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Preprint Journal Club


16.04. 2020


M. Fabio Palmieri, UNINE


M. Fabio Palmieri, UNINE


The main benefits of posting preprints are that (1) preprints are completely open access and readily shareable, promoting its dissemination within the scientific community, and (2) the community can comment on the manuscript and thus potentially improving it, and finally feedback can be incorporated and revisions uploaded to any preprint server. Discussing preprints at a Journal Club will be beneficial to PhD students, as they will be in "advance" in our field compared to published peer reviewed manuscript. The idea is that one student chooses a preprint from a preprint server, such as bioRxiv or PeerJ Preprints, and presents it to the rest of the students. A second student is designed as co-author of the review. Following the presentation, all students discuss and comment the preprint, and at the end of the session, all comments are compiled into a review by the presenter and the co-author. Finally, the review is posted as a public document on [3], a web platform that hosts preprint reviews and assigns them DOIs for free, and sent to the corresponding author of the preprint.





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