PhD students

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Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
ABRAHAM Leen Nanchira UNINE E-Mail Genome wide dissection of effector gene regulation Daniel Croll
Ackermann Corinne UNINE E-Mail Social Bonds and Oxytocin in Wild Juvenile Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) Prof. Dr. Klaus Zuberbühler
Aellen Mélisande UNINE E-Mail Cognition in cleaner fish: Labroides sp Redouan Bshary
Alciatore Giacomo UNIL E-Mail Disease transmission in ant social networks Dr. Yuko Ulrich
ALILA Okinyi UNIBE E-Mail Killifish ecology Professor Ole Seehausen 2021
Almeida Rodrigues Marisa UNIFR E-Mail The physiological and metabolic basis of the fecundity/longevity trade-off in Drosophila Thomas Flatt
Álvarez-Ocaña Raquel UNIL E-Mail Evolution of Olfactory Pathways in Drosophilids Richard Benton
Amaral Maria João UNIFR E-Mail Molecular basis of adaptive phenotypic convergence in tropical Stone Oaks (Lithocarpus: Fagaceae) Christian Lexer
Charles Cannon
ANÇAY Laurie UNIL E-Mail Influence of preen gland secretions on the microbial fauna on barn owl’s feathers Prof. Alexandre Roulin 2024
Andrieu Julie UNINE E-Mail Context-specific vocal communication in the White-handed gibbons Klaus Zuberbühler
Andriollo Tommy UNIGE E-Mail Molecular ecology and conservation of the alpine long-eared bat (Plecotus macrobullaris) Jean Mariaux (
Manuel Ruedi (
Angeleri Romain UNIBE E-Mail Study of the saproxylic beetle communities in the habitat of the White-backed woodpecker (Dendrocopos leucotos) in Central europe. Raphaël Arlettaz
Thibault Lachat
Antunes Diogo UNIBE E-Mail Epigenetic transmission of early-environment effects across generations
Anwar Ijaz UNIL E-Mail Consanguinity studies of major Pakistani populations. Prof. Franco Taroni
Arduini Lorenzo UNIBE E-Mail Evolution of cooperation based on relatedness, negotiation and trading Pr. Michael Taborsky
Asse Daphné UNIL E-Mail Understand and predict the response of mountain forest to climate change. Contributions of a citizen science program. Antoine Guisan & Christophe Randin
Augugliaro Claudio UNIL E-Mail Status and Conservation of snow leopard in NW Mongolia: threats, potential population size and potential distribution Philippe Christe
Fridolin Zimmermann
Augustinus Benno UNIFR E-Mail Assessing non-target risks of candidates for the biological control of ragweed in Europ Heinz Müller-Schärer
Urs Schaffner
Bakhtiari Moe UNINE E-Mail Ecology and evolution of aboveground-belowground multitrophic interactions mediated by plants. Prof. Dr. Sergio Rasmann
Barras Arnaud UNIBE E-Mail Ecology and population dynamics of Ring Ouzels Turdus torquatus in alpine timberline ecosystems: building the evidence for species conservation management Prof. Dr. Raphaël Arlettaz
Barrenechea Angeles Ines UNIGE E-Mail Environmental genomics applied to marine biodiversity (past and present). Prof. Daniel Ariztegui
Prof. Jan Pawlowski
BATES Olivia UNIL E-Mail Invasive ant behaviour with changing climate Cleo Bertelsmeier 2022
Belli Alessandro UNINE E-Mail Oxidative stress and the trade-off between resistance and tolerance to parasites
BENCHAA Sara UNIFR E-Mail Population genetics and bioassays of Sinapis arvensis populations in Algeria as a basis for unraveling its spread history and to derive implications for weed management Heinz Müller-Schärer
Sarah Bouchemousse
BERINGER Marc UNIBE E-Mail Genome evolution following whole genome duplication events in the Biscutella laevigata (Brassicacea) species complex Prof. Dr. Christian Parisod 2022
Binaghi Marta UNIBE E-Mail Study of Petunia species flower morphology Prof. Dr. Cris Kuhlemeier
Bolliger Ralph UNIBE E-Mail Plant Ecology Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer
Dr. Daniel Prati
