I am a participant: how to get a reimbursement?


 - Who is eligible for reimbursement?

Only PhD students registered to the CUSO Doctoral Program in Ecology and Evolution (DPEE) can ask for reimbursement. Attendance to the activities is free for all the people (e.g. postdoc, master,...) belonging to the CUSO affiliated institutions (UNIBE, UNIFR, UNIGE, UNIL, UNINE) but cannot ask for reimbursement.


- What kind of activities are reimbursed?

Only activities organized (or recognized) by the DPEE (see the list) are eligible for reimbursement.


- What kind of expenses are reimbursed?


No matter how you travel (e.g. train, car,...), you will always get reimbursed for the equivalent cost of the half-fare train tickets (2nd class) from your University to the place of the activity. Those of you having a GA/AG can also ask for reimbursement.


If the place of the activity is more than an hours journey from your home, you can get reimbursed up to 90 CHF per night over presentation of the original invoice. Regarding reimbursement of accomodation, please contact the coordinator of the doctoral program (ecologie-evolution(at) BEFORE the beginning of the course.


NEW from 2018: NO reimbursement of your meal expenses.

Extra-muros activities:

For activities taking place out of town with common hosting of speakers and organizers, the DPEE will book and pay a full board for your participation directly to the hotel.


- How to get a reimbursement?

Fill out the participants reimbursement form (available here) and sign it. Attach all the original receipts and send it to:

Marta Bellone
 Doctoral Program in Ecology and Evolution
 PER04 building
 University of Fribourg
 Rue Albert-Gockel, 3
 CH-1700 Fribourg


Note that you will be reimbursed only if your participation to an activity has been certified. Thus, make sure you sign the list of attendance every day when you take part in an activity. 



I am an organizer: what are the reimbursement rules?


1. If you intend to organize an activity within the framework of the Doctoral Program in Ecology and Evolution (DPEE ) you should be informed about the rules of the CUSO regarding reimbursement before the beginning of the activity (Click here for the complete rules). If you have any doubts, please contact the coordinator of the doctoral program.

2. The main organizer of the activity accepts to respect the budget granted by CUSO.

3. The amount for the reimbursements given below should be considered as maximum amounts (set by CUSO). Where possible, you should try to minimize these costs, so that the funds granted by the CUSO can be used for organizing as many activities as possible.

4. CUSO reimburses a maximum of 4 speakers for a one-day activity, plus 2 extra speakers for each additional full day. CUSO reimburses a maximum 3 speakers from institutes outside Europe per activity.

5. CUSO reimburses the participation fees (travel, accommodation and meals) of a maximum of 3 organizers per activity.

6. CUSO only reimburses to organizers collective meals of CUSO PhD students (i.e. social lunch or dinner set up by the organizers).

7. The external participants (i.e. participants not belonging to a CUSO University, namely UNIBE, UNIFR, UNIGE, UNIL & UNINE) pay a contribution towards organizational costs. Under CUSO rules, the amount of the registration fee is calculated as follows: the sum of the fixed costs (expenses of organizers & speakers plus miscellaneous expenses such as coffee breaks, material) divided by the expected number of participants. You must then add an overhead of 25% of this amount per participant.

8. For any special expense (such as vehicle rental, specific material), please contact the coordinator of the doctoral program before the activity so that he/she can transmit your request to the CUSO and can check that it is reimbursable.


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