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workshop Introduction to Python 1


1 Teacher of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

1620597600 10.-12.05. 2021 5 / 5
Workshop An Introduction to R – 1 University of Lausanne

Prof. Jérôme Goudet, UNIL

1623016800 7-10 juin 2021 0 / 6 joint
Workshop Peer Reviewing in Natural- and Life Sciences: From Submission to Retraction


Markus Geisler, Dr., Lecturer, University of Fribourg

1623362400 11 & 18 June 2021 0 / 20 joint
Villars Meeting 2021: Advances in Epigenetic and Epigenomics Villars-sur-Ollons

8 invited speakers

1623535200 New date! Update will follow! 0 / 40
workshop Geomicrobiology 2021 Université de Neuchâtel or online

Dr Karim Benzerara
Dr Magnus Ivarsson (deep-biosphere fungi)

1623621600 14. + 15. 06. 2021 10 / 12 registration
field course Field course at Lake Cadagno Alpine Biology Center, Piora Ticino

Prof. Mauro Tonolla, UNIGE, SUPSI Dr. Nicola Storelli, SUPSI Mr. Samuele Roman, SUPSI et Alpine Biology Center Foundation Dr. Matthieu Bueche, UNINE Dr. Damien Bouffard, ETH EAWAG MSc. Oscar Sepulveda-Steiner EPFL Dr. Anupam Sengupta University of Luxembourg Dr. Francesco Danza University of Luxembourg

1625090400 Juillet 2021, tba 0 / 12
Metabarcoding Pipeline Building (Mothur & R) UNIFR

Prof. Gerhard Thallinger, Technical University of Graz
Ms Rachel Korn, University of Fribourg
Dr Magdalena Steiner, Agroscope, Wädenswil

1625436000 Postponed to July! 0 / 16 joint
Workshop Scientific Writing Université de Neuchâtel or online

Dr. Diego Gonzalez, UNINE

1630447200 September/October 0 / 10
Synthetic Biology Symposium UNIL

Tom Ellis, Imperial College London

Barbara di Ventura, University of Freiburg

1631656800 15th of September 3 / 15 registration
workshop Discovery Days: Food Microbiology Agroscope, 3097 Liebefeld

Dr. Remo Schmidt, AGS, local organizer Prof. Laure Weisskopf, UNIFR 2 scientists from Agroscope.

1631743200 16 September 2021 15 / 16 registration
The Impromptu Topic UNIL

Prof Louise Glass, University of California Berkeley, US Prof. Ben-Yehuda, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL Prof. Uri Gophna,Tel Aviv University, IL Prof. Mark Rose, Princeton University, US Prof. Leo Eberl, University of Zurich, CH Prof. Uta Pazkowski, University of Cambridge, UK

1635544800 Novembre 2021 0 / 120
Workshop Electron Microscopy University of Lausanne

Christel Genoud, Dr., Electron Microscopy Facility, University of Lausanne Jean Daraspe, Electron Microscopy Facility, University of Lausanne Antonio Mucciolo, Electron Microscopy Facility, University of Lausanne Damien De Bellis, Electron Microscopy Facility, University of Lausanne
- 2 external (tba)

1637535600 22. - 26.11. 2021 0 / 12 joint
Swiss Pseudomonas and Acinetobacter Symposium Coppet (VD) ou Genève (GE)

Preliminary to be conformed!
Speakers US/CA Ry Young (Texas A & M, College Station, US) Graham Hatful (U. Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, US) Silvain Moineau (U. Laval, Quebec, CA) Europe Rotem Sorek (Weizmann, Rehovot, IL) Johana Azeredo (Portugal) Stefan Miller Lysando AG (Regensburg DE CH Martin Loessner (ETHZ) Greg Resch (UNIL) Yves Mattenberger (UNIGE) Yok-Ai Que (UNIBE) Mederic Diard (UNIBAS)

1638313200 Décembre 2021 0 / 40 registration
workshop An Introduction to R – 2


1 teacher from SIB

1618437600 15.-16.04. 2021 7 / 5
Workshop Visions for a Sustainable Agriculture 2021


1620165600 5-7 mai 2021 1 / 5 joint

Activities recommended by the Doctoral Program in Microbial Sciences