PhD students

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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
ABDELRAHMAN Ola UNIFR E-Mail Actinomycetes and their metabolites as fungicide alternatives Prof. Laure Weisskopf
ALFONSO Esteban UNIL E-Mail Effects of insect eggs on the protection of plants against pathogens infection Philippe Reymond
ALIAGA FANDINO Ana cecilia UNIL E-Mail Brassinosteroid and phloem Christian Hardtke
ANAND Abhishek UNIFR E-Mail Molecular mechanisms underlying the inhibition of Phytophthora infestans by Pseudomonas strains Prof. Laure Weisskopf, Department of BIology, University of Fribourg
AUGUSTIN Sebastian UNIL E-Mail Molecular mechanisms of receptor kinases in cell wall signaling and remodeling Prof. Julia Santiago
BAUTZMANN Robin UNIBE E-Mail Identifying factors for improvement of amino acid uptake and usage
BELLAH Hadjer UNINE E-Mail The role of co-infection in the trajectory of plant disease. Dr. Daniel Croll
BERGMANN Johannes UNIFR E-Mail Plant inspired surfaces Dr. Ullrich Steiner
BOUBAKRI Abdelbasset UNIBE E-Mail Effect of herbivory on plant reproductive sucess Dr. Christelle Aurélie Maud Robert 2021
BOURGINE Baptiste UNIL E-Mail Plant biology : Analysis for the heat-shock signalling pathway in plants and of the molecular mechnisms of HSP (Heat shock Protein) chaperones Pierre Goloubinoff
BRECHET Marion UNIL E-Mail Perception of insect eggs by plant receptors Pr. Philippe Reymond
BUI Xuan Thai UNINE E-Mail Molecular and Cell Biology Prof. Joop Vermeer
CAGGÌA Veronica UNIBE E-Mail Arsenic, benzoxazinoids and herbicides: chemical soil-plant feedbacks in multi-trophic health Prof. Dr. Matthias Erb
Prof. Dr. Klaus Schläppi
CHEN Min UNIFR E-Mail The role of VAPYRIN in physcomitrella patens Didier Reinhardt
COBB Geoffrey UNIL E-Mail Mechanisms underlying the functional diversification of the PHYTOCHROME INTERACTING FACTOR genes in Arabidopsis (provisional) Christian Fankhauser
COLLOMBAT Joy UNINE E-Mail Physiological and molecular functions of ABC1K1 kinase during early development of Arabidopsis thaliana. Pr Felix Kessler
Dr Paolo Longoni
CORNELIS Salves UNIFR E-Mail CLE peptides - unraveling the functions in root growth and adaptations Hazak Ora
DE GIORGI Julien UNIGE E-Mail Control of Seed germination The role of the seed coat for embryo's development Luis Lopez-Molina
DE JESUS VIEIRA TEIXEIRA Cristovao UNINE E-Mail The conservation of the cell-type-specific communication during lateral root formation from in Brachypodium distachyon. Professor Dr Joop Vermeer 2023
DIAZ ARDILA Harold nicholay UNIL E-Mail Mécanismes moléculaires dans la différentiation du phloème Prof. Christian Hardtke
DOAN Van cong UNIBE E-Mail Climate change and Biological control by entomopathogenic nematodes: From impact assessment to genetically defined solutions Prof. Dr. Matthias Erb
Dr. Christelle A. M. Robert
DURSUN NAZLI MERVE UNIFR E-Mail Analysis of lipid transport mechanism during AM symbiosis Prof. Dr. Didier Reinhardt
EROGLU Cagla UNIL E-Mail Plant-plant interactions Prof. Niko Geldner
FARAHANI ZAYAS Nasim UNIL E-Mail Molecular Plant Sciences and Plant - Microbe Interactions Christiane Nawrath
FARKAS Peter UNIGE E-Mail Vitamine B biofortification in rice Professor Teresa B. Fitzpatrick
FERNANDEZ MARTIN Angel UNIL E-Mail Identification of plant immunity inhibitors in the oral secretions of Lepidopteran insects using Arabidopis and maize as model plant species. Philippe Reymond
Matthias Erb
FOROUGH Maryam UNINE E-Mail Plant hormone- dependent import of proteins in to chloroplasts Prof. Dr. Felix Kessler
FOTOUHI Nikou UNIL E-Mail Photopercetion and long distance wound signalling in Arabidopsis Prof. Edward E. Farmer
GERMANIER Fanny UNIFR E-Mail Plant-microbe interactions Prof. Laure Weisskopf
GFELLER Valentin UNIBE E-Mail Secondary metabolite mediated plant-soil feedbacks and their effects on health Prof. Matthias Erb
GUERAULT Aurore UNIL E-Mail Characterization of genes involved in the formation and function of the plants cuticle Christiane Nawrath
HIMMIGHOFEN Paul anton UNIBE E-Mail Effect of entomopathogenic nematodes on plant defence: Mechanisms and implications for multitrophic interactions Dr. Christelle A. M. Robert
HSIEH Yi-Fang UNIL E-Mail Characterization of EXS domain in Arabidopsis
HYVÄRINEN Lena UNIGE E-Mail Control of seed germination and post-embryonnic growth Prof. Luis Lopez-Molina
INCE Yetkin UNIL E-Mail Role of Phytochrome-Interacting Factors in Shade Avoidance Syndrome Christian Fankhauser
JACQUIER Léa UNIGE E-Mail Plant nutrition and development - Plasmodesmata Marie Barberon
JAMES Sarah UNINE E-Mail Microbial-based stabilization of chlorinated iron artefacts Edith Joseph
KHUVUNG Khopeno UNIFR E-Mail plant micro interaction Reinhardt Didier, Prof.
