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Data Analysis and Graphing Using GraphPad Prism: An Introduction


April 27-28, 2023

Lang EN Workshop language is English

Dr Romain-Daniel Gosselin, CHUV


Dr Romain-Daniel Gosselin, CHUV


GraphPad Prism is one of the most used software in life sciences for statistical analysis and data presentation. It is a graphical user interface (GUI) that requires no coding or programming skills. The workshop aims at teaching the main functionalities of Prism. The course is structured on a mix of theoretical introduction to fundamental statistical concepts (eg: frequentist inferential statistics, types of variables, types of tests, p-value interpretation, correlation/regression, multiple comparisons), a presentation of related Prism tools and (mostly) illustrative examples to apply and practice the newfound skills. Individual and group practical works will both be used, either under a guided form or as problem-based learning. Beyond the different procedures to implement statistical analyses, the practical exercises will put a particular emphasis on: a sound interpretation of tabular readouts; the many graph options; and caveats about data dredging and p-hacking (that may be facilitated by the ease of use of GIU software)


University of Lausanne



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