PhD students

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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
ABDELRAHMAN Ola UNIFR E-Mail Actinomycetes and their metabolites as fungicide alternatives Prof. Laure Weisskopf
ALIAGA FANDINO Ana cecilia UNIL E-Mail Brassinosteroid and phloem Christian Hardtke
ALTERMATT Kathrin UNINE E-Mail Crops under biotic and abiotic threats: What do they tell us, how can we help them Prof. Ted Turlings and Prof. Gregory Röder 2026
ANAND Abhishek UNIFR E-Mail Molecular mechanisms underlying the inhibition of Phytophthora infestans by Pseudomonas strains Prof. Laure Weisskopf, Department of BIology, University of Fribourg 2021/2022
BALLABANI Gent UNINE E-Mail Remodeling of protein import mechanism under stress and hormone treatment in Chloroplast early developmental stages Prof. Felix Kessler
Dr. Shanmungabalaji Ventakasalam
BAUTZMANN Robin UNIBE E-Mail Effects of microplastic and organic nitrogen on plant growth and development Prof. Doris Rentsch, IPS, UniBE, phil. nat. Fakultät
Prof. Zerihun Tadele, IPS, UniBE, phil. nat. Fakultät
BELLAH Hadjer UNINE E-Mail The role of co-infection in the trajectory of plant disease. Dr. Daniel Croll 31.10.2022
BELLANI Etienne UNIL E-Mail Analysis of suberization molecular mechanisms in A.thaliana Niko Geldner 2026
BERG Lea UNIBE E-Mail Generation of a transcriptomic leaf cell atlas of the model plant Brachypodium distachyon Prof. Michael Raissig
BERGMANN Johannes UNIFR E-Mail Plant inspired surfaces Dr. Ullrich Steiner
BOSS Anja UNIBE E-Mail Engineering bacterial symbionts to improve the biological control of an important agricultural pest Prof. Dr. Matthias Erb (University of Bern)
Dr. Ricardo Machado (University of Neuchatel)
BOUZIRI Sami UNIL E-Mail Understanding the mechanisms of phosphate cycle regulation in Laccaria Bicolor Prof. Yves Poirier
BRECHET Marion UNIL E-Mail Perception and signaling of phosphatidylcholines from insect eggs by Arabidopsis Pr. Philippe Reymond
BRESSOUD Ségolène UNINE E-Mail Plant Physiology x Molecular Biology KESSLER Felix
BUI Xuan Thai UNINE E-Mail Molecular and Cell Biology Prof. Joop Vermeer 2025
CAGGÌA Veronica UNIBE E-Mail Arsenic, benzoxazinoids and herbicides: chemical soil-plant feedbacks in multi-trophic health Prof. Dr. Matthias Erb
Prof. Dr. Klaus Schläppi
CAPITAO Maria UNIGE E-Mail Suberin function and regulation in the endodermis Marie Barberon
CAREGNATO Alberto UNIGE E-Mail Plant leucine-rich receptor kinases M. Hothorn
COBB Geoffrey UNIL E-Mail Mechanisms underlying the functional diversification of the PHYTOCHROME INTERACTING FACTOR genes in Arabidopsis (provisional) Christian Fankhauser
CORNELIS Salves UNIFR E-Mail CLE peptides - unraveling the functions in root growth and adaptations Hazak Ora
DE JESUS VIEIRA TEIXEIRA Cristovao UNINE E-Mail The conservation of the cell-type-specific communication during lateral root formation from in Brachypodium distachyon. Professor Dr Joop Vermeer 2023
DIAZ ARDILA Harold nicholay UNIL E-Mail Mécanismes moléculaires dans la différentiation du phloème Prof. Christian Hardtke
DURSUN NAZLI MERVE UNIFR E-Mail Analysis of lipid transport mechanism during AM symbiosis Prof. Dr. Didier Reinhardt
EROGLU Cagla UNIL E-Mail Plant-plant interactions Prof. Niko Geldner
FARAHANI ZAYAS Nasim UNIL E-Mail Molecular Plant Sciences and Plant - Microbe Interactions Christiane Nawrath 2023
FARKAS Peter UNIGE E-Mail The role of PIPY in vitamin B6 homeostasis and carbon nitrogen balance in plants. Professor Teresa B. Fitzpatrick
FOROUGH Maryam UNINE E-Mail Plant hormone- dependent import of proteins in to chloroplasts Prof. Dr. Felix Kessler
GERMANIER Fanny UNIFR E-Mail Plant-microbe interactions Prof. Laure Weisskopf
GFELLER Valentin UNIBE E-Mail Secondary metabolite mediated plant-soil feedbacks and their effects on health Prof. Matthias Erb 2022
GLAUS Anna UNIL E-Mail Role of transcription factors in tomato architecture Prof. Dr. Sebastian Soyk 2025
GONZÁLEZ GAARSLEV Natalia UNIL E-Mail Investigating natural genetic variation and transcriptome dynamics shaping inflorescence architecture in tomato
GUERAULT Aurore UNIL E-Mail Characterization of genes involved in the formation and function of the plants cuticle Christiane Nawrath
HIMMIGHOFEN Paul anton UNIBE E-Mail Effect of entomopathogenic nematodes on plant defence: Mechanisms and implications for multitrophic interactions Dr. Christelle A. M. Robert
HYVÄRINEN Lena UNIGE E-Mail Temperature regulation of apoplastic barriers in Arabidopsis seeds controls seed dormancy Prof. Luis Lopez-Molina
IACOBINI Francesca Romana UNIFR E-Mail ABCB1 activity sensor Markus Geisler
INCE Yetkin UNIL E-Mail Role of Phytochrome-Interacting Factors in Shade Avoidance Syndrome Christian Fankhauser
JACQUIER Léa UNIGE E-Mail Plant nutrition and development - Plasmodesmata Marie Barberon
JAMES Sarah UNINE E-Mail Microbial-based stabilization of chlorinated iron artefacts Edith Joseph
KHUVUNG Khopeno UNIFR E-Mail plant micro interaction Reinhardt Didier, Prof.
