285 records
Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
Alcala Nicolas UNIL E-Mail Evolution of metapopulation structure under local adaptation Séverine Vuilleumier
Jérôme Goudet
Alvarez Nadir UNIL E-Mail
Alves Isabel UNIBE E-Mail Inferring the human settlement of Africa under a geographic and ecologically explicit framework Professor Laurent Excoffier
Amosse Joël UNINE E-Mail Bioindication in Urban Soils Jean-Michel GOBAT
Anaya-Rojas Jaime Mauricio UNIBE - Interactive effects of environmental change and host-parasite co-evolution on the ecological speciation of sticklebacks Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen
Dr. Blake Matthews
Andrey Aline UNIBE E-Mail Grassland management: designing tomorrow’s farmland for biodiversity Raphaël Arlettaz
Antoniazza Sylvain UNIL E-Mail The genetic architecture of a color polymorphism along a continental cline Jérôme Goudet
Apothéloz-Perret-Gentil Laure UNIGE E-Mail reverse taxonomy approach to identify freshwater foraminifera Pr Jan Pawlowski
Avril Amaury UNIL E-Mail Ecological genomics of social polymorphism in ants Michel Chapuisat
Babin Aurélie UNIL E-Mail Evolution of learning and memory in Drosophila melanogaster Tad Kawecki
Bacon Steven UNIFR E-Mail Invasion Biology - Pathways of Alien Insect Invasions in Europe Dr. Sven Bacher
Dr. Alex Aebi
Bailey Christyn UNIBE E-Mail The effects of temperature on Proliferative Kidney Disease in salmonids Helmut Segner
Thomas Wahli
Balzarini Valentina UNIBE E-Mail Prof. Michael Taborsky
Dr. Joachim Frommen
Barbosa Renata UNINE E-Mail Causes and consequences of social behavior variation: implications for the evolution of cooperative behavior in a marine environment Redouan Bshary
Barreaux Antoine UNINE E-Mail Studies on the evolutionary interactions between malaria and their mosquito vectors regarding developmental temperature and insecticide resistance Pr. Jacob Koella
Basso Alessandra UNIBE - Interactions of parasite and predator-induced maternal effects in the Great tit (Parus major) Heinz Richner
Bessert-Nettelbeck Mathilde UNIBE E-Mail Neuroendocrine basis of early social experience Dr. Barbara Taborsky
Betto-Colliard Caroline UNIL E-Mail Evolution of non-recombining chromosomes: insights from Hyla and Bufo Nicloas Perrin
Beysard Mathias UNIBE E-Mail Genomics and mechanisms of reproductive isolation in Microtus voles G. Heckel
Beziers Paul UNIL E-Mail behavioral endocrinology Prof. Alexandre Roulin
Biedermann Peter UNIBE E-Mail Inter- and intra-specific cooperation in Ambrosia beetles Michael Taborsky
Bienert Friederike UNIL E-Mail Genetic structure of cannabis sativa from population genomics to forensic application Luca Fumagalli
Bize Pierre UNIL E-Mail
Blaser Olivier UNIL E-Mail Population genetics of sex specific markers in tree frogs Nicolas Perrin
Blum Juliet UNIBE E-Mail Markus Fischer
Bono Axelle UNIL E-Mail social learning rules and their adaptive functions in wild vervet monkeys
Borgeaud Christèle UNINE E-Mail Strategic social behaviour in wild vervet monkeys Redouan Bshary
Bornand Christophe UNIBE - Applied biogeography and population biology of endangered plant species in Switzerland Markus Fischer
Bosco Laura UNIBE E-Mail Effects of vineyard management and fragmentation on Woodlarks and their invertebrate prey. Prof. Dr. Raphael Arlettaz
Dr. Alain Jacot
Bouquet Yaelle UNINE E-Mail Audience effect in wild olive baboons
Brand Nayuta UNIL E-Mail Social evolution in sweat bees Michel Chapuisat
Braunschweig Raphaël UNIL E-Mail The determinants of social organisation in ants Prof. Laurent Keller
Breiner Frank UNIL E-Mail Revision of the Red List of fern and vascular plants - evaluation and application of statistical methods. Antoine Guisan
Ariel Bergamini, Michael Nobis
Bresadola Luisa UNIFR E-Mail Coupling genomics with experiments to study divergence-with-gene-flow in trees Prof. Christian Lexer
Briefer Freymond Sabrina UNINE E-Mail Characterizing stereotypies in horses Klaus Zueberbuehler, Redouan Bshary
Brutsch Timothée UNIL E-Mail Social immunity in ants Michel Chapuisat
Bruyndonckx Nadia UNIL E-Mail
Buri Pierrick UNIBE E-Mail Grassland management: designing tomorrow’s farmland for biodiversity. New mowing regimes for extensively managed grassland Raphaël Arlettaz 2013
Carlevaro Joana UNIBE E-Mail Classification and functional prediction of long noncoding RNAs