Bosshard Lars UNIBE E-Mail Investigation of the impact of range expansion on functional genomic diversity Laurent Excoffier
Martin Ackermann
BOUALIT Laurent UNIL E-Mail Impact of pesticides and antibiotics on amphibians' populations Nathalie Chèvre
Bregnard Cindy UNINE E-Mail Host-specificity of Lyme disease pathogens Maarten Voordouw
Bruni Estelle UNINE E-Mail Biodiversity and biogeography of Euglyphida (Rhizaria) in continental and oceanic islands Prof. Edward Mitchell
Dr. Guillaume Lentendu
Bruno Pamela UNINE E-Mail Biological control of the western corn root worm Diabrotica virgifera virgifera. Coevolution of the there trophic levels. Ted Turlings
BÜHLER Roman UNIL E-Mail Carry-over effects of wintering habitat quality on fitness of barn owls Dr. Bettina Almasi, Swiss Ornithological Institute
Prof. Dr. Alexandre Roulin
BURLI Sarah UNIBE E-Mail Ex-situ cultivation and reintroduction of rare and endangered species Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer
CADUFF Madleina UNIFR E-Mail Developing methods to make conservation biology more efficient Daniel Wegmann
CANDELOTTO Laura UNIBE E-Mail Comparison of traditional and novel behavioural observation methods in poultry and rabbits Prof. Dr. Hanno Würbel
Dr. Michael J. Toscano; Dr. Yamenah Gómez
Cappelli Seraina Lisa UNIBE E-Mail Foliar fungal pathogens in the context of nitrogen fertilization in grassland ecosystems Prof. Dr. Eric Allan
CHABAANE Yosra UNINE E-Mail Impact of domestication on the resistance of chili pepper against herbivores and their interaction with natural enemies Dr. Betty Benrey
CHEN Mu-hsun (theresa) UNIBE E-Mail Use of Social Information in Cooperative Decisions Michael Taborsky
Gerald Carter (advisor in the U.S.)
Clément Laura UNIL E-Mail Evolution of host-parasite interactions in bats Philippe Christe
Coinus Samantha UNIFR E-Mail Mechanisms of niche adaptation along gradients of biodiversity and of environmental change Modeling in niche theory Louis-Félix Bersier
Rudolf Rohr
3 years
Coppola Carla UNINE E-Mail Function of RMR proteins in intracellular trafficking in plants Prof. Neuhaus Jean-Marc
Cozzarolo Camille-Sophie UNIL E-Mail Host-parasite interactions between great tits, malaria parasites and mosquitoes. Prof. Philippe Christe
Cruz Corella Joaquim UNIL E-Mail Linking arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) genetics with plant response Ian Sanders
Cruz Dávalos Diana Ivette UNIL E-Mail Genomic analyses of the peopling of America Anna-Sapfo Malaspinas
Alexandre Reymond
DANIEL Caroline UNIBE E-Mail Plant coexistence mechanisms, impact of resources and enemies Eric Allan
de Guttry Christian UNIL E-Mail Management Induced Evolution Claus Wedekind
De-Kayne Rishi UNIBE E-Mail Speciation Genomics of the Swiss Alpine Whitefish Radiation Ole Seehausen
Philine Feulner
DELARUE Coralie UNIBE E-Mail Migration and adaptive radiation of Arctic charr (Salvinus Alpinus) from Southern Greenland Ole Seehausen
Jakob Brodersen
Dermond Philip UNIBE E-Mail Lake trout migration in Lake Lucerne and Tributaries Prof. Ole Seehausen
Dr. Jakob Brodersen, EAWAG
Deshpande Adwait UNINE E-Mail Vocal Learning in Vervet Monkeys Dr. Klaus Zuberbühler
DJORDJEVIC Jelisaveta UNIL E-Mail evolutionary biology Tanja Schwander
Doenz Carmela UNIBE E-Mail Sympatric adaptive radiations in freshwater fish Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen
Dongre Pooja UNIL E-Mail Social integration of dispersing wild male vervet monkeys Erica van de Waal
Ducotterd Charlotte UNIL E-Mail Ecology of the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis) Jean-François Rubin
DUHIN Audrey UNINE E-Mail Primitive plants: plentiful but neglected resources for herbivores? Ted Turlings
Gregory Roeder
Dupuis Cindy UNIL E-Mail Evolutionary adaptation of gut physiology and micro biome to chronic malnutrition in Drosophila Tadeusz Kawecki