KOH WEE HAN Samuel UNIL E-Mail Hunting for specificity in protophloem development Christian Hardtke
LAURENT Florian UNIGE E-Mail Catabolism of inositol pyrophosphates and its impact on signalling pathways in Arabidopsis thaliana Prof. Michael Hothorn
LIU Jie UNIFR E-Mail plant auxin transport
LOPEZ VAZQUEZ Ana UNIL E-Mail Molecular signalling triggering plant phototropic response Christian Fankhauser
MAMIN Marine UNINE E-Mail Chemical signaling in cotton plants Prof. Ted Turlings 2023/2024
MICHE Sébastien UNIGE E-Mail Diversity of rhizobia nodulating Lotus corniculatus in fields of Switzerland Dr. Xavier Perret 2023
MINEIRO Maria UNIL E-Mail The molecular defense pathway in plants after oviposition Pr. Philippe Reymond
MORADI Aboubakr UNIFR - Revisiting chitinases and β-1,3-glucanases as tools for plant protection Prof. Felix Mauch
Department of Biology Chemin du Musée 10 CH-1700 Fribourg Switzerland
OUADI Sonia UNINE E-Mail Characterization of domesticated clove (Syzygium aromaticum) and comparison to related species Prof. Dr. Felix Kessler
Dr. Nikolai Ivanov
PENG Haoran UNIGE E-Mail Identification of novel epigenetic regulators that repress the mobility of transposable elements in plants Roman Ulm
Etienne Bucher
PESQUERA ALONSO Marta UNIGE E-Mail Vitamin B1 metabolism Teresa Fitzpatrick
PICHON Vivien UNIFR E-Mail Research of a probiotic cure to potato late blight. Laure Weisskopf
Laurent Falquet (unifr) brice Dupuis (Agroscope)
PODOLEC Roman UNIGE E-Mail UV-B-Induced Photomorphogenesis Prof. Roman Ulm
RANA Surbhi UNIL E-Mail Root development in Arabidopsis Prof. Christian Hardtke
REBEAUD Mathieu UNIL E-Mail Structure-function analysis of disaggregating chaperones in yeast Prof. Pierre Goloubinoff
ROMAN Andra-Octavia UNIL E-Mail Molecular insights on cell wall signaling and communication Julia Santiago
SATTARI VAYGHAN Hamed UNINE E-Mail “Dynamics of the Light Harvesting Complex network”. Paolo Longoni
Felix Kesler
SCHRÖDER Jens UNIBE E-Mail Arabadipsis epigenetics
SILVA GUTIERREZ Federico Anggelo Octavio UNIBE E-Mail Host service of root microbiomes in arabidopsis plants Prof. Dr. Matthias Erb
Dr. Klaus Schlaeppi
STEENSMA Priscille UNIGE E-Mail Vitamin B6 salvage pathway Prof. Teresa Fitzpatrick
STURM Kristina UNIGE E-Mail Phosphate signalling in plants Prof. Michael Hothorn
THÖNEN Lisa UNIBE E-Mail Functioning of plant microbiomes in multi-trophic health Prof. Dr. Matthias Erb
Dr. Klaus Schläppi
TIROT Louis UNIBE E-Mail Characterization of novel regulators of DNA methylation during reproduction in Arabidopsis thaliana. Pauline Jullien
VETAL Pallavi UNIL E-Mail The study of localization of PHO1 in Arabidopsis thaliana. Prof. Yves Poirier
WAGNON Timothée UNIGE E-Mail UV-B perception and response in plants Pr Roman ULM 2025
WINTER Zsófia UNINE E-Mail The role of cellular communication during organ formation Prof. Joop Vermeer
YANG Tsu-Hao UNIL E-Mail The initiation of wounding signal in Arabidopsis Prof. Edward Farmer
ZITA Wayne UNINE E-Mail Role of plastoglobules in photosynthesis Pr. Félix KESSLER