PhD students

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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
ABRAHAM Leen Nanchira UNINE E-Mail Genome wide dissection of effector gene regulation Daniel Croll 2022
AEBISCHER Thierry UNIFR E-Mail Biodiversity in the heterogeneous landscape of the Central African forest-savanna ecotone; Species richness, abundance, standing variation, local adaptation and its importance in nature conservation. Prof. Daniel Wegmann
ALMEIDA RODRIGUES Marisa UNIFR E-Mail The physiological and metabolic basis of the fecundity/longevity trade-off in Drosophila Thomas Flatt
ÁLVAREZ-OCAÑA Raquel UNIL E-Mail Evolution of Olfactory Pathways in Drosophilids Richard Benton
AMINANMU Maolaaiasha UNIGE E-Mail machine learning, learning with side information Prof. Stéphane Marchand-Maillet
Prof. Alexandros Kalousis
ANCHIERI Lucas UNIL E-Mail Inferring evolutionary parameters from time-serial data Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas
ANJALI Anjali UNIL E-Mail To study the role of Drosophila Insulator Binding proteins
David Gatfield
ARSOVIC Aleksandar UNIGE E-Mail Molecular mechanisms responsible for adipose tissue browning Prof. Mirko Trajkovski
ASCHINGER Caroline UNIFR E-Mail The role of some chromatin remodelers. Prof. Fritz Müller
Dr. Chantal Wicky
AUWERX Chiara UNIL E-Mail Impact of natural genetic diversity Prof. Alexandre Reymond; Prof. Zoltan Kutalik
AVALOS Diana UNIGE E-Mail genetic determinants in chronic immune diseases Pr. Dermitzakis 2023
BAO Mengjing UNIBE E-Mail Function of tyrosination of α-tubulin in regulating microtubule dynamics, and development of the ovary, the embryo and the nervous system of Drosophila. Beat Suter
BATIUK Alina UNIGE E-Mail Post-transcriptional regulation of tubulin quantity Prof. Ivana Gasic
BAUD Gilles UNIL E-Mail Bee gut microbiology. Prof. Philipp Engel
BAYAZIT Bilal UNIL E-Mail non coding RNAs in diabetes Romano Regazzi
BEDENDI Giada UNIGE E-Mail Bioelectrochemical approach for characterisation of Nitrogenase-like Enzyme Dark-Operative Protochlorophyllide Reductase (DPOR) Dr. Ross Dean Milton 2024
BELLAH Hadjer UNINE E-Mail The role of co-infection in the trajectory of plant disease. Dr. Daniel Croll
BENTAHAR Iman UNIL E-Mail The evolution of SNARE proteins Prof. Fasshauer
BÉRARD Melvin UNIL E-Mail Cell-Cell fusion signaling in fission yeast Pr. Sophie Martin
BEYELER Michael UNIL E-Mail Computational Biology, GWAS, neural nets
BINAGHI Marta UNIBE E-Mail Study of Petunia species flower morphology Prof. Dr. Cris Kuhlemeier
BISE Thomas UNIFR E-Mail Molecular mechanisms of retina regeneration in adult zebrafish Anna Jazwinska
BORBOLLA Elena UNIL E-Mail Investigating human C. difficile infection Benoît Guery
Gilbert Greub
BOTOS Marius alexandru UNIBE E-Mail Computational biology Nadia Mercader 2024
BOTTON-AMIOT Gaëlle UNIFR E-Mail Neurogenetics in Nematostella vectensis Pr. Simon Sprecher
BOZZI Davide UNIL E-Mail Ancient metagenomics Ana-Sapfo Malaspinas
BRUNET AVALOS Clarisse UNIFR E-Mail Genetic and Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Photoreceptor Development Prof. Dr. Simon Sprecher
BRUNNER Maxime UNIL E-Mail Single cell in cancer adenomas Federico Santoni