FALLET Patrick UNINE E-Mail A novel strategy to control fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) with entomopathogenic nematodes Ted Turlings
Stefan Toepfer
Fazan Laurence UNIFR E-Mail Thousands of years of solitude: past, present and future of relict trees in the Mediterranean – the case of Zelkova abelicea from Crete Gregor Kozlowski
Feller Anna Fiona UNIBE E-Mail Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen
FENN-MOLTU Gyda UNIL E-Mail Impacts of globalization on biological invasions
Ferreira Diana UNIL E-Mail MHC evolutionary ecology Luca Fumagalli
Fontcuberta Amaranta UNIL E-Mail Ecological genomics and behavior associated with social polymorphism in the ant Formica selysi Michel Chapuisat
Formenti Ludovico UNINE E-Mail Local adaptation in plant-soil microbes interactions along an elevation gradient, and their effect on plant resistance Prof. Sergio Rasmann
FRAGNIÈRE Anne-Laure UNIFR E-Mail Arthropod pest control in vineyards Sven Bacher
Patrik Kehrli, Agroscope
Franic Iva UNIBE E-Mail Monitoring sentinel trees for identifying harmful alien pests before they arrive to new area – improvement of sampling design Prof Dr Eric Allan University of Bern/Institute of Plant Sciences +41 31 631 49 92
Dr Eschen, Rene (Cabi) Dr Kenis, Marc (Cabi) Dr Prospero, Simone (WSL)
FREI David UNIBE E-Mail Evolutionary Genomics Ole Seehausen
Galimberti Marco UNIFR E-Mail Computational population genetics Daniel Wegmann
GARAUD Laura UNIL E-Mail Parental contributions for tolerance to multiple stressors in early life history stages of salmonids Claus Wedekind
GARCIA JIMENEZ Alberto UNIL E-Mail Evolutionary Ecology of clownfishes Nicolas Salamin 2023
García Ruiz Irene UNIBE E-Mail Evolution of cooperation based on relatedness, negotiation and trading in a cooperative cichlid fish Michael Taborsky
Genné Vizcardo Dolores UNINE E-Mail Competition between strains of the Lyme disease pathogen in the tick vector. Maarten Voordouw
Genzoni Eléonore UNIL E-Mail Maternal effect on offspring size in ants Prof. Laurent Keller
Prof. Tanja Schwander
Gerchen Jörn Frederik UNIL E-Mail Evolution of sex determination in plants John Pannell
Gerpe Christopher UNIBE E-Mail Depopulation of end of lay hens Prof. Dr. Hanno Würbel
Dr. Michael J. Toscano
Gfeller Valentin UNIBE E-Mail Secondary metabolite mediated plant-soil feedbacks and their effects on health Prof. Matthias Erb
Ghali Karim UNIL E-Mail Evolution of asexuality and maintenance of sexual reproductive mode in Thrips (Thysanoptera) Prof. Tanja Schwander
Gobbin Tiziana UNIBE E-Mail The role of parasites in host speciation: testing for parasite-mediated divergent selection at different stages of speciation in cichlid fish. Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen 09.2019
Goeury Thomas UNIGE E-Mail In silico analysis of HLA gene Pr. Alicia Sanchez-Mazas
Gouy Alexandre UNIBE E-Mail Detection of selection in gene networks Prof. Laurent Excoffier
Grandi Luca UNINE E-Mail Communication among cotton plants
GRÜNIG Sandra UNIBE E-Mail Ecological genomics Christian Parisod
GUAN Ziyu UNIGE E-Mail Using the algae to improve the fresh water quality
Guérin Claire UNIL E-Mail The evolution of institutions in human societies Prof. Laurent Lehmann
Gueuning Morgan UNINE E-Mail Evaluation of metabarcoding to assess biodiversity of wild bees
Guichard Matthieu UNIBE E-Mail New phenotypes for maintaining local honey bee populations Dr. Benjamin Gantenbein
Dr. Benjamin Dainat, Dr. Tosso Leeb, Dr. Markus Neuditschko
HAMATI Kamil UNIGE E-Mail Environmental impact in the face of climate change and migration led pollution, developing the resilience-building support system for hosting communities. Prof. Vera Slaveykova