Caseys Céline UNIFR E-Mail Ecological and evolutionary genomics of a species boundary in European Populus Christian Lexer 13 décembre 2013
Cavoto Elisa UNIL E-Mail Evolution of sex chromosomes Nicolas Perrin
Caze Ana UNIBE E-Mail Characterization of AN2 gene in Calibrachoa species
Chiriboga Xavier UNINE E-Mail Entomopathogenic nematodes associated with Swiss agricultural soils: improving soil health by integrating soil and chemical ecology approaches Dr. Ted Turlings
Dra. Raquel Campos
Choi Jin UNIBE - Behavioural analysis of working dogs Prof. Dr. Michael Taborsky
Prof. Dr. Byeong Chun Lee
Christe Camille UNIFR E-Mail Lexer Christian
Chrobock Thomas UNIBE E-Mail Experimental plant introduction: disentangling the roles of propagule pressure, soil disturbance and life-history traits Markus Fischer
Clark Emiliy UNIL E-Mail Host-parasite interactions in Coregonus palaea embryos Claus Wedekind
Collin Héléne UNIL E-Mail Local adaptation on fishes (minnows, phoxinus phoxinus) Luca Fumagalli
Cossard Guillaume UNIL E-Mail Evolutionnary genetics of the sexual system transition in the polyploid complex M.annua and related species John Pannell
Coudrain Valérie UNIBE - Effects of landscape fragmentation on trophic interactions and related ecosystem services Martin Entling
Felix Herzog
Cuny Maximilien UNINE E-Mail Enemy mediated apparent competition between insects that attack maize and beans. Betty Benrey
Dauphin Benjamin UNINE E-Mail Evolution of moonwort ferns (Botrychium, Ophioglossaceae) on local to global scales Dr. Jason Grant
de La Harpe Marylaure UNIFR E-Mail Testing constraints and limits of radiation using population genomics Prof. Christian Lexer
De Masi Davide UNIBE E-Mail Grassland Biodiveristy Conservation Raphael Arlettaz
DELGADO MANZANEDO RUBEN UNIBE E-Mail Local adaptation and biodiversity of european dominant trees Markus Fischer
Eric Allan
Delhaye Jessica UNIL E-Mail avian malaria and oxidative stress philippe christe
Di Da UNIGE E-Mail Human genetic evolution in East Asia Alicia Sanchez-Mazas
Didier Anais UNIFR E-Mail Evolutionary genetics of sexual reproduction in Daphnia Christoph Haag
Dietz Mélanie UNIBE E-Mail Behavioural and hormonal correlates of cooperation in Norway rats, R. norvegicus Michael Taborsky
Dolivo Vassilissa UNIBE - Proximate mechanisms of cooperation in Norway rats Professor Michael Taborsky
dos Santos Miguel UNIL E-Mail Human cooperation in reputation games Claus Wedekind
Dridi Slimane UNIL E-Mail Evolution of individual and social learning of strategic behaviours. Laurent Lehmann
Droh Germain UNIL E-Mail Study arbuscular mycorrizal fungi (AMF) associated with Theobroma cacao L. in Cote d’Ivoire Ian Sanders
Dubuis Anne UNIL E-Mail The fate of futur plant communities: testing assembly rules in predictive models of species distribution Antoine Guisan
Ducouret Pauline UNIL E-Mail Sibling negociation (interaction and communication) in Barn owl (Tyto alba) Alexandre Roulin
Ducret Valérie UNIL E-Mail Integrative approach to study the role of the melanocortin system in barn owl Pr. Alexandre Roulin
Dufresnes Christophe UNIL E-Mail Sex-chromosome evolution and speciation in European tree frogs Prof. Nicolas Perrin
Durand Jonas UNINE E-Mail Evolution of pathogen's diversity in a vector-borne disease Maarten Voordouw Thèse passée en avril 2016 (voir mail du 12.4.2016 de Christiane Bobillier)
Durmaz Mukaddes Esra UNIL E-Mail Population Genomic Basis of Evolutionary Change in Drosophila Aging and Life History Thomas Flatt
Eckard Sonja UNIFR - Investigations on synergistic effects between entomopathogenic fungi and other biological control agents for improvement of biological wireworm control Sven Bacher
Giselher Grabenweger, Agroscope Zürich
Emaresi Guillaume UNIL E-Mail The adaptative function of melanin-based colour traits: a role for melanocortins Alexandre Roulin
Ensslin Andreas UNIBE E-Mail Plant diversity and performance at Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Markus Fischer
Eyer Michael UNIL - Optimisation of social behaviour in honeybees (Apis mellifera) Vincent Dietemann
Fabian Yvonne UNIFR E-Mail Biodiversity of insects in agroecosystems: A multitrophic approach to metacommunities Louis-Felix Bersier