CAMPLI Giulia UNIL E-Mail Domain: arthropods genomics Prof. Robert Waterhouse
CARRARA Alessia UNIL E-Mail Biomarkers of pathogenicity in clinical microbiology Prof. Gilbert Greub
Dr. Claire Bertelli
CHEN Carmen UNIL E-Mail Microbiota and host response in Salmonella Typhimurium infection (MISTIC) Benoit Guery
CHEN Siyu UNIGE E-Mail The control of translation elongation and co-translational events by Not proteins is critical for the appropriate production of mitochondrial proteins Prof. Martine Collart
CHRISTEN Matthias UNIBE E-Mail Animal Genetics Prof. Tosso Leeb
CISMARU Anca Liliana UNIBE E-Mail Genetics of Metamizole-induced Agranulocytosis Dr.Ursula Amstutz fin avril 2020
CITHERLET Tom UNIL E-Mail Cardiovascular benefits of intermittent hypoxic conditioning in healthy elderly subjects Pr. Grégoire Millet 2026
CONDE RUBIO Maria del Carmen UNIL E-Mail Proteolytic landscape in mild stressed cells Prof. Widmann
COPPE Benedetta UNIBE E-Mail Epigenetic inheritance of cardiac regenerative capacity Nadia Mercader Huber
COSTA NEVES FERREIRA DA SILVA Maria UNIL E-Mail microRNA-dependent role of long non-coding RNAs in mouse embryonic stem cells Ana Marques
COTTET DUMOULIN David UNIGE E-Mail Protein biosynthesis within islets Prof. Domenico Bosco
COUZENS Alex UNIGE E-Mail Causative mutations and genetic modifiers of blood clot dysfunction Pr Marguerite Neerman Arbez 2025
CRIBIOLI Elisabetta UNIL E-Mail Exploring Immunometabolic Gene-Engineering Strategies to Enhance T cell Activity Against Solid Tumors Prof George Coukos
Dr Melita Irving
DALL'ANGELO Michela UNIL E-Mail Structural and functional evolution of C2 domain in proteins Dirk Fasshauer
DARROUS Liza UNIL E-Mail Robust Causal Inference Methods to Assess Risk Factors for Common Diseases Zoltán Kutalik 2023
DAS Moushumi UNIBE E-Mail Mechanisms of transcriptional regulation by chromatin compaction Prof Peter Meister Institute of Cell Biology Universität Bern Switzerland
DELFINO Elena UNIGE E-Mail The role of RNA modifications in gene expression control Prof. Ramesh PILLAI
DMITRIEV Arsenii UNIL E-Mail Study of transcription factors in zebrafish Nadine Vastenhouw
DOHNALKOVA Michaela UNIGE E-Mail mRNA cap modifications Ramesh Pillai
DOMMANN Noelle UNIBE E-Mail LIM protein Ajuba promotes tumor cell growth and survival in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Prof. Dr. Deborah Stroka
PD Dr. Marianna Kruithof-de Julio
DONGRE Shivali UNIL E-Mail Study of Maternal to zygotic transition using zebrafish embryos Prof. Nadine Vastenhouw 2025
DORIA Elena UNIGE E-Mail CAMSAP1 binding protein at the spindle microtubules minus ends regulates the plus ends dynamic Patrick Meraldi 2024
DUARTE Fabio UNIL E-Mail Gene Repair for Huntington's Disease
DUARTE AZEVEDO Marcelo UNIL E-Mail Gene therapy for parkinson's disease treatment Liliane Tenenbaum
DUKANOVIC Nina UNIL E-Mail Role of Acot11 in sleep regulation Paul Franken
DUMONT Roxane UNIGE E-Mail Multidimensional evaluation of the COVID19 pandemic on adolescents Prof. Idris Guessous
Prof. Silvia Stringhini
DUMOULIN Ludovic UNIGE E-Mail Analyse theorique de la dynamique du cortex d'actine Prof. Karsten Kruse 2023
DURUZ Jules UNIFR E-Mail Evolution of brain and nervous system development Simon Sprecher
