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"Inclusive fitness and game theory": three days of workshop on the evolution of cooperation in the Alps


25 - 28 juin 2013 - CLOSED

Responsable de l'activité

Laurent Keller


Laurent Lehmann (University of Lausanne)
Laurent Keller (University of Lausanne)


Andy Gardner, Oxford University, UK
Hisashi Ohtsuki, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI), Japan
Joe Wakano, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan
Jörgen Weibull, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
François Rousset, University of Montpellier, France
Sébastien Lion, University of Montpellier, France
Erol Akçay, Princeton University, USA
Herbert Gintis, Sante Fe Institute, USA
Rolf Kümmerli, Zürich University, Switzerland
Timothy Linksvayer, University of Pennsylvania, USA


A joint workshop with the ProDoc "Proximate and Ultimate Causes of Cooperation" and the University of Lausanne

Target participants: PhD students, Post-docs, and researchers working on the evolution of cooperation.

The goal of the workshop is to delineate the relationships and interplay between game theory, adaptive dynamics, and inclusive fitness theory for studying the evolution of cooperation. Keynote speakers will present lectures on the genetics, demographics, and strategic aspects of cooperation with a focus on the evolution of other-regarding preferences. The various topics will then be discussed in round-table sessions.



Tuesday 25th June

16:00–18:30: Arrival and registration

18:30–19:30: Dinner

19:30: Plenary Lecture

Wednesday 26th June 

Whole day session on population structure and cooperation

Plenary Lectures and discussion groups.

Tuesday 27th June

Whole day session on games and relatives

Plenary Lectures and discussion groups.

Friday 28th June 

Morning session on connections to adaptive dynamics and genetics

Plenary Lectures and discussion groups.

12:00: End of the conference.



Arolla, Hotel kurhaus





Hotel kurhaus, Arolla, Swiss Alps

 Hotel Arolla


double rooms with twin beds.



go to Sion by train (two hours from Geneva airport and 2:45 from Zurich). Take the bus from Sion train station to Arolla (1:20). Timetable of trains and buses at



Caroline Betto-Colliard
Coordinator of the Inter-University
Doctoral Program in Ecology and Evolution
Biophore building
University of Lausanne
Tel: +41 (0)21 692 4188
Fax: +41 (0)21 692 4165

For scientific information:

Laurent Lehmann


PhD students of the DPEE & of the ProDoc "Proximate and Ultimate Causes of Cooperation" can attend for free.


Others will pay the costs of their room and full board for 3 days, CHF400.



To apply, send a single file (pdf or rtf) containing a short motivation paragraph, a cv, and the name of your scientific advisor if you are Phd to Caroline Betto-Colliard (



A number of slots (limited) for talks will also be available, but talks should be at the interface of game theory and inclusive fitness is given. If you are interested to give a talk, please also provide a short summary of your talk in your application.

Deadline for application: March 8, 2013



Deadline for registration 01.07.2013
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