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Advanced biostatistics in molecular biology and ecology using R


4-5 October 2021


Ludwig A. Hothorn, Prof., University of Hannover, Germany (retired)
Michael Hothorn, Prof., University of Geneva


Ludwig A. Hothorn, Prof., University of Hannover, Germany (retired)


Advanced Course on Biostatistics organized in seven modules over two days and related exercises (while using advanced R software):

i) Re-organize your xls-data: a 1st but important step of statistical modeling
ii) Case study I: Evaluation of Genève group data: choosing the appropriate test for nay distributed, small sample size data
iii) High-dim data analysis: Principle component analysis of biological data
iv) High-dim data analysis: Cluster analysis and multivariate tests
v) Case study II: Analysis of Lausanne group data: using mixed effect models for hierarchical designs with technical replicated (4 probes on a leave)
vi) Use of compatibility intervals to retire p-values
vii) Case study III: Analysis of a 3-factor biological exp: using interaction contrasts


IMPORTANT! : the participants must be familiar with R.
For Mac-OS users: please check the R-libraries before the course.


Please, bring your notebook with installed RStudio (or related) with you !


Monday, October 4th

9h00-9h10: Welcome & Info9h10-10h00: Re-organizing your xls-data
10h00-10h15: Coffee break
10h15-11h00: Case study I (tests for any distributed, small sample size data)
11h00-12h20: EXERCISE tests for any distribut.

12h20-13h20: Lunch break

13h20-14h30: Principle Component Analysis (PCA)
14h30-15h10: EXERCISE PCA
15h10 -15h30: Coffee break
15h30-16h20: Cluster Analysis
16h20-17h05: Multivariate tests
17h05-17h45: EXERCISE cluster/multivariate t.


Tuesday, October 5th

9h00-10h00: Case study II (Hierarchical design)
10h00-10h15: Coffee break
10h15-11h00: EXERCISE mixed effect model
11h00-12h20: Compatibility intervals

12h20-13h20: Lunch break

13h20-14h50: Case study III (3-factor biological exp)
14h50-15h10: Coffee break
15h10-15h40: EXERCISE for factorial design
15h40-16h00: Debriefing, questions, outlook








15 places available: first come, first served!
Deadline for registration: 2 September 2021



Deadline for registration 02.09.2021
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