ECHCHIKI Amina UNIL E-Mail The relation between expression patterns and function in amphioxus Marc Robinson-Rechavi 2021
EL ATAB Ola UNIFR E-Mail Molecular function of CAP superfamily members. Roger Schneiter 2022
FAVRE Sébastien UNIFR E-Mail Identification and Characterization of Novel Dedicated Chaperones of Ribosomal Proteins Dr. Dieter Kressler
Prof. Jörn Dengjel
FERNANDEZ Eric Aria UNIL E-Mail The Role of SR proteins on the development of Insulin Resistance and Obesity Prof. Lluis Fajas Coll
FERON Romain UNIL E-Mail Investigating the relationship between sequence conservation and function using multispecies whole genome alignments Robert Waterhouse
FIRNKES Raquel UNIGE E-Mail FKBP10 regulates protein translation to sustain lung cancer growth Prof. Roberto Coppari
FLINOIS Arielle UNIGE E-Mail Cell-cell junctions Sandra Citi
FLORES HORGUE Luis UNIGE E-Mail Olfactory perception in mammals. Ivan Rodriguez
GARCIA Carolina UNIBE E-Mail Mitochondrial respiration and cardiovascular development, repair and regeneration. Prof. Nadia Mercader Huber
Prof. Jose Antonio Enriquez Dominguez
GARCÍA-MARTÍN Ana Belén UNIBE E-Mail Mechanisms of antibiotic resistance and virulence in Brachyspira hyodysenteriae Prof. Dr. Vincent Perreten
Dr. Rémy Bruggmann
GHAHHARI Nastaran UNIGE E-Mail Activity determinants of Estrogen Receptor Prof. Didier Picard
GIANOLIO Stefania UNIBE E-Mail Immobilized enzyme systems in flow biocatalysis Francesca Paradisi
GLAD Hanna UNINE E-Mail Omics of Zymoseptoria tritici Dr. Daniel Croll 2024?
GOBET Nastassia UNIL E-Mail An integrative systems bioinformatics approach of the environmental, genetic, and molecular factors regulating sleep Ioannis Xenarios
Paul Franken
GUIRAUD Laetitia UNIL E-Mail Role of the CREB coactivator CRTC1 in mood disorders and antidepressant response Prof. Jean-René Cardinaux 2021
GUPTA Barkha UNIFR E-Mail Lipid metabolism Roger Schneiter
HÄFLIGER Irene UNIBE E-Mail A comprehensive genetic screen for fertility and rearing success in Swiss cattle breeds Prof. Dr. med. vet. Cord Drögemüller
Dr. Rémy Bruggmann
HEIM Sara UNIL E-Mail Metabolomics/Transcriptomics of clownfish mucus NICOLAS SALAMIN 2022
HINTERMANN Aurélie UNIGE E-Mail Regulation of homeotic genes in vertebrates Denis Duboule
HO Uyen linh UNIL E-Mail Development of a methodology to study suppressor mechanisms in HAP1 cells Jolanda Van Leeuwen
Liliane Michalik
HOFMEISTER Robin UNIL E-Mail Impacts of genetic alterations on molecular phenotypes Olivier Delaneau
Sven Bergmann
HUMBERT CAMPS Ana Margarita UNIFR E-Mail The molecular and genetic basis of learning and forgetting in Drosophila Dr. Simon Sprecher 2022
INCHINGOLO Marta Angela UNIGE E-Mail The impact of mRNA 5' UTR heterogeneity on human proteome Joseph Curran
IPPOLITO DOMENICA UNIFR E-Mail Analysis of the controlled subcellular localization of CMK-1 in C. elegans nociceptor neurons, upon thermal habituation Dominique Glauser
ISMA Jovan UNIL E-Mail Androgen receptor as target of translational significance in CAFs Gian Paolo Dotto
Christian Simon
IVANOVA Daria UNIGE E-Mail Microcephaly, cellular division and genomic stability Dr. Patrick Meraldi 2025
IYER Arvind UNIL E-Mail Genomic and Transcriptomic signatures for cancer evolution. Prof Giovanni Ciriello
