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Genome Duplication at the Intersection of Biodiversity and Crop Sciences


Aug 31 - Sept 1, 2023

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Prof.Christian Parisod, UNIFR



Yves van de Peer, Univerity of Ghent, Belgium
Kirsten Bomblies, ETH Zurich, CH
Patrick Edger, Michigan State University, USA
Boulos Chalhoub, French National Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment, France & Agroscope Changins, CH
Christian Parisod, UNIFR, CH


Genome duplication, with or without hybridization, is pervasive and such polyploidy has been associated with the diversification of plants under ecological stresses as well as the domestication of most major crops. Polyploids however show complex genetics and genomics, making their investigation difficult and limiting efficient breeding. With recent developments of sequencing and computational technologies, the time is ripe to understand how gene and genome duplications interact with divergence and selection, and to thus promote translational research from fundamental to crop science. Over two days, this workshop will bring together leading experts in both evolutionary and crop genomics. The main target audience is composed of young scientists in ecology and evolution, molecular plant science and bioinformatics.

Mornings will be devoted to plenary lectures and contributed talks to present methodological challenges and current solutions now enabling to valuably investigate highly redundant genomes. It will show how current -omics approaches can be integrated to shed light on the expression of key traits and their selection in populations of polyploids.

In the afternoon of day 1, participants will be grouped by theme to discuss ca. 90 minutes with a lecturer about main scientific frontiers and technical limitations faced in his/her specific field. Informal discussions will be pursued during a social dinner organized in the evening of day 1.

In the afternoon of day 2, same groups will debate for ca. 60 minutes about a possible roadmap to promote translational research in their theme. Finally, every group will briefly present its outcome, closing the workshop with an overview of current perspectives at the intersection of biodiversity research and crop improvement.


University of Fribourg



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