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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
Alassimone Julien UNIL E-Mail Molecular dissection of Arabidopsis thaliana endodermis development, structure and function. Niko Geldner
Edward Farmer
Arias Maldonado Monica Alexandra UNINE E-Mail Deciphering Toc159 regulation: an  approach to identify the kinases and proteases involved Felix Kessler
Arongaus Adriana Beatriz UNIGE E-Mail --- Prof. Roman ULM
Aryal Bibek UNIFR E-Mail phytohormones PD Dr. Markus Geisler
Babu Ambrin Farizah UNIBE E-Mail Functioning of soil microbiomes in multi-trophic health Prof Dr Klaus Schläppi
Balmer Dirk UNINE E-Mail Analysis of above- and belowground systemic resistance in Zea mays Brigitte Mauch-Mani 2013
Balmer-Pena Andrea UNINE E-Mail β-aminobutyric acid (BABA) –induced resistance in Arabidopsis against biotic and abiotic stress Dr. Brigitte Mauch-Mani
Bapaume Laure UNIFR E-Mail The PAM1 gene of petunia, required for intracellular accommodation and morphogenesis of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi Didier Reinhardt
Ben Rejeb Ines UNINE E-Mail Morphological,ecophysiological and molecular study of tomato under drowgt and salt stress Brigitte Mauch-Mani
Berhin Alice UNIL E-Mail Study of cuticle formation in Arabidopsis and its role in plant development Dr. Christiane Nawrath, MER
Binkert Melanie UNIGE E-Mail UV-B induced photomorphogenesis Prof. Roman Ulm
Bollig Christine UNIBE E-Mail Summer drought effects on grassland Prof. Dr. Urs Feller
Bonnet Christelle UNIL E-Mail Transcriptome analysis of Brassica nigra in response to a combination of a biotic and abiotic stresses. Dr. Philippe Reymond, MER
Bont Zoe UNIBE E-Mail Latex secondary metabolites as determinants of root-herbivore foraging in nature Matthias Erb
Boycheva Svetlana UNIGE E-Mail Metabolism of vitamin B6 in Arabidopsis thaliana Prof. Teresa Fitzpatrick
Branciard Lorelise UNIFR E-Mail Functionnal analysis of RxLR5 effector from Phytophthora brassicae Felix Mauch
Breda Alice UNIL E-Mail Characterization of the role of brx suppressor genes in phloem development Prof.Christian Hardtke 2018
Brüssow Friederike UNIL E-Mail Plant responses to insect oviposition Philippe Reymond
Cano Angela UNIGE E-Mail Historical assembly of the richest palm (Arecaceae) lineages evolving in Mesoamerica Daniel Jeanmonod
Cariti Federica UNIGE E-Mail Light regulation of photosynthetic electron transfer. Prof. Michel Goldschmidt-Clermont
Cattaneo Pietro UNIL E-Mail developmental cell biology of the BRX pathway in hormonal regulation and root stem cell regeneration Prof. C. Hardtke
Caze Ana UNIBE E-Mail AN2 gene in Calibrachoa species Prof. C. Kuhlemeier
Cherni Ala Eddine UNIGE E-Mail Probing the diversity of nitrogen-fixing micro-symbionts of fenugreek and chickpea in soil of north Tunisia Xavier Perret
Colinas Maite UNIGE E-Mail Vitamin B6 salvage pathway Prof. Teresa Fitzpatrick
Dapp Melanie UNIGE E-Mail Inheritance of DNA methylation and phenotypic consequences in Arabidopsis. Jerzy Paszkowski
de Lange Elvira UNINE E-Mail On the origin of indirect defenses: The function of volatiles in maize, teosinte and eastern gamagrass Ted C.J. Turlings
Deb Yamini UNIBE E-Mail Contribution of tissue layers to plant patterning Prof. Cris Kuhlemeier
Prof. Martin Frenz
Deslandes Gabriel UNIFR E-Mail Biological action of vitamin E in plants Dr. Laurent Mène-Saffrané
Di Donato Martin UNIFR E-Mail regulation of TWD1 - a plant immunophilin involved in polar auxin transport PD Dr. Markus Geisler
Douchi Damien UNIGE E-Mail ---
Dubey Olga UNIL E-Mail Where does the lipid oxidation takes place in lipid boday and what are its roles. E.E. Farmer
Elejalde Carolina UNIL E-Mail Functional analysis of the cuticular transporter ABCG32 in tomato. Christiane Nawrath
Fahr Noemie UNINE E-Mail Involvement of ubiquitin and RMR receptors in vacuolar targeting in plants Jean-Marc Neuhaus
Fossou Kouakou Romain UNIGE E-Mail Identification and testing of indigenous elite rhizobial strains to improve Cajanus cajan yields in Ivory Coast. Dr. Xavier Perret
