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Gene Regulation Workshop 2019


2 September 2019

Lang EN Workshop language is English

Prof. Martine Collart, UNIGE

Prof. Christian Fankhauser, UNIL

Prof. David Gatfield, UNIL

Prof. David Shore, UNIGE

Prof. Florian Steiner, UNIGE


6 speakers to be announced


The workshop on gene regulation is a one-day long, yearly event with two main goals: we wish to give the opportunity to researchers in Switerland to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of gene regulation, and we wish to give the occasion to young researchers, specifically master and doctoral students, as well as post-doctoral fellows, to hear and meet world re-knowns scientists, and to experience the excitement of scientific discussion. The meeting is organized accordingly. Thus: -the short length of the meeting (just one day) tailors it to researchers in Switerzland, who can travel in the morning, attend the entire meeting, and be back home in the evening. This format has the huge advantage of tremendously reducing the cost of attending the meeting, since there is no need for hotel stays. Moreover, registration is free. -We ask that the talks be 30 to 35 minutes long, leaving 10 to 15 minutes for questions. This allows the speakers to give a comprehensive introduction to the specific problem they are studying, and to the n describe their latest results at a comfortable pace, much different from the situation at many international meetings on gene expression where talks can be as short as 8 minutes! This format makes it easier not only for students, but also for experienced researchers who are not in the exact field of the speaker, to follow the talks. There is then ample time for discussion. Indeed, a characteristic of this meeting is the long question and answer period, which has on several occasions in the past years been quite memorable. To allow students to have time with the speakers, they will be able to register to have lunch with the speakers. This will allow them to interact with world-renowned scientists in the absence of any other professors, which is often intimidating for them.


University of Lausanne, Génopode, Aud. C




Reimbursements for CUSO StarOmics students

Train ticket, 2°class, half-fare from your institution to the place of the activity.
NO reimbursement for your meal expenses

Reimbursement form attached with original tickets has to be sent to the StarOmics coordinator Corinne Dentan at University of Lausanne, Centre Intégratif de Génomique, Le Génopode, 1015 Lausanne.

For any question concerning reimbursement please contact the CUSO StarOmics coordinator Corinne Dentan.



Deadline for registration 25.08.2019
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