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List of registered

An Introduction to R

# Lastname Firstname E-Mail University Doctoral Program Status
1 Abou Eid Shadi shadi.abou-eid(at)unifr(dot)ch UNIFR staromics doc
2 Alciatore Giacomo giacomoalciatore(at)gmail(dot)com UNIL ecolo doc
3 Almeida Rodrigues Marisa Marisa.AlmeidaRodrigues(at)unil(dot)ch UNIL ecolo doc
4 Antunes Diogo diogo.antunes(at)iee.unibe(dot)ch UNIBE ecolo doc
5 Anwar Ijaz ijaz.anwar(at)unil(dot)ch UNIL ecolo doc
6 Augustin Sebastian sebastian.augustin(at)unil(dot)ch UNIL plants doc
7 Berhin Alice alice.berhin(at)unil(dot)ch UNIL plants doc
8 Courlet Perrine Perrine.Courlet(at)chuv(dot)ch UNIL -- [hors] -- doc
9 Djordjevic Jelisaveta jelisaveta.djordjevic(at)unil(dot)ch UNIL -- [hors] -- pre-doc
10 Dubath Céline celine.dubath(at)chuv(dot)ch UNIL -- [hors] -- doc
11 Ferreira Diana diana.dasilvaferreira(at)unil(dot)ch UNIL ecolo doc
12 Fotouhi Nikou nikou.fotouhi(at)unil(dot)ch UNIL plants doc
13 Hsieh Yi-Fang Yi-Fang.Hseih(at)unil(dot)ch UNIL plants doc
14 Jadhav Kshitij Kshitij.Jadhav(at)unil(dot)ch UNIL -- [hors] -- doc
15 Jamil Isha isha.jamil(at)unine(dot)ch UNINE microbiol doc
16 Joo Victor vjoo(at)unil(dot)ch UNIL -- [hors] -- doc
17 LEEN NANCHIRA ABRAHAM leen.abraham(at)unine(dot)ch UNINE ecolo doc
18 Litto Maria maria.litto(at)unifr(dot)ch UNIFR ecolo doc
19 Maystre Nicolas nicolas.maystre(at)unige(dot)ch UNIGE -- [hors] -- post-doc
20 Monachon Mathilde mathilde.monachon(at)gmail(dot)com UNINE microbiol doc
21 Mossion Vinciane vinciane.mossion(at)unine(dot)ch UNINE ecolo doc
22 Oechslin Noémie noemie.oechslin(at)unil(dot)ch UNIL microbiol doc
23 OUESSOU IDRISSOU Franck franck.ouessou(at)vetsuisse.unibe(dot)ch UNIBE ecolo doc
24 Pfarrer Beat beat.pfarrer(at)gmail(dot)com UNIBE ecolo doc
25 Robbins William Chanz william.robbins(at)unil(dot)ch UNIL ecolo doc
26 Rojas Murcia Nelson nelson.rojasmurcia(at)unil(dot)ch UNIL plants doc
27 singh Nikhil nikhil.singh(at)unine(dot)ch UNINE ecolo doc
28 Strobl Verena verena.strobl(at)vetsuisse.unibe(dot)ch UNIBE ecolo doc
29 van der Schuren Alja alja.vanderschuren(at)unil(dot)ch UNIL plants doc
30 Wenda Joanna joanna.wenda(at)unige(dot)ch UNIGE staromics doc