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Plant-plant interactions under global change: current status, mechanisms and predictions

Author Shengman Lyu
Director of thesis Jake Alexander
Co-director of thesis
Summary of thesis Knowledge of how species interactions respond to global change is extremely important to understand and predict the ecological response of species, communities and ecosystems. In this project, we will combine meta-analysis, field experiments and models to study altered plant-plant interactions following climate change. This project encompasses three coherent studies to (1) improve our understanding of how global change affects the direction and intensity of plant-plant interactions, (2) to gain a mechanistic understanding of changing interactions along an altitudinal gradient, and (3) to attempt to predict changing species interactions using phylogeny and functional traits. Through these studies, we hope to pave the way for future studies on the mechanisms of species range dynamics, community and ecosystem responses to global change.
Administrative delay for the defence 2021
URL https://www.unil.ch/dee/en/home/menuinst/people/graduate-students/shengman-lyu.h