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Significance of sexual selection for population fitness


28-31 August 2017


Prof. Claus Wedekind, University of Lausanne (CH)


Prof. David Berger, University of Uppsala (SE)

Prof. Tim Clutton-Brock, University of Cambridge (UK)

Prof. Andrew P. Hendry, McGill University (CA)

Prof. Michael Jennions, The Australian National University (AU)

Prof. Hanna Kokko, University of Zürich (CH)

Prof. John Pannell, University of Lausanne (CH)

Prof. Jacek Radwan, University of Poznan (PL)

Prof. Leigh Simmons, University of Western Australia (AU)


Sexual selection is expected to promote population fitness by enhancing the reproductive success of individuals of high genetic quality (i.e. of high breeding value for fitness), or by purging the genome of deleterious mutations, e.g. via mate preferences for condition-­dependent traits or dominance fights within sexes. The significance of such effects is not sufficiently understood yet. Estimates range from minor importance to the benefits of sexual selection even outweighing the costs of sex. We will discuss the problem in the context of current environmental changes and the potential of rapid evolution.








The workshop is open to PhD students, postgraduate students, postdocs and academics from other universities worldwide.



28-31 August 2017



Hotel Fafleralp, Fafleralp, Wallis (CH)

Registration Fees:

The registration fees cover full board from Monday evening to Thursday morning (3 nights) plus lunch boxes for Monday and Thursday noon.


PhD students of the DPEE:

- Free in dormitory room. 

- 100 CHF in single room (if available)

- 50 CHF in double room (if available).

Please note that a deposit of 150 CHF will be asked from PhD students of the DPEE. This deposit will be returned after the workshop.


All other participants:

- 360 CHF in dormitory room.

- 460 CHF in single room (if available)

- 410 CHF in double room (if available)

The workshop is open to PhD students, postgraduate students, postdocs and academics from other universities worldwide.



PhD students of the DPEE are eligible for reimbursement of incurred travel expenses by train (half-fare card, and 2nd class). Please send the original tickets (no copies, except for the general abonnement) with the reimbursement form to:

Caroline Betto-Colliard

Doctoral Program in Ecology and Evolution  

DEE- Biophore Building  

University of Lausanne  

CH-1015 Lausanne


CUSO PhD students: through your MyCUSO account. 


External participants (non-CUSO PhD students, post-docs, etc...): use the icon "registration" at top of page and the last gray box "non-CUSO student" ("personne hors myCUSO").


First deadline: 15.3.2017
Second deadline: 30.7.2017 if there are still places left after the first deadline



Deadline for registration 14.08.2017
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