Fallon Brittany UNINE E-Mail Courtship Communication of Free-ranging Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes). Dr. Klaus Zuberbuehler
Dr. Richard Byrne
Fasel Nicolas UNIBE E-Mail Evolutionary Reproductive Strategies of Males Short-Tailed Fruit Bat (Carollia perspicillata: Phyllostomidae) Prof. Heinz Richner
Fauser Aline UNIBE E-Mail Effects of pesticides and parasites on bumblebees (Bombus terrestris) PD Dr. rer. nat. Peter Neumann 2014
Fernandes Rui UNIL E-Mail New challenges in predicting distributions of plant communities Dr. Antoine Guisan
Fernández Leonardo UNINE E-Mail Macro- and Micro-evolution, Macroecology and Biogeography of eukaryotic microorganisms Edward Mitchell
Enrique Lara
Figueredo Pinto Susana UNIL E-Mail Coevolution between the propiomelanocortin gene and the five melanocortin receptors Alexandre Roulin
Finci Iris UNIL E-Mail The evolution of untranslated regions of mRNA Prof. Henrik Kaessmann
Fischer Barbara UNIBE E-Mail Phenotypic plasticity in life history strategies in changing environments Barbara Taborsky
Fischer Stefan UNIBE E-Mail The effects of early social experience on social behaviour in Neolamprologus pulcher PD Dr. Barbara Taborsky
Fitze Patrick S. UNIL E-Mail
Fournier Bertrand UNINE E-Mail Above- and below-ground aspects of floodplain restoration: from biodiversity to ecosystem functions Edward Mitchell
Fracassetti Marco UNINE E-Mail A NGS aprroch to study population genetics of Arabidopsis lyrata in North America
Fumagalli Erica UNIL - Cumulative cultural dynamics and demography: a co-evolutionary approach Laurent Lehmann
Gaigher Arnaud UNIL E-Mail MHC diversity and phylogeography inference in the barn owl Luca Fumagalli
Galvez Dumas UNIL E-Mail Social evolution and collective defenses against parasites in ants Michel Chapuisat
Ganser Dominik UNIBE E-Mail Pollination in agricultural landscapes
Garel Rudy UNIL E-Mail Study of genetic and behavioural assumptions that may lead to male colour-morph cycling due to male-male competition in the common lizard (Lacerta vivipara) Patrick Stefan Fitze
Garnier Lucie UNIGE E-Mail Systematics, species delimitation and conservation in a Madagascar endemic genus of Sapotaceae. Mikael Hothorn
Yamama Naciri
Garschall Kathrin UNIL E-Mail Population Genomic Basis of Evolutionary Change in Drosophila Aging and Life History Thomas Flatt
Gebreselassie Fitsum Abadi UNIBE E-Mail Regulation of local bird populations: deeper insights from integrated population models Michael Schaub
Gingins Simon UNINE E-Mail Adaptations to a cleaning life: a comparative approach Redouan Bshary
Girod Pierre UNINE E-Mail Ecology of an Asian pest in Europe: Drosophila suzukii. Mortality factors, chemical ecology and molecular identification of natural enemies Turlings Ted (Uni Neuchâtel)
Aebi A. (Uni Neuchâtel) , Kenis M. (CABI Delémont) and Haye T. (CABI Delémont)
Gomez Andrea UNINE E-Mail Immunogenetics in wild rodents Maarten Voordouw
Grendelmeier Alexander UNIBE E-Mail Raphael Arlettaz
Gilberto Pasinelli
Groenewoud Frank UNIBE E-Mail Environmental effects on sociality in cooperatively breeding species Prof. Dr. Michael Taborksy
Prof. Dr. Jan Komdeur
Grossar Daniela UNIL - Characterization of intrinsic resistance of Apis mellifera colonies against the European Foulbrood in Switzerland. Application for breeding protocols. Michel Chapuisat
Vincent Dietemann (PD at UNIL, ALP), Jean-Daniel Charrière (ALP), Laurent Gauthier (ALP)
Grossen Christine UNIL E-Mail Evolution of the Y chromosome Nicolas Perrin
Haag Christoph UNIFR E-Mail
Hahn Min Anselm UNIFR E-Mail Population Ecology of Centaura maculosa Heinz Müller-Schärer
Haller Simone UNIBE E-Mail Chances and risks of genetically modified plants, risk assessment for non-target, benefical, species PD Dr. Romeis Jörg
Hamley Jon UNINE E-Mail The role of space and stage structure in virulence evolution Prof. Jacob Koella 2016
Hernandez-Cumplido Johnattan UNINE E-Mail Do plant-mediated indirect interactions among herbivores affect parasitoid performance? Betty Benrey
Hilke Lukas UNIBE - Alternative reproductive tactics in a snail breeding cichlid Lamprologus callipterus Prof. Dr. M. Taborsky
Hine Kathryn Elizabeth UNIL E-Mail Telomere dynamics in the Alpine swift (Apus melba) Pierre Bize
Hintze Sara UNIBE E-Mail Emotions in horses: Identifying and validating behavioural indicators of horses' emotional valence Prof. Dr. Hanno Würbel
