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[REPORT À 2021] The Search for Selection


Postponed to summer 2021


Prof. Jérôme Goudet, UNIL


Prof. Bruce Walsh, University of Arizona, US


A vast number of approaches have been suggested in the search for selection, ranging from genomicbased signatures of recent or ongoing selection, tests based on either excessive amounts or nonrandom patterns of divergence (in both fossil sequences and with functional genomics data) and the more classical LandeArnold fitness estimates (direct association of phenotypic values with fitness estimates) and their modern extensions. This workshop presents an integrated overview of all these approaches.


Program outline


Day 1: Tests of neutral trait divergence (WL Chapter 12)

Lecture 1: Drift in the mean of quantitative traits

Lecture 2: Rate-based and time-series based tests

Lecture 3: Qst vs Fst

Lecture 4: Orr QTL tests (and their extensions)


Day 2: Tests based on Molecular Data I (WL Chapters 8, 9)

Lecture 5: Sweep theory

Lecture 6: Genomewide signatures from repeated past selection

Lecture 7: Polymorphismbased tests 1: Allele frequency changes and Lewontin-Krakauer tests

Lecture 8: Polymorphismbased tests 2: Genome pattern-based tests and SFS tests


Day 3: Tests based on Molecular Data II (WL Chapters 9, 10)

Lecture 9: Polymorphism-based tests 3: Haplotypebased tests

Lecture 10: Polymorphismbased tests 4: Domestication genes and other examples

Lecture 11: Divergencebased tests 1: HKA and MK tests

Lecture 12: Divergencebased tests 2: Rate of adaptive substitutions, Poisson random field models


Day 4: Estimating Individual fitness (WL Chapter 29)

Lecture 13: Episodes of Selection and the Assignment of Fitness

Lecture 14: Variance in Individual Fitness, Bateman gradients


Trait-fitness associations I (WL Chapter 29)

Lecture 15: Descriptions of Phenotypic Selection 1: Basics

Lecture 16: Descriptions of Phenotypic Selection 2: Fitness surfaces


Day 5: Trait-fitness associations II (WL Chapter 30)

Lecture 17: Multivariate selection 1: Basics

Lecture 18: Multivariate selection 2: Fitness surfaces

Lecture 19: Multivariate selection 3: Elasticities, path analysis, levels of selection

Lecture 20: wrap up and conclusions



University of Lausanne


2.5 ECTS


Full attendance and active participation


Postponed to summer 2021

University of Lausanne

Marta Bellone


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The course has been postponed to summer 2021.


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