PhD students

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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
ABATE Maria valentina UNIGE E-Mail Differentiation dynamics and functional characterization of mouse pancreatic islet cell-types Pedro Louis Herrera
Albelda Berenguer Magdalena UNINE E-Mail Development and evaluation of a biotechnological protocol for the conservation of archaeological waterlogged wood Prof. Edith Joseph
Prof. Pilar Junier
ALINE Real UNIGE E-Mail Functional characterization of non coding mutations in chronic lymphocytic leukemia Prof Emmanouil Dermitzakis
Prof Joerg Seebach
Anand Abhishek UNIFR E-Mail Molecular mechanisms underlying the inhibition of Phytophthora infestans by Pseudomonas strains Prof. Laure Weisskopf, Department of BIology, University of Fribourg
Anchimiuk Anna UNIL E-Mail DNA organization, dynamics and repair Stephan Gruber
Aruanno Marion UNIL E-Mail Study of Aspergillus fumigatus mecanisms of resistance to Azoles and Echinocandins Dominique Sanglard
Asgari Fatemeh UNIL E-Mail The role of PTX3 in sepsis.
ASLAM Ibtisam UNIGE E-Mail Accelerated Cardiac and Renal MRI Pr. Jean-Paul VALLEE
AUBRY Christèle UNIL E-Mail Biology of chlamydia: Nanomotion and effectors Gilbert Greub
AYADI Imen UNIGE E-Mail intracellular killing in phagocytic cells Pr Cosson
Balestra Aurélia UNIGE E-Mail Calcium signalling in malaria parasites
Barbier Içvara UNIL E-Mail Gene regulatory network for pattern regulation Pr. Yolanda Schaerli
BARNOUD Coline UNIGE E-Mail Circadian rhythm and Immune system Prof. Christoph Scheiermann
Bastida Ruiz Daniel UNIGE E-Mail Role of GRP78 in trophoblastic cell fusion.
Bayramova Firuza UNIL E-Mail Cell division mechanism and regulation of the Chlamydia-related pathogen Waddlia chondrophila Gilbert Greub
BELLAH Hadjer UNINE E-Mail The role of microbial interactions in wheat disease. Dr. Daniel Croll
BELLAMECHE Fares UNINE E-Mail Induced resistance in wheat Dr. Brigitte Mauch-Mani, University of Neuchâtel
Dr. Fabio Mascher, Agroscope Changins.
BEN CHAABENE Rouaa UNIGE E-Mail Parasitology/ Toxoplsma gondii Dominique Soldati Favre
Ben Jeddou Fatma UNIGE E-Mail Dendrimer and bicyclic antimicrobial peptides against multidrug resistant Gram-negative bacteria
BERWEILER Vincent UNIGE E-Mail The relationship between early gut colonization and development of adipose tissue browning Mirko Trajkovski 2023
Blandenier Quentin UNINE E-Mail Biogeography and macroecology of testate amoeba following a metagenomics approach Enrique Lara
Edward Mitchell
Bock Florian UNIL E-Mail SMC Biochemistry Dr. Stephan Gruber
BOMPADRE Olimpia UNIGE E-Mail Epigenetic engineering in development
BONINI Fabien UNIGE E-Mail Cryogel-assisted cell therapy for brain tissue reconstruction BRASCHLER THOMAS
Bosmani Cristina UNIGE E-Mail Study of host cell defenses against a Mycobacterium marinum infection in Dictyostelium Thierry Soldati
BREGNARD Danaé UNINE E-Mail Endobacteria in fungi Pr. Pilar Junier
BREJNDAL Kamilla ankær UNIGE E-Mail Microbiology Patrick Viollier 2023
Brochet Silvia UNIL E-Mail The honey bee gut microbiota Philipp Engel
BUFFI Matteo UNINE E-Mail Electrical signalling in filamentous fungi / Recovery of precious metals from sewage sludge Pilar Junier
Saskia Bindshelder
Buvelot Hélène UNIGE E-Mail The role pf phagocyte NADPH oxidase in the defense against S. aureus Krause