Dr. Iris Bachmann
Hofer Tamara UNIBE E-Mail Impact of Range Expansions and Natural Selection on Human Genomic Diversity Laurent Excoffier
Hot Chloé --- E-Mail
Huber Jacqueline UNINE E-Mail Oxidative Stress in Avian Semen: Causes and Consequences for Male Reproductive Strategies Fabrice Helfenstein Institut of biology Rue Emile-Argand 11 CH-2000 Neuchâtel Suisse
Hudson Alan UNIBE E-Mail Genetics of adaptive radiation in central alpine Coregonids Ole Seehausen
Huynh Stella UNINE E-Mail Comparative phylogeography of wild wheat and their inhabiting transposable elements Dr. François Felber
Pr. Jacob Koella
Jacquet Maxime UNINE E-Mail Effects of acquired immunity on systemic and co-feeding transmissions of the Lyme disease agent, Borrelia afzelii Pr Maarten Voordouw
Jaffuel Geoffrey UNINE E-Mail Chemical ecology Ted Turlings
Jardim de Queiroz Luiz UNIGE E-Mail Historical factors, environmental heterogeneity and genomic changes as drivers of fish diversification in the Neotropics Juan I. Montoya-Burgos
Denis Duboule
Jungwirth Arne UNIBE E-Mail Sociality of second order in Neolamprologus pulcher Michael Taborsky
Kamba Mebourou Emmanuel UNINE E-Mail Development of effective visual targets for controlling tsetse flies in the Central Africa Republic Patrick Guerin, PhD
Kanitz Ricardo UNIL E-Mail Modeling of demography and selection in the human peopling of the world Jérôme Goudet
Kasper-Völkl Claudia UNIBE E-Mail The genetics of cooperation in Neolamprologus pulcher Barbara Taborsky
Matthias Kölliker, Universität Basel Nadia Aubin-Hort, Université de Laval, Quebec
Kempel Anne UNIBE E-Mail Experimental plant introduction: disentangling the roles of propagule pressure, soil disturbance and life-history traits Markus Fischer
Kenyon Sarah UNINE E-Mail Horismenus population structure as explained by host, plant and symbiotic relationships Betty Benrey
Keser Lidewij UNIBE E-Mail Determinants of the invasiveness of clonal plants Markus Fischer
Klopfstein Seraina UNIBE E-Mail Revision, phylogeny and tyloid evolution in Diplazontinae (Khnevmonidae) Wolfgang Nentwig
Komljenovic Andrea UNIL E-Mail Aging SystemsX Marc Robinson-Rechavi
Kostikova Anna UNIL E-Mail Evolutionary niche dynamics of invasive species Nicolas Salamin
Dr. Peter Pearman
Kotrschal Alexander UNIBE E-Mail The influence of past and present ecology on reproductive strategies and life-history trade-offs Michael Taborsky
Krause Sandra UNIBE E-Mail Arthropod interactions on cherry trees in space and time PD Dr. Martin Schmidt- Entling
Kumschick Sabrina UNIBE E-Mail Invasive pattern of alien species in Europe Wolfgang Nentwig
Labouche Anne-Marie UNIL E-Mail Coupled Reproductive ecologies in a plant - seed predator system Giorgina Bernasconi
Lalubin Fabrice UNIL E-Mail The role of the vectors in the epidemiology of avian malaria Philippe Christe
Olivier Glaizot
Lamon Noémie UNINE E-Mail leaf technology and culture in chimpanzees of the Budongo forest, Uganda Klaus Zuberbühler
Langeloh Laura UNIBE E-Mail Influence of habitat fragmentation on fish genetic population strucure Ole Seehausen
Larose Chloé UNIL E-Mail Evolution of reproduction - evolution of parthenogenesis - Processes underlying the transition from sexual reproduction to asexuality Tanja Schwander
Lasut Liana UNIBE E-Mail Barcoding Methods in Spiders Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nentwig
PD Dr. Christian Kropf
Laurent Sacha UNIL E-Mail Modeling genomes and the origin of species Marc Robinson-Rechavi
Nicolas Salamin
Lehto Hürlimann Mikko UNIL E-Mail The role of uncoupling proteins in explaining the life-history trade-offs Pierre Bize
Lejzerowicz Franck UNIGE E-Mail The deep sea sediment molecular repository: metagenetic study of past, recent and present micro-eukaryotic communities by ultra-deep sequencing of RNA, DNA and ancient DNA. Jan Pawlowski 2015
Lengronne Thibault UNIL E-Mail Social dynamics in tropical wasps Laurent Keller
Lessard-Therrien Malie UNIBE E-Mail Grassland management project - Subalpine module Dr. Raphael Arlettaz
Dr. Jean-Yves Humbert
Lexer Christian UNIFR E-Mail
Libbrecht Romain UNIL E-Mail Caste determination in ants Laurent Keller
Lindfeld Andreas UNIBE E-Mail Effects of GM wheat cultivation on the decomposition of GM biomass by soil arthropods and annelids Wolfgang Nentwig