KISHIMOTO Kanoko UNIGE E-Mail Understanding the role of DELAY OF GERMINATION (DOG1) to control flower development in the Arabidopsis thaliana accession Cape Verde Island (Cvi) Prof. Dr. Luis Lopez-Molina 4th year
KULKARNI Rucha UNIGE E-Mail Optogenetic tool based on UV-B signaling Prof. Dr. Roman Ulm
LACKMANN Maria UNIGE E-Mail Vitamin B1 metabolism in plants Prof. Teresa Fitzpatrick
LAND Lara UNIGE E-Mail Dissecting the role and mechanisms of vitamin B1 in aspects of metabolic homeostasis Prof. Teresa B. Fitzpatrick 2025
LAURENT Florian UNIGE E-Mail Catabolism of inositol pyrophosphates and its impact on signalling pathways in Arabidopsis thaliana Prof. Michael Hothorn
LOPEZ ORTIZ Maria Estefania UNIGE E-Mail Epigenetic stress memory and TEs stress induction in Fragaria vesca Etienne Bucher (Agroscope) Roman Ulm (University of Geneve)
LOPEZ VAZQUEZ Ana UNIL E-Mail Molecular signalling triggering plant phototropic response Christian Fankhauser
LUNA MORALES Ana María UNIL E-Mail Mechanical heterogeneities in plant vascular development Mateusz Majda
MAMIN Marine UNINE E-Mail Chemical signaling in cotton plants Prof. Ted Turlings 2023/2024
MICHE Sébastien UNIGE E-Mail Phylogenomics of plants and nitrogen-fixing microsymbionts for regional biodiversity assessment in Switzerland Prof. Roman Ulm
Dr. Mathieu Perret
2024 or 2025
MINEIRO Maria UNIL E-Mail The molecular defense pathway in plants after oviposition Pr. Philippe Reymond
MUTHERT Lucius UNIL E-Mail Early phototropic signalling in Arabidopsis hypocotyls. Professor Christian Fankhauser 2026
NICOLET Jade UNIL E-Mail Investigation of the role of the putative protease LOTR1 in Casparian Strip formation Niko Geldner
OUADI Sonia UNINE E-Mail Characterization of domesticated clove (Syzygium aromaticum) and comparison to related species Prof. Dr. Felix Kessler
Dr. Nikolai Ivanov
PANG Jia UNIL E-Mail Research about root-microbe interactions Niko Geldner
PENG Haoran UNIGE E-Mail Identification of novel epigenetic regulators that repress the mobility of transposable elements in plants Roman Ulm
Etienne Bucher
PICHON Vivien UNIFR E-Mail Research of a probiotic cure to potato late blight. Laure Weisskopf
Laurent Falquet (unifr) brice Dupuis (Agroscope)
QUAN Yifat UNIL E-Mail Role of ABCG transporter in the formation of tomato cuticle Dr. Christiane Nawrath 2026
RAISIN Axelle UNIFR E-Mail How does Medicago truncatula select against Sinorhizobium meliloti inefficient strains in its nodules? Prof.Didier Reinhardt.
RUCHE Mathilde UNIGE E-Mail A comparative study of anatomy and micro-morphology of moss peristome among the Dicranales, in order to potentially resolve deep-rooted taxonomic problems within this group. Michelle J. Price
Fred W. Stauffer
SATTARI VAYGHAN Hamed UNINE E-Mail “Dynamics of the Light Harvesting Complex network”. Dr,Fiamma Longoni
Prof,Felix Kesler
STURM Kristina UNIGE E-Mail Phosphate signalling in plants Prof. Michael Hothorn
TETTAMANTI Emanuele UNIL E-Mail Abscission signaling in arabidopsis thaliana Julia Santiago Cuellar
THÖNEN Lisa UNIBE E-Mail Functioning of plant microbiomes in multi-trophic health Prof. Dr. Matthias Erb
Dr. Klaus Schläppi
TSERING Tashi UNIFR E-Mail Regulation of auxin transport by HSP90 Dr. Markus Geisler 2024
VERDECIA MOGENA Arletys m UNIBE E-Mail “Role of entomopathogenic nematode microbiome onto tritrophic interactions between maize, herbivore larvae and nematodes” Dr. Christelle Robert
VETAL Pallavi UNIL E-Mail The study of localization of PHO1 in Arabidopsis thaliana. Prof. Yves Poirier
WINTER Zsófia UNINE E-Mail The role of cellular communication during organ formation Prof. Joop Vermeer
XIA Jian UNIFR E-Mail Dissecting a dual substrate specificity on the ABC transporter ABCG36/PDR8/PEN3 Markus Geisler
Stefanie Ranf Michal Jasinski
YANG Tsu-Hao UNIL E-Mail The initiation of wounding signal in Arabidopsis Prof. Edward Farmer
ZHANG Hang UNIL E-Mail Protophloem development in Arabidopsis
Hardtke Christian, Prof., UNIL
ZITA Wayne UNINE E-Mail Role of plastoglobules in photosynthesis Pr. Félix KESSLER