Hauser Gaël UNINE E-Mail Effects of sublethal concentrations of pesticides on mosquito vectorial capacity prof. Jacob Koella
Heesen Raphaela UNINE E-Mail Coordinating joint action in bonobos and chimpanzees Klaus Zuberbühler
Adrian Bangerter
Hernandez Julie UNINE E-Mail Impact of agro-ecological actions on bees (A. Mellifera)
Hernández Estrada Mónica G. UNINE E-Mail Neurophysiological and behavioral aspects of gustation in Aedes and Anopheles mosquitoes Prof. Patrick Guerin
Honeck Erica UNIGE E-Mail Essential Variables for Green Infrastructures Anthony Lehmann
Humann-Guilleminot Ségolène UNIBE E-Mail Restoring grassland biodiversity: from degraded, species-poor to integral stable-state ecosystems. Pr. Dr. Raphaël Arlettaz
Dr. Jean-Yves Humbert
ISAIA Julie UNIL E-Mail Evolution of Host-parasite Interactions Philippe Christe
Jaccard Charlyne UNINE E-Mail Squash domestication and consequences on plant-instect interactions Betty Benrey
Josi Dario UNIBE E-Mail Investigating alternative avenues in the evolution of cooperative breeding using inter- and intraspecific approaches Dr. Joachim G. Frommen
Prof. Dr. Michael Taborsky
Joye Patrick UNIL E-Mail Sexual selection, female mating choice and resistance to pathogen Tadeusz Kawecki
Junker Julian UNIBE E-Mail From biogeochemistry to the ecological genomics of pelagic fish stocks - a study across 4 trophic levels Ole Seehausen
Catherine E. Wagner Bernhard Wehrli
KAISER Deborah UNIFR E-Mail Biological control of pollen beetle with the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana Prof. tit., Dr. Sven Bacher
Dr. Giselher Grabenweger
KATSIANIS Georgios UNIFR E-Mail The Role of Chromosomal Inversions in Clinal Adaptation Prof. Thomas Flatt 2023
Kay Tomas UNIL E-Mail Using a systems-level approach to probe the molecular basis of social behavior in ants Professor Laurent Keller
Kleinspehn Clemens UNIBE E-Mail plant population dynamics in the face of a biodiversity gradient
KLÖTZLI Julie UNIFR E-Mail Integrated management of Rumex obtusifolius Prof. Dr. Heinz Müller-Schärer
Prof. Andreas Lüscher, Dr. Urs Schaffner
komposch armin UNIBE E-Mail Plant-soil interactions in European forests Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer
Korn Rachel UNIFR E-Mail Structure and dynamics of communities in natural microcosms under global change Louis-Félix Bersier
Kropf Alida UNINE E-Mail Eco-epidemiology of Malaria
LA LOGGIA Océane UNIBE E-Mail Behavioural ecology Barbara Taborsky 2022
Langenegger Nicolas UNIBE E-Mail Functional and phylogenetic importance of enzymes in spider venom Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nentwig
Laplanche Diane UNINE E-Mail Exploring the chemical ecology of gastropod/insect/plant interactions. Prof Ted Turlings
Lavanchy Guillaume UNIL E-Mail Unusual reproductive modes in Bacillus stick insect Prof. Tanja Schwander
Prof. Laurent Keller
León Julián UNINE E-Mail Social learning in Sooty mangabeys (Cercocebus Atys) vocal communication Klaus Zuberbuehler
Li Xinji UNIL E-Mail The evolution of plant sex systems Prof. John Pannell
LIEGEOIS Maud UNIL E-Mail Parthenogenesis in Mayflies Tanja Schwander
Michel Sartori
Link Vivian UNIFR E-Mail Novel statistical algorithms to infer biologically relevant parameters from data obtained with high throughput instruments. Daniel Wegmann
Litto Maria UNIFR E-Mail Demographic history and recent selection in novel environments: an innovative approach to assess benefits and risks of a potential biological control agent Heinz Müller-Schärer
LIU Yuanzhen UNIBE E-Mail Evolutionary genomics of an invasive species small hive beetle, Aethina tumida Peter Neumann
Jay Evans
LIU Zuyao UNIBE E-Mail Comparative analyses of genome assemblies reveals insights in adaptation and speciation in sticklebacks Catherine Peichel 2022
Lüthi Martina UNIBE E-Mail Reconstitution of pollinator-mediated speciation in Petunia Prof. Dr. Cris Kuhlemeier