CASINI Laurent UNIL E-Mail Epigenetic cell-cycle regulator study in Caulobacter crescentus Dr. Justine Collier MER1
Chai Tiancong UNIL E-Mail Molecular microbiology Justine Collier
Chonova Teofana UNIGE E-Mail Effects of mercury on phytoplankton
COLAKOGLU Melis UNIGE E-Mail The effect of microbiota on obesity Prof.Mirko Trajkovski 2023
Cordeiro Filipe Ines UNIGE E-Mail The influence of microbiota on viral infections Prof. Caroline Tapparel
CORONA RAMIREZ Andrea UNINE E-Mail Spore biodiveristy in the environment Prof. Dr. Pilar Junier 2022
Costafrolaz Jordan UNIGE E-Mail Interplay between beta-lactam antibiotics and the polarity of Caulobacter crescentus Professor Patrick Viollier. MIMOL department in CMU. Geneva
Courrier Alexis UNIGE E-Mail Functions and interactions of MDA5 WT and Loss-of-Function mutants upon viral infections prof. Dominique GARCIN
Cristinelli Sara UNIL E-Mail Exploration of the Epitranscriptomic landscape of HIV infected cells Dre Angela Ciuffi
DE BAKKER Vincent UNIL E-Mail Systems biology approaches to unravel pathogenic bacterial phenotypes Jan-Willem Veening 2024
DE RIDDER David UNIGE E-Mail Spatial epidemiology
Delaby Marie UNIGE E-Mail Control of cell cycle transcription in Caulobacter crescentus Pr Patrick Viollier
Pr François Karch
Delarze Eric UNIL E-Mail Identification of mediators of antifungal tolerance in C. albicans Dominique Sanglard
Delaune Vaihere UNIGE E-Mail Immune monitoring and modulation in pancreatic islet transplantation
DI MARTINO Rita UNIL E-Mail Disentangling the interactions within a four-species bacterial community Dr. Sara Mitri
Prof. Jan Willem Veening
DI NEZIO Francesco UNIGE E-Mail Bioconvection-mediated microbial ecophysiology in aquatic systems: multi-scale dynamics in the chemocline of meromictic Lake Cadagno Prof. Michael Hothorn
Prof. Dr. Mauro Tonolla
Dogga Sunil Kumar UNIGE E-Mail Role of Palmitoyl Acyl Transferases (PATs) in the lytic cycle of Toxoplasma gondii Prof. Dominique Soldati-Favre
DOLICKA Dobrochna UNIGE E-Mail RNA biology and liver cancer
DOS SANTOS PACHECO Nicolas UNIGE E-Mail Molecular Biology - Parasitology
Dreier Matthias UNINE E-Mail Quantitative characterization of the microbiota in raw milk cheese by high-throughput qPCR. Pilar Junier
DUBATH Céline UNIL E-Mail Change of intestinal microbiota induced by psychotropic drugs and influence on metabolic parameters Chin Eap
Dubey Manupriyam UNIL E-Mail Design and systems biology of functional microbial landscape Prof. Jan Roelof Van der Meer
DUCKERT Clément UNINE E-Mail Protist taxonomy, evolution, biogeography and ecology Edward Mitchell 2021
EL CHAZLI Yassine UNIL E-Mail Microbial interactions in the honey bee gut Pr. Philipp Engel 2022
Emery Olivier UNIL E-Mail Interactions between the gut gammaproteobacterium Frischella perrara and its host the honey bee (Apis mellifera) Philipp Engel
ESTOPPEY Aislinn UNINE E-Mail Oxalotrophy as a biocontrol strategy Prof. Pilar Junier 2022
Fatton Mathilda UNINE E-Mail Kurthia gibsonii and evolution of sporulation Prof. Pilar Junier 2022
FREITAS MONTEIRO Marta UNIGE E-Mail Regulation of innate immune cell function by Fc-gamma receptor engagement Jörg D. Seebach
Gisella Puga Yung,
GDANIEC Bartosz Gerard UNIGE E-Mail Identification of killing mechanism of Staphylococcus aureus by Pseudomonas aeruginosa wspF mutant Prof. Christian van Delden