Freihart Michaela UNIBE E-Mail Transport and metabolism of di- and tripeptides in Arabidopsis thaliana – Identifying regulators by forward genetics – Prof. Dr. D. Rentsch 2014
Fudge Jared UNIGE E-Mail Vitamin B1 and B6 metabolism in plants Teresa Fitzpatrick
Garnier Lucie UNIGE E-Mail Systematics, species delimitation and conservation in a Madagascar endemic genus of Sapotaceae. Mikael Hothorn
Yamama Naciri
Garroum Imene UNIL E-Mail PEC1 function in cuticle biosythesis Christiane Nawrath
Gaubert Hervé UNIGE E-Mail --- Pr Jerzy Paszkowski
Geiser Céline UNINE E-Mail Not yet determined Dr. Christian Parisod
Not yet determined
González Besteiro Marina Alejandra UNIGE E-Mail MAP kinases in UV-B signaling Roman Ulm
Groux Raphaël UNIL E-Mail Molecular mechanisms of insect egg induced hypersensitive response in Arabidopsis Philippe Reymond
Guenot Bernadette UNIBE E-Mail --- Prof. Dr. Cris Kuhlemeier
Gujas Bojan UNIL E-Mail --- Prof. C. Hardtke
Guyer Anouk Sabina UNIBE E-Mail Interactive effects of climate change on belowground tritrophic interactiond Prof. Matthias Erb
HAO Pengchao UNIFR E-Mail Phosphorylation analysis of ABCB transporters PD Dr. M. Geisler
Hilfiker Olivier UNIL E-Mail Philippe Reymond
Hofmann Manuel UNIGE E-Mail Thiamine metabolism Prof. Teresa Fitzpatrick
Hohmann Ulrich UNIGE E-Mail Mechanistic insights into ligand binding and receptor activation of plant leucine-rich repeat receptor kinases. Dr. Michael Hothorn
Hornitschek Patricia UNIL E-Mail Study of bHLH transcription factors in light signaling Christian Fankhauser
Hristova Emilia UNIBAS E-Mail plant epigenetic Prof. Thomas Boller
Dr. Etienne Bucher
Huynh Stella UNINE E-Mail Comparative phylogeography of wild wheat and their inhabiting transposable elements Dr. François Felber
Pr. Jacob Koella
Kalmbach Lothar UNIL E-Mail Endodermal Polarity and Membrane Domain Establishment in Arabidopsis Prof. Niko Geldner
Kebede Dejene Girma UNIBE E-Mail NGS based genomic analysis of tef and other species in the genus Eragrostis Prof. Dr. Cris Kuhlemeier, Dr Zerihun Tadele
To be decided
Keim Sarah UNIL E-Mail
Khan Ghazanfar UNIL E-Mail Role of the PHO1 gene family members in plant development Prof. Yves Poirier
Kohnen Markus UNIL E-Mail Tissue specific gene regulation during shade avoidance in Arabidopsis thaliana Christian Fankhauser
Ioannis Xenarios
Le Roux Delphine UNIL E-Mail Unraveling the function of ABCG32 in Arabidopsis and in tomato Christiane Nawrath
Lenglet Aurore UNIL E-Mail Jasmonate pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana E.E Farmer
Lorenzo-Orts Laura UNIGE E-Mail Characterisation of inorganic polyphosphate metabolism in Arabidopsis thaliana Professor Michael Hothorn
Martin Charlotte UNINE E-Mail Are healthy cereals safe cereals ? Brigitte Mauch Manu (UNINE)
Fabio Mascher (AGROSCOPE)
Martinis Jacopo UNINE E-Mail Functional characterization of three ABC1-like kinases found in the plastoglobule proteome Prof. Felix Kessler
Masson Amandine UNIL E-Mail Arabidopsis root development Dr Hardtke
Mateus Ivan UNIL E-Mail Role of host and fungal intra-species genetic variability in the symbiosis between the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus "Rhizophagus irregularis" and cassava (Manihot esculenta) Ian Sanders 2016 (date précise inconnue)
Mattoo Rayees UNIL E-Mail ---
Meryll Martin UNINE E-Mail ---
Michaud Olivier UNIL E-Mail Phenotyping of Arabidopsis using a laser-scanning approach. Plant phenotyping, plant organ modeling. Pr Ioannis Xenarios
Pr Christian Fankhauser
Soutenance : 20.07.2018
Moccand Cyril UNIGE E-Mail Functional characterization of proteins involved in vitamin B6 biosynthesis Teresa Fitzpatrick
Prof. Eilika Weber-Ban (ETHZ) Prof. Didier Picard (Unige)
Montandon Cyrille UNINE E-Mail Studies on the role of an LRR protein in chloroplast protein import, in A. thaliana Pr. Félix Kessler
Montpetit Jonatan UNIL E-Mail Prof. Yves Poirier
Mosca Gabriella UNIBE - --- Prof. C. Kuhlemeier
Moser Michel UNIBE E-Mail Next generation sequencing approach to unravel floral differences in the genus Petunia Prof. Dr. Cris Kuhlmeier
Dr. Rémy Bruggmann
Mousavi Seyed Ali Reza UNIL E-Mail --- Prof. Edward E. Farmer
