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Dynamics of the reactive electrophile specie malondialdehyde in chloroplasts

Author Emanuel SCHMID
Director of thesis Edward Farmer
Co-director of thesis
Summary of thesis

It has been shown that the reactive lipid peroxidation product malondialdehyde is able to activate in Arabidopsis a set of abiotic and biotic stress related genes .The potential toxicity of MDA, but also its function as a putative signaling molecule, forces the plant to carefully control its formation and concentration and therefore makes it a very interesting molecule. The exact formation and source of MDA in plants is uncertain.

To further investigate MDA turnover we track external added MDA in plants. We use C-14 and 13C-labeled MDA and analyze whether it is incorporated into other molecules. This could help to better understand MDA dynamics in plants and whether it is dangerous or helpful molecule for the plant.

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