Dr. Thilo Köhler
GUAN Ziyu UNIGE E-Mail Using the algae to improve the fresh water quality
HAFNER Nicolas UNIGE E-Mail Synthetic Reactivation of Epigenetically Silenced Genes in Disease
Hammoudi Pierre-Mehdi UNIGE E-Mail Role of an aspartyl protease in maturation and trafficking of secreted proteins in Toxoplasma gondii Key words: Parasitology, Microbiology Dr. Dominique Soldati-Favre
Dr. Luis Lopez-Molina
2017 (started in September 2013)
Hashmi Isha UNINE E-Mail Screening of PGPR endospore forming bacteria and interaction with soil fungi: role for plant growth. 1-Dr. Pillar Junier
Saskia Bindschelder
Heilig Rosalie UNIL E-Mail Inflammasome formation and cell death Prof. Petr Broz
HENRY Christopher UNIGE E-Mail Calcium fluxes at ER-PM membrane contact sites
Hilty Markus UNIBE E-Mail
Humbert Marion UNIGE E-Mail Regulation of peripheral T cell responses by modulating unconventional MHCII-mediated antigen presenting cell functions Pr. Stéphanie Hugues
HUMMEL Daniel UNIGE E-Mail The role of SH3 domains in yeast endocytosis Marko Kaksonen
IDRIS Tahir UNIGE E-Mail Differentiation and innate defense of the respiratory epithelium Professeur Marc CHANSON
IGLESIAS Laura UNIGE E-Mail Sp5, a newly identified evolutionarily conserved repressor of Wnt signaling Brigitte Galliot
Ilgaz Ilke UNIGE E-Mail Immunoregulation
JAGER Nienke UNIL E-Mail Single cell analysis of filamentation in budding yeast S. Pelet 2023
Kallert Sandra UNIGE E-Mail --- Prof. Daniel Pinschewer
Kesnerova Lucie UNIL E-Mail Honey bee gut microbiota Philipp Engel
Koenig Isabelle UNINE E-Mail Impact of a stress on the Eukaryots network in soil Prof Edward Mitchell
Dr Claire le Bayon
Kooli Wafa M. UNINE E-Mail Development and evaluation of bacteriological method for the stabilization of archaeological iron Pr Pilar JUNIER
KOPELYANSKIY Dmitry UNIL E-Mail Innate immune response to LRV1-bearing Leishmania gyuanensis parasites Prof. Nicolas Fasel 2020
Kowalski Camille UNIGE E-Mail Role of lymphatic endothelial cells in autoimmunity
Krishnan Aarti UNIGE E-Mail Metabolic Networks governing Toxoplasma gondii Persistence and Transmission Prof. Dominique Soldati-Favre
Laffite Amandine UNIGE E-Mail Impact of hospital and urban effluents on the dissemination of micro-pollutant in aquatic systems Dr. John Poté
Prof. Vera Slaveykova
LÄNGST Emmanuel UNIL E-Mail Biochemical pathways in stored red blood cells PD Dr Michel Prudent
Pr Jean-Daniel Tissot
Laumay Floriane UNIGE E-Mail Functional analysis of acquired phagic genes involved in the pathogenesis and the virulence of ST398 Staphylococcus aureus strains Patrice François (PhD, PD)
Jacques Schrenzel (MD, Prof)
LE GUENNEC Maeva UNIGE E-Mail Biology - Image Processing Pr Paul Guichard
Dr. Virgnie Hamel
Le Roux-Bourdieu Morgan UNIGE E-Mail Cellular Biology & Mitosis
LI Jizhou UNIL E-Mail Study of drug resistance in Candida auris
Li Xiaoyun UNIL E-Mail target glutamine to reprogram tumor associated macrophages
LINDNER Karina UNIGE E-Mail Targeting the APRIL molecule by antibody-based therapeutic approaches for the treatment of B lymphomas Thomas Matthes
Bertrand Huard
Ljiljana Mihajlovic UNIL E-Mail Evolution of duplicated genes Prof. Yolanda Schaerli DMF, UNIL
Prof. Jan Roelof van der Meer DMF, UNIL