JEJINA Aleksandra UNIBE E-Mail Investigating the function of BicDR in Drosophila melanogaster Beat Suter
JIN Chaonan UNIBE E-Mail Mitochondrial dysfunctions in patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) Prof. Dr. med. Jean-François Dufour
Prof. Jordi Gracia
JORDAN Aurore UNIFR E-Mail C. elegans Neurogenetics and Behaviour Prof. Dominique Glauser
KAFLE Tanuj 'tane' UNIL E-Mail The evolution of temperature preference in drosophilids. Roman Arguello
KALBERMATTER Cristina UNIBE E-Mail The role of maternal microbiota in durably shaping intestinal immunity and gene expression in the offspring through epigenetic mechanisms. Prof. Dr. med. Andrew MacPherson
KALDUN Jenifer UNIFR E-Mail Mechanism of Learning and Forgetting Prof. Dr. Simon Sprecher
KASHANI Elham UNIBE E-Mail Role of PP2A phosphatases and miR-19b in DNA damage response and temozolomide resistance of GBM tumours Prof. Dr. Erik Vassella
KATSIOUDI Georgia UNIL E-Mail RNA and circadian rhythms David Gatfield
KHADDAJ Rasha UNIFR E-Mail Liid droplet Biogenesis Roger Schneiter 2020
KIENER Sarah UNIBE E-Mail Genetic analysis of animal genodermatoses Prof. Tosso Leeb
KIESER Silas UNIGE E-Mail Computational approaches for a healthier microbiome Mirko Trajkovski
Evgeny Zdobnov
KOMAROV Nikita UNIFR E-Mail Sensory biology of model organisms Prof. Dr. Simon Sprecher
KRAFT Matthias UNIBE - Investigation of the immunology and genetics of equine recurrent airway obstruction and defence against nematodes using NGS. Dr. Vidya Jagannathan
Prof. Dr. Vinzenz Gerber
KRASNYKOV Kyrylo UNIGE E-Mail Single-cell genomics, NGS and bioinformatics Ramesh Pillai
KUHN Thierry UNINE E-Mail Modelling and experimental investigation of microbial interactions and dispersal Dr. Xiang-Yi Li
Prof. Redouan Bshary
LAGO SOLIS Blanca UNIGE E-Mail Non-cell-autonomous circadian regulation of brain function in Drosophila Emi Nagoshi
LEYTENS Alexandre UNIFR E-Mail Proteomics Prof. Jörn Dengjel 2025
LI Lingyun UNIGE E-Mail RNA modification and regulation Ramesh PILLAI
MAIER Georgiana Larisa UNIFR E-Mail Sensory processing in Drosophila larvae Simon G. Sprecher
MAJIDIAN Sina UNIL E-Mail comparative genomics Christophe Dessimoz
MARIANO Vittoria UNIL E-Mail Shared Molecular Mechanism in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Schizophrenia Prof. Claudia Bagni
MARQUES Filipe UNIFR E-Mail Develop a "forward optogenetic" pipeline to generalize the screening of neuro-modulators Dominique Glauser 2019
MARQUIS Bastian UNIL E-Mail Microbiology, Intracellular bacteria, Chlamydiae Prof. Greub
MARTINI Tomaz UNIFR E-Mail Astroclock and mood Urs Albrecht
MAYERE Chloé UNIGE E-Mail Single Cell transcriptomic analysis of gonadal differentiation Serge NEF
MAZEPA Glib UNIL E-Mail Evolution of hybridogenesis in the Pelophylax water frogs Nicolas Perrin
MEDINA Jessica UNIL E-Mail Metabolomics Julijana Ivanisevic
MENDEL Mateusz UNIGE E-Mail Molecular mechanisms of small RNA-guided DNA methylation in the mammalian germline
MENDEZ GODOY Alfonso UNIFR E-Mail Ribosome biogenesis Dr. Dieter Kessler
Prof. Claudio de Virgilio Prof. Jörn DengJel
MEURS Romane UNIL E-Mail Mechanisms of translational regulation in the circadian clock and beyond. Dr. David Gatfield 2023-2024
