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Statistical Exploration and Measurement of Biodiversity With R


Nov 20-21, 2023

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Cleo Bertelsmeier, UNIL
Sébastien Ollier, UNIL
Olivia Bates, UNIL


Sébastien Ollier, UNIL
Olivia Bates, UNIL


Participants will learn the main concepts associated with the measurement of 'diversity' in ecology and evolution. We will explore diversity indexes (richness, Simpson, Shannon, Rao, Entropy) used to evaluate the diversity of communities from functional to phylogenetic ones. We will see how to decompose this diversity in space or time. We will explore ordination methods to visualize pattern of diversity using multivariate methods. We will illustrate these concepts on different examples from multiple fields (ecology of communities, climatic niche studies, traits analysis, landscape genetics). Students will learn how to use the main packages to analyse diversity in R (ade4, adiv, entropart, iNext). They will be trained using case studies coming from literature.

The course will be organized around three sessions:

  • Indexes of diversity: definition and estimation (3h of course and 3h of practice)
  • Decomposition of diversity indexes (3h of course and 3h of practice)
  • Ordination of diversity using multivariate framework (3h of course and 3h of practice)

Basic knowledge of R and statistics is required. Participants must come with their laptops with the last version of R installed


University of Lausanne



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