Locatelli Manon UNIGE E-Mail Tissue engineering Prof. Krause
Prof. Martinou
Lohberger Andrea UNINE E-Mail --- Prof. Pilar Junier
LOPES João UNIGE E-Mail Effects of Imprinting of Influenza A infections in adult microbiota Mirco Schmolke 2023
Losa Geremia UNINE E-Mail Metal biorecovery from industrial waste through bacterial-fungal interactions Pilar Junier
Saskia Binschedler
LUCZKOWSKA Karolina UNIGE E-Mail Glutamate dehydrogenase and the hyperammonemia in HI/HA syndrome: Study on the contribution by the liver thesis director: Pierre Maechler 2020/2021
Luraschi Amanda UNIL E-Mail Whole genome and sex-related transcriptomics of the pathogeni fungus Pneumocystis jirovecii within human lungs Philippe Hauser
LYKOSKOUFIS Nikolaos UNIGE E-Mail Identifying non-coding mutations in cancer Emmanouil Dermitzakis 2024
Magalhães Bárbara UNIL E-Mail Evaluation of Next Generation Sequencing for the epidemiological investigation of nosocomial pathogens Dominique Blanc
MANTZOUKI EVANTHIA UNIGE E-Mail Cyanobacteria dynamics under eutrophication and climate change Bastiaan Ibelings (
Marle Pierre UNIGE E-Mail Title provisional "The role of hydrological connectivity in shaping the relationship between physico-chemistry, ecotoxicology and biological diversity in a large river floodplain" Emmanuel Castella
Martischang Romain UNIGE E-Mail Infection control and prevention Stephan Harbarth
Jacques Schrenzel
McCallin Shawna UNIL E-Mail The Rational Evaluation of Phage Therapy Philippe Moreillon
MICHE Sébastien UNIGE E-Mail Diversity of rhizobia nodulating Lotus corniculatus in fields of Switzerland Dr. Xavier Perret 2023
Monachon Mathilde UNINE E-Mail Analyses and characterization of the treatment - Artificial degradation of wood samples to study biological treatment to extract iron and sulfur from waterlogged wood Edith Joseph
Moreno Silvia UNIL E-Mail Environmental Activity of bacteria degrading aromatic pollutants. Jan R.van der Meer
Moritz Roxane UNIL E-Mail Environmental regulation of integrative and conjugative element (ICE) in Pseudomonas Jan Roelof van der Meer
MOTTET Manon UNIGE E-Mail Single-cell dynamics of host pathogen interactions Thierry Soldati
NYONDA MARY UNIGE E-Mail Liver stage metabolism of Plasmodium berghei parasites Prof. Dominique Soldati-Favre
Prof. Volker Heussler
Oechslin Noémie UNIL E-Mail Investigation of the Hepatitis E Virus Life Cycle Prof. Darius Moradpour
PD Dr. Jérôme Gouttenoire
Özel Duygan Birge UNIL E-Mail New biodegradation tests for chemical compounds in low environmental relevant concentrations Jan Roelof van der Meer
Palmieri Fabio UNINE E-Mail Oxalotrophy as a therapeutic alternative for the control of fungal pathogens Prof. Pilar Junier
Paul Christophe UNINE E-Mail Validation of the application of using endospores for paleoecological studies. Professor Pilar Junier
PEREZ FRANCES Marta UNIGE E-Mail Exploring the identity and plasticity potential of the elusive pancreatic polypeptide-producing γ-cells Pedro Luis Herrera
Piccardi Philippe UNIL E-Mail Evolution of social interactions within a synthetic microbial community Sara Mitri
Jan van der Meer
Raykov Lyudmil UNIGE E-Mail D. dictyostelium intrinsic immunity Thierry Soldati
Regli Ivo UNIL E-Mail Early sensing of parasites by Toll-like receptor 7 in neutrophils is essential for the control of cutaneous leishmaniasis.