Lindtke Dorothea UNIFR E-Mail The genetics of reproductive isolation and trait differences in European Populus Christian Lexer
Lischer Heidi UNIBE E-Mail Finding genes under adaptive or balancing selection in the common vole (Microtus arvalis) Gerald Heckel
Litsios Glenn UNIL E-Mail Evolution of the ecological niche in the African Restionaceae Nicolas Salamin
Liu Yang UNIBE E-Mail Genetic analysis of migration in two avian influenza vectors: Tufted Duck (Aythya fuligula) and Common Pochard (Aythya ferina) Laurent Excoffier
Gerald Heckel, Irene Keller
Lohr Jennifer UNIFR E-Mail Evolutionary genetic consequences of small versus large population size in Daphnia Christoph Haag
Lucek Kay UNIBE E-Mail Adaptation and ecology of the three spined sticklebach - a recently invasive species in switzerland Ole Seehausen
Lundsgaard-Hansen Bänz UNIBE E-Mail Adaptive radiation of whitefish within the alpine region Ole Seehausen
Maluenda Elodie UNINE E-Mail The effect of the microbial community on the fitness of Ixodes ricinus ticks and the transmission of the Lyme disease pathogen, Borrelia. Maarten Voordouw
Marcari Veronica UNINE - Using metabolomics to explain the host suitability of the specialist gall-forming weevil Ceutorhynchus cardariae Prof. Theodoor Turlings
Marcelino Ana UNIFR - Population genomics in daphnia magna Christoph Haag
Dieter Ebert
Maronde Lea UNIBE E-Mail Effects of maternally derived antioxidants Prof.Heinz Richner
Marques David Alexander UNIBE E-Mail Population Genomics of Adaptive Radiation Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen
Prof. Dr. Laurent Excoffier
Marques da Cunha Lucas UNIL E-Mail Management-induced evolution in fish Claus Wedekind
Marri Viviana UNIBE - Relationship between dietary antioxidants, plumage coloration and oxidative stress in nestlings of great tit Heinz Richner
Martignier Thomas UNIL E-Mail evolution of sexual systems in plants Professor John Pannell
Martin Charlotte UNINE E-Mail Are healthy cereals safe cereals ? Brigitte Mauch Manu (UNINE)
Fabio Mascher (AGROSCOPE)
Mateus Gonzalez Ivan UNIL E-Mail --- Ian Sanders
Matteodo Magalì UNIL E-Mail Evolution de la végétation sous l'influence des changements climatiques et recherche de marqueurs des changements dans l'humus du sol Eric Verrecchia
Pascal Vittoz
McIntyre Lauren UNIBE - Migration ecology of trout in Lake Lucerne Jakob Brodersen
Ole Seehausen
Meier Joana UNIBE E-Mail Population Genomics of Adaptive Radiation Ole Seehausen
Laurent Excoffier
Meléndez Cal y Mayor José Francisco UNIGE - Sympatric ecological speciation in freshwater fish. Juan I. Montoya Burgos
Meniri Magali UNINE E-Mail Impact of oxidative stress on male reproductive tactics in the Seba's Short Tailed bats (Carollia Perspicillata) Prof. Dr. Fabrice Helfenstein
Mercier Stéphanie UNINE E-Mail Audience Effect in Wild Vervet Monkeys (Chlorocebus pygerythrus aethiops) Klaus Zuberbühler
Erica van de Waal
Mersch Danielle UNIL E-Mail Circadian rhythms in ants Laurent Keller
Millon Pierre UNIL E-Mail Population genomics of evolutionary response to nutritional stress in Drosophila Tadeusz Kawecki
Ioannis Xenarios
Molnar Barbara UNINE E-Mail Social behavior, environmental stress and intestinal parasites in wolf (Canis lupus) Bruno Betschart
Moser Florian UNIBE E-Mail Investigating ecological and genetic constraints to speciation Prof. Dr. Ole Seehausen 2018
Mostacci Kryuchkova Nadezda UNIL E-Mail Prof. Marc Robinson-Rechavi Soutenance 04.11.2016
Mourocq Emeline UNIBE E-Mail The shift from family living to cooperative breeding in birds Pr Michael Griesser
Müller Esther UNIBE E-Mail Biocontrol of Cirsium arvense and basic studies on the orientation of herbivorous beetles for a better understanding of biocontrol agents Wolfgang Nentwig
Mulot Matthieu UNINE E-Mail Effects of global warming and drought on the carbon sequestration and biodiversity of Sphagnum peatlands Edward Mitchell
Ndiribe Charlotte UNIL E-Mail The role of phylogeny in the spatial distributions and assembly of mountain plant communities Antoine Guisan
Nicolas Salamin
Nepoux Virginie UNIL E-Mail Evolutionary genetics of learning in Drosophila Tad Kawecki
Nipitwattanaphon Mingkwan UNIL E-Mail Evolutionary genomic analysis of metamorphosis in ants Laurent Keller
Nusslé Sébastien UNIL E-Mail Fishery-induced selection on alpine whitefish Claus Wedekind