Machado Ana Paula UNIL E-Mail Population genomics of island colonisation in the barn owl (Tyto alba) Prof. Alexandre Roulin Prof. Jérôme Goudet
MANDRA Simona UNIL E-Mail Sexual selection and genetic quality in salmonids Claus Wedekind 2022
MANNALL Tosca UNIBE E-Mail The direct and indirect effects of nitrogen enrichment on grassland consumer communities Prof. Dr. Eric Allan 2023
Marcionetti Anna UNIL E-Mail Adaptive Radiation and genomic changes across evolutionary scales Nicolas Salamin
Marle Pierre UNIGE E-Mail Title provisional "The role of hydrological connectivity in shaping the relationship between physico-chemistry, ecotoxicology and biological diversity in a large river floodplain" Emmanuel Castella
MAS CARRIÓ Eduard UNIL E-Mail Conservation Genetics Luca Fumagalli
Mazepa Glib UNIL E-Mail Evolution of hybridogenesis in the Pelophylax water frogs Nicolas Perrin
McGregor Sean UNIL E-Mail Ant social organisation. Prof. Laurent Keller
MESMAN Jorrit UNIGE E-Mail Assessing future effects on lake ecosystem resilience using data analysis and dynamic modelling Prof. Bastiaan Ibelings
Dr. Stéphane Goyette (University of Geneva) and Dr. Don Pierson (Uppsala University)
MEURVILLE Marie-pierre UNIFR E-Mail Evolution of Social Fluids Adria LeBoeuf
Miani Alessandro UNINE E-Mail Psychology
MILGALTER Ron UNIBE E-Mail The Space Use and Flight Behavior of Adult Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) in the Swiss Alps: Applied Implications for Mitigating Airspace Conflicts with Future Wind Energy Developments Prof. Dr. Raphael Arlettaz Head of the Division Conservation Biology Erlachstrasse 9a, room 225, second floor 3012 Bern Phone: +41 31 631 31 61 Email: Website: 2021
Mohr Tecla UNIL E-Mail Comparing captive and wild vervet monkeys’ social cognition, bringing touchscreen technology to the field Erica van De Waal
MONOD Vinciane UNINE E-Mail Grapevine trunk disease Daniel Croll 2023
Moosmann Marvin UNIBE E-Mail Eco-evolutionary dynamics in aquatic ecosystems Ole Seehausen
Blake Matthews
Mossion Vinciane UNINE E-Mail Systematic and taxonomy of the Lunaria species complex (Botrychium, Ophioglossaceae) Dr Jason Grant
Mouterde Médéric UNIGE E-Mail Human genomic population structure and phenotype-genotype variation in ADME genes along a latitudinal transect from Africa to Europe
Näf Jan UNIBE E-Mail Division of labour in cooperatively breeding fish Michael Taborsky
NGOEPE Nare UNIBE E-Mail The evolutionary diversification of cichlid fish reconstructed from fossils and ancient DNA Prof Ole Seehausen
Dr Moritz Muschick
Nuotclà Jon Andreja UNIBE E-Mail Conditional decisions to stay or disperse in fungus tending ambrosia beetles Prof. Dr. Michael Taborsky
Nusbaumer David UNIL E-Mail Genetic correlation between life history traits in two salmonid species. Claus Wedekind
Nwe Thu Zar UNIBE E-Mail Disentangling the mechanisms by which global change affects soil communities and their functioning Prof. Dr. Eric Allan
Oggenfuss Ursula UNINE E-Mail Population dynamics of transposable elements in a fungal plant pathogen Professor Daniel Croll
Orine Dimitri UNINE E-Mail Effect of eco-climatic adaptation of tomato and microbes on resistance-induction. Prof. Dr. Sergio Rasmann
PALEJOWSKI Hugo UNIL E-Mail Ecology and Evolution of Swiss Salmonids Dr Claus Wedekind
Papach Anna UNIBE E-Mail Chemical ecology of the small hive beetle, Aethina tumida. Prof. Dr. Peter Neumann
Paulsson Niklas Ingvar UNIBE E-Mail Evolution of cooperation based on relatedness, negotiation and trading. Michael Taborsky
PEÑA VENEGAS RICARDO UNIL E-Mail Yield analysis of cassava inoculated with Rhizophagus irregularis under humid tropical conditions Ian Sanders
Pfarrer Beat UNIBE E-Mail Phylogeography of the Vitrinidae