ROMANENS Lou UNIGE E-Mail Impact of menopause on triple negative breast cancer in BRCA1 mutation carriers Intidhar Labidi Galy
Patrick Meraldi
Royston Léna UNIGE E-Mail Genetic determinants of phenotypic differences between rhinoviruses and enteroviruses Pr Caroline Tapparel
Rusiecka Olga UNIGE E-Mail Panx1 role in ischemia/reperfusion syndrome Brenda Kwak
sansone andrea UNIGE E-Mail host interactors with PB1-F2 Mirco Schmolke
SARTORI Ambra UNIGE E-Mail Human genomics/bioinformatics
SAVE Jonathan UNIBE E-Mail Treatment of S. aureus infective endocarditis in a rat model by phage therapy Pr Yok Ai Que
Dr Grégory Resch
Scherler Aurélie UNIL E-Mail Enlarged chlamydial reticulate bodies: triggers and biomedical importance Prof. Gilbert Greub
Scherz Valentin UNIL E-Mail Individuals discrimination through metagenomic salivary analysis Prof Gilbert Greub, Institut de Microbiologie du CHUV, Rue du Bugnon 48 1011 Lausanne Novembre 2020
Schmidt Konstantin UNIL E-Mail Analysing host-microbe and interbacterial interactions in the honey bee Prof. Dr. Philipp Engel (Department of fundamental Microbiology, Faculty of Biology and Medicine, Biophore)
SCURCI Ilaria UNIGE E-Mail Study of CCR5 pharmacology and cell biology by using chemokine analogs with potent anti-HIV activity
SEPIOL Aleksandra UNIGE E-Mail The role of NOX4 in the wound healing process
SHKARINA Kateryna UNIL E-Mail Development of optogenetic toolbox to control inflammasome pathway Prof. Dr. Petr Broz 2020
SOMERVILLE Vincent UNIL E-Mail Compositional and functional characterisation of cheese starter cultures Philipp Engel 2021
STEIB Emmanuelle UNIGE E-Mail Towards the molecular characterisation of the centrioles Y-shaped linker P.Guichard
Subbanna Sujatha UNIGE E-Mail Role of ribosomes associated chaperones in the interaction between Not5 or Not2 with exosome subunits. Prof. Martine Collart
Prof.Martin Collart
Synefiaridou Dimitra UNIL E-Mail Determining the minimal genome required for pneumococcal virulence Jan-Willem Veening
TABONI Anna UNIGE E-Mail Arterial baroreflexes in dynamic conditions in humans
Tavares Diogo UNIL E-Mail Changing the specificity of Escherichia coli periplasmic binding protein RbsB from ribose towards 1,3-cyclohexanediol and cyclohexanol Jan Roelof van der Meer
Terrettaz Céline UNIL E-Mail from January 2014, general field: supression of plant diseases by beneficial soil bacteria (precised thesis topic to be defined) currently: Justine Collier from January 2014: Christoph Keel
Théroude Charlotte UNIL E-Mail ILCs in sepsis
TINGUELY Camille UNIFR E-Mail Medical microbiology
Tollance Axel UNIGE E-Mail Physiology of muscle stem cells Maud Frieden
TRACHSEL Emilie UNIL E-Mail Identification of tolerance factors in Candida albicans Dominique Sanglard
Tseligka Eirini UNIGE E-Mail Microbiology and Molecular Medicine Prof.Caroline Tapparel-Vu
VALLET Simon UNIGE E-Mail Bacteriology and antibiotics
Vazquez Nunez Roberto Jareth UNIL E-Mail Smc Biochemistry Dr. Stephan Gruber
Vouga Manon UNIL E-Mail Simkania, a new pathogen associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes Dr. David Baud Prof. Gilbert Greub
Vucicevic Andrea UNIL E-Mail Transfer competence, a bistable process induced by integrative and conjugative elements in bacteria
Prof. Dr. Jan Roelof van der Meer
WALSER Dylan UNIGE E-Mail No thesis i am secretary for the doctoral school
WANG Chen UNIGE E-Mail Circadian and cancer Christoph Scheiermann
Watkins Stephan Lloyd UNIBE E-Mail Computational, Cellular and Biochemical analysis of non-haptin Adverse Drug Interactions Dr. Werner J. Pichler, MD Department RIA, Inselspital University of Bern
PD Dr. Torsten Ochsenreiter Department of Cell Biology Universtiy of Bern
WENGER Alexander UNIFR E-Mail Influence of naturally occurring Pediococcus ssp. on the quality of fermented foods Prof. Laure Weisskopf, University Freiburg & Dr. Stefan Irmler, Agroscope, Liebefeld 2021