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Evolutionary Biology Workshop in the Alps


17-23 June 2017


Prof. Tadeusz Kawecki, University of Lausanne (CH)


Prof. Lynda Delph, Indiana University Bloomington (US)

Prof. Curt Lively, Indiana University Bloomington (US)

Prof. Sergio Rasmann, University of Neuchâtel (CH)

Prof. Noah Whiteman, University of California Berkely (US)




The Concept:

This workshop, based on a concept developed by Steve Stearns and John Maynard Smith, takes place in hotel Kurhaus at the mountain village of Arolla in Swiss Alps", which will allow you to focus while being able to enjoy the landscape and the Alpine flora.


The main goals of this course are to develop the following skills:
• developing your scientific ideas through discussions in groups
• thinking critically and expressing oneself clearly

• turning a general idea into a research project
• writing a grant proposal and defending it
• doing it all in English


It is you, the students, who will be in charge in this course.


You will be divided in groups of 4-5 students. In those groups, you will work on your ideas. You, as a group, will decide what the important questions in broadly defined evolutionary biology are, you will choose one, and attempt to develop a research proposal that will address it. The faculty will visit the groups during the discussions to answer your questions, provide coaching and give you feedback on your projects, but they will generally take the back seat. Additionally, the faculty will give informal talks about their research and be available for informal discussion with individual students. At the end you will present your projects to other participants, we will have a party and go home.


Language: English

Target participants: advanced Master students and PhD students.
A number of places are reserved for students from outside Switzerland.
Prerequisites: Background knowledge and interest in evolutionary biology.


Villa Cassel, Riederald






Full attendance and active participation



Caroline Betto-Colliard
Coordinator of the Inter-University
Doctoral Program in Ecology and Evolution
Biophore building
University of Lausanne
Tel: +41 (0)21 692 4244
Fax: +41 (0)21 692 4165
E-mail: caroline.betto-colliard(at)

For scientific information:

Tadeusz J. Kawecki
Associate Professor
Department of Ecology and Evolution
University of Lausanne
Biophore Building
E-mail: tadeusz.kawecki(at)


PhD students of the DPEE: free. Please note that a guarantee of 150 CHF will be asked to PhD students of the DPEE. This guarantee will be given back after the workshop.



External students: 490 CHF

The registration fees covered full board from Saturday evening to Friday morning (6 nights).



Students in the Masters program in Behavior, Evolution & Conservation at Lausanne University: 120  


Send a single file (pdf or rtf) containing a short motivation letter, a cv and the name of your scientific advisor to caroline.betto-colliard(at)

Deadline for application:
4th February 2017 for external and CUSO students



Deadline for registration 19.04.2017
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