Pichon Noemie UNIBE E-Mail Biodiversity and plants ecology. Disentangling the mechanisms by which global change affects ecosystem function. Eric Allan
POUSSIN Charlotte UNIGE E-Mail Etude de l'impacts des Changements climatiques sur les milieux de montagnes à l'aide de la télédétection Pascal Peduzzi 2021
Quintero Fredy UNINE E-Mail Audience awareness in Cercocebus atys Klaus Zuberbühler
RANDRIARISOA Aina michaëla UNIGE E-Mail Révision taxonomique, modélisation de la distribution et conservation de 3 genres de Sapotaceae de Madagascar Michelle PRICE
Laurent GAUTIER et Yamama NACIRI
Renner Marion UNIBE E-Mail Plant diversity and performance in relation to climate and land use on Mt. Kilimanjaro: communities, species, populations, ecological genetics Markus Fischer
Retel Cas UNIBE E-Mail Genomics of rapid adaptation in host-virus coevolution Prof. dr. Ole Seehausen
Dr. Philine Feulner
REYES Maria UNIBE E-Mail Parent offspring conflict in a cooperatively breeding cichlid fish Barbara Taborsky 2021
REYNA Carlos stefano UNIFR E-Mail Identifying selection in the presence of gene flow Daniel Wegmann
Rincon Cristian UNIL E-Mail Environmental impact of AMF introduction on tropical crops Ian Sanders
Rindisbacher Abiel UNIBE E-Mail Effects of land use and diversity on ecosystem resilience Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer
Prof. Dr. Eric Allan
Rio Jeremy UNIGE E-Mail Reconstruction de l’évolution génétique européenne à l’aide de simulations informatiques de données moléculaires hétérochroniques Mathias Currat
Robbins William Chanz UNIL E-Mail Linking genetic diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi with phenotypic variation in Manihot esculenta Prof. Ian Sanders
RUCHE Mathilde UNIGE E-Mail A comparative study of anatomy and micro-morphology of moss peristome among the Dicranales, in order to potentially resolve deep-rooted taxonomic problems within this group. Michelle J. Price
Fred W. Stauffer
RUSCONI Olivia UNINE E-Mail From fundamental questions to practical conservation actions: a study of pollination system, population genetic and mycorrhizal association in Cypripedium calceolus (Orchidaceae) Edward Mitchell
Sergio Rasmann
Saini Jaspreet Singh UNIGE E-Mail Investigation into virus-bacterium interactions in Lake Cadagno, Switzerland Prof. Christel Hassler, Prof. Evgeny Zdobnov
Prof. Melissa Duhaime, University of Michigan
December, 2020
Sarhan Hanaa UNINE E-Mail Hunting techniques of lionfish in their natural range and as invasive species in the Caribbean. Prof. Redouan Bshary undetermined
Schalcher Kim UNIL E-Mail Effect of climate change on breeding barn owl Alexandre Roulin
SCHLÄFLI Patrick UNIBE E-Mail Biostraticraphic dating and reconstruction of vegetation responses to Quaternary climate change in the Swiss North Alpine Foreland
Schläppi Daniel UNIBE E-Mail Pathogen transmission from Honeybees to ants and interactive effects with chronic pesticide exposure. Prof. Dr. Peter Neumann
Schmid Sarah UNIL E-Mail Adaptive radiation in clown fishes Nicolas Salamin
Schneider Judith UNIL E-Mail Population genetics Dr Luca Fumagalli
Schulz Ilektra UNIFR E-Mail Population genetics and bioinformatics of ancient human DNA. Daniel Wegmann
Séchaud Robin UNIL E-Mail Alternative foraging strategies and habitat selection in the colour polymorphic barn owl (Tyto alba)​ Alexandre Roulin
SEMERARO Sarah UNINE E-Mail The research project will focus on soil sciences, using a diachronic approach, highlighting an existing database on Swiss soils from different ecosystems. The objective will be to supplement the information in order to model the existing data and to establish a cartography centered on the soil-vegetation-humus forms relationships. Sergio RASMANN
SINGER Liam UNIFR E-Mail Conservation Biology / Bioinformatics Daniel Wegmann