Dr Stephan kallenberger
Munusamy Ashok UNINE E-Mail Discovering the function of acidic domain of Toc159 Felix Kessler
christain Hardtke
Nouri Eva UNIFR E-Mail Genetic, nutritional and hormonal regulation of Petunia hybrida-Glomus intraradices symbiosis Dr. Didier Reinhard
Pellaud Sébastien UNIFR E-Mail Regulation of vitamin E accumulation in A. thaliana Laurent Mène-Saffrané
Pfister Alexandre UNIL E-Mail Role of a LRR Receptor-like kinase in the establishment of a functional root endodermal barrier Niko Geldner
Planchamp Chantal UNINE E-Mail --- Brigitte Mauch-Mani
Ramundo Silvia UNIGE E-Mail Conditional knock-down of essential chloroplast encoded-genes Jean david Rochaix
RICH Mélanie UNIFR E-Mail Analysis of mutants affected in development of arbuscular mycorrhiza Didier Reinhardt
Riché Alexis UNIGE E-Mail Role of phosphorylations of the core proteins of the photosystem II in light acclimation Michel Goldschmidt-Clermont
Robert Christelle UNINE E-Mail Plant optimal defense against a root herbivore optimal foraging Ted Turlings
Matthias Erb Claudia Zwahlen
Rojas Murcia Nelson UNIL E-Mail Identification of the synthetic machinery of lignin production in the endodermis. Prof. Niko Geldner
Rottet Sarah UNINE E-Mail NAP13 and NAP14, two Non-intrinsic ABC Proteins: Implication in lipid transport between thylakoids and plastoglobules? Prof.Felix Kessler
Sanaa Ayachi UNINE E-Mail Functionnal Characterization of RMR family protein in Physcomitrella patens Jean-Marc Neuhaus
sankar martial UNIL E-Mail Mathematical model of the hormonal crosstalk in the root apical mersitem. Prof. Christian Hardtke
Prof. Ioannis Xenarios
Santuari Luca UNIL E-Mail Systems Biology of Plants Christian Hardtke
Schmid Emanuel UNIL E-Mail Dynamics of the reactive electrophile specie malondialdehyde in chloroplasts Edward Farmer
Schmiesing Andre UNIL E-Mail Recognition of insect eggs in Arabidopsis Dr. Philippe Reymond
Schumacher Paolo UNIL E-Mail Blue-light induced phosphorylation of PKS4 negatively regulates phototropism Christian Fankhauser
Schweizer Fabian UNIL E-Mail Transcription factors involved in defense against herbivores in Arabidopsis Philippe Reymond
Sheehan Hester UNIBE E-Mail Isolating and characterising a transcriptional regulator of flavonol synthase in Petunia axillaris Prof. Cris Kuhlemeier
To be decided
Skvortsova Mariya UNIGE E-Mail UV-B signalling and photomorphogenesis Roman Ulm
Spicher Livia UNINE E-Mail The role of alpha-tocopherol in the protection of tomato plants against abiotic stress Felix KESSLER 2017
Sun Yan UNIFR E-Mail --- -
SZELES LAJOS UNIGE E-Mail DC reprogramming
TAVRIDOU ELENI UNIGE E-Mail UV-B perception and signalling in plants Roman Ulm
Tomczynska Iga UNIFR E-Mail Conserved effectors of Phytophthora: their role in the infection process prof. Felix Mauch
toprak zeynep UNIGE E-Mail Species delimitation and Phylogenetic Relationships in Silene Sect. Atocion and Cryptoneurae
Unay Jovelyn UNIGE E-Mail Towards a synthetic minimal replicon for symbiotic nitrogen fixation Dr. Xavier Perret
van der Schuren Alja UNIL E-Mail Research on Brachypodium root development C.S. Hardtke
van't Hof Pieter UNIFR E-Mail Functional analysis of RxLR effectors in the interaction of the oomycete pathogen Phytophthora brassicae with Arabidopsis Prof. Felix Mauch
Venkatasalam Shanmugabalaji UNINE E-Mail Functional characterization of new plastoglobule protein and application in molecular Farming Prof. Felix Kessler
Prof. Stefan Hörtensteiner (Univ. Zurich) Prof. Sacha Baginsky (Martin.Luther-Unversity) Prof. J-M. Neuhaus (Univ. Neuchâtel).
Weber Alain UNIBE E-Mail Mechanical modeling of growing plant cells Prof. Dr. Richard Smith
Prof. Dr. Thomas Wihler
Wild Rebekka UNIGE E-Mail Structural and functional characterization of eukaryotic SPX domains acting as molecular phosphate sensors Prof. Michael Hothorn
Yarahmadov Tural UNIBE E-Mail Molecular ecology of plant-pollinator interactions in Petunia Dr. Cris Kuhlemeier
Zhu Jinsheng UNIFR E-Mail TWISTED DWARF1 regulates auxin transport in Arabidopsis
Zimmerli Celine UNIL E-Mail Role of the phosphate exporter PHO1 in stomatal movements Yves Poirier