Oddie Melissa UNIBE - Natural survivability of the European honey bee (Apis mellifera) in the face of the ectoparasite Varroa destructor Prof. Peter Neumann
OUESSOU IDRISSOU Franck UNIBE E-Mail Enhanced diagnosis and control of Small hive beetle (Aethina tumida) Prof. Peter Neumann
Paccard Antoine UNINE E-Mail The genetic of quantitative traits in A. lyrata Dr. Yvonne Willi
Parain Elodie UNIFR E-Mail Dynamics and evolution of food-webs in a carnivorous plant : Sarracenia purpurea. Louis-Felix Bersier
Parejo Melanie UNIBE E-Mail Honeybee population genetics Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peter Neumann
Dr. Laurent Gauthier, Swiss Bee Research Center, Agroscope Dr. Markus Neuditschko, Animal breeding, Agroscope
Parepa Madalin UNIBE - Mechanism of interference between invasive knotweeds and their native competitors Markus Fischer
Oliver Bossdorf
Pedrotta Tiziana UNIBE E-Mail “Paleo-environmental and modeling insights into Mediterranean fire-vegetation interactions in response to Holocene climate and use change” Prof. Dr. Willy Tinner
Pellissier Loïc UNIL E-Mail Modelling present and future distribution of plants and their pollinators in an alpine landscape Antoine Guisan
Peña Suárez Jorge Alejandro UNIL E-Mail --- Prof. Henri Volken
Petitpierre Blaise UNIL E-Mail Environmental niche of invasive species Antoine Guisan
Pillet Loïc UNIGE E-Mail Species concept in Foraminifera, molecular vs morphological variability, biogeography and endosymbiosis in Genus Elphidium Jan Wojciech PAWLOWSKI
Pinto Ana UNINE E-Mail Applying game theory and cognition to cleaning mutualism Redouan Bshary
Pinto Eric UNIL E-Mail Antoine Guisan
Plüss Therese UNIFR E-Mail Enhancement of Pest Risk Analysis Techniques Sven Bacher
Podlas Katarzyna UNIBE E-Mail Evolutionary Ecology Prof.Dr. Heinz Richner
Pompini Manuel UNIL E-Mail Environmental sex reversal: conditions, prevalence and population consequences in several model fish species Claus Wedekind
Pradervand Jean-Nicolas UNIL E-Mail Assessing the use of very high resolution data to predict species distribution in a mountain environment. Antoine Guisan
Preukschas Juliane UNIBE - Invasibility of swiss grassland Markus Fischer
Price Robert UNIL E-Mail Communication, learning and decision-making in bees. Dr Christoph Grüter
Quilodran Claudio UNIGE E-Mail Biodiversity loss by interspecific hybridization and invasive species Dr. Juan Montoya Burgos
Dr. Mathias Currat
Quiñones Andrés UNIBE - The evolution of sociality Michael Taborsky
Ido Pen
Récapet Charlotte UNIL E-Mail Syndrome physiologique de dispersion et conséquences sur les stratégies d’histoire de vie : approches empiriques dans une population fragmentée de passereaux migrateurs Dr Pierre Bize
Dr Blandine Doligez
Rehberger Kristina UNIBE E-Mail Assessment of immunotoxicity in fish with focus on receptor-mediated effects Prof. Dr. Helmut Segner
Ren Guangpeng UNIL E-Mail Phylogeography, phylogeny and speciation of Primula Nicolas Salamin
Riccio Maria-Eugenia UNIGE E-Mail Genetic structure of Vietnamese populations Alicia Sanchez-Mazas
Riebli Thomas UNIBE E-Mail Reciprocity in cooperatively breeding cichlids Michael Taborsky
Rieder Nastassja UNIBE E-Mail Reciprocal cooperation mechanism and social competence of domestic dogs Prof. Dr. Michael Taborsky
Prof. Dr. Hanno Würbel
Rion Vanessa UNINE E-Mail Evolutionary dynamics of marshes and wet zones of the Swiss and French Haut-Jura on a temporal scale of few decades Jean-Michel Gobat
Rodrigues Nicolas UNIL E-Mail Population genetics of sex-linked markers in the common frog, Rana temporaria Nicolas Perrin
Roger Aurélien UNIL E-Mail Influence of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi relatedness on associated species ecology Ian Sanders
Rojas Mora Luis Alfonso UNINE E-Mail Consequences of oxidative stress and social status on avian sperm competition and antioxidant resource allocation Fabrice Helnfenstein 2015
Rossinelli Silvia UNIFR E-Mail Macroecology of biological invasions Dr. Sven Bacher
Ruppli Charlène UNIL E-Mail The acoustic cues involved in the sib-sib negotiating vocal behaviour (individual and kin recognition, significance) Alexandre Roulin
Rutten Gemma UNIBE - Plant diversity and performance in relation to Climate and Land use on Mount Kilimanjaro: communities, species, populations and genetics. Markus Fischer