MEURVILLE Marie-Pierre UNIFR E-Mail Evolution of Social Fluids Adria LeBoeuf
MONOD Vinciane UNINE E-Mail Grapevine trunk disease Daniel Croll 2023
MOOR Julia UNIBE E-Mail Resistome in the pig farms: Comparison of the breeding and fattening units with a One Health approach PD Dr. Markus Hilty (Institute for Infectious Diseases)
Anne Oppliger (IST Lausanne)
MÜHLEMATTER Christophe UNIFR E-Mail Diet and antibiotics: Their effect on sleep regulation in infants through interactions with the gut microbiota Salome Kurth
MUKHERJEE Mohana UNIBE E-Mail Immunology Prof. Siegfried Hapfelmeier
NASSIRNIA Sedreh UNIL E-Mail Quality aspects of metagenomics in clinical diagnostics (Implementing new diagnostic method for the lab) Prof. Gilbert Greub / Dr. Claire Berteli Lombardo
NGUYEN Thi Tham UNIL E-Mail The potential role of HTATIP2 as a tumor suppressor in Gliomablastoma Prof. Monika Hegi
NOIRETERRE Audrey UNIGE E-Mail Repair of DNA-protein crosslinks in the yeast S. cerevisiae - Regulatory role of the cullin Rtt101 Prof. Françoise Stutz
NOTTER DIAS Matheus UNIBE E-Mail Phd in Immunology Siegfried Hapflemeier Hektor
OGGENFUSS Ursula UNINE E-Mail Population dynamics of transposable elements in a fungal plant pathogen Professor Daniel Croll
OJAVEE Sven erik UNIL E-Mail Bayesian analysis of time-to-diagnosis, with application in large genotype-phenotype datasets
ORINE Dimitri UNINE E-Mail Effect of eco-climatic adaptation of tomato and microbes on resistance-induction. Prof. Dr. Sergio Rasmann
OZDEMIR Isa UNIGE E-Mail Transgenerational chromatin defects in H3.3K27M mutants in C. elegans Florian Steiner 2024
PAPANASTASI Eirini UNIL E-Mail Molecular mechanisms in skin cancer
PATXOT BERTRAN Marion UNIL E-Mail The Genetic Basis of Common Complex Diseases Prof. Zoltán Kutalik
Prof. Matthew Robinson
PERNA Amalia UNIFR E-Mail Genome-wide analysis of novel Notch targets in memory processing and neurodegeneration. Jean-Marie Annoni
Lavinia Alberi
PETRETTO Emanuele UNIFR E-Mail Characterization of nanoparticle-membrane interaction via molecular dynamics simulation
PETZOLD Tim UNIGE E-Mail Understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling hematopoiesis in zebrafish Pr. Julien BERTRAND
PFENNINGER Petra UNIFR E-Mail Prof. Jens Stein
Jun Abe
PICHON Vivien UNIFR E-Mail Research of a probiotic cure to potato late blight. Laure Weisskopf
Laurent Falquet (unifr) brice Dupuis (Agroscope)
PROSEE Reinier UNIGE E-Mail CENP-A regulation in the C. elegans germline. Prof. Florian Steiner
RAFIQI Umara Nissar UNIBE E-Mail DESI-MS Imaging Prof. Aurel Perren
Prof. Jean-François Dufour
RAHBAN Rita UNIGE E-Mail Effects of antidepressant drugs on human sperm fertilizing capacities and semen quality of young Swiss men Serge Nef 2019
REGIO Sara UNIL E-Mail Gene editing Prof. Nicole Déglon
REVEL Maxime UNIGE E-Mail Transcriptional interference as a regulation mechanism of the expression of abd-A Emi Nagoshi
Robert Maeda
RICHARD Viviane UNIGE E-Mail Multidimensional impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children Pr Silvia Stringhini 2024
RODER Thomas UNIBE E-Mail Polyfermenthealth Rémy Bruggmann (
Guy Vergères ( Andrew J Macpherson (
