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Career Compass Workshop


Feb 2023

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Dre Donatella Canella, Life and Transition Coaching, Adliswil, ZH


Dr Donatella Canella, Life and Transition Coaching, Adliswil, ZH
Dr Tatjana Gattwinkel, co-active Life and Transition Coaching, TV editor, reporter


This experiential workshop was designed to help students/postdocs build their career from "inside out". In other words, participants learn to identify their core motivators in life (values, strengths, skills, and vision) and how to use them to design a career path that is aligned with them. The practical tools we provide will help participants navigate the first essential stages of career planning: gaining a clear vision on what motivates them, what they really want, what they can already count on and developing a concrete action plan to take the first steps in that direction.

The main outcomes of this workshop include:

  • Identify what makes you YOU: core values, strengths, skills and more
  • Get the best out of your PhD: understanding what value it brings to your career vision
  • Your PhD+: invest in your interest and talents
  • Your biggest impact in the world: know what environment is right for you
  • Your Work Statement: clarify what gives purpose and energy to your work
  • Create your unique career vision
  • From vision to a concrete action plan
  • What is getting in the way: recognize and overcome self-limiting beliefs and fears
  • Build resilience: turn disappointments/failures into your greatest opportunities

University of Lausanne


Places: 24

  • 8 CUSO E&E
  • 10 CUSO StarOmics
  • 6 CUSO MPS


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