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[REPORT À 2021] Training in ade4 in R - Module II: Advanced Methods (2020)


1-3 December 2020


Prof. Antoine Guisan, University of Lausanne (CH)

Dr Mathieu Chevalier, University of Lausanne (CH)



Dr Stéphane Dray, Université de Lyon (FR)



ADE4 is a software containing Data Analysis functions to analyse Ecological and Environmental data in the framework of Euclidean Exploratory methods. Since 2002, ade4 is a package of the R software, available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Unix OS.


ade4 is characterized by : - the implementation of graphical and statistical functions - the availability of numerical data - the redaction of technical and thematic documentation - the inclusion of bibliographic references






  • Introduction and use of multivariate analyses on data presenting structuring in groups of individuals
  • Introduction to multivariate analyses of relation between two data tables. Use and comparison of several classic methods of coupling.
  • Analyses of spatial data: storage, reading and manipulation. Mapping and methods of mutlivariate analyses with spatial data.
  • Introduction to methods of analyses of multiple data tables (CCA, co-inertia, K-Tabs,…)
  • Work in common, discussion and implementation of the methods of multivariate analyses with real data (from the ade4 package or from participants)


The course runs with lectures, practical and general discussions. Example data are provided in the package itself, and used to illustrate analyses in the lectures and practical, but own data can also be used.





1.5 ECTS


Full attendance and active participation




To have attended the course "Training in ade4 in R - Module I: Basic Methods" or to have already experience with ade4 package. Close to the course start you will get informative material, and you must read it prior to the course.



1-3 December 2020

9-12 AM & 1-5 PM






Marta Bellone


Phone: +41 (0)26 300 88 91




No reimbursemnt can be claimed as the course is taking place online



CUSO PhD students: Register via your MyCUSO account!


Priority is given to PhD students of the DPEE until 2 November, 2020. After this deadline, first comes, first serves


Registration Fees:


Free for participants enrolled in the CUSO Ecology & Evolution doctoral program. In case of cancellations, before the deadline: free

Late cancellations or no-show: 100 CHF administrative fee


Other participants (non-CUSO PhD students, post-docs, etc...): use the icon "registration" at top of page and the last gray box "non-CUSO student" ("personne hors myCUSO"). Please contact the program coordinator at ecologie-evolution(at)




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