RODRIGUEZ CRESPO David UNIFR E-Mail Germ line gene regulation by chromatin remodelling during meiosis in Caenorhabditis elegant Dr. Chantal Wicky
ROSSIER Victor UNIL E-Mail Scaling up orthology inference Christophe Dessimoz
Marc Robinson-Rechavi
RUSSO Barbara UNIGE E-Mail Inflammation and fibrosis Prof. Carlo Chizzolini 2020
RUZZANTE Livio UNIL E-Mail Evolutionary-Functional Genomics for an Enhanced Resolution of Arthropod Gene Function Robert Waterhouse
RYSER Lorenz UNIBE E-Mail Characterization of antibacterial activity of lactic acid bacteria Dr. Rémy Bruggmann
Dr. Stefan Irmler
SADLER Marie UNIL E-Mail Integrating causal molecular networks with high throughput drug-response data to facilitate drug repositioning Prof. Zoltan Kutalik
SAMARKINA Anastasia UNIL E-Mail Molecular Determinants of Melanoma Progression Prof. Gian Paolo Dotto 2023
SANZ MOREJON Andres UNIBE E-Mail Epigenetic marks involved in zebrafish heart regeneration. DR. NADIA MERCADER HUBER (University of Bern)
DR. CHRISTIAN MOSIMANN (University of Zurich)
SARAROLS Pauline UNIGE E-Mail Study of sex determination in mammals thanks to Single Cell Sequencing Pr Serge NEF (Unige)
Pr Emmanouil DERMITZAKIS (Unige/SIB)
SARO Gabriella UNIFR E-Mail New imaging tools for real-time monitoring of the C. elegans CaMK-CREB pathway in vivo Dominique Glauser
SCANDELLA Valentina UNIL E-Mail Metabolic regulation of adult neural stem cells Marlen Knobloch
Julijana Ivanisevic
SCHÄREN Olivier UNIBE E-Mail PhD in Immunology: In-vivo study of protective intestinal long-term colonization with microbiota-syntrophic strains of Salmonella typhimurium and Citrobacter rodentium Prof. Dr. Siegfried Hapfelmeier
PD Dr. phil. nat. Philippe Krebs
SCHLICHTA Flávia UNIBE E-Mail Effect of genetic surfing on the neutral and functional genomic diversity of modern and ancient genomes Laurent Excoffier 2024
SEGOVIA CAMPOS Inés UNIGE E-Mail Investigating the potential of intracellular mineral inclusions (micropearls) in microorganisms as a novel bioremediation method. Daniel Ariztegui
Montserrat Filella Karl Perron
SEMENOVA Anastasiia UNIL E-Mail Unbiased screening of factors important for gene insulation Maria Cristina Gambetta
Jean-Yves Roignant
SERULLA Marc UNIL E-Mail Mechanism of TAT-RasGAP317-326-induced cell death. Christian Widmann
SEUBNOOCH Patcharamon UNIBE E-Mail MSI on Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
SGAMMEGLIA Noemi UNIFR E-Mail Learning and Forgetting molecular mechanisms in adult Drosophila Simon Sprecher
SINGH Nikhil UNINE E-Mail Genetic basis of host-pathogen interaction Prof. Daniel Croll
SIVA SANKAR Devanarayanan UNIFR E-Mail Autophagy Prof Joern Dengjel
SONMEZ FLITMAN Reyhan UNIL E-Mail Genome Wide Association Analysis Prof. Sven Bergmann 2020
SRINIVASAN Sriraksha UNIFR E-Mail Molecular dynamics studies of lipid transport proteins at membrane contact sites Prof. Dr. Stefano Vanni
STALDER Luzia UNINE E-Mail The functional ecology of plant microbiome interactions between Pseudomonas bacteria and the fungal wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici Daniel Croll
Monika Maurhofer
SUAREZ Paola UNIL E-Mail ASD biomarkers in early childhood Prof. Nadia Chabane
PhD. Anne Maillard
SULC Jonathan UNIL E-Mail Genetic subtypes of obesity Zoltán Kutalik
