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Systems Biology of the Brain


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Simon Sprecher


Prof. Simon Sprecher, UNIFR


To be determined: 6 leading international speakers 6-8 Swiss speakers 2 junior researchers (postdoctoral fellows)


The human brain remains one of the biggest mysteries in natural sciences. The complex network of nerve cells and its large number of unidirctional connections however provides the basis for any form of basic human behaviour to higher cognitive functions. In the recent years, the advent of large-scale analysis techniques and genomic methods profoundly advanced the way we study the brain. Emergence of fields including neuromics, connectomics, neurogenetics and ethomics depict how the «omics-world» has taken a leading role in neuroscience. The two-day course with workshops will give an introductory overview of various aspects of analysis of the nervous systems. Lectures will include large-scale approaches to understand genes, neurons and synaptic connections in the brain. We will provide a broad overview on the evolving fields and reveal solutions of data handling. Moreover various genetic model systems from simple invertebrates such as insects and nematodes to higher mammals will be presented. The goal of the course consists in giving the students an overview into the emerging fields in neurosciences. Thus to provide all basic information of how novl techniques move to border of science and directly impact the approaches of how the complexity brain can be unveiled


To be announced






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