Saigi Morgui Nuria UNIL E-Mail pharmacogenetics Prof Chin B. Eap
Samaritani Emanuela UNINE E-Mail Spatio- temporal variability and restoration effects on below-ground biodiversity and soil ecosystem functions at the Thur floodplain. Edward Mitchell
Sandau Nadine UNIFR E-Mail Plant-insect interactions in a tritrophic agroecosystem Louis-Félix Bersier
Savary Romain UNIL E-Mail Population genetics and genomics of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. Prof. Ian Sanders
Saxenhofer Moritz UNIBE E-Mail Population Genetics PD Dr. Gerald Heckel
Schlaepfer Guillaume UNIGE - Modeling in biology Prof. Dr. Marcel Weber
Schmidt-Entling Martin UNIBE E-Mail
Schmitt Barbara UNIBE E-Mail Experimental manipulations of plant diversity in grasslands Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer
Schneider David UNINE E-Mail Impact of plant resistance traits on a tritrophic system Phaseolus-Bruchid Beetles-Parasitoids Betty Benrey
Schomburg Andreas UNINE E-Mail ecosystem engineers' contribution to soil structure formation in floodplains
Schreier Florian UNINE E-Mail Domain: Evolutionary botany Preliminary thesis title: The enigma of evolutionary interia: testing the hypotheses of variational and selective constraint in the family of the Brassicaceae Yvonne Willi
Schweinfurth Manon UNIBE E-Mail Proximate Mechanisms of Reciprocal Cooperation in Norway Rats Prof. Dr. Michael Taborsky
Scriba Madeleine UNIL E-Mail Sleep in birds Prof. Roulin
Segers Francisca UNIBE E-Mail Maternal effects in Simochronis pleurospilus Barbara Taborsky
Senerchia Natacha UNINE E-Mail Pivotal-differential genome evolution: consequences for hybridization and gene flow in the wheat group. Giorgina Bernasconi
Christian Parisod, François Felber
Serrano Serrano Martha Liliana UNIL E-Mail Detecting the mode and tempo of speciation in South-American plant families Nicolas Salamin
Sierra Roberto UNIGE E-Mail Molecular evolution and ecology of Foraminifera and related protists J. Pawlowski
Silva Nuno UNIGE E-Mail Human Population Genetics Mathias Currat
Singer David UNINE E-Mail Is everything everywhere? A metabarcoding approach to protist biogeography Enrique Lara
Edward Mitchell
Socher Stéphanie UNIBE E-Mail The influence of functional and genetic diversity in grasslands Markus Fischer
Spasojevic Tamara UNIBE E-Mail Phylogeny, total-evidence dating, and the impact of parasitoid lifestyle on the diversification of pimpliforme parasitoid wasps (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) Seraina Klopfstein 2018
Stöck Matthias UNIL E-Mail
Stutz Sonja UNIFR E-Mail Leucanthemum species in their native and introduced ranges: Polyploidy, plant-herbivore interactions and invasion success Heinz Müller-Schärer
Hariet Hinz, Urs Schaffner CABI
Suchan Tomasz UNIL E-Mail Pollination biology and landscape genetics of the obligate Trollius-Chiastocheta pollination mutualism Nadir Alvarez
Sun Yan UNIFR E-Mail Assessing ecosystem impact of and recovery from invasive plants Prof. Dr. Heinz Müller-Schärer
Dr. Urs Schaffner, CABI Europe-Switzerland & Prof. Dr. John L. Maron, University of Montana
Szelecz Ildikò UNINE E-Mail Impact of cadavers on soil communities and function Prof. Dr. Edward Mitchell
Tanner Gina UNIBE E-Mail Interactions between pesticides, Nosema ceranae and viruses in honeybee colonies PD Dr. Peter Neumann, University of Bern, Institute of Ecology and Evolution (Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nentwig)
Tayale Alexandre UNINE - Christian Parisod
Thiévent Kevin UNINE E-Mail Behavioural manipulation of mosquitoes by Malaria parasites: ecological and evolutionary aspects and potential impacts on malaria control Jacob C. Koella
Trivellone Valeria UNINE E-Mail Biodiversity, “eco-quality”, and species conservation of vineyards. The relative importance of management, landscape and connectivity Prof. Edward Mitchell
Marco Moretti
Trunz Vincent UNINE E-Mail Pollination by bees: a case study of the leafcutting bees and their hosts
Turrini Tabea UNIBE E-Mail Urban ecology - The role of green space in urban areas for biodiversity and ecosystem functioning Eva Knop
Wolfgang Nentwig
Van de Waal Erica UNINE E-Mail Social learning and culture in vervet monkeys Redouan Bshary