Bogdan Draganski
TANCREDI Alessandro UNIL E-Mail Epigenetic therapy in Glioblastoma Prof. Monika Hegi 2022
TANDON Disha UNIBE E-Mail Investigating the intestinal pathogen-microbiota-host interactions that are protective against infection Prof. Dr. Siegfried Hapfelmeier
TEIMURI Shohreh UNIBE E-Mail cell biology Beat Suter
TEIXEIRA DE SOUSA COELHO DA MOTA Bárbara UNIL E-Mail Ancient DNA and gene expression Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas Olivier Delaneau
TETTAMANTI Maria UNIGE E-Mail Effect of intramembrane tension on TORC1 activity in yeast Robbie Loewith
THAPLIYAL Saurabh UNIFR E-Mail Behavioral state dependent plasticity in C. elegans Prof. Dominique Glauser
TOMASONI Mattia UNIL E-Mail GWAS, metabolomics Sven Bergmann
TRICKOVIC Matija UNIGE E-Mail Microbiota and metabolic health Prof. Mirko Trajkovski, UNIGE
Prof. Evgeny Zdobnov, UNIGE
TROFIMENKO Evgeniya UNIL E-Mail Deciphering the mechanisms regulating cell-permeable peptide entry into cells Prof. Christian Widmann 2020
UGOLINI Martino UNIL E-Mail Transcriptional regulation in Zygotic Genome Activation of Zebrafish
VALENCIA ALARCÓN Eva Paulina UNIGE E-Mail Investigating the molecular pathway and potential neuroprotective role of Nato3 in dopaminergic neurons Prof. Emi Nagoshi 2024
VARRONE Marco UNIL E-Mail Studying tumor heterogeneity using spatial omics
VATS Amritansh UNIFR E-Mail Social control of larval development and colony development in ants Adria LeBoeuf
VU Bich UNIFR E-Mail Biochemistry Jörn Dengjel
WANG Bihan UNIL E-Mail The function of Chromator and Putzig in TAD formation and gene insulation Maria Cristina Gambetta
Richard Benton
WEHRLI Lydia UNIGE E-Mail The impact of pharmaceutical compounds on sperm fertilizing capacities Prof. Serge Nef
WENDA Joanna UNIGE E-Mail Organization of centromeric chromatin in Caenorhabditis elegans Florian Steiner
WENDRICH Katrin UNIFR E-Mail Effect of clock genes on sleep and sleep homeostasis Prof. Urs Albrecht
Prof. Jörn Dengjel
WERTENBROEK Rick UNIL E-Mail Power Efficient Hardware Acceleration of Genomic Algorithms Prof. Olivier Delaneau
Prof. Yann Thoma Prof. Ioannis Xenarios
WIDMER Sarah UNIBE E-Mail Animal Genetics Prof. Dr. med. vet. Cord Drögemüller
WISSMANN Stefanie UNIFR E-Mail Analysis of tissue-specific T-cell surveillance Prof. Dr. Jens Volker Stein
WÜTHRICH Tsering UNIBE E-Mail Molecular characterization of the upper airway microbiome in children with cystic fibrosis: the significance of a changing oropharyngeal microbiota and bacterial strain persistence for disease progression Hilty Markus
To be determined
ZABIEGALOV Oleksandr UNIL E-Mail “Derivation of retinal organoids with improved number and structure of Müller glia generated from human and mouse pluripotent stem cells” Domain of stem cell biology, developmental biology, neurobiology. Prof. Yvan Arsenijevic, PhD
Corinne Kostic, PhD, MER
ZAGATTI MARINA UNIGE E-Mail Characterization of Not1-Containing Assemblysomes Martine Collart
ZONI Valeria UNIFR E-Mail Structural characterisation of intracellular lipid droplets using MD simulations Stefano Vanni
ZOUAGHI Yassine UNIL E-Mail Genetics of Congenital Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism Nelly Pitteloud
Federico Santoni