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The Impromptu Topic


Novembre 2021


Prof. Sophie Martin, UNIL


Prof Louise Glass, University of California Berkeley, US Prof. Ben-Yehuda, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL Prof. Uri Gophna,Tel Aviv University, IL Prof. Mark Rose, Princeton University, US Prof. Leo Eberl, University of Zurich, CH Prof. Uta Pazkowski, University of Cambridge, UK


The Impromptu 2021 will be comprised of two parts: 1. a specific activity for the students on the 1st day (evening) of the symposium, financed by CUSO, which involves 2-3 h of discussion on the PhD's work, with 3-4 of the invited speakers. PhD students have the opportunity to briefly present their topics, in 3-5 min. These presentations are followed by a round table discussion. The students will discuss the concepts behind their research project, while the speakers will give advice on career planning in science. 2. On the 2nd day, the external speakers will present their own research in a more formal setting. The second day will be funded by UNIL Subjects: Fungal hypha fusion: Louise Glass Bacterial nanotubes: Sigal Ben-Yehuda Archeal mating: Uri Gophna Yeast cell fusion: Mark Rose Mycorrhizal fungi communication: Uta Pazkowski Bacterial extracellular vesicles: Leo Eberl




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