Van den Brink Valentijn UNIL E-Mail Adaptive function of melanin-based colouration in barn owls and tawny owls Alexandre Roulin
van der Kooi Casper UNIL E-Mail Parthenogenesis Prof Tanja Schwander
Van Noort Tom UNINE E-Mail Color polymorphism and warning coloration within the Chrysomela genus Oreina Martine Rahier
Van Rooyen Juan UNIL E-Mail Investigating host immune response to malaria parasite infestation in the great TIT Parus Major Philippe Christe
Vandenberghe Frederik UNIL E-Mail Pharmacogenetics Prof. Chin Eap Vendredi 8 janvier 2016 - 17h00 - à la salle Christian Mueller du Site de Cery, 1008 Prilly
Vierbuchen Maddalena UNIBE E-Mail Transgenerational effects of early life environment on social behaviour Professor Doctor Barbara Taborsky
Vieu Julien UNINE - Biogeography and diversification history of the neotropical plant genus Macrocarpaea (Gentianaceae) Felix Kessler
Jason Grant
Vincent Hugo UNIBE E-Mail Ex-situ conservation and re-introduction of endangered plant species Markus Fischer
Anne Kempel
Voegeli Beatrice UNIBE E-Mail --- Heinz Richner
Voillemot Marie UNIL E-Mail Evolution of plant mating systems John Pannell
Von Kürthy Corinna UNIBE E-Mail Alternative reproductive tactics in a cichlid fish Michael Taborsky
Vonlanthen Pascal UNIBE E-Mail Ecology and Genetics of Adaptive Radiation in coregonid fishes Ole Seehausen
Vuataz Laurent UNIL E-Mail Large-scale DNA sequencing in taxonomy and conservation: a case study with the mayfly family Heptageniidae (ephemeroptera) in the Alps and Madagascar Luca Fumagalli
Vuilleumier Séverine UNIL E-Mail
Wagner Gretchen UNIBE E-Mail --- Dr. Michael Griesser
Walser Barbara UNIFR E-Mail The genetic basis of inbreeding depression in Daphnia Christoph Haag
Weber Daniela UNINE E-Mail Risk assessment of biological control for invasive insects in the cases Dryocosmus kuriphilus and Cydalima perspectalis Prof. Ted Turlings
Dr. Alexandre Aebi
Wegmann Michèle UNIBE - --- Heinz Richner
Weibel Denise UNIBE - Longitudinal connectivity: fish distribution patterns in Swiss streams and rivers, effectiveness of block ramps Ole Seehausen
Wikström Cecilia UNIBE E-Mail Neuroendocrine bases of the early social experience in Neolamprologus pulcher PD Dr. Barbara Taborsky
Wilkins Schmid Laetitia UNIL E-Mail Evolutionary genetics of salmonids: host-pathogen interaction and temperature variation Claus Wedekind
Luca Fumagalli
7 November 2014
Willi Yvonne UNINE E-Mail
Witsenburg Fardo UNIL E-Mail Role of variation in malaria selection Philippe Christe
Wos Guillaume UNINE E-Mail Thesis in Evolutionary Botany. Provisional title "Limits of adaptation at range margins" Dr. Pr. Yvonne Willi. Laboratory of Evolutionary Botany, University of Neuchâtel.
Wubs Matthias UNINE E-Mail Partner control mechanisms in pair-wise cooperative interactions: empirically-informed models Redouan Bshary
Laurent Lehmann
Xu Hao UNINE E-Mail the sexual talks of wasps Ted Turlings
Yamada Kana UNIL E-Mail Developing and using models of codon evolution in phylogenetics, the coevolution existing between subunits of Rubisco protein in grass family Nicolas Salamin
Yan Zheng UNIL E-Mail Evolution under monogamy feminizes gene expression Laurent Keller
Zaheri Maryam UNIL E-Mail Developing a phyloinformatic framework for analysing multigene data matrices Nicolas Salamin
Zander Axel UNIFR E-Mail food webs of inquiline organisms in the pitchers of Sarracenia Purpurea Prof. Louis-Félix Bersier
Zaugg Isabelle UNIFR E-Mail The influence of most plant traits and natural enemies on the evolution of most specificity in a tritropmic system Sven Bacher
Zeller Michael UNINE E-Mail Resource ecology of host-parasite interaction and evolution Jacob Koella
Zemanova Miriam UNIBE E-Mail Molecular and organismic invasion ecology PD Dr. Gerald Heckel
Dr. Eva Knop
Zhang Yuanye UNIBE E-Mail --- Markus Fisher
Oliver Bossdorf
Zilio Giacomo UNINE E-Mail Evolutionary epidemiology of interactions between hosts and parasites Jakob Koella
Zindel Renate UNINE E-Mail Mites and endosymbionts - towards improved biological control Ted Turlings (Neuchãtel)
Alexandre Aebi
Zingg Silvia UNIBE E-Mail Assessing the links between farmland biodiversity and agricultural productivity at landscape scale J.-Y. Humbert
R. Arlettaz
Zöttl Markus UNIBE - Fitness consequences of personality in N. pulcher Michael Taborsky