrated.

Participants are expected to have some coding experience (preferably in R and bash) and basic knowledge in statistics.

The course will include both interactive presentations and hands-on sessions where real data will be analysed under our supervision.


Eurotel Victoria, Les Diablerets


Free for PhD students of StarOmics. Please note that a guarantee of 100 CHF will be asked to PhD students of StarOmics. This guarantee will be given back after the workshop.

All other participants: please contact us before to have the conditions



PhD students of StarOmics are eligible for reimbursement of incurred travel expenses by train (half-fare card, and 2nd class). Please send the original tickets (no copies, except for the general pass) with the reimbursement form to:

Corinne Dentan
Centre Intégratif de Génomique
University of Lausanne
Le Génopode
1015 Lausanne


CUSO PhD students: through your MyCUSO account.

External participants (non-CUSO PhD students, post-docs, etc...): use the icon "registration" at top of page and the last gray box "non-CUSO student" ("personne hors myCUSO").



Deadline for registration 29.02.2020
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