Singh Nikhil UNINE E-Mail Genetic basis of host-pathogen interaction Prof. Daniel Croll
Slodowicz Daniel UNIBE E-Mail Restoring grassland biodiversity: from degraded, species-poor to integral stable-state ecosystems Raphaël Arlettaz
Jean-Yves Humbert
Soldati Adrian UNINE E-Mail Vocal learning in wild chimpanzees Prof Klaus Zuberbühler
Prof Josep Call
Song Yi-Gang UNIFR E-Mail Relict trees with multiple refugia: how long-term environmental change affects their phylogeography and disassembly of their communities (model taxon: Pterocarya) Gregor Kozlowski
Stauber Lea UNINE E-Mail Population genetics and phytopathology of the chestnut blight Cryphonectria parasitica Daniel Croll
Simone Prospero
Steinegger Marc UNINE E-Mail Function, mechanisms and ontogeny of collaborative hunting in the yellow saddle goatfish (Parupeneus cyclostomus) Prof Redouan Bshary
Steiner Magdalena UNIFR E-Mail Soil biodiversity and its role in vineyard ecosystems. Sven Bacher
Straub Lars UNIBE E-Mail Pesticides and Mites: The impact of the neonicotinoid thiamethoxam and the ectoparasitic mite Varroa destructor on honey bees Director of Theis: Prof. Dr. Peter Neumann Co-Advisor(s): Dr. Geoff Williams Dr. Vincent Dietemann
Strobl Verena UNIBE E-Mail Interactive effects of different stressors on the reproductive success of solitary bees Prof. Dr. Peter Neumann
Szenteczki Mark UNINE - Molecular and chemical ecology of the deceptive pollinator Arum maculatum Prof. Nadir Alvarez
Prof. Sergio Rasmann
Szentiványi Tamara UNIL E-Mail The ecology of vectors in vector-borne diseases of wildlife species Prof. Philippe Christe
Dr. Olivier Glaizot
Tang Qindong UNIBE E-Mail Diversification under Pleistocene climate change at different spatio-temporal scales: Genomic and niche modelling approaches to the pale sand martin complex Riparia diluta
Thoma Marco UNIBE E-Mail Unravelling pathways of insect migration using stable isotopes and citizen science data
Timoner Pablo UNIGE E-Mail Modeling of aquatic macroinvertebrate distribution in Swiss rivers at the reach scale Prof. Anthony Lehmann
Tomasini Matteo UNIBE E-Mail Thesis in theoretical and computational population genetics with focus on evolutionary rescue and range expansions. Dr. Stephan Peischl
Prof. Laurent Excoffier
Train Clement UNIL E-Mail Inferring hierarchical orthologous groups Christophe dessimoz ?
Tschirren Linda UNIBE E-Mail Fish Welfare in Swiss Aquaculture Prof. Dr. Helmut Segner
Dr. Constanze Pietsch
TSOUPAS Alexandros UNIGE E-Mail Human Population Paleogenomics Mathias Currat
Uva Vera UNIL E-Mail Worldwide phylogeography of the barn owl Prof. Alexandre Roulin
Dr. Luca Fumagalli
Vignali Sergio UNIBE E-Mail Predicting areas with high risk of collision between Bearded vultures (Gypaetus barbatus) and wind turbines in the Swiss Alps. Arlettaz
Villard Lucas UNIL E-Mail The role of mycorrhizal fungal community structure on ecosystems Ian Sanders
Volery Lara UNIFR E-Mail Impacts of alien species Prof. Dr. Sven Bacher
WANG Xuejing UNIBE E-Mail Genomic divergence of Microtus rodents and affiliated microbial communities Prof. Dr. Gerald Heckel
Watve Mukta UNIBE E-Mail Significance of Environmental influence during different ontogenetic stages for phenotypics development in a cooperatively breeding fish N.pulcher Barbara Taborsky
WIERENGA Jakob UNIGE E-Mail Co-evolution of cyanobacteria and chytrid parasites Bastiaan Ibelings 2020
XU Xujian UNIGE E-Mail On the role of bioactive compounds in the co-evolutionary struggle between toxic cyanobacteria and their chytrid parasites Bastiaan Ibelings
Zahnd Sacha UNIL E-Mail Ecological genomics of social polymorphism in ants Michel Chapuisat
Zanetta Andrea UNIFR E-Mail Variation in invertebrate community composition along urban gradients Prof. Dr. Sven Bacher
Dr. Marco Moretti (WSL Birmensdorf)